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Create specialized versions of the generators in Motion Many of the generators were created using Motion, an Apple application designed to work with Final Cut Pro. To further customize the generators, you can open them in Motion, make modifications, and save the changes as a new file that appears in the Generators Browser. Important:  The following steps require you to have Motion 5 installed on your computer. Modify a generator or background in Motion 1 Open the Generators Browser by clicking the Generators button in the toolbar.

2 In the Generators Browser, Control-click a thumbnail, and choose “Open a copy in Motion” from the shortcut menu. Motion opens and the clip’s project appears. 3 Modify the clip’s project. For more information, see Motion Help at 4 Choose File > Save As (or press Command-Shift-S), enter a name for this new generator, and click Save. Note:  If you choose File > Save, the generator is saved using the same name with “copy” appended to its end.

About themes

Final Cut Pro includes a number of generators, transitions, and titles, grouped into themes. The generators, transitions, and titles in each theme use related shapes and colors, which result in a visual style unique to each theme. Theme names—such as Boxes, Comic Book, or Documentary—suggest elements used by the theme, or the type of project in which a theme might be used. Each theme may contain multiple video generators, video transitions, and titles. To access the Themes Browser, click the Themes button in the toolbar.

For more information about video generators, see Generators overview on page 237. For more information about video transitions, see Transitions overview on page 205. For more information about titles, see Titles overview on page 213.

Chapter 10    Add transitions, titles, effects, and generators


Final cut pro x user guide  
Final cut pro x user guide