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Name: Ayo Module: Design & Materials

What is Brass? • Brass is a metal composed of copper and zinc. Copper is the main component, and brass is usually classified as a copper alloy. The colour of brass varies from a dark reddish brown to a light silvery yellow depending on the amount of zinc present; the more zinc, the lighter the colour.

Where can Brass be Used?

Researchers have discovered that copper and alloys made from the metal, including brass, can prevent antibiotic resistance in bacteria from spreading.

Brass is extremely resistant to corrosion due to its two main components. These are Copper and Zinc. Different grades of Brass are created by varying the levels of each component.

Different Uses • Flooring • Instruments • Household use (table matts, curtains)

Resistant to Heat Brass, like most other metals is resistant to heat. This means that as long as the doors are made properly they should not warp or become damaged due to the heat of the fire. Sometimes the heat can cause a discoloration of the brass. However, this is normally a result of soot or dirt collecting on the doors. In this case, the discoloration can simply be removed by using polish and a cloth.

Relative Cost “The demands of recycled brass means that scrap and used pieces have considerable value. Copper, brass and bronze are relatively expensive material, and their cost as an effect on when and how they are used. Great increases in price are not uncommon. Cost factors for copper, bronze and brass take into account not only the cost of raw materials but also costs of fabricating products such as hardware and lighting fixtures.”

The current scrap value of Brass cuttings is £2.40 per kilogram.

The current scrap value of Brass cuttings is £2500 per tonne, Brass swarf £2200 per tonne, Brass and copper £1900 per tonne.

Surface Finishes and Appearances

Life Cycle

Brass maintenance Techniques: • Stoving Systems • Water Based Systems • Radiation Curing • Special Effects


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Graph on cost analysis:

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