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Connect clips in the Timeline 1 If your project is empty, add clips to the dark gray primary storyline area in the Timeline to build your initial sequence.

The clips in the primary storyline serve as a foundation on which you connect (attach) clips to further build your project. Connect edits are slightly different than the other edit types in that they never add clips to the primary storyline. If you perform a connect edit in an empty Timeline, Final Cut Pro first adds a gap clip to the primary storyline and attaches the new connected clip to it. 2 Select one or more clips or a range in the Event Browser. 3 Do one of the following to indicate where you want to connect the selected source clip: ••

Position the playhead over the frame of the clip in the primary storyline.


Make a range selection in the primary storyline.

4 To connect the selected clips to the clips in the primary storyline, do one of the following: ••

Choose Edit > Connect to Primary Storyline (or press Q). Note:  If you use the keyboard shortcut and the skimmer is present in the Timeline, the clip will be connected at the skimmer position.


Click the Connect button in the toolbar.


Drag the clips to the gray area above or below the primary storyline.

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Final cut pro x user guide