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Area 2: Learning to Learn

Area 2 -Learning to Learn (Weekly learning log/ Observational sketches done during my spare time.)

Have practiced drawing an object from certain angle to view different form of shades and shadow’s.

This session was to get a feel different grade of pencil and applying it on the drawing of the apples during the morning session with Andrew.

Here have tired applying different form of shading (cross hatching, gradient and a bit of line weighting)

Here have practiced applying shades and shadows to had effect giving it a bit of emotion and sense of darkness.

Quick rough sketch of letting my hand free and being more flexible.

Practicing 3-Ppoint perspective drawing.

Gantt chart (Module: Design & Materials) Module:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

I Based week 1 of this project researching on selected materials.

Further research. During week 2 I paid a visit to B&Q for a survey of the materials have chosen.

Started designing and producing several sketches for my design.

Technical drawings was need to be done in-order to show matt how the design would be to together and what materials and going to be use.

Had to do some research on the materials have chosen to use

Started work on the client board and adding some finishing touches.

Design & Materials

for the project.

Started combining my PowerPoint by Gathering collated information together about the materials I have researched on.

Manage to gather some information about related material (which is popular, quality and more cost efficient. (During the week we had to present)

More sketch/design

Had one-toone with matt bringing forward my proposed design and getting some feedbacks on the overall design, on what to amend and add to the design.

Gather measurements and applying some construction drawing for the drawing package

Submission deadline.

Some sketches produced during one-to-one session with matt.

Review on Design and Materials Project In this project I took a slightly different approach in Technical drawings produced for the terms of presentation wise. I decided to hand drawn the whole package (which consist, a client project. board, technical drawings, sketches and the components drawings). One of the main reasons why I took this approach was because I taught about being unique from the others and to create something different. On the other hand I think laziness got the better of me because I should of produce my technical drawings and components drawings on AutoCAD to give that professional appearance and quality finish, to present forward.

Taking aboard on Matts review on my Design & Materials project, I will be taking a different approach on the way I present my work and work closer with Tim and Paul on my AutoCAD and Technical skills in order to produce quality and professional drawings. Technical Skills and AutoCAD From the review on this project, I need to work on my AutoCAD skills because I think then I will be able to produce better quality drawing that would look more professional than the previous approach have took. I don’t think my drawing skills are that bad, but as matt said on the review I should look into using ink instead on pencil for sketching maybe that might give a better quality effect of feel to my drawing packages. Time Management During this project I think I should have managed my time more efficiently. As I noticed that I spent too much time on the first part of the project (the research and presentation), which left me with limited amount of time left to work on my drawing packages. Next time I’ll defiantly be taking a more critical and planned approach by spreading my time according to how long each individual task will take me.

Executive Summary


AutoCAD AutoCAD has been my weakness over last period of months, due to lack of attendance at Paul’s Establishing Professional for 3D Design lessons. I do have basic knowledge on

AutoCAD but as we started getting through the year and things get more complicated (projects bigger /intense) more knowledge of AutoCAD is needed in order to archive higher grades, which have only just picked up one from the previous project produce for Matt. Therefore, working closing with Paul and Tim is one of my main priorities so I can develop on CAD skills. Most important attend more of CAD lessons. Time Management Overall have clearly noticed my time management is one of the major things that’s letting me down this year, has have had several late submissions which obviously is affecting my grades and my work quality. I can’t afford to carry on managing my time like this in my second year. Therefore, setting my priorities straight is one key thing I need to work on by setting myself deadlines or schedule for each individual modules and assignment before commencing with them, in order to produce good standard work as efficient as possible and most importantly on time. Attendance is another key element that I must improve on, because have missed certain important piece which has later on affected me so showing up to all class and on time will defiantly benefit me so I wouldn’t lack knowledge. Presentation Have noticed during presentation I sometime come off track which leads me to losing my flow and consistency. Therefore next more rehearsal and break downs are important in order to get my information out to the audience as clear and informative as possible. Sketching Skills I have noticed that my drawing technique is quite different and sometimes hard to understand at times. Working closely with my sketch is a must to improve my drawing/sketching skills and continue to sketch several times per week


Creativity I consider myself as creative, I pretty much have the courage to try new things and risk failure. I always have loads of creative thoughts and idea exploding within myself, but I think when it comes to demonstrating that in terms (getting it onto paper) can sometimes disappointment me.

Independent Learning Most of the time I prefer working at home, I think that’s due to my busy lifestyle. Working at home is far more convenient for me as I have more time for assignment and to practice/expand on the things have picked up during Andrews, Matts and Paul’s lesson. Google Sketchup Have learned so many things over the years with Google Sketchup, I would say am highly competent on using the software and I should start incorporating it when it in future projects to give my work more of that professional and quality work. Model Making Model making and crafting is something I do enjoying doing, this is where during the process I could take make my ideas and thoughts beyond what I had in mind to create something unique and experimental. I have learned so many important and crafting skills with Tim which as actually helped me out with any fittings or D.I.Y at home.

(The Orion Constellation at Kosmonaut Bar Manchester) I helped out Graduate Alina Stanciu (Former Interior Design student) with the installation, which comprises of black cord mounted on the walls and ceiling, in an intricate, interwoven arrangement.

I think the practical and hands on doings are what I enjoy and feel really connected to.

Area 2 learning to learn