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Show the audio effects applied to a clip 1 Select the clip with the audio effect in the Timeline. 2 Choose Clip > Show Audio Animation (or press Control-A).

The audio effect appears as one of the animations in the Audio Animation Editor. You can click its green checkbox to turn the effect off and on.

Change clip effect order You can apply multiple clip effects to a Timeline clip. The order that you apply them can affect the final output. For example, applying the Artifacts effect, which by default adds random white circles to the video, before the Aged Paper effect results in the white circles also being aged; applying it after Aged Paper results in the circles remaining white. You can easily change the order of the clip effects in the Video inspector, Audio inspector, Video Animation Editor, or Audio Animation Editor. Note:  You cannot change the order of the built-in effects or color correction. Change video and audio clip effect order using the Video or Audio inspector 1 Select a clip in the Timeline that has multiple video or audio clip effects applied, and do one of the following: ••

To see the video effects: Open the Video inspector.


To see the audio effects: Open the Audio inspector.

2 In the Video inspector or Audio inspector, drag the effects to change their order.

Drag clip effects to rearrange their order. Built-in effects and color correction cannot be rearranged.

Chapter 10    Add transitions, titles, effects, and generators


Final cut pro x user guide  
Final cut pro x user guide