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What Happens After JYIG? Kylie Werk - Villa 4 After Junior YIG, there’s even more Youth In Government fun! As a rising high school freshman and a Jr. YIG alumni, you have the opportunity to participate in the legislative or judicial branch, as well as the Press Corps. or lobby branch at Sr. YIG state assembly. This is a lucky opportunity, considering first year Sr. YIG delegates can only participate in legislative or judicial if they are not a Jr. YIG alumni. At State Assembly, the legislative branch is divided into three chambers: Bowen, Sullivan, and Williams. As a rising Jr. YIG alumni, you are automatically bumped to the Sullivan chamber, the House of Representatives chamber. The Williams chamber, the Senate chamber, is for second and third year Sr. YIG delegates. In the legislative branch, you will create and debate bills just like at Jr. YIG! The judicial branch is also divided. Delegates serve in either the Supreme Court of District Court, and their place is decided by their year in school and experience. As a judicial delegate in the District Court, you will argue and support cases, and when you advance to the Supreme Court you argue cases in front of a team of student justices.

Page Program

Savannah Hall - Villa 3 Pages are eighth grade delegates who cannot wait to attend Sr. YIG State Assembly. Pages work primarily in the House of Representatives and the Senate, acting as a line of communication not only to legislative chambers, but to all program areas. When I first found out I was going to be a page at State Assembly, my expectations were high. Those expectations ended up being fully met. It was a lot of fun getting to walk in the House and Senate. My favorite part about the whole thing was during lunch on Saturday. We were able to go to the top floor of the State Capitol. If I could, I would go back and do it again, just to have the chance to read everybody’s notes. Those were the best. If you are interested in the Page Program, please speak to your chapter advisor or High School Mentor.

In This Issue: -Quidditch: The Game of Winners -The Unsinkable Devin Platt

-Mandatory Fun

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MAY 28, 2011!




Quidditch: The Game of Winners Hagan Gary - Villa 2

Quidditch is an extraordinary sport in the wizarding world. It is an airborne sport played on brooms. The game is played with two bludgers, who try and strike aggressive spheres at players in hopes to hit them and immobilize them. The offensive players of the game just use a big red ball (called the Quaffle) with dents in it for grip. These players try to throw the Quaffle in three hoops. These hoops are guarded by the keeper.There is one extraordinary player who could be the difference between victory and total defeat.

Now that we have the basics down, lets hear about the latest Quidditch news! Last week, Katie Bell scored seventy points in the championship Quidditch match. Harry Potter, The Chosen One, caught the golden snitch with a final score of Slytherin, 53, and Gryffindor, 172. Yesterday, Viktor Krum caught the snitch to win the world cup against Ireland. Yes, there are only three more days until next year’s picks. I am Hagan “Magic Quill” Gary, your Sports Editor for The Daily Prophet. Have fun playing Quidditch!

The Unsinkable Devin Platt Evan Budd - Villa 1 During the past year, the

School Mentor Devin Platt, put

members will walk away with an

vets of the Jr. YIG program

our raft in the pool, we believed

equally memorable experience

received plenty of new and

we had built an acceptable raft. 

locked in their mind.

interesting memories and

Our dreams were crushed

experiences. From the night time

however, when Devin got onto

patrol by Graduate Advisor Aro

the raft.  No memory can or will

Beatty, to the flag making and

ever replace the image in my

various debates, we all have a lot

mind of Devin’s face when

to remember.

nearly every balloon popped

Nothing of the past year

and he realized that he had to

came close to the making of each

swim across the pool on 5 or 6

villa’s balloon raft.  Each villa


teamed up to make a raft out of

This by far made the YIG

nothing but balloons and tape. 

trip the most memorable event I’ve

When my villa, headed by High

ever been to. Hopefully many new

MAY 28, 2011!

Above: Platt participates in the notorious balloon race in 2010.




WHAT’S AFTER JYIG? CONT. You may also want to participate in the

The final branch of Sr. YIG is the executive

Lobbyist program. As a lobbyist, you can make or break a legislation. Lobbyists represent clients

branch. Unfortunately, you don’t just decide to be in the executive branch; one must be elected or

and assist them in all aspects of getting their

chosen to be in the executive branch as a

legislation through the House and Senate and in

presiding officer position or supporting officer

front of the Executive Cabinet. Also, Lobbyist

position. The executive branch helps lead the rest

firms could be hired to take on special

of the program, along with passing or killing the

assignments as directed by the Youth Governor.

final bills made to the cabinet. The executive

In press corps, you become a journalist! It’s your job to experience, react, and report the happenings of State Assembly in the daily

branch helps set the tone for the entire state assembly. So if you’re a rising high school freshman

newspaper, Capitol Briefings, and our blog, The Page Note. Also as a journalist, it’s your job to

and you’re worried Sr. YIG can’t be as fun as Jr. YIG, you have nothing to worry about! Sr. YIG has

bring publicity to your local delegation by securing

program areas for everyone’s tastes and you’re

media coverage in school and community

guaranteed to have a fantastic time!

newspapers, radio, and television.

MANDATORY FUN Reagan Scheck - Villa 3

Mandatory fun lived up to all delegates’ expectations this weekend. Lisa Patterson said, “I had so much fun at mando fun! I loved my team. It was the best.” There were so many activities to do such as penny drop, balloon pop, foot cookies, balloon sandwich, hug attack, and the paper airplane. Capucine Brouillet said, “I loved all of the games. My favorite was the balloon sandwich.” After the mando fun relays, everyone went back into their villa groups and made a raft out of balloons. We then took the rafts to the pool and one mentor from each villa jumped on their raft and had to swim across the pool the fastest. Villa one won and received house points. MAY 28, 2011!

Above: Villa one constructs their balloon raft.



Ravenclaw: Mostly A’s You are witty, intelligent,


Hufflepuff: Mostly B’s Hufflepuff members value

and creative. Your house

hard work, patience, friendship,

colors are blue and bronze.

and fair play. You are a

Your house animal is a raven.

relatively good finder. Your

You consider all aspects of the

house colors are yellow and

problem and try to arrive at the most logical answer. Perhaps a good place for

black. Your house animal is the badger. Use your willingness to help others in Lobbying or the Press Corps.

you is in Judicial or Press Corps.

Gryffindor: Mostly C’s You are brave in the face

Slytherin: Mostly D’s You are ambitious and

of danger. You are very

slightly evil. You seek power

chivalrous and will stand up

and always try to get your

for your beliefs and friends.

way. Your house colors are

Your house colors are red and

green and silver. Your house

gold. Your house animal is the

animal is a serpent. You might

lion. Your favorite class is

want to use your ambitious

transfiguration. You might be a

nature to run for a SO or PO

good legislator or press

position or the Press Corps.


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MAY 28, 2011!

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