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4 To adjust the effect using the onscreen controls: ••

Blue handles at each corner: Drag these to adjust the crop of that corner. The cropped image always maintains the original aspect ratio.


Anywhere inside the window: Drag anywhere inside the crop window to adjust its position. Click Done to crop the image and expand it to full size.

Drag a corner handle to change the crop window’s size (but not its aspect ratio).

Drag anywhere inside the image to position the crop window.

5 To individually adjust each edge using the Crop area of the Video inspector, use the Crop controls. Note:  While you can use these controls to change the crop window’s aspect ratio, the final image still matches the original image’s aspect ratio, with additional content being cropped out so that the final image fits the original aspect ratio. 6 Click Done to have the crop applied and see the image zoomed to fill the screen.

You can animate the effect, creating the illusion of a pan and zoom camera move (effectively, a manual Ken Burns effect). For details on working with built-in effects, see Work with built-in effects on page 226.

Chapter 10    Add transitions, titles, effects, and generators


Final cut pro x user guide  
Final cut pro x user guide