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Boom Boom PO– Black Eyed Peas


Party in the Cabinet– Miley Cyrus

Smells Like YIG Spirit– Nirvana



ph s a r g Auto a n d a c ts co n t 7

The Aardvark Uunderground was a collaborative project of the Fort Myers High School Press Corps, and other helpful delegates. A big thank you to all of the contributors: Jessica Naimo, Tirzah Brown, Alexia M’ Bark, Emily Hardy, Codi Fahnlander, Michelle Barrow, David Barrow, Rachel de la Torre, Nick Betancourt, Erin MacArthur, Alyssa Nieves and Viktor Mak. A special thank you to Alex Fahnlander, for her amazing cover art, Emma Joslyn for constant help and enthusiasm, Lindsay Smith for helping harvest the original brainchild, Samantha Lane, and the 2010-2009 POs. Mostly, thank you for reading, Jessica Ayers Editor


The Aardvark Uunderground  

YIG Zine- published 2010

The Aardvark Uunderground  

YIG Zine- published 2010