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Chapter 15:  Manage media files Media management overview Where your media and project files are located Manage your media files View a clip’s information Relink clips to media files Transcode media files View background tasks Delete render files to free up disk space Manage your events and project files Before you move or copy events and projects Consolidate a project’s media files Back up projects, your Project Library, and events Edit your project on a different computer Use SAN locations for events and projects Create and manage camera archives Solutions to common media management issues Alert icons Common media management issues

417 Chapter 16:  Preferences and metadata 417 Preferences and metadata overview 417 Final Cut Pro preferences 417 Change preference settings 418 Editing preferences 419 Playback preferences 420 Import preferences 422 Destinations preferences 427 Work with destinations 432 Work with metadata 432 Display and change clip metadata 433 Modify metadata views 435 Batch rename clips

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Chapter 17:  Keyboard shortcuts and gestures



Keyboard shortcuts and Multi-Touch gestures overview Keyboard shortcuts Multi-Touch gestures Customize keyboard shortcuts View keyboard shortcuts in the Command Editor Modify keyboard shortcuts in the Command Editor Export and import command sets in the Command Editor

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Final cut pro x user guide  
Final cut pro x user guide