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English Lesson Grade: 4 Art Class

Miss Tanya Thome Unit/ Lesson: Analyzing structures in Nature

Date: March 22nd, 2015

Materials/Resources Needed Smart Board, picture sample, computer, USB,paint, paper, glue

Time 3-5 minutes

Anticipatory Set Find out what level students are at in natural intelligence with what patterns and shapesthey see in nature. Explain how important nature is and that we must protect it so we can view its beauty. Relate to real life , observe different patterns and colors in nature. Include YouTube clip of Visual Patterns in Nature as example.

Time 1-3 minutes

Time 10-15 minutes

Objective/Purpose Explain to the students, that by the end of the lesson they will understand how to pick out patterns in nature and use materials to depict those patterns. This skill will aid in the future to become aware of the world around them and learn about different shapesand patterns in nature.

Input & Model Show students on Smart Board an example of one of your picture has many different shapesand patterns. Explain they can search the internet to help them find patterns in images of nature on the web to grasp inspiration. Explain the theory of negative space so they will learn to see not only the shapesof the actual trees and flowers, but of the clouds in the background around the outer edge of the tree that make different shapes. Show examples from the internet depicting shapesin negative spacesin nature.

Teaching Cues Have students remove distractions such as cell phones and non-Art class related material. “5 check (eyes and ears toward the front, hands in lap, mouths closed, focus on front.” Check for Understanding “Are there any questions?” “Does everyone understand what is expected of them?” “This is my picture (show on smartboard). Seethe different patterns of the trees and leaves?”


Guided Practice

20-25 minutes

On the smart board, brain storm three different shapesthey need to research in imageson the web to find. Make sure students pick an appropriate pictures and examples of both positive and negative space and different patterns. Circulate classroom, student by student to view progress and be available to help whenever needed.


Independent Practice Assign an art assignment to the class. It must be based on patterns and shapesof negative and positive spacethat they draw and paint.

5-10 minutes

They should have three pictures from the internet printed out that they drew.

“Has everyone chosen three pictures to draw?” “Here, let me help you with positive and negative space.”

(Tech related)

Firmly explain copyright laws and the strict consequencesof copyrighting. Time


5-10 minutes

Review key materials learned today in class. Shapes.Negative and positive. And visual patterns in nature.

Double check that students understand what to look for in nature and why we must respect it. Ensure students that this assignment is not a one day thing. Assessment/Evaluation/ Comments

Checking for Understanding “Are there any last minute questions before we go?”

ICT Outcomes Specific Outcomes Reflection, depiction, composition and expression. C.1 ­ Students will access, use and communicate information from a variety of  technologies. Specific Outcomes 1.1access and retrieve appropriate information from electronic sources for a specific inquiry

Tanya Thome Lesson Plan  

Art Lesson Plan

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