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Relative clause Object

SubjecDot , Verb ,


Phrase/Clause (P/C)













4.Time 5.Reason(or)Purpose

Examples of underline are noun phrase ,adjective phrase and adverb phrases. I hit the dog with white color. The girl with red shirt is my sister. Adjective Phrase The flowers made up of plastic are last longer.

She is good in health. Adverb phrase I will visit to my uncle(Direction) by car(Manner) in Rangoon(Place) next months(Time) for the university application.(Reason or Purpose)

Relative Clause 1: Clause that who/that/which Verb ႏွစ္ခုပါေသာစာေၾကာင္းႏွစ္ေၾကာင္းကို share ျပီး၀ါက်တစ္ေၾကာင္း ထဲျဖစ္ေအာင္ ေရးပါက relative clause ဟုေခၚသည္။ My friend lives in Rangoon.It is the capital of Myanmar. My friend lives in Rangoon which is the capital of Myanmar. လူ(သို႔မဟုတ္)အရာ၀တၳဳ၏အေၾကာင္းအရာကိုသိသာထင္ရွားေအာင္၊ ပိုျပီးေလးနက္ေအာင္ေျပာခ်င္ရင္လဲ relative pronoun ျဖစ္ေသာ who,that,which ကိုၾကားတြင္ခံျပီးသံုးပါသည္။ ဥပမာThe child that lives next street is my student. The girl who are working in the clinic is my sister.

လူကိုအထူးျပဳေျပာခ်င္ရင္ relative pronoun ျဖစ္ေသာ who ကိုသံုးပါသည္။တစ္ခါတစ္ရံ that ကိုလည္းသံုးလို႔ရပါသည္။ The woman who/that cooks go the tasty curry for us is my mother. အရာ၀တၳဳေတြကိုေျပာတဲ့အခါ that ႏွင့္ which ကိုသံုးပါသည္။ The USB data cable which/that I bought last week is not compatible with my computer. The dog that is playing with the children is my pet. That သည္ which ထက္ပိုျပီး အသံုးမ်ားပါသည္။သိုေသာ္တစ္ခါတစ္ရံ which ကိုပဲသံုးရမည့္ အခါလည္းရွိပါသည္။ What သည္ the things(s) that ႏွင့္တူသည္။what ေရွ့တြင္ဘာမွထည့္ေပးစရာမလိုပါ။ That ေရွ့တင ြ ္ the thing(s) ကိုထည့္ေပးရသည္။ E.g.You can choose what you like. You can choose the bag that you like. Relative clauses2: Clause with and without who/that/which Relative pronoun ျဖစ္ေသာ who/that/which သည္ subject ကိုအထူးျပဳလ်င္ျဖဳတ္လို႔မရပါ။ Jane is our headmaster who graduated from Harvard University.

My friend gave something which is the planner book as a birthday present. သုိ႔ေသာ္ object ကိုအထူးျပဳေသာ relative pronoun ျဖစ္ေသာ who/that/which ကုိျဖဳတ္လို႔ရပါသည္။ ဥပမာThe question I answered in the exam is correct. The book I lent yesterday is the famous novel. The word you don’t need can leave it out. Where is the slipper I wore yesterday? Leave it out=omit=ျမွဳပ္ထားသည္။ Relative clause တြင္ပါေသာ verb ရဲ့ေနာက္မွကပ္လ်က္ပါသည့္ preposition(in/for/to) ကိုျဖဳတ္လို႔မရပါ။ Do you know the woman (who/that)Tom is talking to? I didn’t get the job I applied for. Who was the girl I saw you with in the coffee shop? What’s the name of the university you told me about? တစ္ခါတစ္ရံwhat ကိုသံုးလို႔မရေသာအခါမ်ားကိုလဲေတြ႔ရသည္။ Everything (that)they said was true. I won’t be able to do much,but I’ll do the best ( that) I can.

၄င္း that ေနရာတြင္ what ကိုထည့္ေရးလို႔မရပါ။what ေရွ့တင ြ ္ the thing(s) ဟု အဓိပါယ္ပါျပီးလုိ႔ျဖစ္ပါတယ္။

Relative Clause  

It is a explanation of realtive claue.

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