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Issue 9 Spring 2014

Quack & Tweet News from Aylesbury Area Disabled Club

Registered Charity No. 289068


President: Freda Roberts MBE Vice President: Mr Derek Rolfe.

LETTER FROM EDITOR Dear Friends I hope you are all keeping well and the winter has not been too unkind to all of our members. I hope that you all stayed safe during all of the floods that we had at the beginning of the year. As this is a beginning of a new year for the club I would like to thank Rob Bleasdale for his help and support as Vice Chairman last year and wish him well with his studies. I would also like to welcome back all of the committee for another years’ service. The club has got off to a flying start with club representation at both the regional bowls and snooker tournaments. We have also got off to a good start with both kurling teams both winning one match and losing one. As always I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to send items in for this edition. Please remember this is the clubs magazine and if you have anything that you wish to share with other members please send these to us at the usual address. Mandy Oxlade 16 Barbel Close Earley Reading RG6 1AQ Email:


A.G.M 6th March 2014 On attending the clubs AGM it was very disappointing to hear our president Freda Roberts comments, she was very surprised that there was so few members there. It is true that there were a few with acceptable reasons, but I feel it’s a great shame that so many of our club members cannot or do not want to make an effort to attend. The club is for all of us and without it so many of us would have a completely different way of life. Please think about supporting the club and the committee. They all work very hard for you all. Val king AGM AWARDS As you are all aware there are always a couple of awards that are presented at the AGM. These are for services to the club and achievement. This year there was a new award which was the Tony Hawkins Memorial. This award was for person who won the most medals throughout the sports season. The Mike Downey cup had joint winners this year and these were Robert Bleasdale and Lin Smith. The Rose Bowl was won by Jenny Cox The Tony Hawkins memorial Trophy was won by Mandy Oxlade

Membership Renewal of membership is due on 1st April. Please see me on club nights or send your renewal payment by cheque or P.O. made out to me at the address below. Thank you. Membership rates are as follows:Disabled Membership Single £12.00 Joint £20.00 Family (up to 4) £30.00 Friends of AADC Single Joint Family (up to 4)

£10.00 £15.00 £22.50

Please be aware that your current membership card will continue to be valid AFTER renewal. Thank you for your support during the past year. We look forward to welcoming you to the club during 2014/15. Mrs Lin Smith Secretary AADC 21 Ashbourne End Aylesbury HP21 8BE


Welfare Milestone Birthdays

Happy 70th Birthday to Stuart Banks as he celebrates on April 19th, Also many happy returns to John White on his 50th Birthday on May 14th, Carole Bennett will be 60 on June 3rd, hope you have a good day Carole, Happy 50th Birthday to Sally Poulson on June 16th. Best wishes to any club member who celebrates a Birthday soon.

Our thoughts are with Vivien Jones, her mother is not well and they have had a difficult time recently. Pat Batten is due to go into hospital soon for an operation, hope all goes well for you Pat. It was great to see you both at the Christmas dinner. Best wishes to Linda Green, after her recent operation; look forward to seeing you at the club when you are better Linda. Lin Smith has been in hospital recently, wishing you a speedy recovery Lin please look after yourself and rest until you are better. If anyone knows of a club member is unwell please let me know so We can send Get Well wishes to them. I can be contacted on 01296 712889. D.W.

Wanted:Clean plastic milk container tops, these can be used by The Air Ambulance Service� to raise money. Only plastic milk containers tops can be used. Please give them to Diane White. Thank You.

Money in the Kitty (Or piggy bank!)

On Saturday, Mike and I travelled to Abingdon to a very important meeting being held at the Community Centre on the edge of town. There, we met around 80 people, from 35 different Clubs, Associations, Village stores and Brownie Packs etc and we were all hoping to get some money from Sovereign Housing Trust for our various good causes. Each of us had the opportunity to speak to the room about our cause and what we wanted the money for. My speech was 15th on the list. At the end of the session, we all had 5 votes for who should get awarded the money they had asked for. Needless to say we were not allowed to vote for ourselves. Whilst making short work of a good buffet lunch, the votes were counted by a panel of officials and the waiting seemed to go on forever. About half an hour behind schedule the counting was over and the results were read out and I’m pleased to say that we were awarded £1,000. This made the day well worthwhile, and I hope the event takes place again next year. If it does, I shall make sure I am there!


ESKDALE ROAD CHRISTMAS PARTY A big thank you to all our committee members for the hard work in making the evening such a success. It was really nice to see so many members enjoying themselves. It really makes it all so worthwhile. Cannot wait for the next one. CHRISTMAS DINNER AT THE CHARTER Once again Diane Everest has organised another memorable evening. I can’t thank her enough, as this meal brings so many members, their families and friends together. We all had a lovely meal and a great time together. Roll on Christmas 2014. MIKE KING CHAIRMAN KATIES JOKE Why are fish so easy to weigh? They have their own scales!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE AT AADC I intended writing this article for the next newsletter before Christmas to especially say a big “thank you� to our Chairman, Mike King; Secretary, Lin Smith; Treasurer, Steve Everest and their band of merry helpers for the great Christmas Party we had this year. I cannot remember so many people being present in previous years and the atmosphere was so good. Thank you Committee. Then we have to thank Diane Everest for organising our Christmas Dinner at The Charter again this year. The meal was very good and so many members attended this outing. Thank you Diane. Another reason for writing is, as you all know, I am making another trip to my family in Australia in January, hopefully to find some sunshine and miss the wintery weather here. I shall be away for a few weeks and hope to do some travelling while I am still able. I will try to send you some news and update you. Meanwhile, again, I send my good wishes for the New Year and hope that 2014 will be kind to us and bring us good health, happiness and peace. Keep up the good work at AADC. Jeanne Ware

Wooden Models for Sale One of our members, John White makes fascinating models from wood. They are very intricate and take a lot of work and time to make. If you would be interested in seeing the models and maybe buying one, please contact John on 07500148152 John has agreed to give a percentage of any money he earns to the club

Christmas Card Donations

The donations given in lieu of buying Christmas cards raised over ÂŁ100. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Good Luck Rob Best wishes to Rob Bleasdale who is studying for a degree as well as holding down a full time job. Due to the time this takes we will not be seeing Rob as much at club events and swimming for a while. He is also standing down as Vice Chairman. We wish you well Rob. We look forward to seeing you when time and study allows. Don’t forget to get your homework in on time! Do you still have to give the teacher an apple or am I showing my age?? D.W.

Nice to see you. The swimmers had a lovely surprise when Pauline started swimming again recently. It was good to see you Pauline and her daughter Karen. As you may remember Pauling has been unwell recently and it super to see her at swimming. Hope you enjoyed your recent Birthday Pauline. Handy Hint for swimmers :- as the floor in the changing rooms and leading to the pool can often be very wet and slippery, may I suggest swimming wear flip flops or similar footwear to try and stop them from slipping or falling over. Also a big thank you to Jim who is working so hard at looking after us all at swimming. D.W.

Easy Soup Recipe 3 Tin Soup 1 x large tin tomatoes 1x large tin baked beans 1 x tin of carrots 2 pickled onions Vegetable stock , about a pint. Put all ingredients into a saucepan Add Stock Simmer for 10 minutes. Blend, when cool to chosen thickness. Enjoy. D.W.

WARNING! DRIVING LICENCES Thought I should warn our members that there is a scam on driving licences/passports etc. I have just been caught and lost ÂŁ80 which I thought was exorbitant anyway. The address is the rogue website and apparently there has been news on TV and in the papers about this. Unfortunately I did not see it. Jeannie Ware

Sports Round Up The sports team have been back in action. We have had small teams at both the regional Bowls on the 23rd February and the Regional Snooker tournament which took place on 22nd March. At the Bowls we had two medal winners with Derek Rolfe coming 3rd and John White coming 4th. The other members of the team were Mandy Oxlade, Cass Evett, Chris Baker and myself. At the regional snooker which took place at Reading there was a team of 7 members that took part. The team were very successful. We had medal winners in all groups. The results are as follows. Group 2 John White Bronze Mandy Oxlade Bronze Group 3 & 4 Chris Brown Bronze Group 5 & 6 Chris Baker Silver Plate Michael Everest Sliver Mark Jordan Bronze The winner of the Stephen Barber trophy was Mandy Oxlade and the winner of the David Joyce trophy was John White. Chris Brown



On Friday 21 February Helen and I went with 10 other members of Aylesbury Area Disabled Club to Maidenhead for an evening of New Age Kurling. (Not on ice!).

Such a good turn out from our club. Due to the good turnout 3 matches were played. The teams were made up of a mix of Maidenhead and Aylesbury members. Poor Steve Everest got partnered with me; I have only played twice before! We did not completely disgrace ourselves; we came joint 3rd out of 4 teams!! It was not about winning it was a good fun evening. We are having some “Home” matches, see newsletter for details. Some are “friendly” matches and some are league matches. Speak to Chris Brown for more details please come and support your club at these matches, you may get a chance to have a go yourself. Tea and coffee available. They are held at Stoke Mandeville Community Centre, the same place we have the socials but in a different room. Look forward to seeing you, come and join in the fun. D.W. Try to care and not Judge. Sometimes we have to make decisions in our lives, That others may not think are good or wise. Offer a hug or a hand, And try to understand. Not everything in life goes as planned. Sometimes we all have heartache that is hard to bear, When we need someone to show that they care. Remember those people who are hurting and sad. Remember their good and not what we may think of as bad. By C. G.

UPDATE FROM DOWN UNDER Firstly I have been concerned at the terrible flooding even in your area and feel so sad for the people involved whose homes have been destroyed. Thankfully, the latest news coming out of the UK is that the weather is better. Some sunny days, and spring flowers appearing. This must be an uplift for you all. I have been having the most marvellous time here and certainly enjoying the outdoor lifestyle. Naturally, it has been so good to be spending time with my family. I spent a week up the coast at Port Stephens which was lovely. I saw the dolphins when crossing the water on the ferries and the pelicans and managed to get some good pictures. I then meet up with a lady that I travelled out here with and spent the day sightseeing. We saw some spectacular places. The Opera House, the Bridge, The lovely ocean liners in the quay. Darling Harbour, including the famous Chinese Garden, etc. In between I have been playing bowls at a big club just off the beach which has two very good bowling greens. This week we are off to Melbourne for 4 nights to meet up with my nephew and his family. I am also taking a short cruise up the Australian coast to the Barrier Reef. I will be back in the UK at the end of March. Jeanne Ware

HELLO EVERYONE! Just want to say Hi to you all as Christmas passed in a sort of blur .I had the privilege of spending three weeks in the Antarctic in November/December and came home in nice time to write and send Christmas Cards. But after looking after a poorly elderly friend for a day we caught a sickness/ Diarrhoea bug from him and were “out of it” for the next few days. We did get our appetites back just in time for Christmas Day but very few people got Christmas cards – so Sorry for that. It was lovely to come and share the Fish and Chip Supper in October and get such a warm welcome - it was well worth the Very belated best wishes to all for 2014. Ruth Allcock xx

SOME INTERESTING FACTS It takes GLASS one million years to decompose which means it never wears out and can be recycled an infinite amount of times. GOLD is the only metal that doesn’t rust, even if buried in the ground for thousands of years. Your TONGUE is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only one end. If you stop getting THIRSTY, you need to drink more liquid. When a human body is dehydrated its thirst mechanism shuts off. Each year 2.000.000 SMOKERS either quit or die of tobacco related diseases. ZERO is the only number that cannot be represented by roman numerals. KITES were used in the American Civil War to deliver letters and newspapers. The song, AULD LANG SYNE, is sung at the stroke of midnight in almost every English speaking country in the world to bring in the New Year. DRINKING water after eating reduces the acid in your mouth by 61% PEANUT OIL is used for cooking in submarines because it doesn’t smoke unless it is heated above 450F. The ROAR that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear. The TOOTH is the only part of the body that cannot heal itself. In ancient GREECE, tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal of marriage. Catching it meant she accepted. The MILITARY salute is a motion that evolved from medieval times, when knights in armour raised their visors to reveal their identity. AVOCADOS have the highest calories of any fruit at 167 calories per hundred grams. The EARTH gets 100 tons heavier every day due to falling space dust.

(And you thought at our ages we knew it all.) Pat Gray

ANSWER TO QUIZ IN LAST ISSUE Sad to say I haven’t received a single entry to the quiz in Issue 8. Was the quiz too difficult or don’t you like quizzes? For anyone interested, the answer is ‘Nothing’.

Nothing is greater than God Nothing is more evil than the devil The poor have nothing The rich need nothing If you eat nothing, you die. Now that wasn’t so hard was it?

Lin Smith.

STOP PRESS.... I have received a late entry to my quiz! Congratulations go to Diane White who sent me an email with the correct answer. Well done Diane, your prize will be with you as soon as possible. Lin

SLIMMING WORLD Discover the amazing you

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BUCKINGHAM PARK FRIDAY 9.30.-11am Community Centre, Jubilee Square, Prince Rupert Drive Buckingham Park. Aylesbury HP19 9AD Call Bernie: 01296 714334 Mobile: 07896 279600 Email:


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Aadc spring newsletter 2014  
Aadc spring newsletter 2014