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Apply the luma key effect 1 In the Timeline, move the playhead to the point in the background clip (the clip you want to superimpose the luma key clip over) where you want the key to start. 2 In the Event Browser, select the part of the foreground clip (the luma key clip with the black or white you want to remove) you want to key over the background, and choose Edit > Connect to Primary Storyline (or press Q).

Foreground clip

Background clip

For details about connecting clips in this way, see Connect clips to add cutaway shots, titles, and synchronized sound effects on page 103. 3 Select the foreground clip in the Timeline and click the Effects button in the toolbar.

4 In the Effects Browser, select the Luma Keyer effect. Tip:  Type “keyer” in the Effects Browser’s search field to quickly find the Luma Keyer effect. 5 Do one of the following: ••

Drag the effect to the Timeline foreground clip to which you want to apply it.


Double-click the effect thumbnail to apply it to the selected clip.

The Luma Keyer effect automatically configures itself to remove black video. If the resulting key is not right or you would like to improve it, you can adjust the luma key effect.

Chapter 12    Keying and compositing


Final cut pro x user guide  
Final cut pro x user guide