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Area 1: Digital Practice

What is Issuu?

Issuu is an online publishing service and a creative community dedicated to publishing. With Issuu (pronounced 'issue') anyone can convert his or her PDF documents into interactive online publications. It only takes a minute and it's free. Some features include the ability to upload any PDF file and have it instantly converted to an online publication, embed your documents on any site, profile or blog with our standalone viewer, connect with your friends to see what they publish and bookmark on Issuu, and customize your personal Library to show exactly what you’re interested in. How do I Sign up? Firstly register by creating a user name or password which enables you to access the site. There’s also a feature with allows you to connect your issue page with social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. So anything thing posted by you be automatically posted on them social networking site with a link for your colleagues to view.

Navigating and Using the site How to upload documents:

Select the upload button when ready to upload a document/PDF.

By simply clicking the “select a file to get started” button… your then able to choose any document or files saved for upload.

After publishing has been completed, Issuu reveals a related publication which comes in handy to browse related topics and learn from others.

• • • • •

Name the document Include some description Date it Apply some restrictions Publish your document/file

You can review your profile, feed backs off other publishers and amend files that you’ve publish.

What is WordPress?

WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins and widgets and themes, WordPress is limited only by your imagination. WordPress enables users to create pages, manage content including text and images as well as extend its functionality with plug-ins. WordPress also has a template based system using a template processor enabling the easy install and deployment of premade design templates. This functionality enables almost any WordPress user to install and change WordPress themes with the click of a button while maintaining the information on the site.

Upgrading account? wordpress has a

Depending on your needs/purpose beginner, premium, business account. Everyone is entiled to a free 12 days trails which has serveral restrictions and limitied amount of feautures. Customizing background image to suit you. Image has to be saved on your system.

Cusomizing your profile.

After including some contents and images on the page, you allowed to save it as a draft and upload it later on Add a title for page.

My opinion on wordpress and issuu Although wordpress websites offer much more than the few other blogging website, but personally I find it far too complicated, time consuming as there’s far too much features and widgets on it. This doesn’t make it simple and fast option to blog. WordPress will defiantly benefit website developers and people with business (if you paid for either the premium or business account) but for very day bloggers I don’t see WordPress being the way forward to blog. I will defiantly recommend issuu for blogging simply because its pretty Media such as images, YouTube videos and other media can be inserted, including urls.

straightfoward in terms of upload, editing, blogging interactions with other

bloggers and profile customisation. For it purpose (uploading files and ducuments ) you cant go wrong with issuu.

AutoCAD • •

Fresh start on AutoCAD, you need to select a new page to work on Select template

Click the autocad symbol, select new drawing

Then select template which will have to be acadiso.dwt Then you should automatically gain a fresh page

 Line Tool

All AutoCAD commands can be typed in at the command line. Many commands also have one or two letter aliases that can also be typed as shortcuts to the commands. 1. Type the desired command at the command prompt. Command : LINE (or) 2. Type the command’s alias. Command: L 3. Press ENTER/Space to end. 4. Type an option at the command prompt. Many AutoCAD commands require you to ENTER to complete the common. You know you are no longer in an AutoCAD common when you see a blah command line.  OSNAP

An object snap mode specifies a snap point at an exact location on an object. OSNAP specifies running object snap modes, which remain active until you turn them off. 1. Choose Tools, Drafting Settings... or 2. Type DDOSNAP at the command prompt (keyboard shortcut) Command: DDOSNAP

or 3. Click OSNAP on the Status Bar. 4. Right Click the Object Snap TAB. 5. Choose an object

What is a based point? Position of object- Select all and the type in CO for copy

‘TR’ for trim and the select cutting edge for trimming.

Using offset…..

To get this finish Step 1: create a rectangle, select the rectangle tool (rec) input measurement 1200 x 600

Step 2: create top corner arcs by selecting the circle tool and then st

Circle Drawing a circle on auto cad is rather straight forward. The default method of drawing a circle is to specify a center point and a radius. You can also choose to create a circle based on a diameter, circumference or area.

First, create a simple circle radius, click the circle icon or keyboard shortcut ‘C+ENTRE’ and then type in the diameter in the command line. Using the copy tool to copy extactly same circle with same diameter. keyboard shortcut for copy (co

Construction Commands

ARRAY: Makes multiple copies of selected objects in a rectangular or circular pattern Command: ARRAY (enter) Select objects or Window or last: (select object to array) COPY: Draws a copy of selected objects. Command: COPY (enter) Select objects or Window or last: (select objects to be copied) MIRROR: Makes mirror images of existing objects. Command: MIRROR (enter) MOVE: Moves designated entities to another location. Command: MOVE (enter) OFFSET: Constructs an entity parallel to another entity at a specified distance. Offset can be used with lines, circles, arcs, and polylines. Command: OFFSET (enter) FILLET: Changes any corner to a rounded corner. Command: FILLET Polyline/Radius/Angle/Trim/Method/ <Select first line > OSNAP Instantly locates exact points relative to existing objects (points). Object Snap Modes: Endpoint, Midpoint, Centre, Quadrant, Intersection, Insertion, Perpendicular, Tangent, Nearest, Node, and None.

I able to use AutoCAD to create elevation and section through drawing using AutoCAD for the first project for 3D Design Principles ď ś Technical Draws (Elevation, Section through and floor plan)

Using Artlanyis

Importing onto art

Rendering selecting full hd and selecting anti-aliasing on high for sharp quality.

Overview I wasn’t present when Paul went through how to use Google Sketchup because am quite decent on Sketchup so I decided to practice using this software package at home on my MacBook. Most of Paul’s lesson missed, I wished I actually turned up to because I would of gain and benefit from the steps and tutorials he was going through. But I kind of manage on most of them as I got feedbacks from fellow class members on what was shown during the periods I wasn’t present.

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