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Dear Voyager fan: Produced by V Communication in cooperation with V Box Published by V GLOBAL MANAGEMENT Sdn Bhd (THE V) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia VICKY RAS Editor-in-chief MARK FLORES Managing Editor JERLEN DELA CRUZ News Editor ALDRIN ENRILE Translation Coordinator KARLA DELA CRUZ JUNE DIGAN KANEL ADRIANO MIGUEL DIZON Graphic Designers LILI NARVAEZ CLAIRE MICU Contributors

Time indeed flies when you’re too busy to take notice of anything apart from those in your laundry list of tasks. It seems it was only yesterday when all of us here at The V were hard at work preparing for V-Malaysia 2010 – which, by the way, still resonates on every market represented by the 8,000 participants present during the event – and shortly after that, the record-breaking Rule 3 EXTREME World Tour covering nearly 30 cities in double-digit countries. Not to mention, the other hundred or so small events in between, counting from the beginning of 2010. Yes, the V works round-the-clock with only one goal in mind: to provide you, our valued Independent Representatives, all the tools and training events that you need in order to grow your business at home and beyond borders. By the time you get your copy of the current issue of your favorite VOYAGER magazine, it would have already been the third month of 2011 and knowing The V, a lot has already happened and A LOT more are set to unravel in the coming months. In this issue, we focused on the the human soul’s quest for a higher purpose by giving back to the community – selflessly and unconditionally. Big organisations are fully capable of impacting a large number of communities via a single project, we know that for a fact, but the absence of excessive resources must NOT discourage us from doing something good for the benefit of others, especially the disadvantaged. By simply sharing your time, talent, skills, and knowledge without fixating on returns of any form, you are already making an unquantifiable difference. From having a bigger purpose, we move on to one other thing that The V does so well – Events. In this issue, we have tons of beautifully-written reports of past events coupled with colourful photographs; profiles of selected Leaders who continue to grow and serve their markets well; a look into exciting new projects by The V to be launched soon and more news and updates on Network Marketing. With that, I leave you to enjoy reading this copy of Voyager magazine...

VOYAGER WELCOMES ARTICLES FROM ITS READERS If you wish to contribute an article, please send your draft in Microsoft Word format to voyager@the-v. net. Please indicate “VOYAGER MAGAZINE ARTICLE” in the subject header. Supporting photos (in highresolution JPEG format) are highly encouraged. Voyager Magazine appears in several languages through the help of third-party translators. Minor errors in translation may be noticed from time to time, but we are constantly striving to make Voyager the best networker’s magazine in as many languages as possible.



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V Managing Partner Dato Vijay Eswaran


Group Managing Director Joseph Bismark


V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah


QuestNet Managing Director JR Mayer

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V Managing Partner

Dato’ Vijay Eswaran

WE CARE Happy New Year, 2011! This is the beginning of a new decade. A few days into the brand new year, we had 1-1-11; and ten days later we had five ones in a row. Taking these fortuities into consideration, this is the year when we become Number 1. This is the year when we are seen reinventing ourselves; when we go all out on a whole new paradigm; the year when we start a brand new decade with a brand new attitude. And the very first thing that we are going to do is establish the motto that will govern all our actions in 2011. The motto that will be carried out in every aspect of corporate policies and strategies; in our sales; in our network; and all the way to our corporate philosophy. WE CARE—two words that are simple in its explanation, and yet deep and intense in its understanding. We care. We care about the people who work for us; the people who work with us; the peoplewhom we work for; and the people on this planet. We care for every living being on this planet. We care for the ecology and the environment. We care for the planet itself. And ultimately, all of this boils down to this: WE CARE FOR EACH OTHER. In the corporate sector, we have taken certain steps forward, whereby our staff and our employees will show this by working, contributing time and effort towards showing a caring attitude towards their fellow human beings. We will have less of bouquets and fruit baskets, rather, we will work with children in homes destitute and deprived children. We will work in planting trees, as opposed to giving out gifts. And this will be the way we will gift ourselves. In our culture here in Asia, even birthdays are about giving, not receiving. It is not about the number ofgifts that you get, but rather about the fact that you celebrate your life by giving back to the people around you, in your community, in your family. And it is through selfless giving that we truly celebrate. Tthat is exactly what we will be doing this year, this decade. This is all that we will be focusing on.

To all of you, I’d like to say that these two words—WE CARE—are going to enshrine our corporate philosophy, our motto, our catch phrase for the year. WE CARE is going to be seen and felt everywhere. And as we welcome 2011, as we welcome this brand new decade, we will make this paradigm shift; we will redefine who we are. So let us all together welcome 2011, and let’s say to each other: WE CARE.

The Gem Collection

A Compilation of Wisdom by Joseph T. Bismark

Mr. Joseph  Bismark  is  a  much  loved  leader of the many networkers in the QI Group. As  its’ co-founding director, Mr. Bismark has inspired a  loyal following not only through his personality and  charisma but through his ability to help networkers  strengthen their mental fortitude and to gain a more  positive outlook towards life. Through  a  weekly  mass  email,  Mr.  Bismark  shared  with them the wisdom and experiences that he has  gained  from  his  mentors.  They  are  crucial  lessons  that  not  only  enhance  self-development  but  interpersonal relationships too.  The  impact  of  those  emails  was  so  great  that  the  Gems  of  Wisdom  (  blog  was  launched  in  June  2008  so  it  could  reach  a  wider audience.  Realising the appeal of the stories, he knew the next  logical step was to publish a book based on the blog  with the hope of impacting many more lives.  With  such  stories  from  his  childhood  such  as  “Learning from the Sparrow” which teaches us that  fear should not stop us from achieving the goals we  have  set,  to  choosing  to  focus  on  the  goodness  of  people instead of the bad in “To Bee or not to Bee”,  “The Gem Collection – A Compilation of Wisdom” is  a treasure trove of the simple wisdom of living life in  a  positive  way  that  many  of  us,  young  or  old,  can  benefit from.



V Founding Partner

Joseph T. Bismark One of the earliest lessons I’ve learned in life, is that of gratitude. Gratitude is the mother of all virtues and a life lived in gratefulness truly opens us up to the myriad possibilities of life. Only with gratitude comes appreciation, thankfulness, and the understanding of the importance of ‘giving back’. In one’s personal life, awareness of the concept of gratitude often comes rather easily. In fact, it is even drilled into us from an early age. Parents, teachers, friends and peers usually imbibe in us the qualities of politeness and courtesy. We learn to say thanks for what we receive and apologize for what we cannot give others. That serves as the stepping stone to acknowledge and appreciate. However, often in business or our careers, we tend to forget this golden principle. We fail to acknowledge that our achievements are not ours alone, but have simply been made possible because of what we have received from others – be it timely advice, financial help, moral support, words of encouragement, or even a shoulder to lean on during difficult times. Consider this; we all are born into this world as rather helpless, and largely dependant on others. At every stage in life, either knowingly or unknowingly, we have been helped by, have learnt from, and been guided by others - our parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, business partners, employees, the society and sometimes, even the unknown face on the street! How then can any man claim to be self made? Today, with self-gain and profit-taking driving many business activities, societal obligation seems to have taken a back seat, and the concept of ‘giving back’, more in use as a fashionable statement. Often times, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is being confused with random acts of charity and the quantum of donations being leveraged primarily for imagery. But if in doing so, individuals and companies end up making a telling difference in someone’s life, I ask, where is the downside? As long as such acts genuinely help someone, they have played their part in the big picture.

As networkers and independent business owners, a significant part of our time is focused on developing our business. And should we pause for a moment and look around, we will find enough to be grateful for – a patient upline, a motivating leader, an organisation that tirelessly equips us with business tools, the opportunity itself, a dedicated team, enthusiastic downlines and yes, even the occasional prospect who turns us down! If there were no rejection, what would we use as a whetstone to sharpen our skills, to improve ourselves, to strive to be the best in what we do? Isn’t the person who gives us a learning opportunity, worthy of our gratitude too? And how can we give back? The first step would be to appreciate and acknowledge that we have to give back for. Simply listing the blessings we are grateful for, could open up our understanding of how to be of value to others. We could grow into a leader who others look up to for direction; a motivator who edges others on when they totter; a savoir who can offer financial or material help to the needy; a role model that continually reminds people of the path they should tread on; or even quite simply, the shoulder for someone to lean on during difficult times. The means are many, what matters is the intent. In business, as in life, it is important for us to be grateful to those who are the reason, we are where we are today. So let us make it a habit to consciously and graciously do our bit in giving back. As individuals, what we give back might at times, appear to be of modest value, but a drop in an ocean. But remember, the very act of giving is by no means small. And as the QNet family, our collective actions have the potential to leave behind an indelible mark of gratitude on humanity.


V Managing Director

Pathman Senathirajah

A TALE OF GIVING AND BELIEVING Have youA heard the story of “The Hospital AND Window”? It TALE OF GIVING goes like this:


Two men, who were both terminally ill, shared a hospital room with a single window. The man whose bed was next to the window was allowed to sit up for at least one hour every day, to drain the fluid from his lungs. The other man, whose bed was far from the window, had to stay in bed all day and just stare at the walls and the ceiling. All day, the two men would talk about their lives—their families, their careers, their passions, and many other stuff. And every afternoon, when the man near the window would sit up, the bed-ridden man would ask him to describe the sights outside the window. The man by the window vividly described a park with a lovely duck pond. Children would play with their toy sailboats, while lovers walked around arm-in-arm, amidst the colourful flowers on the banks of the pond. As he spoke, the man on the far side of the room would close his eyes and experience everything in his mind. It was the highlight of his day, and he always looked forward to it. But one morning, the nurse came in to bathe the two men, only to find out that the man by the window had died in his sleep. After he was taken away, the other man asked that his bed be moved by the window. Once there, he struggled to prop himself on one elbow so that he could see what his friend had been describing every day. Guess what he saw—there was nothing but a blank wall outside the window! Puzzled, he asked the nurse what could have compelled his roommate to describe such wonderful things outside the window. And to his surprise, the nurse answered that the deceased man was completely blind. “I guess he just wanted to encourage you,” was all that the nurse could say. What a lovely story! Especially when I consider the two most important lessons that it teaches. One is about giving. The blind man, having lived in darkness for years, could have simply told his roommate, “stop complaining—I couldn’t even see the window!” But instead, he chose to give his roommate the pleasure of seeing something beautiful for at least an hour a day, even if it was all in his mind. Maybe the blind man was just being thankful for having lived to a ripe old age. Whatever his reasons are, the important thing is that he did not let blindness stand in the way of him painting a beautiful picture for his friend to enjoy. As Networkers, we can do the same for the people around us. Even in times when our own challenges seem to be too much to handle, we can still give the gift of hope to our prospects by for cusing on

the benefits that our business offers. You never know how a few encouraging words can change another person’s life. The other lesson I learned from this story is about the power of belief. By simply having faith in his roommate, the man on the far side of the room was able to somewhat enjoy his stay in the hospital. It kept his mind off his illness, and gave him something to wake up for every morning. In the same way, believing in the best things that life has to offer us can be an incredible source of strength when our dreams seem a little too far to reach. Just like the man on the far side of the hospital room, we too can take our minds off the difficulties that we all face as Networkers, and instead focus on the fact that the rewards are more than worth it. All we have to do is believe. That’s why our theme for the coming V-Malaysia 2011 convention is “BELIEF”. And that’s why I ardently encourage you, my dear brothers and sisters in the V family, to be there. On 27-31 May 2011, join me and the rest of our esteemed leaders in The V, as we make like the blind man’s roommate and experience how life-changing the power of belief can be. Together, let us prove to the world how belief can enable us to see a lovely park—with ducks, children, lovers, and flowers—where others can see nothing but a blank wall. See you all at V-Malaysia 2011!



QNet Managing Director

JR Mayer

THE SANCTITY OF GIVING: RYTHM IN ACTION From its inception, QNet has always operated under a culture of giving – the quintessential embodiment of RYTHM (‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’), which is the philosophy upon which the company was founded. This philosophy of caring has been with us from the very start; it wasn’t just something that we decided to adhere to once we became successful. The sanctity of giving back to others, to the community, has always been at the forefront of our operations. It must be said that this philosophy of giving, of raising ourselves to help mankind, comes straight from the personal convictions of our two founders: Dato’ Vijay Eswaran and Mr Joseph Bismark, two illustrious men for whom RYTHM is not just merely a belief, but a way of life. Both Dato’ and Mr Bismark live their lives in the service of others – whether it is giving hope and motivation to employees, funding the construction of schools and orphanages, or improving the lives of millions of people, they are the epitome of what it means to give. They are the pillars upon which our entire organisation is built, and their philosophy of caring is what binds us all together and enables us to stand united in our spirit of RYTHM. As a company, QNet believes in RYTHM not just through the simple act of giving financial aid to others, but by the concept of raising people’s lifestyles and living standards, and giving them opportunities that they may not have had access to before this. We have given, and continue to give, support to countless people all over the world. The business opportunity that QNet offers has given millions of people the chance to improve their lives and financial situations by helping them start and grow their very own business. We assist them on the journey to reach their financial goals, and in the process, we help to improve their lives and the lives of those they love. We also have given support to numerous charitable endeavours throughout the years, with major projects focussing on education, the lessening of poverty, environmental protection, and disaster relief. When Typhoon Ketsana (locally called Typhoon Ondoy) hit the Philippines, Laos and Vietnam, QNet (through QNet Pays Forward, RYTHM Foundation, and international NGO World Vision) mobilised disaster relief efforts to bring necessary supplies to those hit by the disaster. The Typhoon Ondoy Fund of USD 63,000 has helped

more than 1,500 families in Metro Manila, while a donation of USD 35,000 was split between Vietnam and Laos for long-term rehabilitation projects. When massive floods devastated Pakistan and left more than six million people in need of emergency aid, QNet and RYTHM Foundation were right there with a donation of USD 40,000 to help with immediate assistance, pledged as part of a long-term commitment that aims to raise a total of USD 300,000 for the people of Pakistan. RYTHM is the heartbeat with which we live our lives. There is nothing more powerful than the act of giving. It’s an expression of love and goodwill, of caring for those who share this world with us – of wanting to improve their lives and help them on the journey that all of us take – so that they may raise themselves and, in turn, help raise others in an unending ripple of caring. This is what RYTHM is all about. This is what QNet is all about.

v reports


v reports

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LAST QUARTER 2010 In final four months of 2010, and crossing over to January 2011, the V brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “ending and starting with a bang” as a whopping 166 events took place, organised and supported by the V family. This includes the phenomenal Rule 3 EXTREME World Tour which began in October, among many others.

Business Presentations/ Business Opportunity Meetings (BPs/BOMs) =105

Trainings (includes Product, Network Development and Motivational) =34

Networking Seminar Series = 4

Rule 3 EXTREME World Tour = 23

For more details on V events, please keep visiting the V website:!

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S E O G 3 E L U R

Here in the V, we strive to move forward, taking with us the lessons and strengths of the past. We transform ourselves into something bigger, better and more powerful than who we were; and find new ways to inspire, to give hope, and to empower. It was out of this commitment that the Rule 3 EXTREME World Tour—a powered-up version of the immensely popular Rule 3 World Tour of 2007—was born. Hinged on the principles of Rule 3, made popular by V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah, this World Tour took the qualities that made the first Rule 3 World Tour one of the most successful in V history, and put them into a more massive, more intensive and more powerful endeavour that changed the way we conduct training events. In so doing, the Rule 3 Extreme World Tour also changed the lives of countless people in the global network. In its 4-month run, the Rule 3 EXTREME World Tour 2010 amassed over 10,000 participants from 16 countries in four continents. V Partners, V Ambassadors, V Elite Leaders and local leaders alike came together to bring the message of Rule 3 to the extreme.


N I E M E R T 2 0 10 X E


EXTREME WORLD TOUR 2010: London Oman Abu Dhabi Seychelles Lebanon Indonesia Egypt (Cairo and Alexandria) Singapore Canada India (Nagpur,Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore) Burundi Tanzania Malaysia Uganda Kenya New Zealand Qatar Kuwait Nigeria

(19 October) (21 October) (22 October) (01 November) (06 November) (10 November) (12 and 13 November) (12 November) (20 November) (21 November; 4, 11, 12, December) (25 November) (28 November) (28 November) (11 December) (7 December) (12 December) (28 January) (14 January) (15 January)

200 participants 385 participants 1300 participants 130 participants 300 participants 1752 participants 2506 participants 60 participants 70 participants 1950 participants 145 participants 400 participants 1000 participants 900 participants 80 participants 30 participants 120 participants 350 participants 140 participants

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QNet announced on 10 November 2010 an exciting new partnership with the Virgin Racing Formula 1 (F1) Team, just hours before the F1 circuit had its season-ending Grand Prix, at the Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. The long-term partnership will see the QNet brand become the Official Direct Selling Partner of Virgin Racing for three years, starting with the 2011 F1 championship season.

For QNet, which has been involved with motorsport through its sponsorship of teams in Formula BMW, Formula V6 and the GP2 Asia series from 2004 to 2010, the move to Formula 1 is a natural progression, ensuring exposure for the brand on a global stage, in the highest of sporting arenas. At the launch event, V Managing Partner Dato’Vijay Eswaran, Virgin Racing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Graeme Lowdon, and English multi-billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, expressed their delight at this new partnership:



“The way I see it, it is the coming together of two dynamic lifestyle Groups – Virgin and QI. For us, it was a decision made easy by the commitment and dedication shown by the Virgin Racing team. Plus, of course there is always the Richard Branson factor, which is undeniably a major plus point for us! It is rare for me to come across another individual, especially one of Sir Richard’s stature, who has the same viewpoint on life as I do. I see this as the beginning of a journey between the QI Group and the Virgin Group, with QNet and the Virgin Racing F1 Team kicking off the journey.”


“It is very exciting to be able to announce QNet as a new long-term partner for Virgin Racing at the season finale in Abu Dhabi. Much like our team, QNet is a young and progressive company with an aggressive development strategy for success. We are looking forward to 2011 with confidence and QNet, along with all our partners, can be assured that we will be relentless in pursuit of our racing objectives. We look forward to working together with QNet in the years ahead.”


‘I am absolutely delighted by this news. Having been personally involved in the partnership discussions, it’s particularly pleasing for me to see this come to fruition. I look forward to working with QNet on this project and hopefully many others.

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BONANZA EXTRAVAGANZA At the end of every year, QNet puts forward an amazing incentive programme called the Bonanza Extravaganza. Open to all Independent Representatives, the programme features a bonus pool worth millions of US Dollars; any IR who meets the required performance standards can partake of this pool. Qualifiers are all entitled to USD 500 per share (with a maximum of 5 shares per person),and each year leaders from all over the world power up their efforts to get a piece of the sweet Bonanza action. The annual Bonanza programme began in 2006 and since then has awarded millions of dollars to the Qualifiers from the global network. This year, the promo began with an Early Bird Bonus period, which lasted from 15 October to 12 November 2010. Each Early Bird qualifier received a whopping USD 200, an amount that is exclusive of the shares they can still get at the end of the Bonanza period. Since the Bonanza period was set to run from the last months of 2010 to January 2011, a special New Year Super Bonanza Bonus was launched on 6 December 2010. It ran until the very

end of 2010 (31 December 2010 at 23:59 HKST, to be exact). Qualifiers for the Super Bonus received USD 100 each, again on top of the shares from the main Bonanza incentive. As a special thank-you to everyone who worked hard to participate in the Bonanza programme, it was announced that all transactions conducted the day after the Bonanza period ended were to be counted as part of the Bonanza Shares. This meant that even if the Bonanza period ended on 21 January 2011, all sales done on 22 January were still added to the total Bonanza earnings. Created to reward the hard work of Independent Representatives, the Bonanza Extravaganza is also a great way for IRs to gain experience in making their personal networks stronger, as well as to forge stronger bonds with their downlines, while encouraging them individually to perform. For a full list of Bonanza Extravaganza winners, please visit or the QNet Official Blog at



MASTERMIND CONVENTION The V’s very own V Partner (VP) Donna Marie Imson was among the distinguished speakers at the recent MLM Mastermind convention held in Houston, Texas, on 28 to 30 October 2010, with close to 400 Network Marketing professionals in attendance. As expected, the charismatic VP Donna gave a stellar performance. Speaking to the crowd with her usual grace and confidence, the soul female V Partner called for greater camaraderie between the different companies, emphasising the fact that now, more than ever, we need to work together to break the walls built by the traditional business establishment. “I work with the best type of networkers, they’re hungry for it, they desire it, they want it so badly… and they deserve it. The countries my company does business in have the most fantastic people with the best work ethic, patience and dedication for network marketing,” she said. “Through network marketing, we have been able to break down the barriers of race, religion, language and culture. Now, isn’t that something that’s truly great and special? Isn’t it really amazing that network marketing has made that possible, that it has united all these people? Her stirring speech and enchanting manner captured not just the attention but the hearts of all

present as evidenced by the rousing standing ova tion she received as she ended her talk. As part of Ms Donna’s closing, she showed her love and loyalty to The V and its global network by sharing with the gathered experts and entrepreneurs the spirit of the V family, through a screening of the music video for “We Are One”, the official theme song of the V-Malaysia 2010 convention. Keeping VP Donna company during the auspicious event were Associate V Partners Rosemarie Glen, Gilbert Magtoto, Ferdie Tolentino, Edgardo Ting, and Joy Copreros; V Council member Mike Trinidad; network leaders Andre Abouzeid and Dr. Mark Platon; QI Director for Europe and North America Ms. Judith Reyes; company consultant Dennis Tenney; Qplus Business Development Manager Amar Chandnani; and QNet Head of Communications Jodi A. Hammond. Created by Art Jonak as a neutral meeting place of ideas, the MLM Mastermind convention gathered Network Marketing entrepreneurs from over 60 different MLM countries around the world. It is a virtual Who’s Who of Network Marketing, graced by such personalities (besides VP Donna) as Art Jonak, Randy Gage, Jordan Adler, Orrin Woodward, Tom Schreiter, Ken Dunn, Donna Johnson, Richard Brooke and Mike Dillard.

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ON WITH THE INSERVICE TRADITION THE FIFTH BOOTCAMP PRODUCES ANOTHER BATCH OF SERVANT LEADERS The latest InService Brotherhood Bootcamp, dubbed ISB V, proved once again that the ISB Bootcamp is more than just a prerequisite for being part of the InService group serving at V events. Held on November 17 to 22, 2010 at the Royal Thai Marine Corps base in Sattahip, Chonburi, Thailand, the Bootcamp proved that it takes incredible, nearly superhuman dedication to complete this grueling training. No less than 176 participants left the event as individuals who have not just been trained to be part of the InService Brotherhood, but have been changed for life. With ISB V held at a military camp, it was to be expected that the training was to be jam-packed with a lot of activities, many of them involving intense physical demands. After day one’s registration and welcome remarks by Chief Pathman Senathirajah, the participants were launched into a barrage of outdoor activities the very next day. Despite just getting to know one another, the teams were challenged to instantly function as a group in order to overcome the day-long sessions of outdoor activities, which emphasized the need for focus, teamwork, and perseverance. The succeeding days had a smorgasbord of indoor and outdoor sessions, where teams were challenged to perform as best as they can against other teams. Amidst the atmosphere of competition, slowly but surely the characteristics of great servant leadership were instilled into the participants: conquering one’s fear and trusting others; conquering one’s ego; and recognizing and resolving personal conflicts. Training for various departments of InService was also held, and became part of the team activities. The six-day training culminated with a very important realization: that the InService Brotherhood Bootcamp is not just a group rite of passage for network leaders, but the best teacher for the InService way of life.


THE V GIVES YOU EXCITING NEW SERVICES 2011 marks another year in The V’s long history of innovation and excellence. Just as the global network grows larger and more people join the V family, the corporate staff of The V aspires to create new ways to raise its standard of service and re-invent the way the company does business. With great pride, The V now introduces the following fresh initiatives from the V’s creative team—all set to be fully operational in time for the greatest event in V history, V-Malaysia 2011:

1. AN ALL-NEW V WEBSITE Your upline online will be undergoing a drastic change that we promise will knock your socks off (in a good way of course), beginning with a completely new look--just one glance at the gorgeous new website design will change the way you see New interactive features will also be added, such as Live Chat and customizable news and features. That’s right! You can chat live with V representatives in real-time and choose which kinds of news and articles you want to see! Yes, it is going to be a spectacular new site. And if you don’t have a V website profile yet, we suggest you go and register now! 2. VOYAGER ONLINE GETS A MAKEOVER TOO! Touted as the heart of Network Marketing, Voyager Magazine is like a V Ambassador you can bring with you wherever you go. More than just an online reading material, is an ultimate resource for all things Network Marketing. We give you not just news from our neck of the woods, but updates and information from all over the industry as well. We will keep you posted on the latest trends and the biggest news, guaranteed. Voyager Online also promises to be fully interactive, allowing you to post comments, share updates of your own and interact with your fellow Independent Representatives. Plus, it’s guaranteed to look amazing, too!

3. THE ISB WEBSITE: Informative, Interactive and InService This is the InService website motto. Since its birth in June 2009, the website has served as a central information hub for all members of the InService Brotherhood. This year we take it up a notch and introduce members-only, exclusive content and features such as discussion groups, photo uploads, message boards and more! Keep in touch with your Bootcamp buddies and get the latest scoop on InService-run events from all over the world. You will also be able to browse through the complete ISB Merchandise store, get to know your Core ISB idols and get regular messages from the Chief himself. 4. VSTORE: Your One Stop V Shop! Need to complete that DVD Collection? Missed out on that V-Con Collector’s Item DVD Set? Looking for hard-to-find titles? The V Store has it all! And with the new upgrades coming this year, you will be able to order not just training DVDs but exclusive V merchandise, books and memorabilia as well! We are also very excited about our new translated titles. We are gradually increasing the number of languages available, so make sure you check in regularly. Remember, only website members are allowed to make purchases at the V Store. So register now (if you haven’t already), so you can fill up that shopping cart with your most sought-after items! 5. TRANSLATED VOYAGER MAGAZINE DVDs So you are a jet-setting, well-travelled leader So you are a jet-setting, well-travelled leader with a massive trans-continental network. How do you show your prospects that The V has a real global presence? Well, that’s what the multi-lingual Voyager Collection is for! Making a great thing even better, we have included several versions of Voyager Magazine into a portable, easy-tocarry DVD that you can bring with you anywhere you go! Languages available (apart from English) include Bahasa-Indonesia, Turkish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Farsi, and Arabic.

So there you have it. These are just some of the explosive new services that The V has to offer for 2011. Watch out for more in the coming months, as more surprises come your way! Visit and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you won’t miss the latest updates.

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BELIEF At the forefront of everything is belief—if we believe in our dreams, and believe that we deserve our dreams, then we have already won half the battle. The VMalaysia 2011 logo shows this by having the word, “belief”, in bold letters, in a dark and imposing colour, and at the foreground of the entire logo. It is as if to say that belief is the gateway to our dreams; with belief, anything is possible. HOPE Alongside belief, hope is also an important factor in the realization of our dreams. Hope keeps us from being discouraged by challenges, and keeps us looking forward to another day, another opportunity. In the V-Malaysia 2011 logo, this is signified by the large lightblue half-circle in the background, behind the yellow clouds—representing a surreal sunrise, and symbolizing the fact that no matter what happens, a new day is always just hours away. A DREAM Before our dreams can come true, we must first have dreams to begin with. The V-Malaysia 2011 logo communicates this message through the unconventional use of colours in the sunrise graphic. Instead of going the logical way (i.e., yellow sun, blue sky and white clouds), the logo has the sun in blue and the clouds in yellow—to signify that in dreams, there are no rules and no limits; anything is possible in our dreams.

The V-Malaysia 2011 logo is a graphic representation of the key elements that one needs in order to realize his dreams: BELIEF; HOPE; A DREAM; TEAMWORK; and FOCUS. TEAMWORK Whether our dreams are simple or grand, we cannot realize them without the help of the people around us. Teamwork is necessary, especially when we team-up with people who have the same dreams as us. In the V-Malaysia 2011 logo, teamwork is represented by the formation of flying Canada geese, whose V-shaped formation enables each individual goose to contribute to the speed and endurance of the others. This is the same concept that inspired the creation of the V itself, back in the late 1990s. FOCUS Lastly, for our dreams to come true, we must focus our energy on making them come true, regardless of what happens around us (or to us). In the V-Malaysia 2011 logo, focus is represented by the yellow dot in the letter “B” of “belief”, which is somewhat like a “bull’s eye” on a dart board. These elements are all brought together in one unified element that is bathed in the corporate colours of The V, to present a fitting logo that encompasses everything that V-Malaysia 2011 is about.

v-con mania


V-CON BUZZ Anticipation for V-Malaysia 2011 infects IRs worldwide

They say you’ve got to see to believe, but nothing stops IRs and leaders around the world from feeling the excitement of the most anticipated event of the year: V-Malaysia 2011! From our Facebook fan pages, we asked for your thoughts on the upcoming V-Convention, and here’s what you had to say*: …V-Con has the best concert in the whole world. - Drashti Patel

…it’s V-Malaysia 2011! - Moe Modara

…it has the most nations gathered in a single event. It’s the greatest moment ever. - Tiara Lautansandi

…it is the real United Nations put together, for that period of time! - Kugendran Murugeesan

…I will be going back to my family! - Santosh Hariharan

I am excited …of the passion you get. - Mir Mahmood Ali


…it will give me much power to stand up, inspiring me and my team to help us to rock the world. - Mohammed Radwan

…I would love to meet Dato’ Vijay Eswaran, Chief Pathman, and all other great Network leaders. - Mahamat Adam

…this is the place and time where I feel and live in peace. - Bashar Al Ali

‎ would be a dream come true! I mean, being ONE big happy family with all kinds of people from all over the world and feeling that energy getting into the deepest part of my soul, sharing stories and tips with some of the greatest minds and networkers alive! What else could anyone ask for? I am just counting the minutes. - Wassim Sammoud

…I want to be twice the human I am now. - Hadeel AbuSnaineh

...I seriously have no words to explain my excitement. The first time I entered the Putra Stadium in V-Malaysia 2010, I saw thousands of people, dancing and enjoying so much—60 countries of different people just like one nation. This proves that there is no nationality at V-Con—just one nation built by QNet and The V. - Maarij Usmani happens every year! Muhammad Haseeb Jameel

25 …it gives me inspiration that I’m not alone, that from a NOBODY, I can become a SOMEBODY. - Tina Andre Ana …it’s going to be the event where only your BELIEF counts. Sometimes you have to BELIEVE before you can SEE. - Bilal Elbazz

…I will realize my real purpose on this planet. - Senthil Nithirusenthil

…it gives you this overwhelming, indescribable, joyous feeling. This happens when you are gathered under one roof with caring, smiling, and experienced professionals, who are there to switch you on, to make you realise your dreams and help you achieve them. These are passionate people who choose to start their journey with you as a team. - Ali Al-Sinan

…I remember the song from Michael Jackson—We are the world. It fits the bill for The V. - Prakash Pai

…it feels like a big playground where you can just be yourself, with successful people who will show you how to play the game. - Ahmed Al-Attar

…my mind is empty and I want to fill it to achieve financial freedom. - Jhulz Pinkihan

…I WILL BE THERE. - Ritika Sahdev

V-Malaysia 2011 …I have been there, I want to be there, and I will be there. Inshallah! - Ashraf Ali


…it’s “UNBELIEVAB……LE”. - Firoz Shaikh

…it’s going to be better than 2010’s V-Con. Because there will be a lot of values shared. Because most of my leaders will be there. Because more than 10,000 IRs will be there. Because there will be something so special and unique about this V-Con. - Said S. Said

…I want to see the ultimate picture of heaven, and I want to meet my gods whom I believe are going to take me to heaven. - Megha Achrekar

…because I AM GOING HOME. - Shiwani Tomar ‎

…because of the impact that QNet and The V have on my life now, with the little I know and from what I have seen from a few DVDs that I got from my upline about the past events, where I heard some of the most remarkable speakers in the company. I don’t see the reason why I should not hear them firsthand. As my upline said, “If you want your battery to be charged 100 percent, then V-Con is a must. - Jimmy Marie *Responses have been edited for clarity and brevity.

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RYTHM Foundation:

Touching a Billion Hearts


ounded in 2005 as the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the QI Group of Companies, RYTHM Foundation was created to bring life and action to the company’s motto, a motto that had been the cornerstone of all the company’s initiatives since it began in 1998: Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM). As such, the foundation is committed to providing the necessary means for people all over the world to build a better future for themselves. What RYTHM Foundation does is build opportunities and care for those in need, working to create decent living conditions and to protect the environment to guarantee sustainability. The foundation also has a special focus on the welfare of children worldwide. These lofty ideals are the main themes of each of the Foundation’s numerous projects and initiatives. All of the foundation’s activities centre on one or more of these main goals: • • • •

foster the promotion of education; reduce, and ultimately eliminate, poverty; protect and care for the environment; provide disaster relief.

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As a corporate mantra, Raise Yourself To Help Mankind encompasses everyone who is involved in the QI Group, from the senior executives to the staff, and most especially to the Independent Representatives of the global network. Each is encouraged to make life choices beyond what is merely expected, and to extend his or her own abilities for the service of others. Each is called to perform beyond good intentions and charitable obligation, and to support sustainable development, to lead by example—with people, not material wealth, as a priority. As QI Executive Chairman Dato’ Vijay Eswaran had put it, “Ultimately, RYTHM in all its forms is about recreating the message of Gandhi half a century ago... Unlike corporate entities that target billion-dollar thresholds, our goal is inherently simple: we seek to touch a billion hearts.” Some of the Foundation’s recent projects and initiatives include: 2004 to 2007 – RHYTHM Foundation organised a long-term relief and rehabilitation programme for the victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. The programme sponsored communities in Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia; and included donations in cash, clothes, medicines, equipment and aid to various other charitable and emergency relief organisations. 2005 - More than 200 Vietnamese and Cambodian families lost their homes and property overnight when a bushfire destroyed the village of Prek Tacung, in the outskirts of the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. RYTHM Foundation made a USD 2,000 dona-

tion to the relief fund. 2005 – RYTHM Foundation became the major sponsor of the ‘Be A Champion’ Study Tour in which 500 Hong Kong and Macau students were selected to be trained by China’s national coaches. The foundation fully sponsored 50 underprivileged students, so that they may take part in the ten-day Study Tour programme. 2005 -2007 - In continuance of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami relief efforts, a three-year scholarship programme was initiated, granting cash donations to students of Banda Aceh, Lhokseumawe and Medan. For the

length of the programme, each student received a year of school fees paid by RYTHM Foundation. 2006 - RYTHM Foundation responded to the call for help as Typhoon Durian ripped through the Quezon Province, in the northern Philippines, by donating PhP 1,000,000 to relief operations in the region. 2006 – RYTHM Foundation was on the ground to give aid after the devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Yogyakarta in Java, Indonesia. Relief camps were set up for the victims, where canned food, blankets, medicine and other basic essentials


were distributed. A substantial cash donation was made to the Sultan of Yogyakarta towards the rehabilitation projects. 2006 - The people of Ethiopia were struck by the fatal calamity caused by the Dire Dawa Flood. RYTHM Foundation donated USD 25,000 to go some way towards rebuilding the area, and injecting hope into the devastated community. 2007 to 2009 - The Taguig Project in Metro Manila, Philippines, aimed to achieve a long-term improvement in the sustainable conditions of the community. The main objective of the Taguig Project was to alleviate poverty throughout the community by educating the children and creating livelihood opportunities for the adults. 2008 - As the gold sponsor of the charity musical event, ‘A Sublime Viennese Classical Music Concert’, held in Hong Kong, RYTHM Foundation helped worthy children’s society, Karen Kids, to raise money for the betterment of the lives of more than 80 poor Burmese children living as refugees in Thailand. The charity concert featured world-class Soprano Elisabeth Freundlinger, accompanied by the internationally renowned Haydn Quartet. October 2009 - As part of the Typhoon Ondoy 5-5-5 Fund, QNet Executive Chairperson and RYTHM

Foundation Trustee Ms. Donna Imson led a small group of corporate staff in conducting a Relief Mission in partnership with International NGO World Vision in Taytay, a municipality of Rizal Province located east of Manila, Philippines. August 2010 – QNet, in partnership with the RYTHM Foundation and led by QNet Managing Directot Mr. JR Mayer, visited the Bangkok School for the Blind to make a donation of gifts, toys, sports equipment, food and household merchandise September 2010 – RYTHM Foundation donated USD 40,000 (Rupees 3.4 million) as part of a USD 300,000 pledge to aid flood victims in Pakistan. The floods left six million people in need of emergency aid. On-going – In India, the Foundation has been coordinating help for a hospital in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, as well as orphanages and homes for the mentally challenged. On-going - RYTHM Foundation is closely associated with the Red Cross in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and supports several projects that the Red Cross implements in the poorest parts of Cambodia. On-going - RYTHM foundation has been working with the Better Nepal Foundation since 2006 to provide sustainable development projects through which orphans and

females are empowered to acquire financial and economic freedom, and provided basic education and training of labour skills. On-going – RYTHM Foundation gives its support to the Sivasakthi Homes, a charitable home in Chennai, India for orphaned children and destitute women, that helps educate the children, and provides the women with vocational training. RYTHM Foundation works with the Home by helping to organise fundraising events and programmes. On-going - The Rainbow Project in Hong Kong is a non-profit charity organisation established in 1999 to provide English language education for children with autism, as well as to raise awareness for autism. RYTHM Foundation has served and organised various fund-raising activities for the Project over the years. RYTHM is also obviously a play on the word RHYTHM, which can be defined simply as a beat, or a melody. And so it is that the conept of RYTHM came to be the beat that our hearts and lives follow—the melody to which we all dance and celebrate the life and blessing given to us. RYTHM Foundation is a beacon that shows us how much, how richer and more meaningful life can be when you give back and give of yourself to your fellow man. Source:





Somewhere in The V’s labyrinthine organisation is a small group of people with a herculean task on their hands. These men and women, in a nutshell, are responsible for ensuring the introduction and healthy growth of the network into well-studied and adequately prepared regions. They do a sort of field reconnaissance, establish ground communications and lay the foundation of each new market that the V enters. These are the men and women of The V’s Business Development team.



Business Development is defined as the specialist area that comprises a number of techniques and responsibilities that are geared towards attracting new customers and further penetrating existing markets. Business Development is related to growth, although it can also include monitoring the activities of network teams in a certain market. Development, after all, can proceed both ways, depending on the needs of the business and the people.

In this stage, the BDMs start communicating with leaders and V Ambassadors, seeking advice and gathering more information from the ground. The groundwork is laid for the first buds of the network in the area, ensuring that proper communication channels exist between them and the leaders on the ground. It is through the BDMs that the needs and concerns of the network are brought to the attention of The V’s

It is a daunting task to be one of The V’s Business Development Managers (BDMs). Each of the main regions of the Network (Central Asia, Asia, Europe, India, Africa, North America, Middle East, South America, and Australia) is represented by at least one of BDM. And it is the BDM’s job to make sure that the necessary steps are taken before a decision is made for The V to enter a new market within any of these regions.

corporate branches. This allows for speedier resolution and a more efficient relationship between the company and the market.

First and foremost among these steps is the gathering of information (or Intelligence) on the potential market or region. This is a macro-view of the overall health of the area: social standards, cultural norms, economic influences, political considerations, legal issues, travel regulations and taxation are just some of the areas that are carefully studied by the BDMs during this step of the business development process. This information allows them to have a feel of the environment, and to make sure that The V has enough data on the market, before proceeding to the next step. Next comes Network Intelligence and Information System Management. Simply put, this is where the Business Development team takes a closer look and assesses the readiness of a market to welcome and accept the Network Marketing business of The V.

The BDMs can be considered as the face of The V. Since they are the ones who regularly interact and spend time with leaders on the ground, they are the eyes and ears of The V. They interact with the IRs face-to-face, fielding their concerns and addressing their questions, while at the same time representing The V’s interests and goals at all times. The Business Development Team is also responsible for maintaining a direct line of communication with the different sister companies of The V, most especially QNet. While QNet employs its own team of Business Development Specialists, they work hand-in-hand with the BDMs from The V. Every piece of pertinent information gathered by one team is immediately shared with the other, ensuring that adequate support is always given to the network from all sides of the business. Such projects as the Rule 3 EXTREME World Tour and the Bonanza Extravaganza are examples of the kind of well-oiled initiatives that the Business Development team embark on, to bring the messages and objectives of both companies to the intended audiences.


Through the efforts of the Business Development Team, The V now has a stronger relationship and presence in the major regions of the network. First-line communication with the key leaders in every region is maintained, and there is a steady inflow of firsthand information about the goingson in the areas where The V is in business. This translates into faster problem-resolution, more efficient crisis management and an overall more efficient network.

Ultimately, the long-term goal of the Business Development team is to transform The V into the premier, world-class Network Marketing company, specialising in training, development and marketing know-how. In so doing, the team helps the company to be in a better position to fulfil the mission of the QI group—Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM)—and realise its vision of touching a billion lives.

Ironically, despite playing a pivotal role in the achievement of The V’s objectives, the members of the Business Development team are rarely seen in the limelight. More often than not, they are away from the public eye, with their sleeves rolled up, working alongside the IRs and leaders to keep the network in tip-top shape. Because of this, Voyager has chosen to dedicate this edition of “Venture” to the members of The V’s Business Development team.

THE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Venu Johl – Head of Global Business Development and in-charge of new markets Vinthi Indrajah – Business Development Manager for India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh Jayakanth Nagalinggam - Business Development Manager for Africa and Middle East Kunan Renganathan - Business Development Manager for greater Asia region Kourosh Zadeh – Business Development Manager for Central Asia Issa Al Jahwari - Business Development Executive for Africa and the Middle East Muheeb Khan - Business Development Executive and Administration for India


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How you can remain socially impactful—and grow from it





Learn what awaits you once you head your own business

7 pitfalls every networker should avoid

ARE YOU THE MASTER OR THE SLAVE? 42 How to show your electronic gadget who’s boss

SURVIVE CHANGE! 44 4 words to help you do it and come out on top



How you can remain socially impactful—and grow from it.

The beauty of being part of the Network Marketing business is that you are exposed to limitless possibilities—especially when it comes to achieving your financial goals. Over the decades since it first began, Network Marketing has proven to be a most lucrative venture, with a compelling history of success that includes the names of, literally, millions of people around the world.

37 The fruits of labour of any hard-working networker offer financial opportunities like no other. And as a networker, you know that you have the power to extend yourself to create more venues for growth. And what would be a more worthwhile way to expand than by sharing your blessings? Because ultimately, the goal of any networker is to inspire and give back—whether it be in the business or in life. With the exception of perhaps a very, very few individuals, nearly every person—networker or not—who is able to raise himself to a position where he can be of service to mankind, almost instinctively turns towards philanthropy (or charity work for the benefit of the needy). Helping the less fortunate is virtually a reflex triggered by success. However, believe it or not, there are right and not-so-right ways of doing this. Rachel Bellow and Suzanne Muchin, the strategic advisors behind ROI Ventures (a consultancy firm that specializes in giving sound recommendations to companies and foundations in search of strategies to maximize their social impact) offer sound advice on this matter. While their clientele typically comprises corporations and non-government organizations (NGOs), Bellow and Muchin’s way of doing things can still certainly be applicable to the forward-thinking networker who opts to look at the bigger picture of helping humanity by piecing together meaningful decisions and courses of action. From Bellow and Muchin, here are three tips on how to become socially impactful: Invest, instead of giving. Giving donations to your chosen organisation is an admirable move to create a social footprint, but it is important for you to gauge just exactly how this action can effect change. Bellow and Muchin do not mean the effects of your investment on yourself, but on how your donation can be used as a measurable vehicle for concrete and recognisable changes. Remember that you want this action to contribute to your growth, and this donation is an investment into a long-term partnership. And undoubtedly, seeing how an organisation will thrive with your assistance is most rewarding.

Get involved. Beyond providing a certain degree of check and balance to the utilization of your donations, staying involved in your chosen charity also helps you realize what else you can offer, other than funds. As a Network Marketing professional, you are equipped with the knowhow and savvy of how to create something out of nothing, boost sales, lead and inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs, and be an example of generosity, kindness, and change. Truly, there is no other way for you as a networker to help an organization grow than by sharing your special skill set.

Think long-term. While all social acts of kindness do add a feather to your cap, a one-time give-all will not create the impact you want. There will come a time when your monetary donation will run out, and you won’t necessarily have control over where this will be spent, or on what. Being socially involved doesn’t stop at writing a check for sizeable amount; it goes beyond—into caring about how your money will be utilized. So along with whipping out your checkbook, show your support, too, by staying in the know and participating actively in the proper utilization of your donations.

No person in the world can dispute the fact that philanthropy is nothing less than admirable—and the world can certainly never have too much of it. But like any good deed, the means of philanthropy is as important as the end. In the same way that Network Marketing is a long-term undertaking, philanthropy calls for continuous and sustained effort as well. As the saying goes, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”.


THE TRUE COST OF BEING YOUR OWN BOSS Learn what awaits you once you head your own business

If you have experienced the throes of a nine-to-five existence in the corporate world, then you will certainly find the idea of being your own boss most attractive. And surely, there is nothing better than being in complete control of your time, your resources, and your energy—without having to answer to the higher-ups to meet your financial goals. And there is truly nothing more rewarding than achieving your dreams through a dedicated, individual effort.

39 But while there are a lot of pros to being in charge of your own business, you must be aware that being self-employed comes with a lot more responsibilities and risks than most people think—situations which you have to be constantly on top of, lest you find yourself struggling to survive. Fortunately, working your way through these risks sounds more daunting than it actually is. Fundamentally, there are three basic aspects of being self-employed that you need to understand and accept, if you are to truly reap the rewards of entrepreneurship: 1. On a personal level. As an entrepreneur, you are on your own. There is no one else there to make crucial decisions for you—you are solely responsible for every step you will take; and consequently there is no one there to share the blame (and the frustration), should things go the other way from what you had planned. These are just some of the things you need to seriously consider, even before you decide on becoming self-employed. Are you ready for this kind of personal responsibility? Unless you can answer a definite “yes” to this question, your self-run business will always be on shaky ground. On top of this, as a self-employed businessman, you will also need to consider that certain employee benefits are likely to disappear, albeit temporarily, such as: free (company-shouldered) health card memberships; paid sick and vacation leaves; and of course, a stable paycheck. 2. The financial aspect. When you start out as a self-employed businessman, you will more than likely be home-based—meaning your home is also your office. As such, your home will have to be properly equipped with such office mainstays as computers, multiple telephone lines, Internet connection, fax machines, copiers and printers, among other things. All of these require a certain amount of cash-out, both in the initial purchase and in the ensuing maintenance On top of this, you will also need to hire professionals (at least on a per-project basis), such as an accountant to help with your taxes and bookkeeping, a legal consultant, and the like. 3. Self promotion. A good, productive corporate employee can always count on his superiors and co-workers to put in a good word about him, helping to build his reputation in the process. Being self-employed, you do not have this luxury. Thus, you will have to do your own marketing—a skill which, as you may soon realize, is not easily acquired. In most cases, it will be worth your while to seek out even a rudimentary degree of formal training in order to package yourself in a way that will best highlight your strengths while downplaying your weak- nesses.

With the aforementioned aspects firmly ingrained in your psyche, here are a few more tips to help set you on a course towards self-employed success: 1. First, know what you’re going to offer your prospects. Determine your skills, your plans and your opportunities. 2. Constantly update your contact database. Document all your transactions and meetings with prospects. 3. Live below your means. Make sure you have enough funds in the bank to tide you over for at least three months (ideally, six months) with zero income. 4. Get a mentor who can advise you on whatever situation you should find yourself in. 5. Keep up to date with trends in sales, marketing and technology. Attend trainings and classes, if it is within your budget. 6. Determine your concrete plans for insurance and retirement. 7. Protect your assets, and consult a lawyer on how. Sources:





7 pitfalls every networker should avoid In many ways, Network Marketing is very similar to retail sales—the secret to long-term success is not so much in being a good salesman, but in being a trustworthy and reliable solution provider. Turning prospects into sign-ups is like convincing walk-ins to make a purchase. And in both industries, that’s the easy part. The hard part is keeping your customers (which, in the case of Network Marketing, is keeping your downline active and productive). Fortunately, in his article entitled “Top 7 Ways to Lose Your Customers” (published on, business consultant Jonathan Farrington helps simplify things by defining the 7 most damaging mistakes in customer relations. Here, Voyager takes a close look at these 7 mistakes, in the context of Network Marketing. PITFALL 1: PASSING THE CUSTOMER AROUND In the world of retail, every customer expects to be “customer number 1”. They demand your undivided attention, and they’re not willing to wait. Most of all, they expect you to satisfy their need right here, right now. Fall short on this, and the customer is sure to be at your competitor’s door faster than you can say, “wait just a moment, please.” The same is true in Network Marketing. Whatever happens, it is your responsibility to be there for your downlines 24/7. The worst thing you can do to a downline is to pass them on to someone else when they come to you for advice or assistance—especially if the person you pass them on to has no idea how to solve your downline’s issues.

PITFALL 2: RELYING ON TECHNOLOGY You can email, Instant Message, chat, SMS or call as much as you want. But nothing will ever come close to a face-to-face meeting with your downlines—just as the most comprehensive recording can never compare to an actual customer service representative taking a customer’s calls. Never be so busy that your downlines begin to wonder if you really exist; make it a point to visit your markets and meet with your leaders there on a regular basis. Also, be sure to train enough of your top leaders so that there will always be someone representing you in every market.

41 PITFALL 3: FORGETTING ABOUT TRAINING Understandably, when your network is several thousands-strong and distributed in several different countries, it becomes impossible to always be there for your downlines. What you can do is appoint someone to serve as your representative in every market. But don’t just go plucking names out of your network roster. Make sure your appointed representative is properly trained to lead your downlines to success.

dreams. As such, it is unacceptable for a Networker to leave his downlines to fend for themselves, especially in the first several weeks or months following the signup. Remember that Network Marketing is about building your network, not filling your roster with the names of downlines with whom you hardly make contact. Just as after-sales service is the lifeblood of the retail industry, so is after-sign-up follow-through the lifeblood of professional Network Marketing.

PITFALL 4: NOT REWARDING LOYALTY One of the most common mistakes that networkers make is to concentrate all their efforts on prospecting, to the point of neglecting their signed-up downlines. They fail to see that the act of signing up is the beginning of a partnership—it is not the end goal. The person who signed up under your network was effectively trusting you with his future; the least you could do is devote time, energy and effort to preserving that trust. Remember: one loyal downline is worth more than a hundred new, untested sign-ups.

It is said that the best way to know how to do something is to know how NOT to do it. By keeping these dreadful pitfalls in mind (and consequently avoiding them), you should be well on your way to doing the business the right way.

PITFALL 5: IGNORING PEOPLE WITH SPEECH OR HEARING DIFFICULTIES Many people (or even companies) in the retail business secretly manoeuvre their way around speech- or hearing-impaired customers because they take more effort to communicate with. What these people and companies fail to see is that speech- or hearing-impaired persons comprise X-million potential customers! The same can be said of Network Marketing. In a business where speaking is an integral part, it’s easy to pre-judge persons who can’t speak or hear as well as us, and brand them as “unfit” for the business. But the truth is speech- and hearing-impaired persons have ways of overcoming their challenges; all they need is a chance. Give them that chance, and be surprised at what they can achieve! PITFALL 6: FORGETTING ABOUT THIRDPARTY PARTNERS As a networker, your day typically includes encounters with third parties: flight attendants (during your travels); food-and-beverage personnel (during small-group meetings); and corporate support staff (from the head offices of the Network Marketing company that you are connected with). While most if not all of these people are not likely to sign up with your network, remember that they play major roles in ensuring that your pursuit of your business goes smoothly and efficiently—not to mention the fact that they can make or break your reputation by what they say about you. Thus, it is worth your while to treat your third-party partners with the same importance as your downlines and your prospects. PITFALL 7: FORGETTING ABOUT SERVICE Ultimately, the true essence of being a Network Marketing professional is service. Beyond building your own business and pursuing your own dreams, as a networker you are in fact working to help your downlines build their own businesses and pursue their own


NetworkMarketing is very similar to retail sales -- the secret to long term success is not so much in being a good salesman, but in being a trustworthy and reliable solution provider.





How to show your electronic gadget who’s boss


Let’s do a reality check. Do you leave your mobile phone on overnight, just in case you receive an important call at an ungodly hour? When you surf the web for leisure, do you find yourself checking your email instead? Do you feel uneasy when you have to turn off your gadgets when it’s time for the plane to take off? Would you rather lose your wallet than your mobile phone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re showing signs of becoming a slave to technology (if you’re not one already). The whole point of technology is to make life easier. But sadly, most people have simply become so technology-dependent that their gadgets have become a major cause of stress. Fortunately, there is hope. Here are a few simple ways to show your gadget who’s calling the shots, based on an article posted on the online magazine, “Good”:

Talk, Text, but don’t IM

The advantage of voice calls and SMS is that it is acceptable not to respond right away. Instant messaging, on the other hand, demands that you respond immediately—and this applies whether you are on the road using your mobile phone, or on your computer. Thus, in order to stay in control of the moment, log off your instant messenger when you’re busy; log on only when you have the time to be at the sender’s beck and call.

Use your gadget like a notepad

A real paper notepad, that is. Whenever a great idea comes to your head, make like an old-fashioned writer and jot it down on your phone, laptop or any other gadget that has an appropriate application. This way, your gadget becomes your personal assistant, keeping tabs on things that would otherwise distract you from accomplishing your task on hand. Source:

Be less available Part of the reason our gadgets take over our lives is because we allow the people on the other end to think that it’s OK to talk business anywhere, anytime. Taking calls during off hours, for instance, or replying to emails immediately upon receiving them, causes people to expect that we are always available. This, in turn, leads to us feeling obligated to drop everything (no matter how busy we are), and respond immediately. The solution? Prioritize. If your phone rings and the caller is likely to be calling about something less important than what you’re doing at the moment, drop the call, send an SMS saying that you’ll call back in a while, and then get back to work. Of course, don’t forget to return the call when you’re ready.

Customize alerts and filters Use your mobile phone’s ringtone options to your advantage by assigning special alerts for the people whose calls you must take, no matter what. This way, when your phone rings, you need not even look at it to decide whether to pick it up or ignore it for the moment. Do the same with your email—set your inbox so that it diverts messages from less important senders to another folder, leaving your inbox for only the priority senders.

Set reminders like there’s no tomorrow Set alarms and alerts for everything you need to do—from watering the plants, to making online fund transfers, to work-related tasks. Make sure you set the alerts at realistic times, and commit yourself to completing the task as soon as your gadget tells you to. This may sound like being a slave to your gadget, but it’s not. In reality, by setting the reminders on your gadget, you allow yourself to get those tasks out of your head and focus on the more important matters.

List of my Great ideas




4 words to help you do it and come out on top


There’s a very popular idiom that goes: “If it isn’t broke, why fix it?” If you were to study the greatest failures in human history, you will most probably find that this mentality is at the heart of them all. For there is also an ancient proverb that says you never cross the same river twice. Indeed, the world around us is perpetually on the move—as yet another popular saying states: “the only constant thing in life is change.” And ultimately, the one fool-proof way to fail in life is to think that you can get by without adapting to your changing environment. The international business consultant and inspirational speaker, Francis Kong, once said that the six most destructive words in business are: “that’s how we’ve always done it.” In the last century alone, there are more than a handful of concrete examples that prove this to be true. The bottom line is that refusing to change is the greatest disservice a person can do to himself—and this applies not just in business, but in life in general. Ironically, this seems to be the most unnatural thing for all but the most success-driven people. For the majority of us, change is a vicious cycle that causes constant discomfort—no sooner have we learned to adapt to a situation, when everything changes anew and we are compelled to adapt all over again. Here, then, are four simple words for us to keep in mind, which can somehow serve as our road map in navigating the uneasy waters of change: Acceptance. Change happens—period. There’s simply no way around it, no matter how hard we try to exempt ourselves from it. Thus, it is utterly pointless to keep rejecting this reality, complaining about “why things have to change”, and lamenting “the good old days.” The only real option we have is to accept that everything changes. The sooner we do this, the sooner we can focus our energy on changing ourselves in order to adapt, rather than wasting it on negative emotions. Risk. Most people want to achieve success but are afraid to try new things. They fear that new ways might result in failure, embarrassment and rejection. But as they say, “no guts, no glory.” The only way for us to know the outcome of our decisions is to make those decisions. Or course, every new venture has as much chance of turning out well as it does going wrong. But consider the alternative: by standing by and refusing to make a decision, we have zero chance of getting a positive result and a 100 percent chance of achieving nothing. This is the essence of risk.

Release. We’ve all heard of the edict, “empty your cup so that it may be filled.” Indeed, there can never be room for anything new in our lives if we stubbornly hold on to our old, outdated ways. The only way for us to grow with the changing world is to let go of the things in our lives that obviously do not work anymore. The great martial arts icon, Bruce Lee, often told his students, “Take what works for you, and discard the rest.” In order to survive and make the most of the changing times, we need to apply the same principle in our daily lives. Perspective. Ultimately, surviving change and coming out on the winning end is a matter of perspective. Learn to focus on the brighter side of everything. By maintaining a positive outlook in life, we will instinctively seek out the opportunities that come with change, rather than get taken aback by the challenges. Remember that although we have little or no control over what happens around us, we are the absolute masters of how we will react to the changes that happen in our world.




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VC az





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VC r. An il Ph ili p




v profiles



v V reports PROFILES

48 016

VC ANIL PHILIP Like any good soul with a heart for service, VC Anil Philip grew up with his sights on a career that would involve helping people first-hand. When it came time for him to choose an academic field to specialize on, he decided to study dentistry. And, being an achiever by nature, he went the extra mile and pursued higher learning. Eventually he became a Periodontist, left home to practice his profession, and thought he was in the right field to achieve his dreams of serving mankind. But VC Anil is no ordinary dreamer, and he soon realized there was only so much he could do in the dental profession. So when he stumbled upon the opportunity to be part of the V family—where he could change the lives of countless people around the world— he did not hesitate. He gave up his dental practice, came home and became a Network Marketing entrepreneur. Now, ten years later, VC Anil is a true Titan (which, appropriately, is the name of his network team), deftly wielding the power to change people’s lives across three continents in a single stroke. And at only 45 years old, there’s no telling how much more VC Anil can do for mankind in the years to come.


VC ANIL’s QUICK FACTS: FULL NAME : Anil Philip NETWORK/TEAM : Titans HOMEBASE : Kerala, India YEARS IN THE V : 10 years FORMER OCCUPATION : Periodontist MARITAL STATUS : Married NUMBER OF CHILDREN: Two ( Alka and Rohan )

REASON FOR JOINING THE V: To leave my jo b (as a Periodo ntist) and com people e back home to do more go od for more BIGGEST CHA LLENGE IN HIS CAREER WITH The negative pu THE V: blicity generate d by the media fully, the belie , which was f and spirit I affecting the got from V-C network. Than on Goa (2002) khelped me su GREATEST TR rvive that. IUMPH IN HIS CAREER WITH Being nominat THE V: ed as a V Cou ncil member, lief that I w on a V-Con st as doing the ri age at that! I ght thing. t reinforced m y beSTRATEGY FO R SUCCESS: Persistence in doing whatever has to be done for success. MOTTO/GUIDIN G PRINCIPLE IN LIFE: Believing in God , and giving 100 % to what I do. HOW HE GIVES BACK FOR TH E SUCCESS H I give back m E HAS BEEN B y time and ener LESSED WITH gy to the netw markets, insp : ork by frequen iring and traini tly travelling to ng the people through The who also wan different V. t to be succ essful in thei r life



VC MOTAZ YAMANI “The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps—we must step up the stairs. It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is best from the top.” Such words coming from a 29-yearold are a testimony to the depth of VC Motaz Yamani’s character. It is no wonder then, that as early as his teen years VC Motaz had already known what it takes to rise above the ordinary, and make his earthly life truly worthwhile. Against the dictates of convention, he left school and committed his life to a higher mission—one that involves living not just for himself and his loved ones, but also for hordes of people he had never even met. By the time he was 18, VC Motaz had become aa fulltime peddler of dreams for those who had all but lost hope; he had become a member of the V family.

Not surprisingly, what makes VC Motaz one of the premiere role models in the V family today is not so much his material success as a Network Marketing entrepreneur, but his ability to infect others with drive and inspiration through his wisdom.



Motaz Yamani Pathfinders Khartoum, Sudan 11 years Student of Communication Engineering Married One (Talia)

REASON FOR JOINING THE V: I found a co mpany with a heart and a be Yourself To lief in an elite Help Mankind). vision, which It gave me a money and ac is RYTHM (R goal to keep fi hieving my ow aise ghting for in n dreams, but living for oth life—not just a higher missi ers to achieve m aking on that is greate their dreams. r than my ow n: BIGGEST CHA LLENGE IN HIS CAREER WITH My biggest ch THE V: allenge was le arning that it’s ers. It’s abou not always ab t always seek out me, but m ing perfection my downlines ore about oth and never rest ) are benefiting ing until I am from this grea help make oth sure that all t opportunity er people’s dr (o f ; it is about eams come tr really being ab ue. le to GREATEST TR IUMPH IN HIS CAREER WITH Just being on THE V: e of the sold iers of Chief circle, as an Pathman Senat effective tran hirajah and a ter in the mis world—this m member of his sion of touch akes me feel inner in g a billion hea really proud. rts all over th e STRATEGY FO R SUCCESS: Every day is a new day wher e the horizon bearing in min is not the end, d that succes it’s just the s is the journ turned into st beginning. Alw ey which is fu eps towards ays ll of challeng even greater an es that can be d higher succ es s. MOTTO/GUIDIN G PRINCIPLE IN LIFE: Challenge is an industry, and we make chal lenges. HOW HE GIVES BACK FOR TH E SUCCESS H By moving wit E HAS BEEN B h the heart of LESSED WITH The V and the of living the re : vision of our al meaning of Visionary Dato’ RYTHM, and to moment & vow Vijay Eswaran uching a billio ing to be of se n hearts. By tr rvice to each easuring every human being.



VC JERRY ALMONTE It’s a classic tale. A man of vision, enjoying a decent amount of success in his chosen field, sees an extraordinary opportunity that nobody else does. Apparently against reason, he abruptly changes course and follows the opportunity. He endures criticism—even ridicule; he faces incredible challenges; but he keeps going, until finally he finds his proverbial pot of gold and proves his detractors wrong. Such is the story of how a maintenance manager working for the Philippine government became V Council member (VC) Jerry Almonte. However, unlike most stories of success against all odds, VC Jerry’s story does not end at the achievement of his goal. Because upon making it big as a Network Marketing entrepreneur under The V, he immediately took it upon himself to do everything he can to make sure that as many people as possible enjoy the same success that he has achieved. And so, like the visionary explorers of ages past, VC Jerry Almonte has for the past 11 years been going back and forth from his pot of gold, bringing more and more people with him on each trip, and sharing his success with



Jerry Zaragoza Almonte PrimeMovers United Arab Emirates 11 amazing and fulfilling years, full of interesting stories that made my life different. Maintenance Manager – Government sector Married 6 (2 girls and 4 boys)

REASON FOR JOINING THE V: The V is a fa mily where I can feel a sens ing my career e of belongingn as entreprene ess. Since I ur in The V, I knowledge wit started pursu realized that h every membe I need to exte r of our team fulfill their dr nd and share , guiding them eams. m y to discover th eir potentials and BIGGEST CHA LLENGE IN HIS CAREER WITH The time I st THE V: arted doing m y business m ing me for do any amongst m ing what they y professional thought was the opportuni friends were a small-time ty that can h teasbu siness. When elp them uplif cause they di I shared to th t their living co d not see wh em nd at I have seen ition, they reje waking up wit in The V. But cted me beh alarm clocks th en, until now, beside their be they are still ds. GREATEST TR IUMPH IN HIS CAREER WITH Whenever som THE V: eone is saying , “thank you,” ing them achie and extending ve their goals their gratitude and dreams. W powering and (to me) for h henever I mak encouraging th elpe someone’s em that noth life change by ing is imposs em ib le if they believe STRATEGY FO in themselves R SUCCESS: . Patience, Perse verance and be lief .These ar To be a succ e the traits th essful person at helped me , you have to saying goes: “y realize my drea sacrifice in or ou have to pa ms. de r to achieve yo y the price.” ur goals; as the MOTTO/GUIDIN G PRINCIPLE IN LIFE: “Without stru ggle, there ca n be no progre change! ss.” If you w ant something in life, you m ust HOW HE GIVES BACK FOR TH E SUCCESS H By applying th E HAS BEEN B e motto of T LESSED WITH he V, which is Helping manki : RYTHM (Raise nd is my char itable activity Yourself To Help Mankind). that will neve r end.

In service



The InService Brotherhood (ISB) has been a constant presence since the very first V event, and its number and prestige has grown exponentially since the very first InService Brotherhood Bootcamp in 2007. Now, ISB comrades regularly fly to all parts of the world to assume the responsibility of a servant-leader in any V event. Among IRs, leaders, V Ambassadors and corporate staff, the ISB is revered today as the most prestigious group in The V.

Now, on the eve of the sixth ISB Bootcamp, the InService Brotherhood Headquarters proudly presents the very first edition of the InService Brotherhood Handbook. The ISB Handbook contains everything that an ISB member must know—including the Brotherhood’s history; its traditions; and the basics of how to manage any type of V event. Below are some of the things that make the ISB Handbook a must for every servant-leader:


The first section of the ISB handbook contains special messages from the very first servant-leaders of The V: V Managing Partner Dato’ Vijay Eswaran; V Founding Parnter Joseph Bismark; and Chief and V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah. It’s also here that all ISB members are reminded that being selected to become part of the Brotherhood means living a lifetime of service.


The ISB Handbook also reveals some little-known facts about the Brotherhood, such as the fact that the very first members of the InService Brotherhood were actually the V Partners themselves. Despite being the leaders of The V, the V Partners did not hesitate in working to put together events for the network. Over the years, V events grew in frequency and scale, and more and more network leaders were inspired to follow in the footsteps of the very first servant-leaders. Now, hundreds of individuals proudly belong to the InService Brotherhood.

In service


THE ISB BOOTCAMP More than anything else about the Brotherhood, the one thing that sets the ISB Brotherhood apart from any other group is the kind of personal development that one experiences during the InService Bootcamp. Held each year since 2007, the Bootcamp has served as a venue for leadership and skills training for the aspiring servant-leaers. The ISB Bootcamp section of the handbook recaps all programs and processes conducted during training.

MERCHANDISE A significant portion of the ISB Handbook is the Merchandise section, which features a colorful catalogue of ISB designs; explores the history of the ISB colours worn during V events, particularly the V-Convention; plus a smorgasbord of other ISB collectibles.

EVENTS Over the years, through experience, the ISB Brotherhood has all but gotten event management down to a science. The ISB Handbook is the proverbial journal that details the specific requirements to be fulfilled by the InService crew, and offers step-by-step guides on the many aspects of putting up a V event—such as security, first-aid, VIP treatment, and others.

Behind the success of every V event is a team of individuals who are united in their desire to serve, lead, and inspire. Being part of this group is a hard-earned honour—an achievement that requires focus, dedication and a willingness to give of one’s self. Such is the life of a member of the InService Brotherhood; and the ISB Handbook is a salute to this unique life.


019 59



“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”






My knowledge of Gandhi only goes so far as what I’ve learned from snippets of a Hollywood movie and high school Asian history classes. He was a gentle and even frail man whose simple white clothes (spun by his own hands) spoke of simplicity and humility—traits which do not readily fit the typical mold of a state leader. But a state leader, Gandhi was. He fathered India thr ough the tyrannical reign of a British Raj; he was nicknamed Mahatma (which meant “great soul”); and his demise from an assassin’s bullet made orphans of an entire nation.

And yet, as much as he is admired the world over, I could not grasp exactly what made this short-statured man the timeless figure that he is. I could not comprehend what it was about his teachings that seems as relevant today as they were 50 years ago. It wasn’t until I became part of the V family—a company that sees Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as a proponent of love, freedom, peace and service—that I saw for myself who this “great soul” was.

Gandhi was born during a time when disobeying the rules, even to follow the righteous path, was unheard of. The world that he came into was severely flawed, ruled by

oppression and beset with hatred. And because he belonged to a rather well-off family (his father was a political leader in his home state of Porbandar), he could have just taken what was his, and gone with the flow. But instead, Gandhi chose to give. He believed that one’s actions could stir change in another—and in another, and in another. He committed his life to losing himself so that others may find inspiration. He believed that in so doing, he could change the world. And that he did. In an age when empires rose and fell through fear and violence, Mohandas Gandhi placed his faith in ahimsa, or non-violence. Instead of calling his countrymen to arms against an oppressive ruler, he encouraged them to know their rights as human beings, and to peacefully refuse to comply with anything that constituted a violation of those rights—an act which later became known as civil disobedience. And when the ruling regime turned a deaf ear to this, Gandhi left the comforts of his social status, went on days-long fasts and walked hundreds of miles across India to spread his message of peaceful protest. He spent the better part of 30 years leading nationwide movements to ease poverty, achieve social equality, gain economic self-reliance and end foreign domination of his beloved India; and he endured years of imprison-

ment in the process. But eventually, Gandhi’s faith in ahimsa bore fruit. By the middle of the 20th century, India had become a fully independent nation; and throughout the rest of the world, diplomacy and peaceful negotiation had become the only acceptable means of settling differences, however big or small.

Today, more than half a century after Gandhi’s passing, it both comforts and inspires me to know that there are many who have not forgotten who this great man was, and what he lived for. I know that the world will continue to change many times over in my lifetime. And from Gandhi’s example, I know that I can be part of these changes—through my thoughts, words and actions. I can only imagine what a wonderful world this would be if every soul on earth were to strive to be as great as Mahatma Gandhi.






AVP Cherian Mathew shares his ISB Bootcamp V experience

Associate V Partner Cherian Mathew is a seasoned Network Marketing veteran, an accomplished speaker and facilitator, and one of The V’s most prominent and sought-after V Ambassadors. Even before he joined the business, he had already made a name for himself in the multinational corporate arena, being a major executive in giants like Procter & Gamble and Konica. So what happens when you take a man of such impressive achievements and a decades-long track record of success—a man that 5 million networkers look up to—and put him through a gruelling, exhausting, 5-day intensive training as a participant, and not as a facilitator as he always is? In his own words:

“I loved every moment of it! I enjoyed the fact that I get to be a student participant again. The last time I was a participant instead of a facilitator was five years ago, at an event in China. All these years being a facilitator I had always been tense, confused, tired from hours of preparation and preparing for the presentation. But, during the Bootcamp I was a student so I was relaxed and had the privilege of submitting myself 100% to the facilitators. I was able to open myself up completely, with no pressure and no apprehension. It was a very liberating and fulfilling change.”

The 43-year-old AVP was enthusiastic about getting the chance to be on the other end of the training for once. It was his first ISB Bootcamp, and he went in with his eyes and heart open to the learning he will receive. Most people do not even want to go to the Bootcamp, fearing the physical demands and the unsettling effect of being out of your comfort zone. AVP Cherian had his moments of weakness too:


“There were times that I got frustrated with myself for not being able to contribute as much as I wanted to. Sometimes, I even got frustrated with the attitude of my teammates. Also tough for me was sitting on the floor for ten hours a day, for 5 days. That was quite uncomfortable. It helped me understand how weak I am physically. And another thing, we only got a few hours of sleep everyday and pushing myself to get up and perform as best as I can while sleep-deprived was really a serious challenge.”

But of course, AVP Cherian is no quitter; and all that hardship and discomfort could not break his resolve. “I managed to overcome all the unpleasant things I felt. I focused on how I can help my team better. The little frustrations made the successes we achieved together more worthwhile and enjoyable. Despite all the exhaustion and challenges, it was a wonderful feeling to confront and conquer my ego. I discovered it was my biggest enemy and I decided to confront it daily, to never let it get the best of me. I am learning to control my ego, and not the other way around.

In typical Cherian Mathew fashion, the distinguished AVP came out of ISB V a winner—not just in a competitive way, but more importantly in a very personal, selfimproving way: “I was transformed by the end of the training and I am completely happy and thankful that I made the decision to go. Everything that I went through, everyone I met, spoke to and worked with in the Bootcamp will remain with me for a long, long time. It has made me a different and better person, and I know that this will help me become a more effective leader.

So what does a hotshot V Ambassador have to say after undergoing The V’s most sought-after training event? “If there are those who have not had the ISB Bootcamp experience, you should sign up for the next one right now and make that decision to change your life.”




Race Day at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi: 50,000 spectators from all over Europe, Asia and the Americas pack the grandstands as the deafening, high-pitched whinnying of the world’s fastest mechanical horses fills the air—it is the final leg of the 2010 Formula 1 Grand Prix season. As four drivers from three teams battle for the world championship (a first in F1 history), two black-and-orange cars zoom down the 5.5-kilometre track at over 200 kilometres per hour, prominently bearing the QNet corporate logo for the first time. The 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix may be the swan song of the 2010 F1 season, but it is also the curtain raiser for a new partnership between QNet and the young, promising Virgin Racing team. Because starting with the 2011 Grand Prix season, QNet will conquer the Formula 1 race tracks around the world under the flag of Virgin Racing, as one of the team’s major sponsors. But why Formula 1? More to the point, why Virgin? The answer to these questions lie in the many colourful metaphors that this most prestigious of all motorsports, and this most phenomenal of global business empires, represent. To the average onlooker, Formula 1 may be little more than a star-studded gathering of the rich, the

famous and the speed-crazy, who congregate for some 20-or-so weekends a year to catch secondslong glimpses of their favourite drivers as the latter rocket past their grandstand seats at the speed of a small airplane. But in reality, F1 racing possesses all the qualities that define the pinnacle of sports. Few sports, if any, can compare to it in terms of the way it pushes the limits of human fortitude, endurance, ingenuity and teamwork. It is said that in every race, a Formula 1 driver endures, for two hours, the same kind of G-forces that a jet fighter pilot experiences for only a few seconds at a time. And as if this weren’t enough torture, an F1 driver has also the insane job of fiddling with a slew of knobs and buttons on his control panel, in order to keep his car’s technical set-up at the optimum level at all times—all while barreling down the track at close to 300 kilometres per hour! And then there is the engineering savvy that differentiates each car on the track from every other, despite all cars being homogenized by one of the strictest rule books in all of sports. Off the track, the mind games that go on among the teams is just as exciting as the contest of skill that happens on-track. Perhaps in no other motorsport does pit-stop strategy and timing have the power to actually reverse the potential outcome


of a race, or turn a misstep into a golden opportunity. And speaking of pit stops, imagine yourself standing in the middle of an expressway, with cars coming at you at 100 kilometres per hour, and you are compelled to stand your ground—trusting that the driver will stop (and his brakes will deliver) at precisely the right moment. Such is the nerve required of a Formula 1 team’s pit crew, who upon the race car’s arrival must work so seamlessly and efficiently that the car will be refueled, re-tyred and back in motion, in less than 10 seconds. Consider these things, and it becomes clear how the business of Network Marketing is, in many ways, the Formula 1 of entrepreneurship. No other form of business demands so much commitment, emotional stamina, resourcefulness and team spirit; but in the same way, no other form of business rewards excellence in these aspects so generously. With this in mind, the wisdom of a Network Marketing company like QNet associating itself with Formula 1 racing becomes evident. QNet’s choice of Virgin Racing as the team to sponsor is no accident, either. The Virgin group of companies has a magnificent history that somewhat mirrors that of QNet’s mother company, QI.

Virgin was conceived nearly 40 years ago by a man of vision named Richard Branson. Despite having no prior experience in the field, Branson bravely forded the uncharted waters of the music industry and founded Virgin Records. It was to become the birth of one of the world’s most known and admired brands. Building on the core values of quality, innovation, fun, a sense of competitive challenge, and the belief in making a difference, Virgin has since more than 300 branded companies, employing some 50,000 people, in 30 countries. It is not unlike QNet itself—founded 12 years ago by a visionary named Dato’ Vijay Eswaran and a handful of trusted partners; built on similar values as the Virgin group; and now comprising a network of some 5 million entrepreneurs in more than 200 countries. Indeed, there is much more to this new partnership between QNet and Virgin Racing than meets the eye. So the next time you see a Virgin Racing Formula 1 car hurtle down a Formula 1 track, proudly flashing the QNet name, know that such a car represents the stuff dreams are made of, and that such a partnership is a testimony to the power of one man to change the world—just as Sir Richard Branson and Dato’ Vijay Eswaran have done.





MUST SEE: The Bucket List (Starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) Auto mechanic Charter Chamber (Morgan Freeman) and corporate billionaire Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) have nothing in common, except for being both terminal cancer patients. After being hospital roommates for an extended period, the two men are drawn together by (ironically) their many differences, and soon find themselves co-writing a list of things that they intend to accomplish before their impending deaths. This “bucket list” eventually sends the men on a joint journey of personal discovery, and spawns a friendship that transcends into the next life. An endearing tale marked by tear-jerking moments and humorous punch lines, The Bucket List (directed by Rob Reiner) is an eyeopener to the things that truly matter, and a compass that guides us towards lives well lived.



Peace Train by Cat Stevens

Failing Forward by John Maxwell

From the 1971 album, Teaser and the Firecat by Yusuf Islam (a.k.a. Cat Stevens), Peace Train has been described as one of the most powerful war-protest songs in history. It combines Stevens’ simple, down-to-earth lyrics and the raw musical arrangement typical of its genre, to remind people that it doesn’t take much to achieve peace and a brighter future—all it takes is for each person to believe that his voice and his actions matter, and to act accordingly. While the song was written in the context of the 19551975 Vietnam war, its theme remains relevant for as long as there are conflicts between men and between nations.

Failing Forward is a remarkable book that presents new ways of looking at life’s setbacks. In this 200-plus-page work published in 2000, leadership guru Dr. John Maxwell explains how failure is a prerequisite for success, saying that if we are not falling, then we are not growing. Reallife anecdotes and reader-friendly analogies are used liberally throughout the book, to illustrate how fears brought about by failures, when properly managed, can become a stepping stone to bring us closer to our goals. An expertly written and easy read, Falling Forward is a must for everyone except those who see themselves as being exempted from making mistakes.






By: Lili Narvaez

As far as gadgets go, the fancier the better—electronic, multi-functional, and usually, very expensive. But as far as the qualifications of a good gadget go, have you ever considered how your latest must-have item affects the environment? The companies behind these newest green gadgets have. Feel like splurging on something new? Here are some techie tools to put on your list:

ASUS U43Jc Bamboo Collection The ASUS U43Jc is the latest installment in the PC giant’s Bamboo Series of laptops. The nature-inspired laptop line was launched to prove that a natural resource such bamboo has a place in the tech world. Asus takes its goal to go green further by supplying the laptop with an energy-efficient battery that lasts for as long as 10 hours, proving that the ASUS U43Jc isn’t merely an attempt to mesh environmental with electronic, but also to combine earth-friendly with user-friendly.

Garmin ecoRoute Software A basic GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) navigator answers these basic road queries: “Which road is accessible?”, followed by “What is the alternative route to my destination?”, and lastly, “Where can I stop for fuel?” But the Garmin ecoRoute software, when installed in any compatible GPS navigation device, also tells the motorist the most fuel efficient route to take. How’s that for lessening your carbon footprint?

USB Cell Battery On to more carbon footprint-reducing gadgets: the USB Cell Battery was created to lessen the number of batteries being produced daily—as well as the number of batteries being discarded in the trash. According to a study done by the creators of this green battery, “over 15 million alkaline batteries are made and thrown away each year, the outcome of that is wasted resources, carbon dioxide (CO2) and toxic landfill.” Simply charge by plugging into your USB port. And the best part? You can use the USB Cell Battery hundreds of times! Now that’s a battery that can go on and on and on and on…

Samsung Evergreen Eco-Phone The average person spends at least eight hours a day on an assortment of gadgets, which of course, includes the 20th century’s response to the need for instant communication: the mobile phone. And so it is only natural for mobile phone brand Samsung to join the green bandwagon with the Evergreen Eco-phone, proven to be energy efficient and eco-friendly, as it is free of PVC, BFR, and Beryllium, and is made from 70% recycled post-consumer plastics.

Green Life


SOY WONDER by: Mark Flores

Mother Nature is generous, no doubt. But every now and then, it would appear that she is in an extragood mood, and creates a true wonder. This must have been the case when the soybean came to be. Nutritionally, this incredible legume is pretty much everything you could ever ask for. Besides being packed with vitamins, it is also arguably the most protein-rich crop. According to the U.S. National Soybean Research Laboratory: “Soybeans can produce twice as much protein per acre than any other vegetable or grain crop, 5 to 10 times more protein per acre than land set aside for grazing animals to make milk, and up to 15 times more protein per acre than land set aside for meat production.” As such, it is a favourite ingredient in meat substitutes. Moreover, soybean is also believed to be a cholesterollowering food, and has been linked to reduced risk of certain cancers among test subjects. ammonia, which fertilizes soil), making it an ideal, natural instrument of sustainable farming.

And the soybean doesn’t even demand too much for all its benefits! It can grow in a wide range of soil and temperature conditions (although areas with hot summers and good organic soil composition have had the most success). As a result, it is cultivated commercially in many parts of Asia, and North and South America. As an added bonus, the crop has even developed the ability to perform nitrogen fixation (a process wherein nitrogen is converted into

So the next time you come across a soybean product at the grocery or public market, or find a soybean-based item on the restaurant menu, take a few minutes to thank Mother Nature for giving us such a magical crop—and then, help yourself to some of its bounties!



Ingredients: Procedure: Soak soy beans in water overnight. Put soy beans and stock in a large pot, and cook over low heat for 2 1/2 hours until soft, making sure they are always covered with liquid. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat; add garlic and saute for 3-4 minutes. Add onions and cook for 5 minutes, until golden. Mix in carrots, celery, pepper and seasonings. Cook for 2 minutes, until tender. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Oil a cookie sheet. Drainsoy beans and mash well. Combine with the sauteed vegetables and the millet in a large bowl. Add tamari and peanut butter, if desired. Form the mixture into patties and place on the cookie sheet. Bake for 20 minutes; turn burgers over and bake for 20 minutes more. Yields 2 dozen soy burgers.

2 c. soy beans 6 c. stock or water 2 tbsp. oil 4 garlic cloves, diced 2 lg. onions, diced 1 carrot, diced or grated 2 stalks celery, diced 1 green pepper, diced 1 tsp. sea salt 1/2 tsp. oregano 1/2 tsp. garlic powder 1/2 tsp. basil 1/2 tsp. parsley 6 tbsp. tamari 2 tbsp. peanut butter or tahini; optional 2 c. cooked millet, or cooked rice




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