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Hello!  I'm Ayşe BİLEN. Responsible of Business Development in AIESEC Kocaeli, TURKEY. We have great experience for you.


and it is Astim

About Astim:  Here

is your TN Code ; TN-In-TR-KU2013-2853

Helping for establishing relationships with partners and searching for new customers which is working on related sector.

Preparing report on issues, where we can improve to become more acceptable to international market.

Identification of Target companies, industries and key stakeholders from CRM and other methods. Conducting market research using a variety of research techniques-telephone, written, online, forum.

Identifying sales opportunities during a call, promoting the service and solutions as appropriate. Analysis and documentation of results and presenting findings to business stakeholders.

Create the import plans for the company and sustain it for the future good of the business with the import&export specialist.

About AIESEC Kocaeli in Turkey ;


Kocaeli is a bay city which has sea side both to Marmara and Blacksea and near to Istanbul.Our city is biggest Industrial City in Turkey. Our LC has a reputation about Exchange Quality too.It is really good chance to learn Turkish Culture and develop your skills.

You can apply till 3 March !


are waiting for you.



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