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Urban By  Ayla  –Starr  Gower  

•  City   •  Street   •  Culture   •  Different  

•  Crime •  Crowds     •  Shops   •  Graffi=   •  Violence  

Defini=on of  Urban   •  1.  Of,  rela=ng  to,  or  located  in  a  city.   •  2.  Characteris=c  of  the  city  or  city  life.  

Joey Bieber   I  like  this  photo  as  it  shows   different  areas  of  a  building   collaged  into  one  photograph   showing  the  different  angles  I   also  like  brightness  and  the  day   =me  joey  bieber  takes  the  photo   in.  

I liked  this  photo  the  best  as  it   shows  London  city  life  with   the  buildings  and  a  busy  travel   life.   When  taking  this  photo  I   angled  the  photo  to  show  the   dimensions  of  the  photo.    

Projec=on Photographs   Using  building  blocks  

Evalua=on   When  choosing  the  final  photo,  I  put  in  to  perspec=ve  the  angle  and   mainly  emphasizing  the  height  of  the  building  this  means  that  I  angled  the   camera  lower  than  normal.  I  like  the  way  that  you  can  see  many  buildings   with  cars  and  traffic  lights  really  shows  the  urban  side.  My  photo  is   correctly  exposed  but  I  think  that  it  could  be  beRer  as  some  parts  of  the   photograph  could  be  a  bit  more  exposure  to  add  some  brightness  chose   to  edit  my  final  photograph  with  colour  as  it  shows  the  urban  side  not   giving  the  photograph  a  old  feel.  

Urban Presentation  

Urban Presntation project

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