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It’s 1985. New York City is constantly plagued with mafia related activities. From bank robberies to kidnappings, it is evident that mafia related activities were involved in these crimes, though the evidence were not enough for a justifiable trial or judicial hearings. Meanwhile, Andrew Marino, a young high school drop out of Italian descent, was working his way into the Manzella mafia. One day, he stops by a coffee shop and meets an attractive waitress, Kate Palmero. After going out on dates, the couple gets married and decides to have a baby 2 years later. Upon having a baby, Marino no longer is part of Manzella and currently works at a local newspaper shop. Bombarded with financial instabilities of raising a family, the inability to pay off gambling debts, addition to cocaine, and numerous misdemeanors, Andrew becomes an alcoholic and ultimately abandons the family, leaving Kate to raise their new born son, Marzano. A year later, Kate marries Blake Cruz, who proves to become a great father. Because of Andrew’s instabilities and ultimate failure in becoming a father, Kate and Blake raised Marzano in a strict manner, making him go to school and do chores, and in the midst of it all, sheltered him from gang-related activities that dominated the city. Although Marzano discovers that Blake is not his biological father, he was never told why his father had left him and never knew how he looked like. He was also different from all the other kids of his age because of his well-behaved manner and morals. Because of this strict upbringing, Marzano does very well in school, earning all A’s throughout elementary and high school, thus, allowing him the opportunity to apply for colleges. One day, Marzano gets a letter from Colombia University, stating that the university has offered him a scholarship. Marzano readily accepts and enrolls next fall as a college student. 4 years fly by, and Marzano graduates with honors with a business degree from Colombia. He soon lands a highly-sought after position at Goldman Sachs in the sales and trade department. At Goldman, Marzano quickly adapts and rapidly climbs the corporate ladder. As a trader, Marzano sold financial investments such as stocks and futures and his goal was to deliver increasing returns that he promised his clients. However, one day, the market was on a downturn and the BBC stock he had just sold to his top clients took a big loss. Though Marzano lost large sums of money, everyone else on the trade floor were suffering from this unexpected drop. But because Marzano was the best trader on his floor and his reputation of never taking a loss was on the line, Marzano could not afford a loss. In addition, in order to climb the corporate ladder, which was Marzano’s goal, it was imperative that he avoid a catastrophe like this. Such a mistake would cost him his opportunity to advance. Struggling with what to do and coping with his failure, Marzano comes up with a conclusion; to cover this up, at all cost. Torn between moral rightness and his undeniable thirst for advancement, Marzano brainstorms way of concealing his loss. Due to his large network of clients, Marzano decides to borrow a large sum of money from Charlie, a member of Manzella,

without his client’s or anyone knowledge, in order to make up the monumental loss. Because of this scheme, in everyone else’s eyes, Marzano was the only trader on the trade floor to not suffer monumental losses that day and thus was praised as a financial genius as a result. 5 years later, Marzano is on the board of directors. Throughout the years on the job, Marzano evolves from a poor boy from the slums to a wealthy 35 year old. His financial success is confirmed, when he purchases his parents a house in the Hamptons. However, Marzano’s personality has changed drastically as well; Marzano is no longer the innocent, morally-behaved boy he was once. He is now completely influenced by the Wall-Street greedy mentality where sales is first and everything else is secondary. These new ideals are the ones that drive him from day to day as he continues to perform well at Goldman. Meanwhile, one day while coming out of a meeting, Marzano gets a call from the FBI on basis of investment fraud. While denying the charges, Marzano quickly attempts to meet with Charlie, in order to discuss possible actions and consequences. During the meeting in an abandoned warehouse in Bronx, Charlie refuses to help Marzano and states that, if Marzano even attempts to report his previous “business arrangements” with Manzella, mafia consequences would be implemented. Marzano storms off. He then contacts a rival mafia gang, the Guzerri’s and pays them a lofty sum to have Charlie killed by midnight, in an attempt to cover up the evidence and ultimately save his job and career. However, under this deal, it was agreed that half the money be paid beforehand, and once the money is paid, there is no terminating the operation. At 11:40, Marzano receives a phone call from Charlie. Charlie tells Marzano that he is his real biological father, and that his real name is Andrew. At first Marzano does not believe it, but after a deep conversation it obviously proves that he was indeed, Marzano’s biological father. At this point, Marzano tries to call the assassination attempt off, but fails to do so. Immediately, he then rushes to meet his father at the park. As Marzano arrives at the park, he hears 3 gun shots in the bathroom. Marzano quickly opens the door and immediately a body flops to the floor, who appears to be Andrew, looking straight at Marzano. Andrew whispers to Marzano “ I just wanted you to be successful” and is finished off by a 4th bullet from the Guzerri assassins.

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