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EDITOR’S NOTE Thirteen years later and The V party is still rockin’. Only this time, the company I have known and served for six years, will be dancing to a louder, more electronically-hyped beat with the launch of the Revitalisation project. Simply put, the ushering in of a brand new era of commitment and excellence from The V - the same group of people who have brought you V-Con, ISB, Voyager, VTube and other equally-remarkable projects but with a brand new attitude and spiritedness. And that’s not all. In this very special edition of VOYAGER, prepare to be overwhelmed by: Everything V-Con in our V-Con Mania feature Insider information on The ZONE Intimate conversations with the formidable V Managing Partner Dato’ Vijay Eswaran, V Founding Partner Joseph Bismark, and V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah We’ve only just begun, dear readers. The year 2011 is going to be a big year for us and I assure you that the Voyager Team will be bringing you news, hot and useful just the way you like it, from all parts of the globe. Happy reading!

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The V Begins a New Era of Success


Beating the Odds Time and Time Again


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Going Vegetarian

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Dance for a Cause An Exclusive Interview with V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah Spotlights on VP Sathi Senathirajah, VP Adly Hamed and VP Arun George


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DATO’ VIJAY ESWARAN simply defies the odds because one dares to be different.

Why defy the odds? Most people would not even want to try and tame the odds, let alone defy them. In fact, we try not to upset the apple cart, awaken the sleeping dog, and do everything possible to keep everything as it were. So, why defy the odds? Because ultimately, the comfort zone is the most comfortable way to strangle yourself out of existence. As I‘ve said before, even cancer is preferable because it affects your body and therefore, awakening your mind sometimes. Awakening your mind that life is fleeting, that time is not in your grasp that if you do not change right now, then tomorrow will be today. The worst thing that one can say to oneself is that tomorrow is a foregone conclusion. Tomorrow should be mysterious. Tomorrow should be challenging. Tomorrow should be different. So one simply defies the odds because one dares to be different. Defying the odds differentiates the sheep from the lion; differentiates the shepherd from the flock. In Americanism, it separates the men from the boys. In the words of a mentor of mine, the odds are put there purely for the purpose of being

defied. What other purpose can they have? More heavily stacked the odds are, the better your potential for growth and for development. Because we are simply meant to break. It’s when we put ourselves together, we become stronger. People who handle defeats better, are people who have been through them. The eggshell concept is what is used to describe someone who has never faced failure or defeat. The fact is, most people who have never faced failure have a delusionary sense of invincibility. In reality, it is merely ignorance backed by an inferiority complex. Simply because of not knowing, not having hit the bottom it is a place where you are in constant fear. In effect when failure hits you, you get paralysed and the artificial sense of buoyancy deflates almost instantly; and there is nothing as depressing as the sight of an inflated balloon aka deflated ego. Whereas, in the process of defying the odds, challenging them is the first phase. It is one where you find that each obstacle that you overcome becomes another stepping stone.

The best way to describe this would be: the brick wall that stops you is made of the same material that bridges are made of. So the process begins with identifying them, and then to challenge them. And in doing so, you are in effect, embracing them. We keep using the word odds. What does that really mean? It means simply any problem, deterrent, obstacle, challenge or diversion that comes in your path. Every single one of them are, in essence, purpose built. It is only in facing and embracing that you will ever be able to find this said purpose. Will there be pain? Will there be pressure? Will there be opposition or hostility in this process? Absolutely. And that’s exactly what you need to take you to the top of your game. Its only when they tell you that you cannot do it that there is real pleasure in actually doing it. It is only when it seems insurmountable that there is true victory in scaling its peaks. And ultimately, what is glory without the pain? So, odds are your best friends. Embrace them. And they will be overcome.


I believe it does not boil down to just one reason, but a bigger sense of urgency that leads one to defy the odds.



JOSEPH T. BISMARK Reading the news on the recent spate of tragedies in Japan has reinforced, to me, what the human spirit is capable of. What inspired the Fukushima 50 to risk their lives and remain on-site to try and contain the nuclear leak? What compels one to perform such an act of heroism? I believe it does not boil down to just one reason, but a bigger sense of urgency that leads one to defy the odds. Everyone has it in them to be heroes. When one feels a sense of duty to their loved ones, their country, and themselves, they will step up to the plate. The Fukushima 50 knew that they were the only ones equipped with the skills and knowledge to contain the nuclear leak. How could they turn away from their prescribed duties? I

believe everyone has it in them to be heroes, but most people do not have the opportunity to be one. There is a sense of urgency everyday but some people fail to see it. If you found out you only had a short while to live, I am sure you would live your life differently. Your perspective on life and the world will change. I believe this is when you’ll truly start to care about the world and the people around you, and your perspective will grow automatically. You would be more careful about not harming the planet or the creatures living on it. What does it mean to care? It is something that even I am learning to do more of each day. Only when every person starts to care, will this world be a better place.


...our success makes all the dramatic ways with which we defy the odds seem all worth it.



PATHMAN SENATHIRAJAH Thirteen years ago, when The V was born, I was clueless as to how big the company is going to grow or how far and wide it can reach. All I know was that I felt right at home when I signed up for the business and whatever I did between then and now, I accomplished with so much passion because it gave me the kind of fulfilment and self-assuredness I had long searched for. And then I became Managing Director of The V in 2006. Truly a daunting task at that time because it meant making myself accessible to nearly then three million Independent Representatives (IRs) – but thankfully, I had my fellow V Partners, the V Ambassadors, and my V Corporate family to keep me on my toes as I fulfil my role to the network. Of course, that number has now doubled to nearly 6 million IRs worldwide and the challenge to innovate and be on top of the game has never been more real and pressing. Each year, whenever we all have to gather for the annual V-Convention, I cannot help but feel reassured that The V is doing the right thing; that we are truly making a difference in

the lives of so many people; that we have made this world truly a world of opportunities. So much so that whatever obstacles are thrown our way, our success makes all the dramatic ways with which we defy the odds seem all worth it. This is our 15th V-Convention and I am thrilled beyond words to show you something that we never thought would come at such a time. My dear brothers and sisters in the business, as the Managing Director of The V and on behalf of the V Ambassadors and the growing corporate family, I would like to introduce to you - and the whole world - the dawning of a new era of The V. We are hungrier, more daring, and more passionate than ever. We have defied the odds by staying strong for the last 12 years and we will continue to defy the odds this time by developing more leaders who will take The V all the way through to the next era. Welcome to V-Malaysia 2011 and from my heart, thank you all for standing by our side all these years.





Without a doubt, network marketing is an amazing industry to help you achieve your dreams. The hard work and determination you need to be successful will result in priceless rewards: the ability to do what you wish to do, time to spend with your loved ones, and the financial resources to take care of those you love.

We constantly expand our product lines to cater to what our customers want and need. Each addition allows us to get closer to you, as we become more integrated into your life and the way you live. We are extremely proud of the fact that QNet products are not only in high demand by millions of customers all over the world, but they are also consistently purchased and personally consumed by our IRs themselves. This, more than anything, speaks to the quality and high regard that QNet products offer. Hearing an enthusiastic IR talking about how a QNet product has changed his or her life in some way, large or small, is one of the most empowering feelings in the world. And as your business partner, we are right here with you, supporting you every step of the way. We help you on your journey so that you may raise yourself and, in turn, help raise others in an unending ripple of caring. This is what the concept of RYTHM – ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’ – is all about. This is what QNet is all about. Your dreams and goals, the obstacles you face, and the amazing achievements you accomplish are all part of the tapestry of QNet – they are the colours that make up a global portrait of success.

As your business partner, QNet is here to provide you with all the resources, knowledge, and tools you need to make your dreams a reality with multilingual services and timely updates through our media channels. More than that, we bring you highly desirable, exclusive lifestyle and consumable products that help your business flourish. Our nutrition, personal care, and energy products help people become healthier both physically and mentally. Our luxury watches and jewellery make incredible gifts, and our vacation club memberships allow families and loved ones to get together on unforgettable holidays at memorable destinations.

The ‘little’ QNet of 1998 had blossomed over the years into an immense organisation that has helped or serviced millions all over the world, defying all the odds that we had stacked against us in the beginning.

When QNet came into being thirteen years ago during the height of the Asian economic crisis, no one could have predicted that we would one day pull a global spotlight on the network marketing industry through our sponsorship of the Marussia Virgin Racing Formula One™ racing team. Becoming the Official Direct Selling Partner of a racing team racing in the pinnacle of motorsport, the sponsorship represents an incredible opportunity for millions of people to become aware of this business and the potential it holds for them. The ‘little’ QNet of 1998 had blossomed over the years into an immense organisation that has helped or serviced millions all over the world, defying all the odds that we had stacked against us in the beginning.

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eaturing our most passionate and inspiring V Ambassadors, the Belief World Tour 2011 was a vehicle of change and faith that aimed to keep the fires of BELIEF burning in all corners of the globe. All who took part in it witnessed the power of belief as it transformed lives and touched hearts.

Worldtour 2011 In the tradition of bringing The V’s message of unity and brotherhood to our brothers and sisters in the global network, the earth-shattering Belief World Tour certainly did not disappoint.

The V, at present time, comprises of roughly 5 million individuals all reaching for the same thing: financial freedom. With our sights set to one direction and our hearts looking towards one goal, The V blasted a special clarion call to all corners of the globe, calling everyone to stand united and work together to achieve our collective destiny. As a family, we are entering new horizons and launching the network into greater prominence as we continue to stake our claim as leaders and pioneers in the industry. This task of mobilising and moving forward is not one for the few, but a grand effort that will only achieve success if we work together. With this massive movement, we proved once and for all that we are one in our beliefs! The Belief World Tour and the overwhelming response it received is a reminder of the beliefs that hold us together, that make us who we are as a family. The Belief World Tour took place April 2011 and touched down in regions such as South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands, Australia, the Middle East, and North and Europe. Where will your BELIEF take you next?

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he V Leaders’ Certification Program aims to train and assess the leadership potential and ability of the V Leaders. V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah and other top V dignitaries facilitate training sessions and examinations that test the merit and skills of each participant. If one completes the program successfully, he or she is automatically drafted into the V ELITE LEADERS pool, an exclusive group eligible for nomination into the V Council.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR RECENT V ELITE LEADERS*: Aarati Dighe Abbas Abdul Nabi Abbas Hussain Abdalla Ahmed Ali Abdallah Mbena Abdul Hay Al Balushi Abdul Shakeel Abdulaziz Morsal Abdulla Habib Abhijit M. Joshi Abubaker Imam Abuelela Abubakr Hassan Alawad Aby Joseph Ahmed Aqeel Mohd Ahmed M Tawfig Khalil Ahmed Masoud Alghaithy Akhila Chacko Akram Mohamed Nasr Alan Poon Alfred Balinda Ali Husain Shaker Ali Sumesh Alice B. Katiti Alifiya Sidhpuswala Alison Rego AlShaima Essa Alnowayem AMAR DIGHE Amar Jakhariya Amira Zaim Al-Mandhari Amish Chovsey Aniruddha Mohanpurkar Anita Sathaye Anne Wanjiru Gatende (Shiro) Ansar P A Anuj Raghavan Anupma Jaidka Archana Choksey Arvindran Alagaison Asaad J. Kadhim Ashanul Haq Ashok Rijhwani Asokan Velayutan Assel Skakova Ayoub Sykes B. Suresh Kumar

Bainomusgisa Jacob Balakrishna Gopinath Barkha Narang Bashar Alali Basil Amir Basil Louis Belay Tefera Benedict Ong Benoy Paulose Benstan Stephen Berk Arslan Berk Safranbolulu Berzis Irani Bhuvan Kohli Bijoy Jacob Bimal Raj Binod Kumar Panda Brajesh Sawhney C. Sasikala C. Venu Gopala Rao Caroljit Kaur Chandran Kutty Chandraprabha S. Shetty Chex Wai Yes Chin Hui Sze Chong Pei Chuan Connie Herrera Cynthia A Nilam D. Ramesh David Sukirman Derek MuhweZi Dev Wadhwani Devidatta Sukhatankar Devika James Dinesh Mathottathil Dinty Tecson Doris Kakuru Douglas Ouma Dovletgeldi Atomurddov Dr. Hendra Cipta Dr. Nikhil R. Bharsar Dr. Rahul Vijay Pendse Dr. Rajeev Dr. Satheesh Kumar

Dr. Subhash Kumar Dr. Vinod Kumar Dr.Ferry Ruskim Edlyn Pacific Edmund Echano Elly Emreeon Kapusuz Ersen Sinan Fathima Lohara Felix David K. Fenix Chong Sin Keong Fowzia Sidhpurwala Francis Tham Francis Udi Effiong Furkat Ibragumov G. Letchumanan Gahizi Augustine Gatera Camille George Kaindoah Gimmi Abraham Goh Ruay Leng Goh Seng Hong Gonrishankar D. Gordial Singh Panesar Hajara Kasule Hamid Eltahir Eltigani Hana Abdul Hafiz Hassanein Hamid Hatim Mohamed Saleh Hemlata Sippy Hendra Cipta Hossam Hosni HS Shetty I Ketut Gede Kariana Ibrahim Aljahwary Ibrahim Nasser Al Hoimel Idil Ozer Indha Karkha Sari Jagjit Kaur Jakana Jamal Al-Dhamri James Bosamata Jamshed Nurdinov Jatin Sachdeva


Jehad Alhalwachi Jidish Poovadan Jivnath Pangeni Joel Chong Joravar Sachdev Jose George K. Karthikeyan Kanchan K. Advani Karen Yeoh Karla Angela Helena Nelwan Kee Wen Cin Kenneth Loong Khalid Al-abdulsalam Khalid Saed Al Ghaithy Khalid Yousef Al Harthy Khor Luh Chuen Kishore Baraskar Krishna Murari Tripathy Kumar Puthran Kunal Puri Lata Hegde Lee Wai Kuan Leela Bhawnani Leena Thahabi Leong Lai Fong Lim Tzu Tiong Loveleen Ramchandani Lyke M Nilam Mahdi Mansoori Malcolm Desai Malek Soualmia Mamta Keswani Maneesh Godre Maninder Singh Bajwa Manish B. Bhansali Manish Gvalani Manish Premaney Manu Joseph Thottil Mariam Saleh Fateel Mario Kok Mark Ferreira Marriate Kalibbala Tamale Marwa Yousif Marwan Talodi Mathew Alexander Mathunny Varkey Mehmet Dildegmez Mehul Sheth Melanie Sequeira Melinda Liu Menbre Fekado Feyissa Menkir Girma Merlyn Villahermosa Michelle Desai Milind Kadam Mitesh Punmiya Mohamed Ali Niamathallah Mohamed Ibrahim Mohammad A. Mohannad Mozayek

Muthukrishnan Muthiah Thevar Nader Khalfan Al-aufi Nakandi Vivian Nalaka N. Karunakalage Narenda Kriplani Nasser Masoud Al Ghaithy Nelly B. K. Mutti Nengah R Jemena Nesamalar S Ng Jian Yong Ngeye Charles Nikhil Dhawan Nilamadhabasisa Das Novel Jeremiah Nurina Hadi Mawji Nuwan Jayakody Oliver Kee Ooi Chun Yen Ooi Eng Jin Panda Rabindranath Parveen Sayeed Badawood Patrick Kaija Perpetua Khalid Abdessalaam Popi Mailani Prabha Sivan Prafulla Kumar Tripathy Prakash Patil Praveen Ganegaokar Pravina Godhia Prem Prawal Priscilla Asimmire Dorah Priya K.K. Pubudu Oliver Perusinghe R A Athula R. S. Dhanasekharan Rabah Saleh Fateel Ragai Kamil Rahul Asani Raja Natrajan Rajesh Kumar Ram Singh Rama Subba Rao Sridhara Ranjith K R Ranjot Rashieg Abza Abdelgrahim Khalil Ravi Chandran Ritu Bahal S. Darmadi Sabira S. Budha Sabrina Tang Safar .Hassan Saidamir Ashurou Sajida A. Ghartey Sajjad Azees Salome Gazmer Sambhav Kothari Samir Nasser Sanjay Billamoria Sanjiv Mehrotra

Sapna Chengappa Sathya Seelan N. Satrughna Sarangi Sauty Hasan Sayed Amir Senthil Shadi Hamza Hayati Shiraz Deshmukh Siddharth Shah Sini Antony Sneha Bhimani Solomon Birhanu Telila Somashekar T.S. Srichand G. Galani Sriijiit Chakravorty Sudha Shukla SUNIL KUMAR Sunil Kumar Verma Susiana Kosim Syed Asgar Syed Sami Ahmed Tanaaz Kothari Tanaz Deboo Taremwa Maurice Terence Lee Terlochan Singh Thangadurai Thian Phin Chiew Thipamala Manikam Toshobya Godwin Arnold Tsen Siok Lee (shirley) Umar Amad Kasule Umed Mavlonov Utkir V. Nyanasegaran V.K. Satheesh Kumar Vadivel Subramaniam Vanarase Bhakati Hari Vardhaman Jain Velu Mohan Kumar Venkatachalam Krishnan Vidyanand Shetty Vijay Choudhary Vijay Ratanchand Oswal Vinod Singh Vishal Karanjia Vishal Kumar Wilson Khok Xavier Joseph Yared Abebe Yasir Khamis Yasser Mustafa Mahmoud Yogesh Mansharamani Zainal Arifin Zuher Dewji Zulhaswir *complete list as of October 2010

Mohammed Magdy, Egypt

v reports


THE ZONE g, it has f networkin o s y a d y rl a awaken ery e From the v to find and se o rp u p y m y network, always been ividual in m d in ry e v e and o to awaken within each hip and als rs e d a le f o irit This has of urgency. that inner sp se n se a y ty it has usl simultaneo ine. In reali m f o st e u q l ona ve this end, been a pers nd to achie A . st e u q e different e tru pted many been the on m e tt a d n a ed aining, my I have striv landmark tr is th in g n inati e Zone.... paths culm rogram– Th signature p y Eswaran - Dato’ Vija

George Kaindoah, Tanzania - I think this is the best training I have ever attended. It has been a revelation to me. For years, I have been facing a lot of problems in terms of concentration and focus. But having the fireworks made me realise that I can focus and concentrate, and that is a breakthrough for me. For years I have been struggling to concentrate. I believe now I have become unstoppable with knowing how I can focus and concentrate.

EXCERPT FROM THE ZONE (Taken from Dato’ Vijay’s Fabook fan page)

I AM - Opening Message from Dato’ Vijay Eswaran AVP Hendra Nilam, Indonesia - I am very blessed to get the best training I ever had. When I learned about who I am, and when I know who I am, I will know what I want. If I know what I want, then I can get it, I can make it. I will do it, and then I must do it. AVP K. Padma, India - We have identified what we are and what we are capable of and what is our responsibility in the future. it is the best training we had.

Malcolm Desai, India - After 4 days of spending time with Dato’ Vijay and all the In-service, it’s been an awesome experience. The Zone is not a location; it is a state of mind. Whatever I learned, I’m going to implement forward. I’m going to take it down with our groups.

Raquel Torneros, Philippines - I have attended different trainings and this had moved me so much. It has made me changed my mind set, my perception and everything. It really pushed me to do more and to do good, and to really do it this time.

The first part of TAPS – WHO AM I? Today is about 2 words – I AM. We need to recognise, who is this ‘I’? Identify who you are. Embrace it. No one knows you better than you. Today we are going to go out and say – This is who I am. What I really am inside – I am a spark of infinity; I am a child of God. Infinite possibilities are within me. I want to be more than I am. I need to be better than who I am right now. Because life is not in my hands; it’s fleeting; it’s flying. Many of you met me 12 years ago. Have I changed? Yes and No. Yes, because the trappings have changed. I am now this “chairman person”. When we began, we didn’t have a place for a hat to hang on. Now we have a building. So all that has changed. But I am still me.


Raquel Torneros, Philippines - I have attended different trainings and this had moved me so much. It had made me changed my mind set, my perception and everything. It really pushed me to do more and to do good, and to really do it this time.

AVP Mahendra Kumar, India - I’ve been in the business for 12 years plus. The Zone has been an amazing experience. I’ve been in the zone for quite some time, in the initial stages. But during my journey, I lost it somewhere and I was trying to come back. The Zone really helped me to redirect myself. To come back to The Zone, I’m reborn again I could say. And I’m sure I’m going to take it from here to complete my journey and reach my destiny. I like each one of you to be part of this journey, to be part of this experience, an amazing experience you will never ever forget in your life.

Ghada Hamdan, Egypt - The Zone has changed my life 180%.i’m extremely, extremely lucky to be part of this. it has changed my life, it will change your life too in an unbelievable way, trust me.

Nikhil and Aarati Dhawan, India - One of the most important sharing is, the zone gave us an opportunity to realign our thoughts, our visions as a couple. I just hope and wish that the Lord give strength and courage to Dato’ Vijay Eswaran to continue to help many couples achieve the same that we have achieved and help maximum people be in the zone. It will be our endeavor to get more and more couples to do the zone so that they make better families, better human beings and ultimately, a better world to live in.

AVP David Sharma, Malaysia - I had no idea what The Zone was going to be. I had so many different expectations, but what I discovered over the last four days is that there’s so much I need to discover within myself, so much I need to learn. The Zone has opened up a totally new world for me. And my prayer, my wish is to see many of my brothers and sisters from the V attending the next The Zone and I look forward in meeting many of you in V-Con this year in Malaysia.

You need to recognise, as you find that real you, that the trappings can change and they need to change. The path needs to open up before us. Only way that will happen is when the battle is within you. It begins by you knowing WHO I AM and embracing that.

your desires. The single dividing factor between you and the ones who change the planet is the ability to make a change within.

When you do that, you touch the forces of the universe and you can overcome anything and everything. There is something unique inside of you. Everything that you hold dear is dust. Everything that you hold dear is ultimately not even close to what you want or need. Within you the whole experience of life changes. Then you really get used to the tools.

I am. I want. I can. I will. I must. That’s the process.

The minute you recognise who you are, everything you want becomes your servant. If not, you are a slave to

You change. You believe. You overcome.

Within you is this immortal spark of divinity that is incredible and pure and the sign of it is the universal love that’s within you; the goodness that’s within you. And truth is the path forward. When you have truth on your side, what is there to fear? If you love, you cannot fear. If you fear, you cannot love. Let’s not be chained. Let’s be free.

V-con mania


The V-Convention:

Beating the Odds Time and Time Again All of us, no matter where you are in the world or your status in life, are looking for a purpose. We all need that defining moment, that one unshakable touchstone on which to anchor our whole existence. We need an undeniable reason to not just live, but to live well.

V-con mania


But where do we find it? Where do we begin to look? The world is a vast place with untold thousands of experiences just waiting for us to grab hold. But let’s face it, it can get a tad bit overwhelming to take all of it in. Where to start? Definitely at the V-Convention. Why? Because the belief that we want to develop in life begins with a moment of faith. Just one moment of pure, absolute certainty, despite anything and everything that stands it its way is enough to make a believer in any of us. And a life lived with belief, is a live worth living. Every V-Convention has a special story. Did you know that – for the safety of everyone involved – the 2003 V-Convention in Kota Kinabalu had to be cancelled because of the Bird Flu scare that gripped the entire globe? Nevertheless, the V worked incessantly in the following months and we managed to create V-Malaysia 2003 a few months later, therefore fulfilling our commitment to hundreds of IRs and showing that you can’t put a good company down. Guest speakers during the V-Convention are people who break the mold as well. Be it remarkable young men like Nick Vujicic (who was born limbless) or gravity-defying masters like Alain Roberts, or our very own V Ambassadors , each speaker at the V-Convention is a force whose passion has overcome obstacles that would have brought lesser men to their knees. Talk about finding the mother lode of role models! Have you ever been in a room with thousands of people jumping, dancing, yelling, cheering nonstop? If you’ve been to a rock concert, or a music festival, you know what we’re talking about. Have you been to one where no one got hurt, no one fainted and no one got trampled even a little bit? We are proud to say that after all the v-conventions we have held (14, as of this writing) no one has been seriously hurt during any of them. This is a remarkable feat considering the high level of energy, the late nights and the demands of each V-Convention.


Speaking of safety and security, every year since 2005, we have turned the V-Convention into a family affair by facilitating the V-Kids Convention. Every year we have dozens of children aged 4-17 participating and holding their own mini-convention complete with games, arts and crafts, sports activities and so much more. Now, children can be a rowdy bunch, but there has never been any untoward incident during any of the V-Kids. Both corporate staff and InService make it their utmost priority to ensure that the V-Kids have good, clean, safe fun and that they have nothing but the best memories to take home with them. We all know how the global economy has taken a dive in recent years. On a macro level, things are not looking good for the business sector. But despite all this, the number of participants for the V-Convention increases exponentially every year. From 100 participants in the first V-Con Bali in 2001 to a whopping 8000 in last year’s V-Malaysia 2010, that’s a 7900% increase in 10 years! No two V-conventions are alike. It’s always different. Every time. Keep in mind that the V-Con is prepared, organised and facilitated by virtually the same people every time. And the amount and quality of creativity that goes into each production – from the venue, to the exhibit, to the merchandise, the programmes, the designs – is nothing short of remarkable. Our corporate staff works nonstop to guarantee you a unique experience each time you go to a V-Convention. So if you are looking for that reason, that purpose to drive you forward in life, look no further. Just one V-Convenion experience is enough to turn those hazy notions, those half-baked ideas into rock-solid, unassailable BELIEF.

V-con mania v reports

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V-Convention An event to remember

he V-Convention is without a doubt the biggest and grandest affair in The V’s calendar of events. It was in 2001 that the first V-Con was held and it took place in Bali, Indonesia. At first there were only 150 attendees, but over the years, V-Con has steadily gained momentum in attendance, magnitude of production and other highlights such as Exhibit, and more important, the content of training conducted. For the serious network marketer, V-Con epitomises the most life-changing events that can possibly happen in mere five (5) days and that already includes the spectacular stage performances and on stage and other networking activities. With usually over 5,000 participants coming from as many as 50 countries, expect there to be a lot of cultural and social knowledge being shared and exchanged. Attending the V-Con, therefore, is a MUST for every member of the V family. This year’s V-Con will be held at the indoor Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia. The Putra Stadium is an indoor sports arena that can accommodate more than 16,000 spectators. This indoor stadium, which was named after Malaysia’s first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Putra al- Haj, is housed within the

National Sports Complex in Bukit Jalil. With its stateof-the-art sound system and wide organized space, it makes it an ideal spot for social functions including concerts and conferences. This grand venue gives a completely new dimension of grandeur and majesty to V- Malaysia 2011. The theme, as everyone knows by now, is BELIEF. This brings to fore a myriad of great possibilities that await those who continue to believe firmly in themselves and compound it with vision, hardwork, determination, and dedication. Belief gives you something to get up for in the morning, makes you passionate, it makes you act move, love, fight, and grow. Belief is more than a thought it is that place in your heart where you look to find the strength to reach the finish line. In May 2011, we come together as one family once again, to celebrate the beliefs that hold us as ONE. In the face of global crises and hardship, our belief continues to shine bright; a beacon that brings us back home to V-Malaysia.

THE V-MALAYSIA 2011 LOGO: The V- Malaysia 2011 is a graphic representation of the key elements that one needs in order to realize his dreams. It comprises of Belief, Hope, Dream, Teamwork, Commitment, and Focus. These elements are all put together in one unified whole that is bathed in the corporate colours of The V, to present a fitting logo that encompasses everything that V- Malaysia 2011 is about.

v-malaysia 2011

May 27-31, Putra Stadium Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


What makes every V-Con an event you will never forget? Gala/ Welcome Night: The Welcome night is one of the most awaited and most astonishing parts of every V-Convention. It is a colorful opening fete of music, dancing, and celebration. On this night of special festivity, V-Con participants dazzle and bring on the glam as they are required to wear their traditional costumes, in keeping with the tradition set and MURI- lauded in V- Jakarta 2007 in Indonesia. V-Kids: In the tradition of V-Con, the kids are given the chance to shine, to learn, and to understand financial freedom at a young age. Like in the previous years, we have put together once again a wonderful V-Kids convention, truly making this an unforgettable event for the whole family. There are activities prepared that will guide them as they reach for their dreams and ambition. Exhibit: Be in the know about all the rest of the QI subsidiaries and check out the dazzling array of products and services The V, QNet, QiComm, and RYTHM House has to offer, plus much much more!

Special Surprises: V- Convention always makes history. There is always a latest product, service, or project that is introduced. It could be a new website, a book, or something entirely different. Giving you the support that you need in order to succeed in the business is high in our priorities.

Breathtaking Performances: What is V- Malaysia without spectacular and illustrious entertainment? Throughout the years, participants have always been awed by the fantastic live performances during the V- Conventions. The finest extremely talented performers, from dancers to singers, are the delightful icing on the already delicious cake that is V- Malaysia 2011.

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V-Kids 2011 The first step to greater success T

here is more to V-Kids Convention than just housing a handful of kids in one room for a few days of fun and frivolity. To the uninitiated, V-Kids is a mini-convention especially designed to help our future entrepreneurs understand fully the world of Network Marketing. The V sees this as the perfect avenue for the kids to get exposed to the business that is helping their parents achieve financial freedom and greater success. In order to make each V-Kids Convention exciting and, if possible, better than the previous one, The V never stops innovating and improving in all areas. This year, several activities are being planned in order to help encourage the little ones to actively take part in learning and establishing relationships with fellow V-Kids students. Success certainly comes with its share of challenge and V-Kids is no exception. Learn more about V-Kids through the people tasked to run the convention this year. VC Kalaiarasi is one of The V’s active V Ambassadors and also part of the InService Brotherhood (ISB), the penultimate embodiment of true servant-leadership. The V-Kids convention, being an integral part of the VMalaysia 2011, is assigned to her this year. In her own words, VC Kalai said this opportunity came at the right place and time.

vvThis is not the first time for VC Kalai to handle and oversee V-Kids. Last year, she was in charge of helping out with the V-Convention program which gave her the chance to somehow get involved in the VKids 2010 program.

Putting together something as wonderful as V-kids is really a challenge. Her drive in putting up this whole event rests in her strong belief that the children are our future. “The best way to shape them is when they are still young and the V-Kids convention is a great opportunity for us to really make a difference in a child. Knowing how important this opportunity is for every child that walks in, is what keeps me going. In my language, there is a proverb that says, if you want to bend a bamboo, you got to do it when the bamboo is young, so this is our opportunity to make a lasting impact on a child’s future.”

25 No doubt, VC Kalai is investing a huge chunk of her time and heart to this V-Kids 2011. “Personally, this environment and opportunity could be everything that will make a difference to a child as they grow up and take shape.” Being successful in my own right, people always ask me, why I am different and how am I able to have such drive for life? This is where I really have to give credit to the environment that I grew up in. Thanks to my parents who did not just nurture me in a good environment but also exposed me to greater things such as: instilling the power of BELIEF in me, allowing me to dream, instilling leadership qualities even at a very young age and also helping me to continue fighting for what I want. Sadly, not many environments today allows us to grow and be the best that we can be. So this V-Kids will certainly be the best avenue for a child to learn to dream; work with a team; learn other cultures and get exposed to entrepreneurship and leadership. Every child should be given a chance to be part of this great experience that will surely leave a lasting impact on them.” Despite the fact that every great event such as V-Kids are assailed by many challenges, VC Kali was far from discouraged.

“My biggest challenge is that I am no longer a kid. I also don’t have any of my own and it is not easy to go back to memory lane to be able to give the kids a grand, enjoyable and learning experience. Children today are so different, they grow so fast. In this case, I made a conscious effort to spend some time with some younger kids just to be able to understand them and their sense of individuality. To be really effective, I have to see what they like, what they listen to, what movies they watch, what they talk about and many other things that interest them. I must say I like their world and I think if every adult can go back to being a child again, we will perform better.” This exercise has certainly taught VC Kalai so many things and has given her so many opportunities to learn and be a student again. “I am renewed, really, and it is refreshing! Sometimes we get so caught up in the grown-up world that we forget the very little things that used to get us all excited and thrilled. I am very much thankful that I found the child in me again.”

Another individual whose life has been touched because of the whole V-Kids convention is Ms. Maria Theresa Sy. This year she is our V-Kids Project Driver. Thea, as everyone calls her, is the Head of Policy and Resource Planning and Operations for V Global Philippines. This year will see Thea experiencing a lot of firsts. It is going to be her very first V-Con, as well as, her first time to handle V-Kids. Planning for a big event like this is no walk in the park, especially since it involves a lot of planning and implementation. The challenge of coming up with a fun and educational event was put in front of Thea but that did not deter her from doing what is necessary and beneficial for the younger generation of leaders. “When the V Kids Project Driver task was assigned to me, I must admit I was skeptical at first. I love children but I’m not very good when it comes to dealing with kids especially in large groups. More so, this was my very first V-Con. After the initial shock, I focused on the task ahead and came to realise that this requires me to think of my role not as a corporate staff but my role as a parent and more important, as mother to my six- year old daughter, Louisse. I have come to understand that in order to create a wonderful V-Kids program, I will have to be a parent more than a corporate executive. The V is considered to be the grand upline, which is why I believe that we are parents to all the passionate leaders and networking teams under The V. We have to work hard in order to provide them with world-class services because that is exactly what good parents do.” Thea considers V-Kids to be one of her most daunting tasks yet. It requires great amount of creativity and time. With her very busy schedule managing her corporate role and now V-Kids, Thea was still able to divide her time accordingly. “When it comes to being creative, I draw my inspiration from everything and everyone around me. With the help of the whole V corporate family, we are able to create a program that will not only make attendees of V-Kids 2011 understand what their parents are doing but, at the same time, encourage them to build their dreams and create lasting friendships in The V.”





Enter… VFan!


oin me as I tag along with the guys and gals of Marussia Virgin Racing to bring you behindthe-scenes of F1 for an up-close encounter with one of the most cutting-edge teams on the circuit… From going on tour with the crew for preseason preps and tests, to attending exclusive team events and launches, to reporting live from Grand Prix race weekends around the world! It’s going to be a crazy year, and I’ve got some pretty cool real-time competitions for you with some unbelievable prizes… including the chance to actually join me behind-the-scenes at the famous Paddock Club, in the garage, and in pitlane at an F1 Grand Prix near you!” As the Official Direct Selling Partner of Marussia Virgin Racing, QNet’s Head of Network Communications, Ms Jodi A. Hammond assumes a new role as she goes from behind the desk to behind the racetrack. She is VFan, and the team has brought her into the thick of F1 to give YOU an all-access, behind-the-scenes look into Marussia Virgin Racing! In the team’s pre-season preparations, VFan went on tour with the team through Europe, attending the televised car launch events at BBC TV Studios, F1 testing in Spain, film shoots, go karting, and being driven around an F1 track in a Marussia Supercar! Barely a month after VFan was introduced to the world, she has amassed close to 2000 followers on Facebook and Twitter and her regular blog updates capture the exciting and funny mo

ments behind the scenes! Her live Twitter Tour through Europe has the online community wanting more! Her blog is filled with photos, videos, slideshows and links to her Twitter and Facebook feeds, so you never have to miss a moment of F1 excitement. And there are so many more tales from her recent European adventures set to fill her blog over the coming weeks! Whether it’s getting the lowdown on an F1 driver’s exercise regimen, being stuck at an airport in Spain with the Marussia-Virgin Racing team, or receiving a crash course on the mechanics of a very real, very fast F1 racing car you can trust VFan to regale you with the most entertaining and fascinating adventures! And by following VFan, you could win the chance to join her behind-the-scenes at a Grand Prix. So, make sure you become a fan of VFan on Facebook and Twitter! Catch more QNet and Marussia Virgin Racing action at the Canada Grand Prix in June and at the British Grand Prix in July! BE A FAN OF VFAN!

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ince 2009, QNet has been an ardent supporter of the AFC Champions League, and this support gave birth to a full-blown sponsorship in 2010, bringing the exciting world of Asian football to the millions of networkers we have worldwide. The V website, the QNet blog as well as our numerous Social Media sites have been inundated with timely reports and updates for both the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Game recaps, amazing photos and up-to-theminute coverage is a staple on all the communication channels, making sure you don’t miss a minute of the AFCCL action.

national pride, but also exciting football to millions of fans across the world. To promote the matches, QNet has been sponsoring several contests and promotional events to delight diehard fans. One of the contests is be the interactive ‘Goal of the Month’ voting competition where fans can vote for their pick of the best goal for the month, with a chance to win fabulous prizes. Football aficionados can expect to look forward to many more contests and promotional events throughout the year, taking their AFC experience to even greater heights.

“We are committed in our efforts to support football in the region, so that more youngsters will play the game and broaden the talent pool, helping to propel the region to the forefront of the international arena,” said Mr. JR Mayer, QNet Managing Director, in an interview in February last year. “Much like in our business, to achieve this dream means concentrated effort and dedication from everyone involved. Our message to football fans and players alike is ‘Dream. Perform. Achieve.’ I know that together, we can turn this vision into a reality.” The AFC Champions League organised by the Asian Football Confederation and officially supported by QNet, is a mega football festival that will not only bring forth

Sources: QNet Blog


Official Travel Partner of V-Malaysia 2011

Bonvo is proud to be the official travel partner of V-Malaysia 2011. From flights to accommodations, ground transfers to tours, Bonvo takes care of all your travel arrangements for a hassle free holiday. Visit our booth at V-Malaysia 2011 to find out about Bonvo’s travel services, how to use your Bonvo eVouchers, and more!

Headquarters: Bonvo Travel (Singapore) Pte Ltd 15 Hoe Chiang Road #26-01/02 Tower Fifteen Singapore 089316

W T +65 6491 0898 F +65 6491 0866 E (Office Hours: Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm: GMT+8)

Regional Offices: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) • Thailand (Bangkok) • India (Mumbai)

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Not Just A Mission But A Way Of Life

n a room filled with leaders, there are those who shine above the rest. They stand out because they are respected not just by their follower, but by other leaders as well. These are the select few who humble themselves to be of service to others without asking for anything in return.



The V is very blessed to have a pool of leaders who puts service above self. The InService Brotherhood (ISB), an elite team of specially trained network leaders who volunteer their services at V events. The ISB come together to provide assistance in the preparation, conduct, and post-event concerns of The V’s events, side-by-side with the V corporate staff. InService Brotherhood was first established in 1999, and due to their remarkable roles in The V’s events, they are getting larger as the years pass. They recently concluded the ISB Bootcamp VI in Turkey which turned out to be the most challenging ISB yet. Set against the cold weather of a government scout training facility in Katsamonu, Turkey last 24 to 29 March 2011, InService Brotherhood Bootcamp VI challenged both the participants and the Core ISB. Originally set to take place in Egypt, the Bootcamp was moved barely a month before it was scheduled to happen due to political developments in the said country. Cultural diversity was one of the challenges that the core embraced for this Bootcamp. 252 participants from the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia came, with 70% of them new to the idea of a Bootcamp. Since most of them are from countries with tropical climate, the weather in Katsamonu, the coldest part in Turkey, posed as another challenge especially during the outdoor activities. Despite these challenges ISB Bootcamp in Turkey was a true success, not just for the participants who overcame their fears and emerged stronger, but also for the Core ISB. More than having the amazing drive for success, an ISB member is expected to live the way of life of a servant-leader, dedicated in living the codes of truth, humility, and committed service. These codes are not just taught to the members of ISB, these can be seen through the extraordinary group of servant-leaders behind them, the Core InService. They are the top brass officers of the InService, and it is through their leadership that ISB has become the elite team that it is today. They are great examples of people who take their service to heart and serving beyond the call of duty; leaders who are truly “Living It, Not Just Doing It”. Once again, Voyager pays tribute to the Core InService and to the whole InService Brotherhood for their unparalleled dedication in serving even under the most adverse conditions, making sure that every V event is more successful and enjoyable than the rest.

THE CORE INSERVICE VMD Pathman Senathirajah Chief AVP Dev Johl Number 1 VC Manoj Kumar Number 2 VC Rosli Ismail Crew Chief AVP Balajee Kumar Assistant Crew Chief 1 (ACC1) VC Harvinderjit Singh Assistant Crew Chief 2 (ACC2) VC Kalai Manikam Assistant Crew Chief 3 (ACC3) VC Devaraj Jeevaratnam XO VC Girinder Shama Intel Mr. Manolette Gonzalez Direct Ms. Chandravali Dasi Balagtas Shadow VC Akashdip Singh Division Head 1 VC Osama El-Amin Salih Division Head 2




Datin Umayal Eswaran Dance for a Cause


You, Your Dream and Hard work 36 By VMD Pathman Senathirajah

Leaders of Great Passion, Talent and Success Up-close with V Partners Adly, Arun and Sathi

AVP David Sharma From Ashes to Success



The Faces behind the Magic 42 V Corporate Collage

v reports FEaTURE

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Datin Umayal Eswaran Dancing for a cause Dasavatar, an Indian classical dance drama production in the Bharatanatyam style, saw the return of Datin Umayal Eswaran on stage after a hiatus of 15 years. So, what prompted the wife of V Managing Partner Dato’ Vijay Eswaran to adorn her anklets and take to the stage after all these years? Very simply, her love of children. Datin Umayal Eswaran is the Chairperson of Vijayaratnam Foundation (VF), the philanthropic arm of the QI Group in Malaysia and VF’s flagship project for 2011 is the establishment of Taarana, a centre for children with learning disabilities. Dasavatar was organized as a fundraiser by the Foundation in aid of Taarana on March 4-6, 2011 at the Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, in association with the Kalpana Dance Theatre. A Taarana which means ‘awakening’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit, is a project close to Datin Umayal’s heart. Through Taarana, she aims to provide an educational facility for young children who cannot cope with a regular school curriculum. Taarana’s education program will focus on not just academics but also enhancing life skills of these young children. An Indian classical dance performance can be intimidating especially for the uninitiated in the arts. The intricate movements combined with complex meanings and layers of interpretation can be a lot to absorb. That is why Dasavatar deserves special recognition, because it takes real hard work and talent to present such a complex performance in a manner that is not only magnificent but most especially, enjoyable to a variety of audience. It was a dance drama that combined top-notch dance skills and superb vocals with an expressive storyline that captivated the audience. The story of Dasavatar tapped into familiar tales of heroism, valor and ultimately the triumph of good over evil – issues that are as relevant today as they were in the days of yore. Datin Umayal joined the talented dancers of Kalpana Dance Theatre led by Shangita Namasivayam, bringing

35 19

to life the choreography of Gayathri Balagurunathan, a renowned exponent of the bharatanatyam dance form from Chennai, India. Accompanying the dancers on vocals was the man known popularly as the prince charming of Carnatic Music, the ever versatile O.S Arun. Although Datin Umayal has trained in Indian classical dance from the time she was 4 years old and has performed professionally in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka, she admits that returning to professional performance after such a long hiatus was quite challenging. She reveals that it was the cause that kept her going. For many years now she has been involved in projects that promote arts and culture, and along with her husband has contributed to charities that work towards welfare of underprivileged children. Hence, it was a natural step to combine the two, when it came to Taarana. For Datin Umayal, philanthropy is not merely monetary contribution. For her it means being personally involved in the execution of the project, every step of the way. And with Dasavatar, she proved this yet again. The mark of a great show is always determined by the audience reaction and based on the standing ovation Dasavatar got, it truly was a resounding success! If you would like to know more about Taarana, please visit If you would like to contribute in some way to Taarana, email

v reports FEaTURE

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YOU, YOUR DREAM, AND HARD WORK Interview with VMD Pathman Senathirajah

e is known by many names in The V: Chief, Managing Director, Brother, and Mentor. Truly, Pathman Senathirajah is a man whose life and work many people in and outside the industry aspire for – and for very good reasons. In his own words, his journey in the business has been one of equal parts trials and triumphs. But in the various phases he had to go through to get to where he is today, one thing remained constant: His passion for the business and the people who were just like him 13 years ago – all seekers of financial freedom. Chief Pathman, as every member in The V family would know and have seen over the years, does not and will never compromise commitment and dedication to quality training designed to build and develop the kind of character that will eventually create leaders in the organisation. Leaders who are built to serve.

19 37

In an interview with Voyager, Chief Pathman drills down on three things that ultimately determine how successful or unsuccessful a person can become in the industry of network marketing. Read on and learn.

YOU The mystery of Network Marketing has, to a greater extent, already been solved. From expert economists and business people down to the common housewives – they all have shared their views on successful networking. Yet as much as the world offers complicated answers to things – I find solution in simplicity, or keeping it simple.

Network Marketing is essentially an option for the common man and common woman with uncommon dreams and desire to achieve the things they want in life. If you look at it from my keep-it-simple perspective --- it all boils down to YOU as a person: Your character, personality, and your DNA. Who are you? This is something that you ultimately have to decide for yourself.

DREAM Life is a continuous journey. Unfortunately, it is without a clear destination for many. The reason for that is the absence of a dream or a goal. When we were younger, we had dreams – a list of things we had hoped to achieve later on in life. But as we get older, we get overwhelmed by the ways of the world and we end up

merely existing instead of living. Ultimately, we have to find that dream. Network Marketing will not work for you until you have that dream you are willing to do anything for. When you stop dreaming, you start dying. Ask yourself this question: Are you putting a dent in the universe?

HARDWORK Technology, no doubt about it, has advanced beyond anyone’s absolute comprehension and sadly, people have become lazier in the process. Success in Network Marketing cannot happen without genuine passion and hard work. There is no magic formula involved and luck certainly has nothing to do with it. You have to get up early in the morning, do what your mentor

has taught you, and keep doing it every day until you make it. People love our business: They come in and show passion for a while, talk openly about buying a Ferrari and various properties --- and then they go back to sleep. We all have seen this happen and it will keep happening until they decide to put their foot down and work HARD.

In the end, it is not intellect, heritage, or extra special skills that will propel you to the peak of success. It is about who YOU are, your DREAM, and your HARDWORK.



I have Dato’ Vijay and VMD Pathman as my mentors, but you can find inspiration in a lot of things. Then make a decision that you do not want to be normal, average person. You can be a spectator to life, or you can be a player in it. Make a decision to be extraordinary.



decade ago, David Sharma’s life was in shambles.

He was dealing with the loss of his business, declaring bankruptcy, and probably most crushing of all, the dissolution of his marriage. Things were very bleak, and David found himself elbow-deep in problems seeking solace in vices like alcohol and smoking. 2001 came and his life took a turn he never believed was possible. “Life gave me a second chance. I found what I did not even know I needed: a solid support system, mentors, and a new lease in life. Since I joined the V, I have been able to rebuild my life and provide a stable future for my twin daughters. Mr. Pathman became my teacher, and soon after I was introduced to Dato’ Vijay who taught me the healing power of silence. I used to be an alcoholic and I’d been smoking since I was 17. Now? I have not had a drop of drink or a single puff of cigarette smoke in nine years.” These days David Sharma serves as both Associate V Partner (AVP) and a consultant to the V Executive Office. He has been AVP since 2006 and a Consultant for a little over two years now. He wears both hats in utmost humility, choosing to spend his time giving back to the network and working nonstop in pursuit of the mission to touch billion hearts. A typical day starts with communicating with network leaders, understanding their challenges, discussing how best to move forward and how to grow the people and the network. He makes an effort to understand and find the root cause of their frustrations.


“I have travelled to all regions of the network. When there are abrupt challenges in one region, V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah asks me to go and check the situation. I tend to the emerging markets, or markets that do not have a strong upline presence because what these leaders need most of all is to have their belief in the company reaffirmed. They need to believe and feel and know that they have a Grand Upline (The V). A closer rapport with these leaders does wonders in developing loyalty, camaraderie, and morale all over the network. That is why we have consultants and Business Development Executives who spend time with the leaders: sitting down with them, brainstorming, and acting as envoys so the concerns and feedback from the network reach The V. These people put a face on the organisation, making it a true Grand Upline that they can count on. They know who to turn to now. I took a lot from the world, and I also took a lot for granted. Now, I want to be out there serving, for as long as I can, with all the strength and gifts the good Lord has given me. People ask me often ‘When are you retiring?’ but to be honest, I do not think of myself as old. Age is just a number, it’s not going to stop me from doing what I love and helping people.”

He mediates between the network and the corporate sides of the V and QNet to find fast and reliable solutions to the challenges faced by the leaders on the ground. This helps smoothen relationships and promote understanding on both sides. He is in touch not just with his fellow V Ambassadors but most importantly, with the leaders who face the day-to-day challenges of building a network from the ground up and sustaining it.

When asked by Voyager to share a message to the leaders and aspiring successful entrepreneurs out there he said this: “Take ownership of yourself. Invest in yourself: read, study, open your mind and let your ego go so you can develop yourself, before you develop your business. You must have something to look up to. I have Dato’ Vijay and VMD Pathman as my mentors, but you can find inspiration in a lot of things. Then make a decision that you do not want to be normal, average person. You can be a spectator to life, or you can be a player in it. Make a decision to be extraordinary.”





eing a V Partner is one of the most challenging and, at the same time, most fulfilling position in the V family. Depending on how you view it, being a V Partner can be considered a challenge because it entails investing your skills and talents and turning that passion into a financially quantifiable gain. At the other end of the spectrum, the role itself is rewarding because of the positive influence and impact it has on millions of networkers globally who are likewise determined to touch and change lives elsewhere. Classic examples of this tireless leaders are V Partners Sathi Senathirajah, Adly Hassan Hamed and Arun George, who, after being made V Partner in 2008, have gone all-out in supporting teams and networks in countries too many to count.

V PARTNER SATHI SENATHIRAJAH A man of incredible talent and perseverance - that is how VP Sathi is described by many. One can say that networking runs thick in V Partner Sathi’s blood, with both of his siblings prominently entrenched in the business as well. Although relatively quiet and almost always looking contemplative, VP Sathi is well-loved in every market he visits because of his leadership skills. Because he is well aware of the responsibility that rests

on his shoulders, VP Sathi continues to improve on his craft. Even when he is already at the top of his game, VP Sathi never forgets to share his success with everyone around him. He makes sure that the attendees of every V training event he facilitates bring home valuable lessons about the business and by extension, about life as well. Today, he is our V Partner in charge of Asia and South America.




V Partner Adly, along with VP Sathi and VP Arun, rose to the elite rank of V Partner at V-Africa in 2008. In his own words, him being introduced into the business by his own brother proved to be one very life-changing event for him. Considered by many as a well-rounded individual who really pours his heart out into this business, VP Adly has proven this time and again by jetsetting in and out of various countries to conduct trainings any time of the day and inspire our active leaders and IRs on the ground. He takes it as his responsibility to make every committed leader and Independent Representative make their dreams into reality. Due to his commitment to the business, VP Adly was able to build his network in various countries such as Sudan, UAE, Egypt, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Congo. V Partner Adly together with his team, the Pathfinders continue to share their success with others by educating them and guiding them in the network marketing industry. Today, VP Adly is our V Partner in-charge of Africa market.

Before joining The V family, V Partner Arun George has worked for a multinational consumer company, Unilever. He admits that the exposure he gained from his previous company has greatly helped him when he decided to switch careers and become a full-time networker instead. According to VP Arun, his life took a better and more exciting turn when he decided to become part of the V family several years ago and he remains grateful and switched-on to this very day because of it. In return, VP Arun has decided to dedicate his time, experience, and knowledge in helping people map out their success and achieve their financial dreams. Today, VP Arun is our V Partner in charge for Russia, Central Asia and North America.    

If you look very closely at the profiles of these formidable V Partners, they all have one common denominator: BELIEF. While it is true that the road to greater success is not without a challenge, they BELIEVED in themselves and the dreams they held closest to their hearts. And by supplementing this with their hardwork and dedication, they have achieved more than what they ever thought possible. This year’s V-Con theme is BELIEF, because just like them, we also want each one of you to believe that YES, YOU CAN DO IT!






These are the men and women who work behind the scenes, away from the spotlight, mostly unknown to the public.


These people are at the heart of The V, moving mountains to give you the service and support you need.


No matter how big or how small the event, No matter how near or far the country No matter what time of day or night THIS IS THE V CORPORATE STAFF.

v reports



cover story



GROUND-BREAKING YEARS. Now we invite you to join us for another dazzling chapter of V history. We shed the old, the comfortable, the familiar, and we embark on a new journey-armed with a fresh new outlook and a more vibrant approach to business and success.

Brothers and sisters, we present to you,

The NEW V!


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ince 2006 - when Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah was initially appointed as Executive Director shortly after V-Malaysia The V has had the same look, feel, and demeanour. What started out as a very lean organisation of barely 20 staff has, over the years, increased in manpower and consequently broadened its reach to now cover over 50 countries and shepherd nearly 6 million Independent Representatives of diverse cultural background. However, the rate of change outside the organisation is far more dynamic than the rate of change from within and we have come to the conclusion that The V can no longer keep operating on the same platform and pace that it did nearly six years ago. It is time to zig while everyone zags, so to speak. It is time to REVITALISE.

‘In the last five years that I was Managing Director of The V, I have seen the company and the staff do incredible things that I personally think other companies would not be able to accomplish in the time that it usually takes us. Take V-Con, for example. Year after year, we launch our flagship event in the most flamboyant fashion, with an attendance aret that increases incrementally. While this is impressive by any standards, I know that The V still carries with it a lot of potential – and that is what we will work on continuously until it is realised and then it’s time for us to evolve again,’ VMD Pathman said

in an interview with Voyager. And that was how the idea of The V moving on to the next level came into fruition.

THE V, REBORN Once the objectives of the daring move to transform the organisation have been communicated to the corporate staff, it was time to set the wheels in motion – and fast. The biggest challenge for the team was the short time that they have at their disposal before the new and revitalised V is unveiled at V-Malaysia 2011. Everyone knows that the transformation entails not only the superficial changing of the logo or the creation of a new corporate mission and vision. These things happen in stage one. ‘We started with the V logo which we all agreed has already reached its maximum shelf life. We needed something edgy, exciting, and striking, yet at the same time, contains all the elements representing the brand new corporate philosophy and attitude that we envision for The V in the next 5 to 10 more years. I was heavily involved in the process of logo selection and this brought me to a level of greater appreciation of what we are hoping to achieve by changing for the better,’ explains VMD Pathman.




The V logo is created to be an emblem of The V’s drive towards change and the upheaval of the company’s corporate identity. We have a bold, streamlined design that mirrors the graceful contrast between old and new, stability and dynamism; reverence for the past and excitement for the future; respecting tradition and creating new breakthroughs. Through this design we marry the symbolism found in our old logo and our undeniable passion to move forward and soar into new frontiers.

The colour blue conveys stability, constancy, and a level-headed and sure-footed company presence. It denotes patience and a confidence in our place at the top of the industry. Orange, a direct opposite of blue in the spectrum, shows the brightness of our collective talents and the vividness of the goals we will achieve. This colour – a deeper, richer cousin of the traditional yellow - conveys our desire to burn our mark across the world.

The two upswept fringes symbolise the synergy between the Corporate body and the Network. Together we blaze a trail wherever we go. As another nod to the Canadian Geese imagery, the fringes indicate that we fly, we soar, we go above and beyond the call of duty in the name of service.

From stage one, we move on to the next which is far more demanding and critical as it involves changing the mindset of everyone in the organisation; burying old work habits and practices that will only hamper the company’s surge into greater success. ‘Stage 2 is actually a work in progress. This process of becoming better, more efficient, and adaptable is not something that is realised overnight. Over time, you will see a lot of changes in The V and the way it plays out its role of the grand upline to the ever-growing network. I am extremely excited to share with you, our valued IRs, some of our projects which will benefit all our markets both in the short and long term,’ adds VMD Pathman.

Among the new and exciting projects that VMD Pathman mentioned are the following: •

All-new, content-driven V website translated into 8 different languages namely: Persian, Arabic, French, Bahasa-Indonesia, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, and Portuguese.

VOYAGER magazine going digital with an iPad application following suit. Voyager will also be translated into 8 different languages, same as the website.

More training DVDs made available also in different languages

More programs and shows to be produced for VTube

More products and merchandise to be made available at V Store

More training events held in various markets and regions

‘This year is going to be a BIG one for us at The V and I would like to encourage all our leaders, all our teams and their members, to take this next step into the direction of success with us. The V is here to stay and we are steadily climbing our way to the top; it is high time the whole world knows about it,’ concludes VMD Pathman Senathirajah.

It’s done..

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very year, V-Con organizers choose a song that encapsulates the spirit and theme of the V-Convention. The song is played many times before, during, and after the event, to remind all present of the experiences shared during the convention. Whenever a V-Con theme song is heard, the mind always flashes back to the memories, the lessons and the moments that are truly unforgettable. This year, The V stepped outside the usual once again, when for the first time in its 12-year history, an original song was written, recorded and unveiled specifically for the purpose of capturing the collective hopes and dreams, and the solidarity that makes the V family one of the largest and most successful organizations in the world. The song is entitled, “We Are One”. And beyond just being the official theme song of V-Malaysia 2010, this is, for everyone in the V family, our song, our melody, our battle cry.

Named after this year’s V-Con theme, “We Are One” is an anthem of unity, relentless determination, and the pursuit of RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) as one massive global family. Naturally, upon its unveiling, “We Are One” became an instant hit among the V-Con participants, because of its powerful notes, rich harmony and head-bopping rhythm. Both lyrics and melody were composed by Shevan Raj Yogaraj (a professional recording artist), and produced exclusively for and by The V. Shevan’s rapping prowess can be heard in “We Are One”, along with the enchanting vocals of Malaysian R&B diva Elvira. About the song, V Managing Director Pathman Senathirajah said, “For the past three months we worked on a top-secret project. We wrote a song called ‘We Are One’ and also created a music video. The song is about unity and coming together, and how we can do anything if we are united. This song and video represent our love for you and our appreciation.”


(The official theme song of V-Malaysia 2010) There’s a dream for everyone You and me never let it go And I can’t do it alone Just with you my friend. Climbing on a mountain so far and high Reaching to the flag that I desire Just cause the hope and trust you taught me I’ll never fall. Standing in the middle of a mist so cold And I’m trying to go back home You came with a blanket, came with a hug And I’m freezing no more. We can do it Together now Bringing us closer and closer Like never before Hope is shining through and I know its true Watching with a vision where’s it heading to Binding us together as we’re marching on No we’ll never fall, no we’ll never fall. CHORUS: We are one Globally Unity You and me Hold my hand Strong and tight The sky is the limit Together we fly. U.N.I.T.Y. It equals up to you and me If we stand together and strong We are bigger than the sky and sea Let me tell you something that made me

The larger we get The stronger we are The tougher you see We never ever gonna fall like an Axed-down tree It doesn’t matter if it rains or shines Just be by my side Cause I’ll be telling you why Climbing on a mountain so far and high Reaching to the flag that I desire Just cause the hope and trust you taught me I’ll never fall. And I’m standing in the middle of a mist so cold And I’m trying to go back home You came with a blanket, came with a hug And I’m freezing no more (REPEAT CHORUS 2X)

in retrospect



THE V-CON EXPERIENCE, IN THE WORDS OF THOSE WHO WERE THERE. It’s my first V-Con! Seeing Dato’ Vijay for the first time was unbelievable, and I can’t wait to go to next year’s V-Con! - Saleha , Bahrain I am very happy to see Malaysia for the first time. The people here are very nice! After this convention, I am very hopeful for the future of everyone from Sudan, and the future of QNet and The V. - Sebit Eliyah, Sudan

Let God bless Dato’ Vijay and all of his staff. And I hope that in the next year, QNet and The V will really go international and reach places like America, Germany, and wherever! - Abdullahab, Sudan My favorite part was Nick (Vujicic’s) part. He really touched everybody! I also loved how the leaders came up to talk about dreams and passion. We will leave this place with these lessons they shared. - Yaseen, Dubai It’s the most amazing experience that I’ve ever had. My favorite part was when all the experienced networkers came up to the stage to talk about their challenges. But they remained committed to the business, and they believed in the system. They believed and they made it. So why can’t we? - Omar, Dubai

My favorite part? Everything! - Rami, Dubai

Dream. You should never stop dreaming. - Mahmoud, Jordan

I feel super! QNet and The V are very exciting organizations that teach us to change, and to always believe. - Murat, Turkey

Inside the hall, everyone’s sitting, dancing, listening... it’s unbelievable! With Dato’ (Vijay), Chief, all the V Partners sharing—it’s just amazing! We must always remember the unity; we are one. All countries, all colors, all religions--we are one! - Ramdas, Bahrain

It’s my fourth V-Con, but it’s still remarkable! Every year, V-Con is always something different. This year, I learned a lot from Nick Vujicic. Always, we think about the negative, but Nick, even with his disability, remains positive with everything in his life. We have everything but we still complain! Chief Pathman talked about dreams... V-Con is like a battery charger for all of us. Once a year, we go back, then we are recharged and we go back to the field and do our work! It helps us to be mentally stronger. I vow never to miss a V-Con! - Shamala, Malaysia

I was mesmerized by the people who attended V-Con and how these people were gathered under one roof, with the attitude and mindset of entrepreneurs. I was humbled by the experience of being one of them. The experience I gathered here was truly unforgettable. We should echo it to our business partners. From VP Sathi, I learned all about focus. - Felicisima, Philippines I feel great! I feel like I’m going to do something great in my life. When I make a decision now, I will stick to it! This V-Con is great because a lot of my partners were here. I also learned all about burning desire and passion. - Talal, Oman Every V-Con is different from another V-Con. The learning that you will get, will get you one step ahead on how you can improve. Sometimes, the belief is small, but you have to build it to make it stronger and a little more concrete. It comes when your team becomes bigger and you need to be strong in character. If you are strong enough, you can handle hundreds or even thousands—you don’t know. Your team might grow into thousands, so you need to be strong. So before your team grows, you need to grow by yourself. That’s how we come here—to grow. You need to grow gradually, little by little, until you get there. That’s why I keep coming to V-Con. - James, Australia It’s the greatest and grandest event of the year—I definitely see more networkers, and get lots of learnings. - Lillian, Malaysia This is the most important business as far as my life is concerned. And I made a decision to give whatever it takes to come here to add my knowledge on the business. I want to make it big in my team when I get back. I will share my experiences with my downlines. - Margaret, Uganda From what I can see, people who were not here really missed a lot. And they should be able to make it in the next V-Con! - Washeba, Uganda Everyone’s talking about V-Con , and everyone’s like, “If you don’t come, if you don’t attend V-Con, you’ll be behind one year in the business.” So I wanted to see what V-Con is all about and how people can come here so full of energy. Because every single person you see or know in QNet and The V, they all talk about V-Con.” - Abisher, India


in retrospect

54 010

“Just because you can’t see hope today, doesn’t mean it’s not there.”


t was the third night of activities at V-Malaysia 2010, the biggest event in the history of The V. And yet, by around 5:30 p.m., the surroundings of Putra Stadium fell completely silent. The stadium entrances were almost unmanned, save for a guard or two. The exhibit hall was a ghost town; the exhibit booths were closed. The corridors leading to the stadium were deserted. From the outside, it appeared that Putra Stadium was enjoying an idle night. But on that evening, perhaps more than on any occasion, it was made clear that there is always more than meets the eye.

“Courage is doing something afraid.”

“Life is always an uphill climb. But the higher you climb, the more you see.”

“If you put your faith in temporary things, your happiness will be temporary.”

“Know that even the most broken pieces of yourself can be used for good.”

“Remember, you will always learn more in the discouraging times than the encouraging times.”

55 011




There is no luck, chance or coincidence. If something is not for you, then believe that there must be

On that night, corporate personnel from The V and other QI subsidiaries, the InService, and nearly every other living soul who had access to the V-Malaysia 2010 sessions joined 8,000 registered participants inside the stadium to see and hear the event’s celebrated guest speaker. The speaker was an epitome of the adage that one should never judge a book by its cover—he had no legs, and yet he had walked the earth more than most world travelers; he had no arms, but he had embraced more hearts than anyone would dare to count. His name is Nick Vujicic, and for two hours on 26 June 2010, he owned Putra Stadium, his words penetrating deep into the minds, hearts and souls of every single person from the ringside seats to the bleachers, and planting the seeds of positive change in God-knows-how-many lives around the world.

“I am here to love God, serve God and love people. I was loved. And so now, I love.”

something else.

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V M 8-59 anaging Dato ’ Vijay Partner Eswaran

1 ER -6T N 60 PAR


V M 62 -63 anaging Pathman Director Senathirajah

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Dato’ Vijay Eswaran An Inspiration to Millions

19 59

Dato’, you spent a long time in the west, what prompted you to return to Asia to become an entrepreneur? I had been away from Malaysia for 13 years in different parts of the Western world – US, UK and Canada, and worked with some of the leading names in the IT industry. But I became disenchanted with the cultural apathy and corporate sluggishness to change. So, I decided to venture back to Asia in the early nineties, worked a traditional job where I was made General Manager at just 32. While I was away on a business trip, the company changed ownership and I came back to find that they want to bring their own team. Just like that, I lost everything I had worked so hard for because I was working for someone else and did not have any control over my life. That’s the time I realized that I needed to shape my own future. The only way I could do that was to start something of my own. What were your early business ventures? My first business venture is today’s QI Group of Companies. I was in the Philippines in the mid 90s, involved in a very successful Direct Selling venture with my wife. Within six months we were going full-time and making ten times more than my last salary in Malaysia! Through hard work and persistence, I managed to build a 60,000 strong network and opened up new markets for other MLM companies. Then I asked myself, “If I can accrue a large sum of money for others, why not do something for myself?” So I strategized with my team to do something different from the existing models.. What I envisioned was a company that has a direct sales force, with a multilevel marketing component but utilising e-commerce. So, the first company we set up merged these three industries. There was a lot of debate about what we would sell because we wanted something unique. We came up with a numismatics and precious metals model based upon thriving European market strategies. We sold the commemorative coins in 1998 for the Sydney 2000 Olympics for the Asian Pacific Rim, but we came in late to a market that’s already two years into sales. Our competitors were amused initially, but by the year 2000, out of the 42 distributors worldwide, we came in the top three in sales volume! What they didn’t see was the impact and penetration of web based sales. In the beginning did you face any failures or downfalls in business and how did you manage to overcome such problems? No one believed we would succeed. I faced many failures and will continue facing them to the end. I believe that the day I don’t face them, it means that I am no longer progressing. How do I deal with embracing them! There is no other way. To me success and failure are both elements of the same path for growth, both in my personal life as well as corporate life.

What new business ventures can we look forward to from the QI Group? I often say that we are in the business of doing business. As a result, all our ventures are developed to complement our existing services and are fairly diversified. We constantly strive for opportunities that will help us grow. We are currently looking into aspects like financial services that will complement our existing portfolio. Hence, we are now looking to acquire our own commercial banking license. Training and education has long been an important aspect of the Group. . The company is now moving and has made significant investments to acquire a full-fledged university license in Malaysia that will focus on health and social sciences. The medical program will be one of the key offerings of the University; we will also have courses in the area of pharmacology, nursing, etc. We eventually plan to set up a hospital to offer a complete range of medical services.. As we all know RYTHM is at the heart of everything we do at the QI Group and you set up the RYTHM Foundation as a way of giving back. How has your philosophy of philanthropy evolved over the years? I grew up in a family that never closed its doors to people in need. As an inherent part of my value system, I learned that philanthropy goes beyond giving money. It stems from a deep compassion for humanity and the need to make a difference. . The philosophy behind RYTHM Foundation is RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. The Foundation doesn’t just contribute monetarily, but provides assistance through various sustainable programs to support poverty alleviation; environment protection and disaster relief. In Malaysia I set up the Vijayaratnam Foundation (VF) in honour of my Father. This was my way of paying tribute and thanking him for laying the foundation of my quest for knowledge. VF works on various long term initiatives in the area of child mentoring, youth development, women empowerment and special education. . As a businessman, I definitely agree that profit should be our driving force. But our primary purpose should be building a better place, a better environment, a better future for our children. Are there any personal philosophies you follow in life during trying times? I have a very strong spiritual foundation that I draw upon during challenging times. There are very few who realise its value in their daily management of work and life. To me, the physical existence is just an extension of the spiritual, whether you hope to go to heaven or not, you need to make the most of this life.

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providing courage and motivation

19 61 In keeping with our Defying the Odds theme, what in your experience has been your biggest against-all-odds moment? When I began my career in network marketing, Dato’ Vijay and I had joined an MLM company in the Philippines. We worked hard and in 6 months, we were able to bring in a huge group of networkers. That company had a staff strength of more than 2000, but it suddenly shut down. Its owners had run away with the products and there were unpaid commissions and undelivered products amounting to USD500,000 worth. Dato’ and I were left to face our networks – people whom we owed it to be honest to. At that point, I almost thought my career was over.

With luck stacked up against you, how did you overcome this? It is easy to feel helpless in situations like that, but Dato’ and I decided the best option was to come up with a solution. We had acquired knowledge of network marketing, so for the next 3 months, we worked around the clock to set up our own company - GoldQuest. This was our very first company, and marked the beginnings of QNet. On 8 September 1988, we invited all the leaders to a convention where we broke the bad news, followed by the good news. GoldQuest was willing to absorb all liabilities if the leaders and the networkers below them signed up with us. After 2 years of hard work, we managed to recoup all losses and pay everyone back.

Like most self-made entrepreneurs your career has had its ups and downs. What has kept you bouncing back? Throughout establishing this business, I have never been alone. Dato’ Vijay and I worked on building a great team and I owe the success of QI to this team. I make mistakes everyday but I know I’m not penalised for them. Instead, I grow from my mistakes. It’s these people that I work with daily, that keep me motivated.

What would you consider your greatest triumph in your career and why? I don’t think there is any one triumph I consider the greatest. Dato’ and I started QI from scratch and I feel when it is your own company, every little achievement is a great triumph.

Our industry, while coming up fast behind traditional business models, is considered something of a dark horse. What advice can you give those who are still apprehensive about joining? Over the past 10 years, I think network marketing has gained much credibility. There are tons of reputable companies that engage in network marketing, and all one has to do to realise this business is not a scam, is to read up on various literature and statistics on successful MLM companies. Of course, there are rotten apples but I hope the public does not judge the entire industry based on that.

My advice to someone joining this business is to read up on the company in question. Find out how long it has been around, its plans for growth and the people behind it.

It’s been 13 years since the company was formed and we have come a long way since then. What are some of the upcoming projects? In terms of the QI group, our aim is to strengthen the humanitarian work we do through our two foundations – Vijayaratnam Foundation and RYTHM Foundation. Also we wish to build more properties, especially under the concept of sustainable development.

Through QNet, our main business, we really want to reach out to more people and maximise our reach. For QNet, our aim is to educate people on how to become independent entrepreneurs. Through our trainings, we aim to give them the courage and motivation to succeed. To that end, we want to come up with more materials through which we can reach out to our networks.

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19 63 In keeping with our Defying the Odds theme, what in your experience has been the biggest hurdle you’ve ever had to cross? Biggest challenge has always been to convince people that greatness is intrinsic in all of us. But many of us choose not to see it. Getting people to understand that all the answers they are looking for, they already know, is equally tough. It’s difficult to wean these people away from their comfort zones. The ‘easy way out’ concept seems to hold more appeal to some people.

It hasn’t been always sunny for you in the business, especially when you were just starting out, what kept you entrenched in the business – even until today when you can just as easily declare early retirement and walk away? I haven’t stopped dreaming and I have much more to achieve because ultimately, it has never been about the destination. I love the journey – I am addicted to the journey – and this is the primary reason why I’m still here. I believe when you find something you love to do, you can’t stop. Because if we do stop, you start dying. And The V represents everything that I love about life, about the business, and about relationships.

You often talk about vastly different YOU are now as compared with the Pathman many years back. What would you consider the turning point in your life? What made you decide to change? When I realised that many people look at me like a benchmark in their own lives - that sparked the turning point in my own life. When I reached that point of awareness, I have decided to become the better, more responsible Pathman so that those who follow me will get inspired and motivated by what is good. The only concept of leadership I ever believed in is leadership by example.

What would you consider your greatest triumph in your career and why? I started to win more battles with my ego. The day I changed from being a wimp to becoming a warrior. This, to me, is the greatest triumph I have ever achieved while in the business. When I look back at those years of the old Pathman, I feel a great deal of accomplishment at having turned my life around and in the process, I have also managed to inspire other people to do the same, or at least, aspire for it. A lot of people are still sceptical when it comes to joining – and doing – the business, given the negative publicity MLM has been getting for years. What do you normally tell these people with doubts in their minds who come to you for advice? I believe that this industry is the only industry which does not discriminate; does not pre-qualify; and the only industry when you can become successful with your own drive and decision. This is a business for winners, not losers. If somebody decides not to join or not to believe, it is not about the problem with the business. It’s more about their issues with themselves and their fear of taking chances and going after what they want – with complete faith and daring. Where else do you see Pathman going after taking The V to where it is today? How do you foresee yourself spending your retirement years? Believe it or not, I AM retired. And what I do at The V and for the network is something I don’t consider as work that I have to retire from. This is something I am extremely passionate about; something I enjoy doing no matter what time of the day; and lastly, this is a source of happiness from me. And you do not retire from happiness, you sustain and nurture it.



65 19



en often become what they believe themselves to be. If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it. But when I believe I can, then I acquire the ability to do it even if I didn’t have it in the beginning.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Our mind is a powerful tool andwhat we conceive in our minds determines our reality. Proponents of the concept of human rights started with an assertion that everyone is endowed with certain entitlements and the rest they say is history. Human rights are rights and freedom which we, humans, are entitled to. It was during the 1970s that saw the emergence of human rights movements. The movement quickly jelled as social activism and many nations placed it high on their agenda with contributions coming from Eastern and Western Europe, the United States, and Latin America. For much of human history, the ideas of rights and liberties have already existed. The use of the term human rights probably came sometime between Thomas Paine’s ‘The Rights of Man’ and when it was used by William Lloyd Garrison’s 1831 writings in the Liberator. There are two theories that dominate contemporary human rights discussion: these are the interest theory and the will theory. It was argued that the principal function of human rights in the interest theory is to safeguard and promote essential human interests. The will theory tries to establish the validity of human rights based on the unique human capacity for freedom.


66 The huge losses of life and blatant abuses of human rights that took place during the World Wars were the driving force behind the development of modern rights instruments. A violation of human rights occurs when anyone breaches the Universal Declaration of Human Rights treaty or other humanitarian law. The most serious of human rights violation are wars of aggression, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, including genocides. In the 19th century, human rights became a central concern over the issue of slavery. It has been an issue and has been fought for a long time. Democracy is one of the ultimate ideals that modern civilizations strive to create or preserve. Although this kind of system’s openness also allows it to attract those with vested interest thus often resulting in human rights problems. They use the democratic process as a means to attain power and influence, even if they do not hold democratic principles well. One delicate topic in the issue of human

rights is racism. Racism is the notion that characteristics and abilities can be attributed to people simply on the basis of their race and that some groups are superior to others. Race is a powerful idea; it has fostered inequality and discrimination for centuries, as well as influencing how we relate to other human beings. Numerous issues still exist regarding empowering women in all areas of life, ranging from cultural, political to the economic. Gender discrimination affects girls and women throughout their lifetime. Children are often times a victim of human rights violation. Common problems children face are: hazardous labor exploitation, recruitment as child soldiers, orphans and abandoned children without adequate care, sexual abuse and trafficking, lack of access to education or substandard education. To guarantee the human rights of children is to invest in the future.

Some famous quotes from some of the world’s inspirational human rights leaders: “Human Rights for everyone is the necessary foundation upon which all of us may build a world where everybody may live in peace and serenity and plenty.” -- Michael Douglas

“A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.” -- Albert Einstein

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” -- Dr. Martin Luther King

“Human rights education is much more than a lesson in schools or a theme for a day; it is a process to equip people with the tools they need to live lives of security and dignity. On this International Human Rights Day, let us continue to work together to develop and nurture in future generations a culture of human rights, to promote freedom, security and peace in all nations.” -- Kofi Annan

67 We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. – United States Declaration of Independence, The issue of human rights has gained a widespread awareness thus resulting in the formulation of laws and the creation of organizations regarding this cause. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. Article 1 of the UDHR states that, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in the spirit of brotherhood.” The declaration paved way for other laws and treaties to be enacted. Everyone is aware of equality and equity but only a few are brave enough to

“Success doesn’t come easily. You’ve got to batter your head against the wall quite a number of times before the wall breaks . . . or your head. I suppose you’ve got to do that. I don’t believe in giving up.”

stand up and fight against injustice. It is amazing that despite human rights still being put to a test we know that things will be better. The world doesn’t need superheroes all it takes is a harmonious effort from ordinary people to protect each other, let us all live up to our mission of RHYTHMRaise Yourself to help mankind and together let us rise to greatness.

Source: BIqmDlJy0Fc/s1600/martinlutherking.jpg another_lying_presid1.jpg World_Economic_Forum_on_Africa_2007.jpg

-- Dr. Mahatir

“It has long been recognized that an essential element in protecting human rights was a widespread knowledge among the population of what their rights are and how they can be defended.” -- Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor . . . . Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting.” -- Mother Teresa

“Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where the people are fed, and where individuals and nations are free.” -- 14th Dalai Lama






AVP Rosemarie

AVP K Padma

AVP Joy Copreros


nited States (US) Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, in her message for the 100th International Women’s Day celebration published in Bloomberg Businessweek, said that unknown to many, (the) women are fast becoming one of the biggest growth markets in the world citing the following statistics:

VP Donna Imson

There are more than 200 million women entrepreneurs worldwide

Women earn more than $10 trillion every year and this figure is expected to grow by $5 trillion more in the coming years

In many developing countries, women’s incomes are growing faster than men’s


VC Kalai Manikam

VC Dr. Nitta Bhosaley

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In the western world, several governments and business leaders are now seen investing in women as a strategy for job creation and economic growth: A move that is perceived as adding fuel to the powerful engine for progress – the women. To name a few, giant companies such as ExxonMobil Corporation, Coca-Cola Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc, and Ernst & Young are publicly investing in women by designing various growth strategies for them, thereby, promoting the steady closure of the centuries-old gender gap. In Asia, however, women empowerment is not yet on the advanced stage that it appears to be in the West. While there is now visibly an influx of organisations and support systems set-up to zero-in on change agents and bring the Asian women into realisation of their full potential – this time, no longer as mere mothers, wives, or siblings but as income earners and entrepreneurs – there’s still quite a long way to go. In the world of network marketing, similar developments are now being seen and felt as more and more women advance upward in the so-called ladder of success. This gradual but surefooted upsurge is attributed to one major strength that women are said to have traditionally brought to their network marketing busi-

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ness -- their advanced social and people skills. It is called “Relationship Marketing” these days but if you look carefully at how business is conducted these days, it is not too different from how our mothers, aunties and grandmonthers have always been doing things – by sharing and building long-term relationships that last. And successful women use these “sharing and caring” skills as a major tool in the signing-up process. Here at The V, we take pride in our roster of growing female entrepreneurs with no less than our very own V Partner Donna Imson at the helm. Anyone who has seen and heard V Partner Donna on stage would agree within the first 30 seconds that she is a woman of passion, strength and decisiveness – traits that enable women to shine in a people and communication business such as MLM. Joining V Partner Donna are some of the female V Ambassadors led by AVP Rosemarie Glen, AVP K. Padma, AVP Joy Copreros, and a few other female V Council members whose dedication and work of hands continue to sustain the markets they are in. In this particular issue, VOYAGER pays homage to these powerful women and how they help propel the world to success--- one female network marketer at a time.



The Amazing Odyssey of

CHRIS GARDNER How a homeless single parent became the man everyone wants to be.

hen Chris Gardner made a routine sales call at San Francisco General Hospital one dreary day in 1981, he had no idea that his life was about to change—for the worse and then unimaginably for the better. He had been working as a salesman of medical equipment; having invested almost everything he had on a product that turned out to be a failure, he had found himself struggling to provide for his toddler son and his live-in girlfriend. That day, as he

was about to get in his car at the hospital parking lot, an impeccably dressed man in a red Ferrari pulled up behind him, waiting to take his spot. Impressed, Chris walked up to the man and offered him a deal. “I’ll give you my space if you tell me two things,” proposed Chris, “what do you do for a living? How do you get to do that?” The man in the Ferrari was a stock broker; and right then and there, Chris made the decision that he, too, was going to be one.Over the next 10 months,

71 and lugged his suitcase (containing all of his and his son’s clothes) to work; in the evenings, he read-up on finance and the stock brokerage industry, by the light of streetlamps. Amazingly, no one at Dean Witter Reynolds had the slightest idea that Chris and his son were homeless.

Those were the darkest “days of my life. I’m ready to let it go. “

Fate finally surrendered to Chris’ perseverance in 1982 when, on his first attempt, he passed his licensing exam

Chris knocked on the doors of the city’s brokerage companies. He had no college degree, no knowledge of finance, and no connections to show for; all he wanted was to be accepted as a trainee. But nobody was willing to take a chance on him—no company except for one: Dean Witter Reynolds. When he was called for his first interview at this firm, his big break had finally arrived… or so Chris thought. With just one more job interview to go (after passing several rounds of screening), he was arrested for failing to pay $1,200 worth of parking tickets, which had accumulated simply because he couldn’t afford to pay them. He served his 10-day jail time, and returned home to find his apartment empty—his girlfriend, exasperated at their lot in life, had left him and taken his son, his clothes and everything else they owned. Now with nothing more to lose, Chris went back to Dean Witter Reynolds wearing the same clothes he had on the day he was arrested, told the truth about why he failed to show up for his last interview, and miraculously got the job.

(a feat that few people are able to achieve), and became a full-fledged employee of the firm, with decent compensation and benefits. For the first time in nearly a year, Chris Gardner and his young son could afford their own food and live in an acceptable home. It didn’t take long for Chris to excel in his new career. Within a few short years, he moved from San Francisco to Wall Street in New York—the Mecca of high finance in America. By 1989 he was ready to go on his own. He founded his own stock brokerage firm, Gardner Rich & Co., in Chicago, Illinois. Soon after that, his decade-long ordeal that began at the parking lot of San Francisco General Hospital came full circle—wearing a custommade business suit and looking like a million dollars, he sat, for the first time in his life, behind the wheel of his own Ferrari (which he bought from the famous basketball legend, Michael Jordan). One day, when Chris got a chance to visit San Francisco again after making it big, he booked a room at a hotel overlooking Union Square, where he and his son had occasionally camped out during those trying times in the early 1980s. He gently parted the drapes and stared at the park below, remembering his humblest of beginnings. Almost unconsciously, he muttered: “Those were the darkest days of my life. I’m ready to let it go.”

Four months into his training, Chris’ girlfriend returned to give him back his son, saying that it was his turn to support the boy, and promptly left again. Chris was overjoyed; he welcomed his son home, not knowing how the two of them could ever get by on his $1,000-a-month trainee salary. Eventually father and son spent the next several months eating at charitable soup kitchens and sleeping wherever they could—in shabby boarding houses, in his office, at parks, and even in a train station bathroom. By day, Chris left his son at day care centers source :





ost people, sadly, have a why bother? Attitude when it comes to taking action against climate Change. Granted, it is a daunting task, one that will take many, many years to take effect and massive scientific, technological and legal upheavals to overcome. But all is not lost. As evidenced by the remarkable achievements and efforts of the people in this list, we can see that even just one person, when fuelled by passion and determination can make giant leaps in the fight against Climate Change. WILLIAM KAMKWAMBA The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, Malawi What would you get if you put together a few spare bicycle parts, a tractor fan blade and an old pair of shock absorbers? Most people will probably end up with a pile of junk, but in 2007, 22 year-old William managed to create a working windmill to bring power and pump water into his impoverished village in Malawi. Having had to quit school at age 14, William’s knowledge of science was self-taught. He was latergiven a scholarship at the elite African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa and has been flown to conferences worldwide to speak about his story. RESIDENTS OF VAUBAN, GERMANY No Cars, No Problem! How many people are prepared to give up their cars for the good of the planet? For the past decade, cars have been banned in most parts of the town of Vauban in Freiburg, Germany. Streets are devoid of vehicles and though Vauban is the most densely populated district of Freiburg, there is almost zero pollution. There are generous green spaces and good public transport links — including fast buses, an efficient tram service an d a myriad of cycle paths. Good job!


OLGA SPERANSKA Scientist and Chemical Safety Warrior, Russia After the fall of Communisim in Russia, there were hundreds of thousands of tons of obsolete pesticides and other chemicals were left behind, poisoning the groundwater, the earth and gradually the animal and human populations. Olga is a physicist and activist devoted to spreading education and awareness about the risks and hammering the government for changes in legislation regarding securing the toxic materials. So far she has educated thousands of people about the dangers of these chemicals and has organized various groups to make their voices louder. EL HIJO DEL SANTO Wrestler and Environmentalist, Mexico In what may seem a whimsical plot for a movie, a star of Mexican free wrestling (called a luchador) decides to use his popularity to fight for the environment and inspire others. This is the story of El Hijo del Santo (“The Son of the Saint”). He is the spokesperson for Wildcoast, a group that protects coastal ecosystems and marine wildlife and one of the projects he is most passionate about is the clean-up of the Tijuana River Valley, between Mexico and the US, from waste and toxic pollution. He know uses his fame to influence other famous people to join his cause These are just regular people like you and me, but what sets them apart is that one day, they decided to take action and despite the overwhelming odds against them, they have indeed made a difference. Sources:,28804,1924149_1924154_1924430,00.html,28804,1924149_1924154_1924432,00.html

Green Life




egetarianism involves the practice of following a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, nuts, and seeds, with or without dairy products or eggs. A vegetarian does not eat meat, including game, poultry, fish, crustacean and shellfish, and may also abstain from by-products of animal slaughter such as animal-derived rennet and gelatin. Some individuals become vegetarians for many reasons. These can include health reasons, keeping with the trend, and religious or moral reasons. For previous meat-eaters going vegetarian is a big lifestyle change thus, making the whole practice a bit of a challenge. For people who have decided to forego meat, keeping it up can be one of the biggest obstacles. Every hopeful vegetarian will have the urge to eat their favorite meat dishes. To avoid this, keep in mind these poor and innocent animals that are being slaughtered for the simple reason of producing mouth-watering burger patties. Another option is to watch videos that show how animals are being maltreated in various slaughterhouses. Though some videos tend to be too graphical, this will eventually help you set aside your craving for animal meat. Another challenge is when a vegetarian decides to eat out or attend a gathering. In most cases, vegetarian food and especially purely vegan meals can be really difficult to find in restaurants or fast food. So before

eating out, you might want to check the restaurant’s menu or reputation when it comes to vegetarian dishes. You may also ask fellow vegetarians for any restaurant or fast food recommendations. Not everyone truly understands the whole concept as well as the need for vegetarianism. At times, vegetarians will have to deal with other people’s comments and open ridicule. But don’t let this bring you down. Think of the many positive things you can gain. The very obvious benefit of which is weight loss. As you notice there are very few vegans who are actually overweight. Aside from that, being vegetarian gives you lots of health benefits such as lower risk in heart disease, high cholesterol diseases and even the risk of getting cancer. Vegetarianism also put you in a position of helping reduce animal killing. You also help reduce environmental problems such as pollution. Being vegetarian requires a lot of discipline, as well as, sacrifice. So the next time you feel shaky in your conviction of keeping up the whole “going vegetarian” practice, remember these simple tips on how you can hold up and the various rewards that you can gain. Try this quick, simple and tasty vegetarian recipe that even a meat lover would love to have:




2 tablespoons oil

1 lb. seitan(wheat meat/ gluten), cut in bite sized pieces

4 medium carrots, peeled and cut in bite sized pieces


DIRECTIONS: 1. Place the carrot and potato pieces in a large pot with the oil. 2. Saute slightly then add the vegetable broth, lemon pepper and thyme. 3. Cook with the lid on the pot until the carrots and potatoes begin to soften.

8 small red potatoes

2 apples washed, cored and cut into eighths

1 & 1/2 cups vegetable broth

5. Mix the mustard and agave together and add to season the broth.

1 tablespoon cornstarch dissolved in a bit of water

6. Dissolve the cornstarch in a bit of water and add to thicken the sauce.

1/4 teaspoon lemon pepper

7. Serve the stew garnished with thyme.

1/2 teaspoon thyme

2 tablespoons mustard

1 tablespoon agave or maple syrup

thyme sprigs as optional garnish

4. Add the seitan pieces and apple slices.





The Garden is the third studio album by Zero 7. Their genre of downtempo musical with compositions from Henry Binns, Sam Hardaker will get you through the day tapping or snapping your fingers with whatever mood you may be in.


Zero 7 have created what could be the decisive summer evening record: hot pop hooks, lush instrumentation, unobtrusive electronica elements, and of course the ‘60s-style harmonies that all come together into superb, wonderfully descriptive songs featuring Sia Furler and Jose Gonzales

Unlike any traditional Tennis Players, Venus Williams along with her younger sister Serena had always mentioned that Tennis is not forever. True enough, our body will never function the way it did a year or two ago. So, what comes after Tennis for them?

The album was released in 22 May 2006 in the United Kingdom and was warmly received by hardcore downtempo enthusiasts who highly praise the album and according to UK’s biggest music magazine ‘They have stretched their wings’

MUST SEE: 127 Hours by Danny Boyle

From the Director of Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle brings to life the story of mountain climber Aron Ralston. Based on Ralston’s autobiography, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, James Franco plays the character of Aron Ralston. The movie is about Ralston who went out on his regular mountain climbing spree only to find himself accidentally getting pinned by a boulder which collapsed on top of him and landed right down on his right arm. In this film, movie watchers will be inspired by how Ralston withstood 127 hours of challenge from starvation, cold, loneliness and the power of will. On your seat, you will be turning from side to side with your palms on your lips as the movie will keep you wondering about what he might do next to try free himself. The movie will not only demonstrate on what we can do with a focused mind but even demonstrates the actions we do when we need to survive.

Come to Win by Venus Williams

With Come to Win, Venus Williams a multiply Grand Slam Champion and entrepreneur along with an esteemed group of business leaders, politicians, and acclaimed artists, serves up a book of wisdom that shows how to turn a competitive spirit and athletic background into success off the playing field. With skills and determination, Venus has become a legend in sports but how will that help her come smashing into her post-tennis career? For Inspiration, Venus turned to almost 50 business leaders, politicians, doctors and artists who have once played competitive sports and who are now at the top of their game and asked them the essential questions: What main beliefs inspired you toward success in life and in business? – The book along with an A-list group of visionaries will show you just how they came on top with the help of sports.

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EDUCATION is a human right, then what?

n December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopts and proclaims the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 26 states “Everyone has the right to education.” In 2010, the worldwide illiteracy rate is 16.5% according to the UNESCO Institute of Statistics.

RYTHM sets education as the prime focus Founded on the vision of “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind”, RYTHM Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Arm of the QI Group, has set out with a solution that will never fail – education. It has identified education as the prime focus in our goal to break the poverty cycle in developing countries in Asia. Dato’ Vijay Eswaran, Founder of RYTHM Foundation, is a firm believer in education. “Education is to generate wealth to a mind of the future that is long-term and transferrable to the generations ahead. It is a true wealth that no one can take away”, Dato’ Vijay shared with the employees of the Hong Kong QI headquarters. RYTHM Foundation combats illiteracy Since its inception, RYTHM Foundation has funded hundreds of children to receive education through worldwide partner organizations in Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tajikistan. Better Nepal Foundation 31% of Nepal’s 28-million population lives below the poverty line. Food is scarce, and so is education. The Better

Nepal Foundation, founded by Emmanuel Kurian, is a non-profit organisation established in 2003 to help disabled, orphaned and street children, and abused women in Nepal. Through BNF, RYTHM Foundation has committed to supporting 21 children residing in an orphanage in Kathmandu and now provides the necessary resources to nurture their holistic growth. They are given the opportunity to receive comprehensive education at a private English school and are taught to be responsible, self-reliant and to acquire a sense of good citizenship. Future Footprints Mentorship Programme The RYTHM Foundation encourages its employees to develop responsibility and stewardship. Hence, the Footprints Mentorship Programme was created to be a bridge between corporate staff and underprivileged children worldwide. It allows informal education through oneon-one experience sharing, coaching and regular interaction. The staff mentor plays the role of a coach to provide the care and love the children need. Footprints was piloted in Malaysia and will be launched worldwide in 6 offices of the QI Group in 2011. QNet continues to pay care forward with RYTHM RYTHM Foundation, together with QNet, continues the QNet Pays Forward (QNPF) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects across seven countries: Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and UAE.

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