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september/october 2006

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94 A Mexican Love Story Beginning with mutual devotion and a passion for healthy living, the creation of Rancho La Puerta — a prototype for what we now call a “destination spa”— is an epic tale. BY SHARI MYCEK PHOTOGRAPHS BY ERICKA McCONNELL 104 Arizona’s Comfort Zone The Phoenix/ Scottsdale area is becoming the Southwest’s undisputed resort spa paradise, offering luxury, variety, renewal, and sunshine — in a spectacular landscape — year-round. BY BOB COOPER

112 A Taste of the Good Life Touring the hippest retreats in the land down under turns up a surprisingly gourmet — and life-affirming — take on healthy spa cuisine. BY ADAM SKOLNICK 120 Forever Beautiful Finally, an owner’s manual for your skin. Here’s what the experts say it takes to maintain a gorgeous, healthy complexion and look your absolute best through your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. BY MARY BEMIS COVER STORIES RELAX & REVIVE Spa News, 26; Bathing in Tuscany, 46; A Mexican Love Story, 94; Arizona’s Comfort Zone, 104; A Taste of the Good Life, 112 AMERICA’S TOP RESORT SPA HAVEN 104 5 FABULOUS FITNESS RETREATS 34 SOUL-SHAKING SPA CUISINE 112 SKIN SECRETS FOR EVERY AGE 120 SLEEP TO SLIM DOWN 90 ON THE COVER: MODEL MEGAN RALOFF PHOTOGRAPHED AT RANCHO LA PUERTA BY ERICKA McCONNELL. MAKEUP BY DYG MINERAL MAKEUP. CLOTHING BY ALICE + OLIVIA. FOR DETAILS, SEE THE SOURCE, PAGE 151.


september/october 2006

72 travel 26 Spa News

A Highland fling in Scotland; Connecticut’s blooming Mayflower Spa; jazzy New Orleans revival; a guy thing in California; five fab fitness getaways; soulful spafari in Bhutan; luxurious layovers; and more.

46 Bathing in Tuscany In the heart of Italy, a chic, sexy crowd is experiencing “New Thermalism” at Adler Thermae Spa & Wellness Resort. BY SHARI MYCEK

renewal 52 Sweet Surrender

Are you ready to revisit renewal? These delightful, innovative treatments re-ignite wellness and restore vitality — inside and out. BY MARY BEMIS

60 Spa Trends Rejuvenating hand therapies; bling for radiant skin; Fiji water pours new life into treatments; and more.


66 Beauty Notes Bare necessity for legs; smoldering fall eyes; earthy organic skincare; a recipe to treat your feet; and more.

72 Twice as Nice A selection of precious products —


with multiple benefits — that will have you seeing double. BY MELISSA EATOUGH

living well 74 Yoga for the Home

Optimize your abode and let nature’s positive energies support you by incorporating the principles of vastu, the science of architecture described in ancient Hindu scriptures.


80 Fitness News A try at triathlon training; chi walking to balance the body and mind; and yoga tips for weight loss. 86 Health Report Feasts for the skin; coffee and conviction; slimming slumber; and red wine for prettier legs. 92 Tuning In Channel the power of sound and tune your inner frequency to better health and well-being. BY CONSTANCE HART

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Discover the South Pacific secret for beautiful skin and hair For centuries South Pacific Islanders have used pure coconut oil and flower extracts to nourish, moisturize and beautify both skin and hair. Pure Fiji brings you the best othese traditional blends for today's natural bath and body care. Discover

Nancy Maul

Celeste Giuffre, Eva McGrath


nourishing body oils, creamy coconut lotions, fresh sugar rubs, coconut crème scrubs, soothing dilo gel and a facial line with powerful plant actives for targeted facial care solutions.







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Well deserved indulgence. Stay at Sun Village Resort & Spa, Cofresi starting from US$95.00 per person, per night*, and receive a $50 Spa credit towards any Spa Treatment during your stay! To book your stay, contact Sun Village Resorts at 800.941.6750, or visit us online at *Minimum stay 5 nights, based on double occupancy.

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letter from the editor


hat’s the secret to staying happy, healthy, and vibrant? Some would say it’s being flexible in attitude and remaining physically active. For others, it’s laughing often, taking time to stop and smell the flowers, and loving fully. When speaking with Rancho La Puerta’s co-founder, Deborah Szekely, on assignment to write “A Mexican Love Story” (page 94), contributor Shari Mycek discovered that for this very healthy 84-year-old, it’s about “always changing,” a philosophy she learned from her husband, Edmond. Deborah also believes

Wonderful advice that we can all certainly begin to heed a little more as each day, week, month, and year passes. Another contributor, Adam Skolnick, found that the secret is feeding the soul — with food that seems to break all the “rules” of healthy cuisine. While visiting three spas in Australia, he came to the conclusion that when meals are full of flavor and bursting with life they enrich much more than the body. Chef Todd Cameron, the mastermind behind the cuisine at the just-opened Gaia Retreat & Spa, doesn’t worry so much about calories; he believes his dishes are healthy because the ingredients from which he crafts them are fresh, locally grown, and packed with life-supporting, wholesome nutrients. Explore this “culinary therapy” in Adam’s story, “A Taste of the Good Life,” beginning on page 112. Personally, I believe it’s a combination of all the above — continually nourishing the body, mind, and spirit while staying centered in life. Turn to page 92 for “Tuning In,” which includes a therapeutic sound toning exercise you can do at home to help you toward this end. Here’s to being happy and living life to its fullest! —JULIE SINCLAIR, EDITOR@SPAMAGAZINE.COM


it’s important to ensure that every moment of your life is spent doing things that you actually enjoy.


One to thrive on variety, New York City native Mary Bemis was in her element researching “Sweet Surrender”and cites “sampling spa treatments at properties as diverse as their spa menus” as a highlight. An esteemed pundit of the healing arts, she has been a devotee since childhood. “I concocted oatmeal facial masques as a kid,” she admits. Reporting on the spa world for over 10 years, Bemis considers many in it as close as family. Along with contributing to numerous periodicals including NewBeauty and Massage & Bodywork magazines, she is creator of


It’s the nurturing atmosphere of spas that health-and-fitness scribe Isabelle Gullö (see “Five Fabulous Fitness Getaways”) revels in. “I love the scents, the quietness,” she says. Leaving Sweden, her homeland, for Santa Barbara, California, 14 years ago, Gullö delights in the ability to run and hike — sans long underwear. Busy with her first book, geared toward teenage girls, Gullö still finds time to write for Spa regularly. You’ll also see her work in Health, Shape, Islands, and PilatesStyle.

“I want to marry an Australian woman and move to Byron Bay,” confides Santa Monica, California–based Adam Skolnick on returning from his recent Spa assignment down under, “or at least accomplish one of the two.” His contributions this issue (“A Taste of the Good Life” and “Yoga for the Home”) were new territory for him. “I hadn’t written about food or home design before,” he says. An environmental activist before turning to the written word, he views the ability to travel as his main talent, joking, “Essentially, I have no marketable skills.” Skolnick also contributes to Outside, Travel + Leisure, Wired, and Robb Report.

ask the editors

Are there any spas that treat cancer? A number of medical spa facilities connected with hospitals specialize in integrative oncology — an approach to combating the disease that incorporates Western medicine, alternative methods, and complementary healthcare. One such center is Sanoviv Medical Institute ( in Rosarito, Mexico, renowned for adopting this holistic treatment strategy. Here in the United

18 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

States, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America ( with locations in Illinois, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Washington; Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center ( in New York; and Hackensack University Medical Center ( in New Jersey blend hospital and spa therapies in their treatment methodologies. And, select day spas are expanding their offerings to cater to those with cancer.

SK Sanctuary (, a medical day spa in La Jolla, California, hosts Breast Cancer Spa Nights on the last Tuesday of each month offering what spa director Roxann Rich describes as, “a great educational and motivational support group.” In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sea Change Healing Center ( in New York City has a reduced price in October on lymphatic drainage >


A number of medical spa facilities specialize in an approach to combating cancer that incorporates Western medicine, alternative methods, and complementary healthcare.

ask the editors massage — effective at supporting the immune system while easing the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. I would like to find a program to kick-start weight loss. Any recommendations? Paring pounds requires a comprehensive approach addressing not only exercise but also behavior — to defuse defeatist factors like stress and fear before they reach critical mass. Hilton Head Health Institute ( in South Carolina offers a year-round Healthy Lifestyle Program (from one to six weeks) keyed on knowledge, nutrition, fitness, and self-awareness. Concurrent seminars and workshops are also scheduled (see “Calendar,” page 44). The Wellness

summer facial will rehydrate skin and help fade sun damage. I also recommend a light peel and a microdermabrasion session.” After a good buffing, your skin is ready to soak up hydrating topicals. Dakar adds, “Use a rich cleanser and moisturizer, and, of course, don’t forget sunscreen.” How do detox treatments work? Detoxification treatments help the body eliminate stored toxins or poisons (either biological or inorganic). Through manual manipulation and/or use of all-natural products, these procedures stimulate the lymphatic system, the body’s natural cleansing mechanism. A vast array of detox methods exist, ranging from fasts

A vast array of detox methods exist, ranging from fasts to exposure to heat (sauna and steam, for example), massage, thalassotherapy, and wraps. Program at Cooper Aerobics Center ( in Dallas presents a four-, six-, or 13-day curriculum that includes medical assessment, hearthealthy meals, spa access, and lodging at their 30-acre academy. In addition, Green Mountain at Fox Run ( in Ludlow, Vermont, serves up a “Non-Diet” Weight Loss and Fitness plan for women only. Making positive adjustments in your everyday routine to achieve weight related goals is the focus of these one- to four-week retreats. What steps should I take to prepare my skin for fall weather? As summer days and water play are replaced by the dry, cool bite of autumnal air, ensuring a smooth seasonal transition for your skin is vital to its health. Skincare savant Sonya Dakar advises: “The first thing you want to do is exfoliate on a regular basis with a gentle scrub and start using a lightening cream to help brighten your skin. In addition, a great post-

20 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

to exposure to heat (sauna and steam, for example), massage, thalassotherapy, and wraps — each targeting systemic processes to encourage flushing of the damaging detritus our bodies collect. Kara Spa at the Park Hyatt, Los Angeles (, for instance, promotes lymph fluidity with Detoxifying Mud Therapy ($180, 90 minutes) using a combination of oarweed algae, marine extracts, mud, and essential oils. The Herbal Detoxification Wrap ($135, 60 minutes) at Mii Amo Spa in Sedona, Arizona (, accomplishes the same with dry brushing, followed by a Sedona clay application on the body’s lymph sites, an herbal wrap, and massage. Are there any spas that make house calls? MobileSpa ( offers at-home facials, massages, makeup applications, and waxing in select metropolitan areas throughout the United States. If you’d like to have a spa-centric party, contact Sparty (, which offers its >

ask the editors services in 11 cities around the country, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. For those living away from the urban jungle, PuurSpa (, a network of individually owned and operated mobile spas, has locations throughout North America. I’m ready to start nourishing myself with healthy meals. Any suggestions? Recipe anthologies from several top destination spas now make it easy to re-create their tantalizing tastes at home. In The Golden Door Cooks Light & Easy (Gibbs Smith), chef Michel Stroot explains, “Part of the Golden Door experience is to discover new foods that are delicious and healthful,” and with

Recipe anthologies from several top destination spas now make it easy to re-create their tantalizing tastes at home. 225 pages of recipes, savory spa-fare finds abound. While chef Terry Conlan’s culinary credo is “nothing is forbidden,” Fresh: Healthy Cooking and Living from Lake Austin Spa Resort (published by the destination spa) touts moderation and reduction of high-calorie ingredients enabling dishes like Jerk Crusted Snapper with Bananas to merely taste sumptuously excessive. And for a meatless mélange, The Rancho La Puerta Cookbook (Broadway Books) by chef Bill Wavrin dishes 175 vegetarian creations with south-of-the-border zest. For an enticing selection of spa cuisine recipes online, visit VIJU MATHEW

HAVE A QUESTION? Send it to Queries can only be answered in the column and may be edited for length and content.


s p a n ews re t re a t s d e s t i n a t i o n s

New England Renewal

Before arriving at the Mayflower Inn’s spa, a luxurious new retreat in Connecticut, your individual spa advisor will telephone to assess your interests and begin customizing your stay. Whether you prefer morning walks or canoeing, Pilates or flower arranging, founders Adriana Mnuchin and Lisa Hedley ensure that personalization is the key to this five-day experience. Expect tailored treatments, a physical well-being plan, and plenty of nurturing to encourage >

Iridescent tiles and flickering candles add shimmer around Mayflower spa’s whirlpool.



Mayflower’s Garden Room soothingly set in light and white.




RED EYE REMEDY Good news for those who prefer to fly by night: JetBlue has partnered with Bliss Spa to offer Shut-Eye Service, a restful overnight travel experience. Passengers on night flights from the West Coast will receive a Bliss Spa Shut-Eye Kit — a soothing package of tiny treats including Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Butter, minty Breath-Freshening Lip Balm, an eyeshade, and earplugs to encourage repose. And to continue the relaxation on the ground, book a Jet Out massage ($140, 75 minutes) at any Bliss Spa and you’ll also receive a complimentary hot-cream manicure. What a great way to improve your high-altitude attitude. LEE ANN STIFF BLISS, (888) 243-8825, BLISSWORLD.COM

28 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6


(new england renewal continued) spiritual awareness. On weekdays, the Inn is open to women only — no more than 28 at any given time — so the grounds, walking trails, yoga studio, meditation gardens, and pool are never crowded. Slip into the seasonally scented Thermal Sanctuary — a fantasia of healing colors (indigo for clarity, gold for energy, green for balance), scented warm mist, and soothing music — before indulging in a Sweet Violet Facial, Moor Mud Wrap, or one of the three Red Flower rituals (Hammam, Japan, or Lavender). And in case you need any more inspiration to visit, specialty weeks — yoga immersion, couples retreats, memoir writing — will be offered soon. SHARI MYCEK

years of shaping their vision, wellness luminaries John and Ginny Lopis have opened The Lodge at Woodloch — a destination spa with every indulgent offering you’d expect from a luxury resort. Featuring mud, seaweed, and botanical treatments by Kerstin Florian and Astara, each detail — including the steam/sauna circuit with screened-in porch for snowy days — “is therapeutic and sound, benefiting both the skin and bodily systems,” says Ginny. “Today’s spa-goers want authentic therapies, and, I think, in the next decade, many spas will return to this ethos.” Leading the way, Woodloch offers guests cuisine full of fresh, organic ingredients and fine wine with dinner; while art (check out the lobby’s chakra-bowl sculpture) and well-rounded fitness offerings (yoga, meditation, dance, river rafting, walking trails through oaks and hemlocks) complete its holistic, sophisticated vibe. “We want to awaken guests’ consciousnesses, help them find their inner wisdom,” says Ginny. S.M.



NYC’s G Spa at the Hotel Gansevoort offers both massage and martinis.

A New Hybrid “Glamorous,” “social,” and “sexy.” Not the usual words one associates with facials and pedicures, but G Spa & Lounge (located in New York City’s Hotel Gansevoort) is anything but usual. “Our guests want to celebrate,” says spa director Rachel Lang. And celebrate, they do: The spa — which includes a full-service bar (situated between the men’s and women’s lounges) that serves healthy juices, tea-infused cocktails, and Japanese-influenced spa cuisine by day — transforms into a swanky nightclub at 10 p.m. The unisex whirlpool tubs in the spa’s common area are illuminated and covered with Plexiglas to become dance floors, the treatment rooms are converted into VIP drinking lounges, and a DJ spins the latest tunes while waitresses walk the floor in spa robes and slippers. But don’t think this penchant for partying means recipe G Spa’s Tropical Peony Punch Brew two teaspoons of Tavalon Tropical health and well-being take a back seat during the day, as the spa serves up Peony white tea ( with therapeutic massage, reflexology, and even treatments for expectant mothers. eight ounces of steaming — not quite In addition, Anakiri, Astara, Epicuren, MD Skincare, and Sonya Dakar products boiling — water; steep two to three are used in the ingenious Reveal Yourself Facial ($150, 60 minutes), for which minutes. Pour into a tall glass filled master esthetician Caterina mixes the best products from each line to suit your with ice, and mix with one shot of rum skin’s specific needs. Now you can indulge in the spirit of spa for a warm glow or vodka. Chill. Garnish with a peony inside and out. JULIE SINCLAIR HOTEL GANSEVOORT, G SPA & LOUNGE, NYC, (877) 426-7386, HOTELGANSEVOORT.COM

30 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

(or any small flower), and enjoy.



Stacked slate tile defines the hearth of Skibo Castle’s spa lounge.

highland heaven In Scottish Gaelic, “skibo” means “place of peace,” and that is exactly what you’ll find at this magnificent castle in Scotland’s Highlands. Overlooking Dornoch Firth and 7,000 stunning acres of scenic countryside dotted with towering evergreens, Skibo Castle is blessed with remarkably fresh and pure air. And its new spa aims to bring the tranquil outdoors in. Many of the materials used to construct the spa (the green slate around the fireplace; the oak beams framing the lounge) were left in their natural state, and the sage, heather, and thistle tones throughout mirror the hues of the Castle’s gorgeous grounds. Staying true to the earthy theme, treatments are by Sodashi, an Australian company with a line of organic products free of any chemical or synthetic ingredients, featuring instead only therapeutic-grade plant essences and extracts. The most remarkable aspect of my Thermal Infusing Facial (about $175, 140 minutes) was a circulation-stimulating self-heating clay masque that reached body temperature solely through the interaction of its component minerals. Also included: a rejuvenating masque powered by gotu kola (a plant oil that stimulates collagen production), and a facial massage. With such irresistible amenities, Skibo promises a Highland fling to remember. ELLIN STEIN THE CARNEGIE CLUB, SKIBO CASTLE, SUTHERLAND, SCOTLAND, +(44) 1862-894600, CARNEGIECLUB.CO.UK

32 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

men who have a lot to learn when it comes to spa savvy, the Gentleman’s Surrender program at the acclaimed Montage Resort & Spa offers sybaritic salvation. After a thorough lifestyle assessment prior to arrival, Montage therapists and trainers choreograph an ideal spa experience ranging from two hours to two weeks. The goal is to submit to the experts for greater restorative awareness. And, boy, does it work. For my day of Surrender, I enthusiastically acquiesced to the signature Laguna Beach Kur, designed to bolster the immune system. The treatment began in a 100-jet hydrotherapy tub infused with powdered mustard and eucalyptus (to relieve sore muscles and enhance circulation) while a high-powered hose located pressure points I didn’t know existed. It finished with a remarkably soothing iced sheet and blanket wrap to eliminate toxins. After a decadent Dead Sea salt scrub and two life-altering workouts with resident fitness gurus, I retreated to the gentleman’s courtyard and began the spa’s water circuit — a sensuous study in contrasting hot (Jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room) with cold (54-degree plunge pool) followed by lounging in the sun — and repeated often. At day’s end, I gave in to a transcendent 60-minute hot towel facial and yielding to the theme of the day, succumbed to sleep. But then, surrender is what Spa Montage is all about. VIJU MATHEW MONTAGE RESORT & SPA, SPA MONTAGE, LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA, (866) 271-6953, MONTAGELAGUNABEACH.COM






fabulous fitness getaways

Ready to rev up your healthy habits? These restorative retreats will invite you to not only exercise but also reflect, recharge, and renew. ISABELLE GULLÖ

ONE COLORADO Take time out in the wilderness with Mind over Mountains’ A Fine Balance: Perspectives on a Busy Life. Set at the Chipeta Sun Lodge and Spa in Ridgway, this fitness retreat will encourage you to re-evaluate the personal patterns that create your hectic lifestyle through hiking, rock climbing, and yoga. One-on-one life coaching with trained counselors is an integral part of the five-day workshop, and so are healthy meals, massage, and sunset dips in nearby hot springs. (September 7–11, $1,950, 970/626-4424,

Deepen your yoga practice at Mexico’s Maroma Resort & Spa.

TWO BHUTAN Organized by Global Fitness Adventures, this Spafari beckons you to discover the fascinating culture of the Himalayas. Daily morning stretches are followed by walks and hikes past ancient temples, remote villages, and vibrant markets. At day’s end, you’ll retreat to a comfortable cottage or guesthouse to savor organic Bhutanese fare, meditate, and receive a therapeutic massage. (September 20–October 3, $6,175, 800/488-8747,

FOUR MEXICO Maroma Resort & Spa in the Riviera Maya is hosting daily progressive yoga classes (a combination of vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Iyengar) and meditation. Sessions take place at the rooftop yoga pavilion, where you can enjoy tropical breezes and ocean vistas. Enjoy a daily spa treatment along with delicious meals, a healthy gourmet cooking class, snorkeling trips, and an excursion to the Cobá ruins. Also not to be missed: the property’s temazcal and mud bar. (October 19–24, from $3,100 single occupancy, 866/454-9351, FIVE BALI Fitness guru Judy Krupp leads the Shambhala Yoga Retreat in the magical setting of Como Shambhala Uma Ubud. Working closely with Krupp, you’ll be gently encouraged to move beyond your perceived limitations to find the balance between strength and flexibility. Time off may be spent exploring the peaceful surroundings, rejuvenating with spa treatments at the resort’s Como Shambhala Retreat, or indulging in tantalizing Balinese cuisine. (October 24–29, from $1,695, 62/361-972-448,

34 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6


THREE CALIFORNIA Learn about Eastern philosophies of health, longevity, and living in harmony with nature at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, in a workshop called Taoist Chi Kung: Enhancing Vitality. Master Lew, a Taoist priest from southern China, will be teaching the ancient art of Shen, a set of twelve chi kung exercises that promote self-healing as well as enhanced sensitivity, focus, and acuity. He will also share stories from his Taoist practice and life in the monastery. And in between lectures, don’t forget to soak up the stunning Big Sur coastline from the cliffside hot springs and sample Esalen’s famous signature massage. (September 24–29, from $630, 831/667-3000,



FIVE-STAR STANDOUTS “Ironically, the stress of planning a vacation can sometimes outweigh the relaxation it is supposed to provide,” notes Shane O’Flaherty, vice president of quality assurance for Mobil Travel Guide, which recently expanded to include spas. The awards are based on reservation handling, spa reception, range of treatments, public areas, fitness facilities, and menu in addition to overall quality of service (including graciousness and personalized attention). And the winners of the 2006 top honors (five stars) are: Spa Montage at Montage Resort & Spa in Southern California and the spa at Mandarin Oriental, New York. In addition, sixty spas earned four stars and 23 earned three — giving stellar recognition to your favorite sanctuaries. L.S.

36 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

The multi-current Vitality pool, part of the women’s Heat Experience Room, stimulates as it circulates at the Mobil Five-Star Mandarin Oriental, New York.


big easy redux Long known for its live-for-the-moment attitude and craving for crawfish étouffée, jambalaya, and gumbo, New Orleans might strike you as a city where you’d be hard-pressed to find a recipe for health and longevity. Au contraire. Check into Loews Hotel downtown, overlooking the Mississippi River. There, at the eighthfloor Balance Spa, you can treat your skin to an Age Defense Facial ($125, 50 minutes), custom designed for your skin type with Dermalogica products rich in vitamins A, C, and E. Afterward, embrace the southern humidity with a walk to the reopened Audubon Aquarium of the Americas to see Patience the penguin, who returned to his home this past May — a symbol of the continuing effort and success in rebuilding the city. And, following a late night of jazz and cocktails, ring up Loews’ Recovery Concierge, who will prescribe a magical dose of ginger tea or bath salts and steam, depending on your needs. If that doesn't perk you up, head to the spa and its indoor pool to experience revitalization — which promises to be as successful as the city’s. CHRISTINE RICHARD LOEWS NEW ORLEANS HOTEL, BALANCE SPA, (800) 235-6397, LOEWSHOTELS.COM

38 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

EARTHY FASHION Fusing style and sustainability with comfort, Stewart+Brown makes packing for your next spa trip a breeze. Eco-chic shirts, sweaters, dresses, and sportswear — made of organic cotton and the finest Mongolian cashmere — feel as soft as a paraffin wrap against your skin. Nestle into the incredibly soft, light folds of the cashmere Mesh Hoody Pullover Sweater ($329, pictured below) and discover tactile indulgence. Find Stewart+Brown at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, and Lenox, Massachusetts, and at International Orange in San Francisco, or visit I.G.





CULTURAL CACHE Explore these lavish new spa resorts, where history repeats itself in grand style. OPENS SEPTEMBER The Mandarin Oriental, Prague ( inhabits a methodically restored 14th-century monastery, its split-level spa located above a Gothic church still visible through glass flooring. Signature Time Rituals — uniquely tailored escapes based on desired duration — feature products from Comfort Zone and Aromatherapy Associates. OPENS OCTOBER Designed to reflect a Middle Eastern town of old, The Ritz-Carlton

Sharq Village & Spa ( in Doha, Qatar, deals desert delight as its spacious 71,500-square-foot Six Senses Spa, resembling a Qatari marketplace, renders cooling remedies from centuries past. Embellished with Indonesian antiques, The Bulgari Resort, Bali ( showcases a vintage joglo house (handcrafted from teak) overlooking the sea as its spa pavilion. Here, traditional Balinese therapies are paired with a view for the ages. V.M.

Jungle foliage relents to Bali’s Bulgari Resort with a bird’s-eye view of the Indian Ocean.

40 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6



luxurious layovers On your way to the Caribbean but don’t have a direct flight? Mandarin Oriental, Miami is ready to pamper and nurture luxury-loving travelers who have layover time (and stress) to spare. Located eight miles from Miami International Airport, the opulent hotel offers en route renewal in its holistic waterfront spa. A selection of three First-Class Wellness packages include transportation to the hotel and back to the airport; an energizing spa breakfast or lunch to go; a travel kit with refreshing spritzer, personal journal, and silk eye mask; and a selection of spa treatments complemented by time spent in the sauna and steam room. Based on your three, four, or five-plus hours of layover time, choose from the Red-eye Refresher ($535), which provides an Awaken, Calm, or Illuminate facial; the Jet Lag Reviver ($625), a hydrating facial and choice of hot stone, aromatherapy, or Swedish massage; or the Ultimate Upgrade ($805 for the Detoxifying, $720 for Nurturing), a cleansing algae or nourishing therapeutic mud body wrap, an aromatherapy or hot stone massage, and a purifying facial or relaxing foot massage. We imagine connections through Miami will soon become hot tickets. L.S. MANDARIN ORIENTAL, MIAMI, (866) 888-6780, MANDARINORIENTAL.COM

A WEEK OF WELLNESS If you live in — or are traveling to — Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, or a host of other cities across the country, be sure to indulge in Spa Week this fall. Participating spas offer $50 specials on rejuvenating treatments including massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, scrubs, and wraps. Spa Week will take place from September 18–24 on the West Coast, and from October 16–22 in all other locations. Visit for a complete list of spas ready to pamper you. And here’s another way Spa Week will help you feel great: A portion of proceeds will be donated to Cancer and Careers, a nonprofit organization supporting working women with cancer. L.S. 42 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

A couples spa suite at Mandarin Oriental, Miami offers tranquility in transit.



CALENDAR Ready for a fall fling? Celebrate the change of season by taking advantage of these enticing offerings that promise to challenge and enlighten. V.M. September 3–7 Austin, Texas Nurture the possibilities at The Crossings Fertile Soul Retreat for Infertility. Dr. Randine Lewis will examine the topic and discuss solutions integrating Traditional Chinese and Western medicine that include home-treatment techniques. 2–16 Jesmond, British Columbia Discover total health through Echo Valley Ranch & Spa’s Lifestyle Wellness Program. Join Dr. Peter D’Adamo, author of Eat Right for Your Type, and nutritionist John Harris for two weeks of personalized consultations on diet and exercise, and lifestyle renovation education. Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa

10–17 Vista, California Cal-a-Vie demonstrates exceptional taste during Culinary Week with Chef Jeff Tunks. Learn the secrets to a healthy diet, portion control, and proper nutrition. October 8–13 Big Sur, California Expand your palette by Awakening the Creative at Esalen Institute’s painting workshop. Intent on releasing your artistic abandon, Stewart Cubley, co-author of Life, Paint & Passion, will provide you with the means and opportunity for self-expression. 8–15 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Break free from food obsession with Regaining Control: Overcoming Emotional & Stress Eating at the Hilton Head Health Institute. Learn to recognize and address dangerous eating behaviors as you navigate past roadblocks to higher self-esteem. Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

Esalen Institute

13–21 Desert Hot Springs, California Take the fast path to health at Two Bunch Palms’ Juice Fasting Retreat as you energize with a diet of organic juices and daily spa treatments that promote detoxification. 31–Nov. 5 Ivins, Utah Aspire to be inspired with the Peeke Week Retreat at Red Mountain Spa. Dr. Pamela Peeke — a specialist in nutrition and fitness — provides women with the tools to set and achieve positive life goals. CAL-A-VIE, VISTA, CALIFORNIA, (866) 772-4283, CAL-A-VIE.COM THE CROSSINGS, AUSTIN, TEXAS, (877) 944-3003, THECROSSINGSAUSTIN.COM ECHO VALLEY RANCH & SPA, JESMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA,



(800) 472-4334, TWOBUNCHPALMS.COM

Red Mountain Spa



Restorative waters flow into Adler Thermae’s mineral pool.

Bathing in Tuscany


all, bronze, David-esque men flanked by curvaceously chic women (a few with babies on their hips) mill about in cushy white robes eating oranges and sipping sparkling thermal water inside the sleek, modern lobby of Adler Thermae Spa & Wellness Resort in Tuscany, Italy. A scene unfamiliar to the United States, it’s new even to Europe, according to Roland Margesin, Adler’s general manager. “It’s New Thermalism,” he says. “And Italy, or rather Adler Thermae, is leading the way.” For certain, the sexy 30-somethings congregated here are a far cry from the elderly in-search-of-

46 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

a-cure crowd long associated with Tuscan spas. Ask any local in this land of rolling clay hills, towering cedars, and olive groves about the region’s famed thermal waters, and they’ll pinpoint specific spa towns and their medicinal properties: Chianciano, “spa town for the liver and digestion;” Saturnia, “famous for its muds; good for the joints;” and Bagno Vignoni, home to Adler Thermae, for “skin [dermatitis, eczema] and bones.” While the healing properties of Bagno Vignoni’s warm bubbly waters — first discovered by the Etruscans and revived by the Romans — still hold true today, people come to Adler >


In the heart of Italy, Adler Thermae offers a tony new crowd its healing waters. By Shari Mycek



Sunlight illuminates the calming aesthetic of Adler Thermae. TOP RIGHT: A guest succumbs to the relaxation room. BOTTOM RIGHT: Sweating the details in the Etruscan steam bath.

The sexy 30somethings congregated here are a far cry from the elderly insearch-of-acure crowd long associated with Tuscan spas.

48 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

Thermae “not for cure, but for relaxation and overall well-being,” states Margesin. “Adler Thermae is a new kind of spa,” says my therapist, Raffaella, while packing thick, coffeecolored thermal mud onto my back and shoulders, and then lowering me into a warm, cocooning water bed. “Our thermal waters are known to heal the skin, but this spa is about relaxation and friends and family spending time together. It’s nice.” The idea to create a wellness versus a “cure” spa took root seven years ago when Andreas and Klaus Sanoner vacationed in Bagno Vignoni. No stranger to the hotel world, the Sanoner family has owned Hotel Adler Sport & Wellness Resort in the Dolomites since 1810 and was first in the Alps to introduce steam and sauna facilities (in the 1970s). But in Bagno Vignoni’s natural thermal waters, the Sanoner brothers saw opportunity to create a different type of retreat, complete with treatments, steam circuit, fitness facility, kids’ club, and (new to Italy) yoga and Pilates classes. Their vision came around the same time the Italian government stopped paying for thermal-water cures — prompting greater scrutiny by spa-goers as to the quality and caliber of their spa experiences. Aside from its yoga offerings (which include more wrist-rolling techniques than identifiable sun salutations or Downward-Facing Dogs), Adler

Thermae does not disappoint. Since opening just over a year ago, 70 percent of its guests are repeats. Lounging godlike — a white-and-yellowstriped sauna towel draped casually around his neck — Roberto, a businessman from northern Sardinia, says he’s here for the second time with his wife and 12-year-old daughter. “This trip, my daughter tried the fango mud, and she’s hooked,” says Roberto. “Spas are becoming big in Italy, and there’s a real drive among men, especially, to take care of their bodies, their faces, their health. Italian men want to look good.” Another male guest tells me as we exit the steam room that it’s his fifth visit. “I come down from Florence on the weekends to relax, unwind,” he says. Which (aside from its perfectly chiseled clientele) is the true beauty of this spa. Once checked into your room, you can pad leisurely in robe and slippers from salt cave to the famous outdoor thermal waters — stopping to rest on comfy water bed chaises in the glassed, two-story relaxation area overlooking ancient travertine stone. For a few euros, add on a Dead Sea–salt bath and float blissfully in an underground grotto. Or bake in the Argillae, an Etruscan steam and clay bath. “It looks like gelato,” I say to my therapist, Claudia. >



Thermal mud treatments, massages, wraps, and cellulite therapies are all widely popular, as are the ayurvedic offerings.

“Not gelato — mud,” she responds, laughing. She’s holding out a tray containing three bowls — one filled with salt; another, oil; and the last with four perfectly rounded white, yellow, brown, and black scoops. “The white, very soft, is for your face; brown, arms and legs; yellow, for stomach and back; and the black, a very hard mud, for elbows, knees, and soles of your feet,” she says. After slathering the appropriate mud on the appropriate body parts, she instructs me to slow bake in the misty steam room, soft twinkling lights shifting from blue to red to purple above me. After several rounds of steam with light show, a bell sounds — it’s my signal to apply the coarse salt, as a scrub, to my elbows, knees, and feet. A warm shower follows, topped with an application of soybean and sunflower oils. While it’s possible to never leave the Aquae steam circuit, I recommend that you do — to visit Dr. Thomas Platzer, who offers a sunny alternative to the stereotypical spa doctor in both his clinical assessments (nutrition, fitness) and more unusual offerings like Mediterranean Medicine, a practice dating back 2,000 years to when ancients used the sun to read facial laugh lines and wrinkles to detect illness.

The spa lounge, a gathering place for the well-heeled. TOP RIGHT: Steam rising off the thermal pool adds a fanciful air. BOTTOM RIGHT: The Grotto del Filosofo (philosopher’s cave) promotes self-reflection.

50 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

Thermal mud treatments, locally-inspired massages and wraps (containing olive oil, grapes, sheep’s milk, and honey), and cellulite therapies (European women swear by them) are all widely popular, as are the ayurvedic offerings. The moment 18-year veteran massage therapist Graziano, who studied in India, lays hands to flesh, I feel his expertise. His work is, quite simply, an Italian masterpiece. During my twohour Kerala Massage, he uses a combination of deep pressure, long strokes, fast friction, and surprisingly gentle movements. He explains later he has no specific massage style or technique, but works, eyes closed, by intuition. Following the massage, Graziano lays healing hands to my face, then scalp, as swirling lavender-scented steam envelops my body. When I finally scrape myself off the table, the temptation to skip dinner and sleep through the night is huge. But I dutifully rise, dress, and head to the spa’s candlelit dining room for a feast of shepherd’s cheese, plump pasta, artichokes, fresh fish, and wine from nearby Montepulciano. I am in Tuscany, after all. ADLER THERMAE SPA & WELLNESS RESORT, TUSCANY, ITALY, +(39) 0577-889-000, ADLER-THERMAE.COM


t re a t m e n t s t re n d s e d i t o r ’s p i c k s b e a u t y

Sweet Surrender

Looking to soothe the body and soul? Then consider one of these 15 unique treatments to take out the kinks and let go. BY MARY BEMIS

1. TUNE IN TO BALANCE I felt unexpectedly relaxed even before the Gandharva Therapy ($185, 65 minutes) began. Perhaps it was the thought of being at The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California. Or it could have been the sunlight streaming into the room through the muslin curtains. Maybe it was the soothing voice of my therapist, Jennifer, who was explaining the frequency of om, “the sound of creation,” to me. “Some people feel the vibration in the body, some feel the vibration in the room,” she said. She was referring to the hypnotic hums of the crystal singing bowls that are used in this peaceful treatment meant to balance body and mind through sound, hands-on energy work, and massage. Whatever it was, it certainly worked for me. >





2. TAKE A VINTAGE SOAK Sensitive skin types will especially appreciate Le Vin Wine Therapy ($150, 50 minutes), offered at Spa Vita de Lago at The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Las Vegas. This three-step service begins with a gentle exfoliating scrub made from sugar and white grape skin extract. Says Laurie Berry, lead esthetician, “Sugar has great skin tightening benefits. This is a detoxifying treatment that’s full of antioxidants.” In an unusual twist, the sugar scrub is left on the body while you’re snugly wrapped in Mylar and a heated blanket. After showering, skin is seriously smooth and prepped for a full-body application of nourishing grapeseed oil.

What’s so special about it? Imagine being cocooned in a blanket of warmth molded to comfort every curve of your body. “Elixir” refers to the blend of juniper berry, lavender, and grapefruit essential oils that are applied to the skin pre-paraffin. FOUR SEASONS HOTEL CHICAGO, (800) 819-5053, FOUR SEASONS.COM

5. UNWIND WITH HYDRO-POWER Not just a soak in a whirlpool tub, the Hydro Massage ($115, 50 minutes) at the Golden Door Spa at Las Casitas Village in Puerto Rico is administered in a 54-jet tub with a pressure hose — a device that works wonders as it massages muscles in an intensely therapeutic way. THE RITZ-CARLTON, LAKE LAS VEGAS, SPA VITA DE LAGO, LAS VEGAS, (800) 241-3333, RITZCARLTON.COM “Hydrotherapy is the deepest tissue treatment Can one become overjoyed by an herbal wrap? I was upon experiencing the we can do,” my thersaid. “It allows us Spirit Path at Tamaya Mist Spa & Salon in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. apist to work very specifically on issues like sciatica and bad knees.” 3. HEAT UP IN A HAMMAM LAS CASITAS VILLAGE & GOLDEN DOOR SPA, LAS CROABAS, PUERTO RICO, (866) 317-8933, LASCASITASVILLAGE.COM I stumbled upon Miraj Hammam Spa in Vancouver and was pleasantly surprised to find 6. ENJOY A (BODY) COCKTAIL an authentic hammam tucked inside. Owner About four years ago, über-esthetician Ole Surinder Bains was inspired when living in Paris, Henriksen started serving African red tea at his where she frequented hammams in the city’s Los Angeles day spa, then began using it in North African community. I tried the Hammam compresses for the face. The firming results & Gommage experience ($99, 45 minutes), were amazing. Next, he experimented with a which begins with a shower, then proceeds to body treatment, making a thick paste of the tea the Intent Steam chamber. After a good dose of that’s massaged all over. The result is the highly humid vapor comes the gommage (body scrub), creative African Red Tea Body Cocktail given atop a marble slab with a special Moroccan ($155, 90 minutes). After an organic brown soap. Next, you’re led to a treatment room for sugar scrub and a rinse, fresh orange juice was a relaxing 30-minute massage. To top it off, a drizzled over me, a yogurt-and-red-tea body delicious cup of tea is served afterward with masque was applied, and chilled orange slices a piece of Middle-Eastern honey cake in the were layered on top before I was snugly small yet exotic Sultana Lounge. wrapped and treated to a soothing scalp masMIRAJ HAMMAM SPA, VANCOUVER, CANADA, (604) 733-5151, MIRAJHAMMAM.COM sage. Tea-infused eye pads added a nice touch. 4. ENVELOP YOURSELF IN SOFTNESS The luxurious Elixir Paraffin Wrap ($130, 50 minutes) at the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago is ideal for cooler climes. Long used to soothe minor aches and pains, paraffin therapy is one of the most effective ways of applying heat to relieve muscle stiffness and joint discomfort. 54 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6


7. DARE TO GO DEEP Most of the massage therapists at the recently revamped Avanyu Spa at La Posada de Santa Fe are trained in quite a few modalities, including craniosacral, polarity, Reiki, and shiatsu, but the >



guest. Most, I was told, leave this treatment with a sense of clarity and lightness, unburdened by the past and ready for a fresh beginning. MII AMO, SEDONA, ARIZONA, (888) 749-2137, MIIAMO.COM

9. VENTURE INTO THE COLD Cooler-Near-The-Lake ($140, 50 minutes) at Wisconsin’s Kohler Waters Spa is not for the fainthearted. But if you can take the combination of hot and ice-cold water ceremoniously poured over you, you’ll love this rejuvenating treatment created to enhance circulation and thoroughly exhilarate. The dousing takes place under a Vichy shower, and it begins pleasantly with a soothing foot treatment including a lemon-slice rub and citrus exfoliation, and an avocado masque. Cold stones and spray bottles full of icy water are also used throughout. The experience ends on a soft note with the therapist slowly and rhythmically rocking you from head to toe. DESTINATION KOHLER, KOHLER WATERS SPA, KOHLER, WISCONSIN, (866) 928-3777, DESTINATIONKOHLER.COM

name of their Rolling Thunder massage ($155 or $115, 90 or 60 minutes respectively) intrigued me. A therapeutic deep tissue massage, it was phenomenal — one of the best I’ve ever experienced. LA POSADA DE SANTA FE RESORT & SPA, AVANYU SPA, NEW MEXICO (866) 331-7625, ROCKRESORTS.COM

8. MAKE A FRESH START Beneficial to people at a crossroads in their lives or who find themselves confronted with a difficult situation, Harmony ($250, 90 minutes) is a spiritual treatment offered at Mii Amo, the destination spa at Sedona, Arizona’s Enchantment Resort. I was drawn to it for its use of unique healing techniques meant to realign the body and promote balance. It begins with a psychic reading and moves on to various forms of energy work, depending upon the 56 SPA

S /0 2 0 0 6


11. TARGET YOUR SWING The spa at Paraiso de la Bonita in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, wanted to create something special for its tennis-loving guests, who are vulnerable to arm and elbow aches and pains. Hence, Sport Endermologie ($132, 50 minutes) targets those specific body parts. The unique thing about this treatment is the LPG >


A hammam steam cleanses the body and frees the mind.

10. WRAP YOURSELF IN HEAVENLY HERBS Can one become overjoyed by an herbal wrap? I was upon experiencing the Spirit Path ($160, 80 minutes) at Tamaya Mist Spa & Salon in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. This is the way an herbal wrap should be performed — with hot, moist linen sheets that have been soaked in herbs. I experienced a seven-blossom mix that includes anise seeds, chamomile, calendula, and hibiscus. First, a warm oil was applied to my body, then a combination of Tamaya Blue Corn Meal (obtained directly from a local Native American tribe) and salt was lightly sprinkled over me pre-wrap for gentle exfoliation. While I was wrapped, the therapist performed a bit of Reiki and gave me a relaxing head-and-scalp massage.



Endermologie machine used to massage the arm, which is adjusted to your comfort level. Dr. Jenny Loría, the spa’s manager, suggests a program of nine treatments for best results. PARAISO DE LA BONITA RESORT & SPA, PUERTO MORELOS, MEXICO, (866) 751-9175, PARAISODELABONITA.COM

12. EXPLORE EUPHORIA I recommend Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa to anyone looking for a great day spa in New York City, and their Euphoria Massage ($225, 45 minutes) is why. For one thing, the four-handed (two therapist) treatment takes time-crunched clients into consideration: You don’t need to remove your clothing for this massage — a combination of scalp therapy, aromatherapy, and reflexology — that focuses solely on the head, lower legs, and feet. It’s particularly good for those who suffer from headaches, chronic fatigue, and poor circulation. PAUL LABRECQUE SALON & SPA, NEW YORK CITY, (212) 988-7816, PAULLABRECQUE.COM

13. TRY A SPANISH DELIGHT The signature Spanish Herbal Body Rub ($205, 80 minutes) at La Costa Resort & Spa really stands out because of the herb-and-olive oil product that’s handmade at the spa. The mixture of rosemary (stimulates cell regeneration), sage (aids in detoxification), and thyme and olive oil (softens and conditions the skin) is concocted fresh with each treatment and pays homage to Southern California’s Spanish Culture. The fragrant mixture is applied to the body, which is then wrapped in heated blankets. During this time, while the herbs and olive oil are working their magic, an indulgent scalp massage is given using sage-infused oil. Excess herbs are showered off, leaving skin silky smooth. A 50-minute full-body massage with a soothing lavender-sage lotion completes the treatment. LA COSTA RESORT & SPA, CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, (800) 8545000, LACOSTA.COM

14. BE SWEET TO YOUR SKIN Often, simple really is best. Take the Manuka Honey Facial ($129, 60 minutes) at Ohm Spa, for example. It uses a masque of pure, organic active manuka honey imported from New Zealand that hydrates the skin beautifully. “Honey has special healing properties,” says the spa’s co-owner Jon Ho. “This highly cleansing facial supplies cells with a wide range of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. It is our top-of-theline facial. Once we experienced its effectiveness, we knew our clientele would love it. The coating of honey on the face feels just incredible, and the immediate results are undeniable.”

Relaxation and rejuvenation are instantly triggered with a skillful touch.

15. GO WITH THE FLOW Flow is exactly what the Deep Flow Massage ($130, 60 minutes) at Exhale is all about. “The intention behind this was to birth a deep, therapeutic massage experience that is pleasurable, not painful,” explains Annbeth Eschbach, president and CEO of Exhale spas. It’s definitely deep work without the discomfort. My very able therapist, Mary, used a lot of flowing forearm strokes and meridien work to open up energy lines. “This is like a dance,” she said to me. “There’s a whole sequence of specific moves.” EXHALE, CHICAGO, (312) 753-6500, EXHALESPA.COM

58 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6




hollywood shimmer Los Angeles is a town obsessed with bling. Maybe it’s because of all those red-carpet events where celebrities are drenched in the world’s best jewels. Now, a number of Los Angeles hotel spas are using real gems and fine minerals in their treatments, harnessing the powerful energies of the earth’s glittery treasures. As you leave, your skin will be your most brilliant accessory. KATHY MCDONALD SPA The Peninsula Spa Beverly Hills TREATMENT Precious Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, and Ruby Massages ($275, 90 minutes) BLING FACTOR The Peninsula Spa is first in the United States to offer Shiffa’s precious oils

in a decadent combination of treatments. Pure essential oils are layered with emeralds, sapphires, rubies, or diamonds in their natural, uncut states — infusing massages with the gemstones’ natural healing properties to transmit elemental positive energy. SPA The Ritz-Carlton, Huntington Hotel & Spa TREATMENT Rose Quartz Facial ($180, 80 minutes) BLING FACTOR A small, elegant wand of rose

quartz is the centerpiece of this rejuvenating facial. During the treatment, the pink gem is used to gently massage the face, aiding skin regeneration. SPA Le Merigot Beach Hotel and Spa TREATMENT Caviar & Pearl Lifting Facial ($150, 50 minutes) BLING FACTOR Extracts of pure caviar and luxurious pearl promote cellular renewal and promise a natural lifting effect. The result? Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. SPA Kara Spa at Park Hyatt


TREATMENT Red Carpet Radiance Facial ($225, 90 minutes) BLING FACTOR Beginning with a lightening Comfort Zone Absolute Pearl masque, the treatment is followed with a massage using crushed pearl powder. Afterward, skin glows with a flawless radiance.




Effective moisturizing and brightening therapies for the hands are the newest wave of anti-aging treatments.

Even in your 20s and 30s, hands are vulnerable to fine lines, age spots, and thinning skin (not to mention dryness), and while most women religiously apply hydrating creams with SPF to their faces, many neglect to extend the same protection to their hands. So while your face and body tell the world you’re younger than your years, your hands might be telling a very different story. Here’s how to get them on the same page. In the salon at Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara, California, you can indulge in a PerfectSense single-use (no shared dipping tubs) Paraffin Treatment ($35, 15 minutes). Hands are slipped into individually sealed gloves filled with pre-heated (to a comfortable 122 degrees) paraffin, which relaxes muscles and promotes hydration by pulling moisture from lower layers up to the surface. In addition to its softening benefits, the treatment’s deep, penetrating heat soothes aching hands and promotes healthy circulation while essential oil–infused steam eases the mind. To reveal younger-looking skin, Lago Mar Resort and Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offers the Youth-Renew Manicure ($45, 60 minutes). After a natural enzyme peel and an application of a decadent caviar solution, the hands are wrapped for optimal moisture penetration. As a final luxurious step, Pevonia’s new Youth-Renew Caviar Hand & Foot Cream (rich in anti-aging ingredients including retinol, marine collagen, and amino acids) is applied for more eventoned, silky hands that are protected from harmful UV rays. Effective on dark spots, the Brightening Hand Treatment ($25, 30 minutes) at the spa at The Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, starts with a cuticle smoothing. Next, pads saturated in alpha hydroxy acid are used to exfoliate and remove rough patches from the hands, forearms, and elbows. To finish, Elizabeth Arden’s Intensive Brightening & Hydrating Hand Cream is massaged from the fingertips to over the elbows for renewed suppleness. And if you can’t get to a spa right now, the Two-Step Revitalizing System For The Hands ($55) by StriVectin can be used at home. This dynamic product duo works to renew with gentle dermabrasion, then moisturizes and protects. What you’ll get: thorough hydration, lightened discolorations, and a plumper dermal appearance. LEE ANN STIFF FOR DETAILS, SEE THE SOURCE, PAGE 151.

62 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6


Show of Hands



AIRBRUSH TANNING WHAT IT IS A newly popular service offered at spas nationwide that takes white and pasty skin to golden and glowing in as little as 15 minutes — sans sun damage. HOW IT WORKS Dihydroxyacetone

(DHA), an FDA-approved sugar derivative, is misted over the entire body — face, feet, bum — everywhere not covered by the disposable paper panties provided. DHA reacts with the dead cells on the surface of the skin, causing them to darken. Until the cells are naturally shed, skin maintains an even tint of honey brown. WHAT TO EXPECT Be prepared,

TIP Book your airbrush tan

the day before you need to be perfectly burnished (you shouldn’t shower for a few hours post-treatment, plus the color is best on day two). And, for a flawless finish, exfoliate thoroughly the morning before your service. MELISSA EATOUGH


64 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6


PURE BEAUTY Sought after for its good taste and high silica content, Fiji Natural Artesian Water — bottled at the source in Viti Levu (Fiji Islands) — has become a key ingredient in a wide range of beauty treatments at spas around the country. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, Spa Terre at Inn and Spa at Loretto offers a Summer Cool and Condition Hair Treatment ($75, 40 minutes) that begins with a refreshing Fiji water rinse to rejuvenate the hair and scalp. During the ensuing Aetó Botanica oil–infused scalp massage, guests are treated to a mini-facelift with the application of cold stones immersed in Fiji water. The High-Altitude Hydrating Fiji Facial ($110, 50 minutes) at the Snowmass Club in Snowmass Village, Colorado, helps fight the drying effects of elevated living, replenishes the skin, removes impurities, and smooths fine lines. “Because it is so pure and rich in minerals, we use the water in the steaming and rinsing phases of the treatment,” explains Jocelyn Ritti, spa and athletic director at the Snowmass Club. “The minerals help the body better absorb water, leaving you more hydrated from the inside out.” What a refreshing concept. ISABELLE GULLÖ

you will have to bare almost all in front of the airbrush technician. But for your bravery you are rewarded with even, instant color that lasts from three to 10 days (depending on your skin type and lifestyle). Prices vary drastically — from less than $30 to $100 plus — as does the training technicians receive. A skilled hand is priceless; choose a location with a good reputation.

Spa Day® is a unique, one-day pamper-yourself fundraising event benefiting AIDS service organizations. Book your appointments for November 16th and/or complete your holiday shopping with spa gift certificates. On Spa Day®, participating spas and salons will donate 20% or more of their revenue from treatments and gift certificate purchases.

Photo: Harry Langdon


Participating spas and salons are added daily to northern california • southern california • dallas • fort lauderdale • miami • new york

Preventing homelessness & hunger since 1983

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Spa Day® Honorary Chair Khandi Alexander, “CSI:Miami”

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AUTUMN GAZES The eyes have it this season, looking best when dramatically dressed in rich violet, lavender, and plum tones and complemented by pale, naturallooking lips. Shown here, shadows from the fall collections of Aveda, Franché, Fresh, Gl¯oMinerals, Jane Iredale, La Bella Donna, and Paula Dorf. MELISSA EATOUGH






FALL FOOT REFRESH Feet get plenty of pampering during the summer when strappy shoes make polished peds essential, but at the end of sandal season, they are often left wanting hydration and attention. Yan Lu, owner of Le Crème Spa in San Francisco, suggests you treat your feet to this easy-to-whip-up, ultra-moisturizing masque to take your tootsies through the winter. M.E.


4 medium strawberries

⁄4 cup warm cream


1 tablespoon organic honey


1 2 3

Combine ingredients in a blender; swirl until smooth. Apply mixture to feet and cover with plastic wrap. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes; rinse; and reveal soft, supple skin.

Treat your feet to an ultra-moisturizing foot masque you can make at home.

that reduces hair regrowth may give you more time enjoying sleek, smooth legs and less stress on the waxing table. The Epilar System consists of two gels applied immediately after any epilation method that removes hair at its root, such as waxing or lasering. The secret is trypsin, an enzyme that acts on hair protein to inhibit growth. “We have noted at least a twenty percent hair-growth reduction with every single person,” says Joanne Latona of the Point Pleasant Foot, Hand, and Skin Wellness day spa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At Point Pleasant, a wax with Epilar add-on starts at $30 for underarms and runs up to $170 for legs. To find a spa offering the service near you, visit DIANA RICO

LOVELY LOCKS IN A BOX Ojon, a line of haircare products handcrafted by Central America’s Miskito Indians (known as the Tawira, or “the people of beautiful hair”), now offers a Try Me home ritual kit. Included, a trial-size bottle of Ultra Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, Revitalizing Mist, Shine & Protect Glossing Mist, and Restorative Hair Treatment — everything you need for gorgeous hair that’s rainforest fresh. M.E. FOR DETAILS, SEE THE SOURCE, PAGE 151.

68 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6





Conscious Care Your skin, the body’s largest organ, absorbs all the nutrients and toxins that touch its surface, so it’s important to be knowledgeable about what you slather on. Whether you’re into au naturel, organics, or the soothing smells of essential oils, there’s a body-friendly product line — and spa treatment — that will feed your skin just what it needs. The following will get you started. MYARA SHERWOOD

Dr. Alkaitis

Living ingredients —such as wheatgrass, blackberries, oat buds, and wildcrafted botanicals — are used to support the skin’s natural balance. Dr. Saulius Antony Alkaitis, the scientist who formulated the line, guarantees that all ingredients are food grade and offer clarifying results. Products range from $23 (eye makeup remover) to $60 (herbal body oil). PHILOSOPHY

The Organic Skin Food Facial ($130, 60 minutes) designed to restore cellular balance, reactivate your skin’s rejuvenating abilities, and uncover your natural radiance.



Great Jones Spa (New York City)





PHILOSOPHY Chemical-free products based on science deliver revitalizing vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants for immediate visible changes. Cleansers — like the Kiwi Cream Bar for sensitive complexions — are crafted from the fruit of the earth and produce glowing skin naturally. Products range from $18 (lip treatment) to $150 (anti-aging serum).

PHILOSOPHY The therapeutic power of essential oils heals the skin and relaxes the mind. Organic rose oil, for example, effectively smooths wrinkles around the lips and delays the appearance of crow’s feet while uplifting the spirit and reducing stress. Products range from $17 (eye makeup remover) to $65 (cell renewal treatment).

Lymphatic drainage and acupressure are employed in the Face Contouring with Enzyme Peel ($135, 60 minutes) for younger-looking skin instantly. Collagen- and elastin-boosting fruit enzymes produce longer-term effects.



The Arcona Studio (Valley Village, California) FIND IT AT

The Ultimate Facial ($110, 90 minutes) offers gentle cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, masque application, and massage — plus extra indulgences like a relaxing hand treatment. FIND IT AT Enessa Wellness Spa (Los Angeles)


70 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6




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twice as nice A sweetly scented, super-hydrating lotion; an effective anti-aging serum; a truly tasty cup of tea: all great finds on their own. But combine them with tension relief, a flawless complexion, and a slimmer waist, and you’ve struck gold. Below, a treasure trove — products offering a bounty of riches in one convenient package. MELISSA EATOUGH

Swirl Tara Spa PMS Comfort salts ($18) into a warm bath, and geranium, marjoram, clary sage, melissa and wild yam will help melt away tension, relieve pre-cycle cramping, and restore balance.

Laced with lavender, peppermint, and chamomile, Village Company Headache Relief lotion ($6) replaces muscle tightness and stress-induced headaches with a calm mind and softly scented skin.

Innersense Emotional Bliss Environmental Spray ($20) perfumes the air and uplifts moods with organic extracts of lotus, jasmine, plumeria, and lavender. Simply spritz to boost creativity and infuse your space with positive energy.


Bare Escentuals RareMinerals ($60), a just released anti-aging powder formulated for nighttime use, firms skin with 100 percent pure minerals and subtly covers imperfections.

With nine herbal varieties to choose from, The Republic of Tea Be Well Red Teas ($10) taste wonderful, fight free radicals, and ease a range of concerns — from troubled digestion and congested skin to out-of-control food cravings and fluctuating hormones.


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living well h o m e f i t n e ss h e a l t h m i n d / b o d y

Yoga for the Home

Vastu — the principles of architecture described in ancient Hindu scriptures — guides you to well-being through creating an environment where energy flows harmoniously. BY ADAM SKOLNICK


my car was jammed with items from a threebedroom house I’d shared two years ago with my ex-fiancée. I was literally lugging my past around. This could not be healthy. Fortunately, soon thereafter I was introduced to Robin and Michael Mastro of Vastu Creations. Partners in business and life, the Mastros practice vastu shastra, a more than 5,000-yearold science of architecture and design described in the Vedas, the earliest Hindu sacred writings. Vastu — practiced in India and the >


’m supposed to be a yogi. Every morning I stretch, breathe, and sweat through asanas to ease stress and maintain emotional and physiological equilibrium. It’s all about finding balance. Yet one morning during my practice, when I looked around my apartment, what I saw alarmed me: A deluge of files spilled out from beneath a desk, books were piled around an empty bookcase, and art was stacked against walls. There were also unpacked boxes strewn around, which reminded me that the trunk of

living well


predecessor to feng shui — outlines how to build and maintain environments so they are stress free and in harmony with nature and the universe.

Principles of Vastu The tantric sages who developed yoga also created vastu. Both increase our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Yoga focuses on the body and mind to achieve this, and vastu attunes our surrounding environments toward the same end. During the Vedic period (1500-500 B.C.), vastu was embraced by entire cities including Mohenjo Daro in the

clockwise and collect in the southwest of the building to support the health and well-being of everyone who lives there. If there are extensions or missing corners that compromise the ideal rectangular shape, the Vedas note that energy will stagnate. If there are doors and windows in the south and west, the solar and magnetic vibrations will be lost. When I called Seattle-based Vastu Creations, I explained the state of my apartment to Robin Mastro, and she agreed that I had a problem. “We are gigantic electromagnetic tuning forks,” she said. “If your environment is out of balance, you will feel it. You won’t think as clearly, and

When residences are built and finished to the rules of vastu, then the Vedas say that there shall be prosperity, enjoyment, liberation, good health, and happiness in the home. Indus Valley, one of ancient India’s most prosperous civilizations. Later, it was largely forgotten. But as yoga has increased in popularity recently, so has interest in vastu. Its chief concerns are orientation and shape. Homes and the lots they are on should be rectangular, built or developed to receive the life supporting magnetic and solar energies of the north and east while shielding inhabitants from the negative influences of the west and south. Ideally, this means all entrances and windows should be oriented toward the north and east. The interior should be designed so these positive solar and magnetic energies can circulate

your health and finances may suffer.” The converse is also true. When residences are built and finished according to the rules of vastu, then the Vedas say that there shall be prosperity, enjoyment, liberation, good health, and happiness in the home. This was not good news, as I had no chance of making my apartment conform to the vastu building requirements. But Robin assured me that it wouldn’t be necessary to call in the movers. “Not everyone has the kind of lifestyle that lets them pick up and move,” she said. “But you do need to make the best of where you live so opportunities can come to you — so you can experience what it’s like to have nature support you.”

creating harmony

The Diagnosis

Follow these simple vastu guidelines to optimize your abode:

Michael Mastro arrived the following weekend. An award-winning architect and builder, he first learned vastu while working on Transcendental Meditation centers in Switzerland and India in the 1970s. “As time went on, I went back to the Vedas to get the real, pure knowledge, unadulterated by translation,” he said. He designed Microsoft’s first office building in Bellevue, Washington, in 1982 according to vastu principles. He did the same for several Boeing buildings; an ayurvedic center in Morocco; and Las Brisas Del Valle, a hot new lodge in Mexico’s

Eliminate clutter. To bring success into all areas of your life, organize your home and office — environmental clutter is a major contributor to stress. Encourage financial abundance. Face north while paying bills and for doing anything related to finances. Stimulate prosperity. Place a small, tabletop fountain in the northeast area of your residence. Get creative. For maximum inspiration, face east at your desk or in your studio. Sleep well. For a deep, restful sleep, lay with your head to the south.

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living well


relationships.” According to vastu, clutter in the northwest, an area associated with the mind and our emotions, creates mental instability, which shows up in our communication and leads to disharmony in relationships. Clutter in the south holds negative energy that will stifle productivity and affect careers. Pointing at my hot spot, he said, “That’s the southeast. It’s probably creating more expenses than income.” I must have looked as nauseous as I felt, because Michael smiled and said, “Don’t worry. We’ll fix it.”

Eliminate clutter and feel less stressed, according to vastu.

Guadalupe Valley. When he stepped into my one-bedroom apartment, I was ready to rearrange furniture, repaint walls — whatever it took. With compass in hand, and very little small talk, Michael worked out the correct orientation to flush out my issues. “The toilet in the north, stove in the northeast, and your windowless north wall are blocking the solar and magnetic energies and stunting your financial and spiritual growth,” he said. “You could also be leaking the positive energy you do receive through the doors and windows in the south and west.” His eyes narrowed in on the clutter under my desk. “Clutter is the number one contributor to stress, and it inhibits our success in career and

Described in their 2006 book, The Way of Vastu (Balanced Books Publishing), the Mastro’s system is simple. Michael installed a dozen miniature yantras, symbols based on sacred geometry thought by ancient yogis to attract and emit positive energy and provide protection, on my windowsills and above my doorjambs. “They act like radio waves by tuning in the positive forces of nature and tuning out the negative influences,” he said. The yantras in my house are unique to the orientation and issue at hand. The session ended with a puja ceremony. We chanted over rice, water, and a burning candle. It was over quickly, and as Michael left I felt there should have been more to it. Where was the redesign? Why didn’t he tell me to buy new furniture? I thought. Will these oneinch yantras really change my life? Fast-forward three months. The clutter is gone, art is hanging, books are shelved, and boxes are unpacked. I have been chanting mantras recommended by Michael to further enliven my environment with positive energy. And coincidence or not, I have never had more work. I’m not out of the financial woods yet, but I feel calmer, healthier, and happier than I have in years. I’m even sleeping better. Does that mean vastu is an unfailable science? Maybe not. But there’s something to it. Something tangible. FOR DETAILS, SEE THE SOURCE, PAGE 151.

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Tuning Up


Imagine increasing your spiritual awareness while reducing your waistline. A recent study (funded by the National Cancer Institute) found that practicing yoga may help you do just this. The study — involving 15,500 healthy middle-aged men and women — was led by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and is the first of its kind to measure the effects of yoga on body weight. The researchers noted that a yoga practice had the greatest effect on those who were overweight. “[These people] lost about five pounds, while those who did not practice yoga gained about fourteen pounds in a ten-year period,” says Dr. Alan R. Kristal, the study’s lead author. >

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posed for weight loss

Renew your spirit in the garden

Steve Gunther

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living well


(posed for weight loss continued) What accounts for yoga’s apparent fat-fighting potential? Kristal, a longtime yoga student himself, suspects it could be increased body awareness more than the elevated physical activity. “I think it has to do with the way yoga makes you more aware of your body. So when you’ve eaten enough food, you’re sensitive to the feeling of being full, making it much easier to stop before you over-indulge.”

Researchers noted that practicing yoga had the greatest effect on those who were overweight. Study co-author and yoga teacher Denise Benitez, owner of Seattle Yoga Arts, offers the following suggestions for enhancing one’s yoga practice — tips that may be particularly helpful for those who wish to maintain or lose weight: Practice in a room without mirrors, and pay more attention to your internal experience than to your outer performance.


Learn to feel more and more subtle sensations so that you become deeply involved in and curious about micro-movements.


Find an edge for yourself in your poses, where you are challenged but not overwhelmed. At this edge, practice maintaining a clear, open, and accepting mental state.

4 5

Permit yourself to rest during a yoga class when you feel overworked.

6 7 8

Go to the yoga studio faithfully, arrive early, and talk to a few people in your class before it begins.

Pay close attention to what you are saying to yourself as you practice, and make an intentional effort to appreciate your own efforts and innate goodness.

Treat yourself: Buy your own yoga mat and bring it to class.

Realize that the development of attributes like patience, discipline, wisdom, right effort, kindness, gratitude, and many others will arise from your yoga practice. These qualities create a steady and soft mind.

Find a teacher who offers a balance of gentleness and firmness and whose teaching inspires you to practice from your highest self.


Recognize that simply attending class is a major statement of courage, self-care, and positive momentum. Realize that you are inspiring others as you become more true to your deepest desires. LEE ANN STIFF

10 82 SPA

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MINDFUL STRIDES To boost health and longevity, fitness coach Danny Dreyer outlines how to integrate the principles of tai chi into your walking workout in ChiWalking: Five Mindful Steps to Lifelong Health and Energy (Simon & Schuster). Dreyer notes that ChiWalking creates flexible joints, movement from the body’s center, and relaxation of the arms and legs. “This approach not only increases your motivation to walk but also enhances energy flow and relieves muscle aches and tension caused by incorrect form,” says Dreyer, a longtime runner and tai chi practitioner. In addition to encouraging proper posture and fluid movement, Dreyer’s mindful steps help you stay focused throughout walks, set personal goals for each workout, and commit to a healthy lifestyle. Also, to ensure a balanced and more exciting exercise regimen, the program offers 12 different walks, each with its own fitness objective and unique benefits. For instance, the Aerobic Walk is designed to step-up calorie burning and oxygen flow; the Flexibility Walk loosens joints and gets your circulation going; the Walking Meditation allows you to turn the journey inward; and the Energizing Walk leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Visit to get motivated. ISABELLE GULLÖ



living well


Give It a Tri

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where to find it

what to expect

The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa (Houston, Texas)

TriFit, a program that will prepare you for the three disciplines of triathlon competition, includes nutritional consultations and advice on equipment selection

Sports Center at Chelsea Piers (New York City)

Seasonal, eight-week triathlon camps and a year-round Triathlon Club

Equinox Fitness Clubs (in select cities in California, Florida, Illinois, and New York)

Challenging classes like Terrier-Tri Running, Cycling, and Swimming that help build endurance and speed

Cheetah Gym (Chicago)

A 90-minute triathlon training session including work on treadmills, bikes, and gravity machines that simulate swimming


We all know women are masters at multitasking, so it should come as no surprise that a growing number of females find time to compete in (and train for) triathlons — the triple feat that involves swimming, biking, and running all in one race. To help these fitness heroines reach their workout goals, some spas and sports clubs are introducing triathlon-specific training programs for beginners and seasoned athletes alike. So even if you aren’t planning on becoming a triathlete, you can still train like one — no doubt, you’ll find a postworkout rubdown has never felt sweeter. I.G.


Of course, moisturizer and yearround sunscreen are key factors in maintaining healthy skin, but did you know that what you put in your body can be just as important as what you put on it? A diet high in saturated fats, sugars, and processed foods can accelerate your skin’s aging process. “It promotes oxidative stress on a cellular level in the tissues,” says Barbara Close, well-being advisor and founder of the all-natural beauty product company Naturopathica. Oxidative stress is bad news — it’s the same culprit that kicks off sun damage, and it ends with the same results: dryness and wrinkles. And while you can’t stop the clock, you can give your skin a fighting chance by eating the right foods. Close notes that by >

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Better Skin

living well


(better skin continued)

A CONVINCING CUP Here’s a jolt for coffee drinkers: New research from the University of Queensland in Australia suggests caffeine makes you more open to persuasion. According to the study, even moderate caffeine intake increases the extent to which we listen to and perceive convincing arguments. And since the stimulant also boosts mood, you’re more likely to agree with an idea presented to you. So, to avoid post-espresso regrets, save important decisions for your lesscaffeinated moments. ISABELLE GULLÖ 88 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

WALKING PRETTY Red wine may be the newest beauty treatment for your legs. According to vein specialist Dr. Patrick Maillet, red wine helps provide relief from sluggish circulation, and its polyphenols naturally protect vein walls and enable blood to flow more freely, especially when paired with foods rich in vitamins C and E. The result? Less visible veins, reduced overall swelling, and much prettier legs. These attractive benefits can be enhanced with gentle exercise and a balanced diet that includes a variety of fresh foods including plenty of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. So what’s to blame for poor circulation in the first place? Heredity, hormonal fluctuations, poor eating habits, and a sedentary (read: sitting at a desk all day) lifestyle. What about white wine? Traditionally made without the use of grape skins (where most of the nutrients are found), white varieties have a lower count of polyphenols so they don’t pack the same antioxidant punch as red. Of course, a fine vintage alone won’t do the trick, but joined with wholesome meals and regular exercise (Maillet recommends yoga and walking for at least 20, uninterrupted minutes a day) you can achieve gorgeous gams that go the distance — a great new reason to raise a ruby glass. LEE ANN STIFF


adhering to the following simple preventive measures, you will help keep oxidative stress at bay and allow your natural beauty to surface. • Up your intake of omega-3 fatty acids by adding nuts, flaxseed oil, and fish like wild salmon, sardines, and mackerel to your diet. • Eat whole grains. Processed wheat can add to the inflammation that causes redness. “The way wheat is processed in this country depletes its nutritional value and alters the grain in such a way that many people cannot digest it properly without intestinal disturbances,” says Close. • Use antioxidant-packed herbs when cooking; such as ginger and turmeric. • Avoid spicy and acidic foods (such as red meat, dairy products, coffee, and alcohol) if you have extra-dry skin or a condition like eczema or rosacea. Instead, choose alkaline foods like bananas, spinach, and dandelion greens. JEN A. MILLER

living well


slimming slumber


Sleep more and weigh less? Sounds like a dream. But according to research conducted at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, women who doze at least seven hours a night are getting more than their beauty rest: They’re preventing significant weight gain over time. The study found that the likelihood of major weight gain — 33 pounds or more — rose 32 percent for women who slept only five hours a night. These women were also 15 percent more likely to pack on the pounds and become obese than their more somnolent counterparts. The researchers analyzed the diets and physical activity levels of the women but found no differences that explained why those who got less sleep weighed more. In fact, they discovered that those who slept less also ate less. However, the sleep-deprived women tended not to exercise as much (possibly due to daytime fatigue). Still, the researchers could not attribute the disparity in weight gain patterns among the women to eating habits or exercise. It is possible that reduced slumber affects the number of calories burned while at rest (basal metabolic rate) and translates into weight gain over time. What’s the take home? When it comes to deciding on your best strategy to maintain a healthy weight, you should probably sleep on it. L.S.

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living well


Tuning In Listening to sound with focused intent fosters better health and well-being. BY CONSTANCE HART


toning for self healing A simple form of sound therapy is toning. To enjoy its benefits, sit in an upright position so that your diaphragm can be stretched rather than compressed. Fuel yourself with a deep inhalation through the nose, and tone out your mouth as you exhale. Vowels are a great choice, because they synchronize brainwaves and stimulate the brain’s limbic system, which helps relieve stress. Practice making the sounds (see suggestions below) with a relaxed facial expression first and then with a smile on your face to change the pitch and complete your session feeling lighter. • Uuh as in “cup” (centers and stabilizes) • Oh as in “go” (for patience and to release control) • Ooo as in “you” (for clarity and focus) • Ah as in “mama” (promotes unconditional love) • Ay as in “say” (improves communication) • I as in “eye” (clears the head) • Ee as in “see” (relaxes the mind) FOR DETAILS, SEE THE SOURCE, PAGE 151.

92 SPA

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ound therapy has been utilized since ancient times for its restorative benefits. Incan shamans, for instance, used drumming to heal people by inducing altered states of consciousness; sacred chants were uttered in India to create peace of mind; and the Greek mathematician Pythagoras taught music healing as far back as 500 B.C. The premise of sound therapy is that every internal part of the body, when healthy, vibrates at a specific frequency. If an organ becomes stressed, it begins to vibrate at a discordant frequency. Sound may be used to project a favorable influence to the ailing part of the body and return it to health. The beauty of this therapeutic modality is that it is noninvasive yet has a profound effect on the nervous system. When sound enters the outer ear, the inner ear relays sensory input to the brain, which develops new neural pathways. The nervous system then receives impulses that influence both mind and body, through alpha, beta, delta, and theta brainwaves. As you listen to sound with conscious intent, your inner rhythm changes. The key is knowing what frequency will help provide the shift you are seeking. For example, when you have nervous energy, deeper, slower sounds calm you down, bring peace, and increase your ability to focus. When you’re feeling lethargic, higher, faster pitches lift you up and inspire action. There are both external and internal applications of sound. External sources include drumming, singing bowls, gongs, bells, and chimes. An internal application of sound is achieved through toning (making a noise through your mouth) or by placing tuning forks on various points on the body. As healers knew long ago, tuning into the right frequency is sound advice indeed.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Beautifully arranged cacti in full bloom; a flower-fringed walkway and directions to wellness help guests navigate Rancho La Puerta’s gardened grounds; Mount Kuchumaa outlines the horizon. OPPOSITE: Contemplation in a field of dreams.

A MEXICAN LOVE STORY A newlywed couple with a passion for healthy living created Rancho La Puerta over 60 years ago. Today, it remains an enduring legacy of healing and renewal. BY SHARI MYCEK PHOTOGRAPHS BY ERICKA McCONNELL

eborah Shainman was only a child when she first met her future husband, Edmond Szekely, a Romanian-born health scholar and friend of her parents. They were in romantic Tahiti, but it was not love at first sight — Deborah was 12 years old; Edmond was 29. When Deborah was 17, however, the two fell in love and married. Over the course of the following decades, Rancho La Puerta — the result of their life’s work and precursor to what we now call a “destination spa” — was born. The story of how the ranch began, and how it has evolved, is an epic tale.

d ABOVE: Illuminated steps toward Montaña gym and the road to renewal. OPPOSITE: The Milagro Meditation loft extends an invitation to stretch.

ACT I – El Principio (The Beginning) “We were definitely health nuts, both of us,” says Deborah of her husband and herself, who at age 84 does Pilates three times a week, orders only appetizers when eating out, and travels from her home in San Diego to guest-lecture once a week at the ranch. She’s a vegetarian and has been all her life. “I didn’t have a choice really,” she says. “My mother was vice president of the New York Vegetarian Society in 1926, when I was just four. During the depression, I remember driving through Brooklyn in our big family car combing for bananas — the only fruit available. One day, my mother came home waving four tickets to Tahiti and said we were moving. She wanted us to live a healthier lifestyle — with lots of sunlight, exercise, and a bounty of fresh fruit.” While living in Tahiti, Deborah met Edmond, who was part of a French scientific commission sent to the island to study the effects of environment on human health. After Edmond departed, the family kept in touch, and to celebrate Deborah’s graduation from high school, met up with “the professor” (as they called him) for Christmas in Guadalajara, where he was living and working at the time. The plan was for the family to spend a week there, but they arrived to find Edmond’s secretary packing to return to England. “The replacement wasn’t arriving for a few weeks, so my mother and I decided to stay on and help run the office,” Deborah recalls. “The new secretary arrived, took one look around Guadalajara, and left on the next train home. Mom, who was unhappy about me going to college so young, suggested I spend a few months working as his assistant to gain experience and learn more about his health theories.” A few months became a year, and by the end Deborah had become indispensable. (And the two had fallen in love.) Edmond proposed. “I thought he was the most wonderful man in the world and happily said yes,” she says. Our plan was to go to England, but when the second World War came, Edmond’s passport was cancelled; he was a man without a country.” 6, 1940, 17-year-old Deborah rolled down a dirt road in Tecate, Mexico, in a Cadillac (a wedding gift) to a vineyard called Rancho La Puerta. “That we were to begin our life’s work, laying the foundation of what was to become North America’s first fitness health spa, all seems so clear now,” she says. “But at the time, we had no idea.” The two planted a garden using organic farming methods Edmond knew, bought goats for milk and cheese, and tended the vineyards so Edmond could conduct “grape fasts” he’d learned about in


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You have to TRUST that whatever you end up doing is PERFECT. There is no right or wrong.

Europe. In time, guests began to come, paying $17.50 per week to sleep in tents (that they brought themselves). And although there was no running water or electricity, there was a mountain for climbing, a river for swimming, and an organic vegetable garden for eating well. Yoga may have made its Western debut at the ranch (and was later taught there by the legendary Indra Devi), as may have many of the destination-spa staples so commonplace today: a schedule with daily activities [e.g., 6 a.m. hikes up Mount Kuchumaa] and exercise classes set to music, two of Deborah’s innovations. “I was slightly dyslexic, though we didn’t call it that in those days, and in leading calisthenics I easily confused my left and right,” she says. “To help me keep time, we brought out an old Victrola, which the local children loved cranking for us.” Lectures by Edmond on his health theories were a highlight of the daily regimen, and even today, Deborah is amazed at how prophetic those talks were. “He warned against herbicides, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers,” she notes. “He criticized food processing and packaging; emphasized the dangers of cigarettes and alcohol and the crucial need for pure air and water; recognized the potential threat of cholesterol and fats in the American diet; and pinpointed the guidelines now advocated for safe sunbathing and proper absorption of vitamin D — and this was in the ’40s.” Spa treatments — including an adaptation of the popular European Kneipp wrap — were also part of the ranch experience. “As guests were hiking and climbing the mountain each day, their muscles were not used to it, and they’d become very sore,” says Deborah. “The professor ordered linen sheets from Poland and experimented with local herbs to devise a body wrap that would penetrate and soothe the muscles so guests could get up and do it all again. Monday wraps featured yerba santa; Tuesday, mullein; Wednesday, sage; Thursday, mangle; Friday, manzanita; Saturday, rosemary; and Sunday, eucalyptus.” The ranch was not a pampering place then, and isn’t today. People come here to change their lives, to get healthier.

ABOVE: A cooling outdoor shower behind the Women’s Health Center. OPPOSITE: Precise placement of restorative rocks define the Hot Riverstone Massage.

ACT II – El Presente (The Present) While those day-of-the-week specials have given way to a fresh blend of rosemary, sage, lavender, and eucalyptus culled daily from the ranch’s organic garden, the professor’s signature herbal wrap is still very much in vogue. An average of six are given every day. First, linens are steeped in herbs picked just hours prior to the treatment. They are then placed piping hot on a massage table, where a client lies down and is gently wrapped in one lavender-androsemary-fragrant linen after another. Conchita Ortiz, a beautiful Mexican senora who’s worked at the ranch for more than 30 years, gave this treatment to me. After I was tightly wrapped, she placed an ice-cold towel across my forehead and whispered softly, “Fifteen minutes.” Like clockwork, she was back to replace the ice-cold towel and whisper, “Ten more minutes,” then “Just a few more minutes,” keeping me steaming a tad longer than I thought I could stand. But when she finally

S /0 2 0 0 6 SPA


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Floral color carpets the ranch’s ample acreage; an enoki salad flaunts flavor; sunlight complements the blue-andgold decor of a casita; mango-berry smoothies blend health benefits. OPPOSITE: Relaxing in the shade of a palapa.

The ranch was not a pampering place then, and it isn’t today. People come here to CHANGE THEIR LIVES, to get healthier.

ABOVE: Shadowed solitude during a hot tub hiatus. OPPOSITE: The Villas pool adds a splash of blue amidst shades of chaparral.

unwrapped me, one still-hot linen at a time, I was grateful. Every muscle, every tendon was relaxed and soothed, all tension gone. Unlike the many destination spas now modeled after Rancho La Puerta (including California’s legendary Golden Door Spa, which Deborah founded in 1958), the menu here is basic: herb and seaweed wraps, resultsoriented facials, salt scrubs, reflexology, and massage. One of the newest, the Healing Massage, is both magical and painful — a combination of trigger point therapy using a wooden, fingerlike tool; myofascial work; and neuromuscular release. My therapist, Sofia, lets me know that this treatment will not be relaxing, nor will it be a full-body massage. “We’ll focus on the areas with the most tension,” she says (in my case, shoulders and neck). “There will be very deep pressure on one specific point, but we will breathe, very deeply, through it. Afterward, you should go in the steam or Jacuzzi — and maybe even take some Tylenol, so you are not sore in the morning. Are you ready?” A massage veteran, I nod. How painful could it possibly be? But when Sofia lays finger, then wooden tool, to my shoulder, it’s like a bolt of electricity searing through me, painful yet euphoric. I breathe deeply from my abdomen, and she’s right. The muscle immediately relaxes, the pain stops, and it’s blissful, until she moves ever so slightly to the right and presses again. In the end, 90 minutes isn’t enough time. I wanted more. In working my neck, Sofia presses a spot along my jaw. “Your jaw is very tight,” she says. “Perhaps you don’t say what you want to say and hold it inside. Come back, and I’ll work the inside of your mouth.” She acknowledges that it sounds strange but says it would be very healing for me. “Sometimes people cry because this massage brings up so much emotion — a trauma or a hurt,” she continues. “When you hit that muscle and hold through the pain, you remember. And then you release. We have a waiting list for this massage. It’s very popular, I think, because it’s so real.” “REAL” IS A COMMON THEME throughout the ranch, from the no-fluff spa menu and no-preservative all-organic cuisine to the subtle-but-constant message to keep the body moving. Mornings begin early — if you choose (and most guests do) — with a hike up nearby Mount Kuchumaa (a sacred mountain still used as a pilgrimage by native tribes). By 9 a.m., hikers are back at the ranch in time to sample an array of classes — such as African dance, yoga, stretch, aerobics, tai chi, and world drumming — held throughout eight gyms, the Pilates studio, and several meditation lofts. I was, frankly, overwhelmed by my options. “You have to trust that whatever you end up doing is perfect,” says Barbara Abrahams, the resident R.N. “There is no right or wrong.” She has come to my casita, with its wood-burning fireplace, tiled terrace overlooking the mountain, and colorful Mexican folk art, bearing a dehumidifier and special tea of red ginger, lemon, and agave (tequila plant) brewed by chef Jesus Gonzalez to chase away the head cold I acquired in-flight. While Gonzalez’s cold remedy works its magic, I take her advice to heart, developing a rhythm to my days that makes sense for me. For the first few mornings I sleep blissfully until 8-ish; take my breakfast, which includes strong (though not the voltage I’m used to) coffee laced with > 147

102 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

Prior to spa treatments, I relax in the Mexican-tiled steam room FRAGRANT WITH FRESH EUCALYPTUS AND ROSEMARY, dip into the rooftop ice-cold plunge pool, and sunbathe in the nude.


If variety is the spice of life, Arizona — more specifically, the state’s Phoenix/Scottsdale area — is as spicy as the chipotle jalapeños used in its signature entrees. The restaurants, arts scene, outdoor activities, and resorts in these neighboring cities are all first-rate — and their spas are among the most dazzling in the world. The variety may be unparalleled, with techniques and ingredients culled and combined from European, Asian, and Native American cultures. As you indulge, senses are further awakened by the stunning red-rock views that surround you. Whether you spa-hop in the area for a weekend or a week, visit the best. Here’s a short list.


GOLDEN DOOR SPA AT THE BOULDERS RESORT “East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,” wrote Rudyard Kipling. But Kipling never set foot in the Golden Door, where the spa’s active west wing (with a fitness center, movement studios, and spa café) meets the tranquil east wing (with meditation spaces, circular tea room, and rock garden). Heated tile floors, a teepee for guided meditation, and a labyrinth all contribute to making this a unique East/West sanctuary for mind and body.

THE SPA AT CAMELBACK INN Tucked behind a charming 1936 resort at the foot of Mummy Mountain, the spa was fully updated with an $8 million makeover in 2003, and its 32,000 square feet invite you to stay awhile. (In fact, many guests spend most of the day.) Besides luxuriating in the spa, you can lunch at Sprouts, swim in the heated outdoor lap pool, and get a fitness assessment through the spa’s signature PALS (Personalized Aerobic Lifestyle System), a program developed by the “father” of aerobics, Dr. Kenneth Cooper ($105, 60 minutes). You can also try the Dr. Perricone Anti-aging Facial ($135, 60 minutes), which is offered almost nowhere else but here.


Brittlebush and ocotillo are burnished by the sunset’s golden cast over the mountains flanking Phoenix. Ingredients from the region’s sun-kissed landscape play prominently in local spa treatments.

104 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6


FAR LEFT: Eucalyptus-infused steam

permeates dreamtime at JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort’s Revive Spa. LEFT: Agave yields healing nectar for the Blue Agave Paraffin Wrap at The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa.


Perched on the highest ridge above Scottsdale, this spa’s view takes in the Four Peaks, where stones used in the Amethyst Body Renewal ($195, 90 minutes) are excavated. Amethyst — long associated with healing (especially arthritis), improved mental function, and detoxification — is placed on your body, you’re then misted with amethyst-infused water, and a regenerating cream and body lotion containing amethyst powder are applied. The spa gives you a stone as a parting gift so you can continue the healing at home. THE SPA AT COPPERWYND RESORT AND CLUB


Engaging the five senses is the essence of spa-going, and if there were a sixth, Willow Stream would find a treatment to nurture it. Their consummate indulgence is the Havasupai Body Oasis Experience ($309, 120 minutes), named after the Native American tribe and the Grand Canyon’s famous falls (a warm waterfall cascades through the spa’s three levels). The Experience includes a waterfall shower, massage, acupressure, aromatherapy wrap, desert tea break, and eucalyptus herbal bath. And that’s just one of the enticing treatment options at the 44,000-square-foot spa, Scottsdale’s largest.



“Avania” is Greek for “tranquil,” which aptly describes the ambiance of Scottsdale’s newest spa (opened in July 2005). Spa Avania synchronizes your entire spa experience with the time of day, based on the idea that you should be awakened in the morning, rejuvenated midday, and calmed in the evening. This philosophy determines when each of the 31 treatments are offered and certain foods and teas are served; which tunes are played in the spa’s 14 music zones; and what aromas are diffused throughout.



This 41-treatment-room spa, which opened in 2002, is as boldly impressive as the 950-room Desert Ridge Resort. Treatments are gleaned from east Asian, northern European, and Native American traditions, offering you a taste of the world’s healing cultures. The Kerstin Florian Sami Zen treatment ($290, 90 minutes), for example, combines ancient Japanese and Swedish methods choreographed to traditional Sami jojk music. The spa also offers healthy-cooking classes (taught by the spa bistro chef), private balconies and patios where you can lounge to your heart’s delight, and a rooftop Zen garden and atrium that overlook the sublime desert landscape.


S /O 2 0 0 6 SPA


THIS PAGE: A fountain’s triadic flow provides a soothing soundtrack for the women’s relaxation area at Spa Avania. OPPOSITE: A perfect balance of sun and shade at Sanctuary Spa.

RIGHT: A moment of tranquility is mirrored in Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain’s reflecting pond. OPPOSITE: Spa Avania’s artfully portioned teas await steeping.


THE CENTRE FOR WELL-BEING AT THE PHOENICIAN Drawing its inspiration from the phoenix — the mythical desert bird that consumed itself in fire then rose from its ashes — this renowned spa focuses on mind-body revitalization and healing. Guided meditation classes are held in the sunny atrium, and once your mind is calmed, you can get your body into gear with a kickboxing or yoga class upstairs. The newest addition: a naturopathic physician who will customize a lifestyle plan that balances your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

ALVADORA SPA AT ROYAL PALMS RESORT AND SPA Mediterranean romance permeates every aspect of the Alvadora. Accented by Tuscan-style gardens and Spanish Colonial architecture and design, the indoor/outdoor spa uses the herbs, flowers, oils, and minerals of southern Europe in its treatments. Couples choosing the Acqua Dolce Ritual (from $190 per person, 90 minutes) are pampered in a suite with heated stone tables, an aromatic fireplace, rain shower, and herbal whirlpool tub then massaged in the outdoor water garden.


Immediately adjacent to Camelback Mountain, the Sanctuary Spa faces the Praying Monk, a rock formation atop the mountain — a sight enjoyed from the spa’s Zen meditation garden, outdoor treatment rooms, and Watsu and lap pools. Once duly inspired, you can take a two-and-a-half-hour guided hike up the mountain. Most of the signature treatments are Thai or Japanese, in keeping with the spa’s Asian focus. If you’d like a complete experience, stay in one of the spa casitas, from which you can comfortably make your way in robe and slippers to your next treatment. Highly recommended: one of the spa’s four-night Satori programs (from $2,574, offered about once a month).



AGAVE AT THE WESTIN KIERLAND RESORT & SPA A moist desert plant favored by Native American healers, agave is used extensively in this spa’s signature treatments. The Agave Enchantment treatment (from $190, 80 minutes) hydrates parched skin with a body masque of agave and other desert plant extracts and essential oils; and the Blue Agave Paraffin Wrap (from $190, 80 minutes) soothes joints and muscles with an agave sugar scrub and paraffin application. Afterward, you’re served the spa’s natural lime drink — sweetened, of course, with agave nectar.


110 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

ADDRESS BOOK: SCOTTSDALE/PHOENIX The Boulders Resort & Golden Door Spa, Carefree, (480) 595-3500, Camelback Inn, Scottsdale, (800) 242-2635, CopperWynd Resort and Club, Fountain Hills, (877) 707-7760, The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Willow Stream Spa, (800) 257-7544, Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch, Spa Avania, (888) 591-1234, JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort, Revive Spa, Phoenix, (800) 835-6206, The Phoenician, The Centre for Well-Being, Scottsdale, (800) 843-2392, Royal Palms Resort and Spa, Alvadora Spa, Phoenix, (800) 672-6011, Sanctuary Camelback Mountain, Sanctuary Spa, Paradise Valley, (800) 245-2051, The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa, Agave, Scottsdale, (480) 624-1500,

House’s Salus Spa, bare skin is caressed by mineralized baths and wind in the willows.



a taste of the

GOOD LIFE A tour of eco-chic retreats in Australia uncovers a surprisingly gourmet take on healthy cuisine as typical spa fare is turned upside down. BY ADAM SKOLNICK

S /O 2 0 0 6 SPA



t wasn’t just delicious; it was euphoric. The lamband-fennel sausage was so good that, at the risk of contradicting medical fact (of its undoubtedly high cholesterol count), I will say that — as it snapped perfectly to the tooth, burst fresh and juicy in my mouth, and sparked with a flame of garlic — it opened my heart. Here, I thought as I relished what was to me a life-affirming dish at a spa in Daylesford, Australia, was a sausage with the power to heal. There is a common presumption that spa kitchens are supposed to serve the ne plus ultra of diet food, be it macrobiotic, ayurvedic, raw, or vegan. In other words, there was always a chance that a spa restaurant would be unsatisfying to the taste buds. But not this one. Granted, it wasn’t low-calorie food they were serving — but this dish, this restaurant, made me feel very well indeed. Australia abounds with food as impressive as its jawdropping natural beauty, aboriginal legacy, and bourgeoning spa industry. Australians know this to be true, and they revel in it so deeply that it roots them to their homeland. This isn’t mere patriotism. Aussies burn with regional passion and are quick to praise their locally grown produce, meat, and wine as often as they tout their neighborhood forests, beaches, and bays. Spa restaurants depend on this regional bounty for their unique gourmet menus, and local wine is always offered. Before I sat down to devour the aforementioned magical sausage, however, I knew none of this. But while visiting spas in three distinct Australian regions (Daylesford, Byron Bay, and Daintree), I was enthralled by not only the culinary spirit but also the provincial pride and can-do entrepreneurship that pulses throughout the country.

ake House, nestled on the shores of Lake Daylesford (a little over an hour’s drive from Melbourne) is, first and foremost, a restaurant. It seems impossible that before 1984 what are now six pristine acres of eucalyptus trees, spring flowers, and a rambling, shabby-chic inn were a desolate field. That’s when Alla Wolf-Tasker, a Melbourne caterer, arrived with dreams of creating Australia’s first destination restaurant. Looking at the barren property, she envisioned a country bistro with a seasonal menu of locally grown produce, crafted wines and cheeses, and raised meat. Despite the fact that area farmers were, at the time,


114 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

Australia abounds with food as impressive as its jaw-dropping natural beauty, aboriginal legacy, and bourgeoning spa industry.

Fungal filigree hides the sweet meat of a saffron milkcap. OPPOSITE TOP: Dining al fresco at Lake House. BOTTOM: Seared tuna dolloped with detail.

Entrance to Amala Day Spa, Gaia Retreat & Spa’s fountainhead of renewal. OPPOSITE TOP: A pleasing power point presentation at Salus Spa. BOTTOM: Woven baskets serve as Gaia grace notes.

shipping all of their goods out of the region, the location actually made perfect sense. Daylesford is the center of an area known as Spa Country on account of its plethora of natural mineral springs that bubble to the surface throughout the surrounding Wombat State Forest’s 25 square miles. Generations of aboriginal communities valued the region for its healing waters and trout-filled streams. When Australia’s gold rush hit in 1852, Daylesford was overrun by fortune-seeking homesteaders, who forced out its indigenous population. Thankfully, the springs were protected by the government, and when Swiss, Italian, and Russian immigrants came to Victoria state decades later and heard about the mineral water in Daylesford, they arrived in droves. Familiar with the benefits of the mineral springs in their own countries, they bathed in and drank the effervescent water to ease rheumatism and digestive disorders, and, after settling in the area, took to nurturing and cultivating the landscape that had been scarred by miners. When Wolf-Tasker bought the property, she asked local farmers to eschew exportation dollars and grow specialty crops like French green beans and spring asparagus for her restaurant. “The whole point is to limit transportation miles, to bring the food from paddock to plate efficiently,” she notes. Of course, the farmers had to make a living, so she trucked the surplus to the Melbourne Central Market and sold it there. Impressed, the farmers gradually submitted more and more to her guiding influence. Lake House opened to sensational reviews and has grown over the years from a 48-seat capacity to 120. Meanwhile, urban refugees — some inspired by WolfTasker’s efforts and others who simply yearned to get back to the land, flocked to the area to take up farming. Historic farmhouses were restored, gourmet crops were turned out by the bushel, fine wines were corked, and local trout and lamb were no longer exported. It’s not a stretch to say that in 20 years, Wolf-Tasker helped turn a backwater hamlet into a foodie’s paradise. When I arrived at Lake House in November (Australia’s spring), it was unseasonably cold and wet. The road from Melbourne cut through a tapestry of lush farmland cloaked in clinging mist. It had an old-world, romantic feel, and I sensed I was heading somewhere special. This hunch was confirmed when I arrived at my room. The inn, opened in 1989, has been recently

S /O 2 0 0 6 SPA


expanded, and I booked one of the 12 new lakeside suites. I dropped my bags and fell backward onto the inviting Tempur-Pedic bed. After an overnight flight and hour-plus drive from the city, I was tempted to remain immobile. I looked directly over glassy Lake Daylesford surrounded by sweet gum forests, and the only thing that got me moving again was my reservation at one of the simple, elegant, and private treetop bathhouses at the property’s Salus Spa. Bleary-eyed, I sank into the frothing tub filled with heated, natural mineral spring water, opened the louvers, and let the cool air rush in. Steam poured up into the leafy canopy, and renegade raindrops splattered my palms. It was bliss. Afterward, I enjoyed an invigorating deep tissue massage rather than one of the Elemis organic skin treatments. When I left the spa, I felt alive to the world once more.

odd Cameron, head chef at the just opened Gaia Retreat & Spa in Byron Bay (co-owned by Olivia Newton-John), also never skimps on flavor. “Deliciousness is very important,” he says. Cameron’s style, mission, and menu are unique to the setting and region in which he cooks — a stretch of coastline that seems an attractive blend of Malibu and Maui — Northern New South Wales. The water in the region is refreshing but not cold, the air warm but not oppressively hot, and the rocky landscape, great surf, and wide beaches make Byron Bay Australia’s hippie-chic hot spot. Just over a year ago, Newton-John and her old friend Gregg Cave happened upon a defunct spiritual retreat in the hills above Byron Bay. Although they had never imagined opening a spa, they were immediately inspired by this unique 20-acre property


You’ll find no televisions, phones, or Internet service. Instead, the only “distraction” is the ocean breeze moving through melodic wind chimes. Though Salus was divine, it’s the restaurant at Lake House that sticks out most in my mind. Wolf-Tasker remains the executive chef, and everything is prepared in-house, from fresh breads to smoked fish to the unforgettable sausage — just one star in a succulent galaxy. Alongside it was a deliciously tender roast rump of spring lamb, mineral-rich spinach, and braised baby peas. The warm spring salad appetizer drenched in asparagus velouté was delectable, and for dessert, light and creamy lavender honey ice cream faded into a rich chocolate fondant. Naturally, the menu changes with the seasons. In April, Wolf-Tasker and her daughter, Larissa, wander into a corner of the Wombat State Forest to harvest wild mushrooms, as locals have for generations. They fill basket after basket with saffron milkcaps and slippery jacks (aka chanterelles and porcinis), and back in the kitchen turn out mushroom soup, blintzes, and a wild mushroom ragu served in a stuffed brioche. This isn’t typical spa cuisine, but Wolf-Tasker is far from apologetic. “Our food is prepared with the best, all-natural ingredients. Plus, I believe something that tastes fantastic will always be good for the spirit.” 118 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

with its Samoan longhouse and outlying bungalows, and, within a few months, refashioned the place into an elegant and tranquil escape with two other business partners. At Gaia, you’ll find no televisions, phones, or Internet service in the private bungalows. Instead, the only “distraction” is the ocean breeze moving through melodic wind chimes. Daily yoga, exercise, and art classes are offered and treatments in Gaia’s Amala Day Spa are an absolute must. Staffed by gifted local therapists — Byron Bay is a mecca for mind-body healers of every ilk — the spa’s body masques and polishes, including one with native lemon myrtle and macadamia nuts, are homemade. I had an invigorating organic coffee scrub. Couples often choose to be cocooned in organic dark chocolate. The spa is the only place you’ll find coffee and chocolate at Gaia, however. But that doesn’t mean the meals there are boring. Cameron grew up in Malaysia and trained as a chef in Australia’s tropical north. “Those exotic spices and flavors are in me now,” he says. I had the pleasure of tasting his locally caught, blueeyed cod accented with a tangy nouveau-panang curry. The next night he coupled a contemporary Japanese cabbage and rice flour pancake with a traditional > 149

Aptly named, Kukura House (“kukura” is Sanskrit for “people”) serves as a gathering place for guests at Gaia Retreat & Spa.




Enhancing your natural beauty and maintaining a healthy complexion are easy once you understand proper skincare. Here’s what it takes to look radiant through your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. By Mary Bemis

Ah, that elusive fountain of youth: The pursuit of beautiful, young-looking skin is legendary. And today there are myriad options, ranging from expensive serums and creams to invasive medical procedures — which, evidently, are less popular these days. Women are becoming more interested in the radiant rewards of a proper skincare routine and healthy lifestyle choices. According to a recent study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, total surgical cosmetic procedures have actually decreased by five percent since 2000; in the same time period, facelifts decreased 19 percent and forehead lifts 54 percent. And a growing number of spas are offering advanced anti-aging facials with special massage techniques meant to lift the skin naturally. According to Ben Kaminsky, co-author of Beyond Botox: 7 Strategies for Sexy, Ageless Skin Without Needles or Surgery, and founder of the B. Kamins Chemist skincare line, most women in the United States looking to address aging or problematic skin choose not to inject toxins into their faces, instead opting for holistic lifestyle therapies and noninvasive topical treatments. Kaminsky notes that, in regard to product ingredients, usually there’s not just one that will do the job — it’s a combination of them. “The days of the sweet-smelling, soft-feeling skin products are gone,” he says. “Today, we’re asking more from our preparations.” WHAT CAUSES US TO LOOK OLDER,

and can it be avoided? “We know that eighty percent of the appearance of aging is due to sun damage,” says Dr. Bruce Katz, director of the Juva Skin & Laser Center in New York City. “If there’s one thing to avoid, it’s sun exposure. Make sure you’re using a sunscreen that contains zinc oxide, titanium oxide, or avobenzone. All three of these ingredients are UVA and UVB blockers that provide full-spectrum protection.” And if you’re using an SPF 15 sunscreen with just one of these ingredients, according to Katz, it’s better than an SPF 50 sunscreen without any of them. Also topping the list of anti-aging advice: Don’t smoke; drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated; exfoliate;

122 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

exercise; and have a professional facial once a month. “The face shows the heart of the soul, therefore it needs a touch of care, kindness, healthy food, and exercise,” advises Kerstin Florian, founder of the line of products that bears her name. “Regular facial massage and good skincare rituals at home are important,” she recommends. “Invest in quality products that work.” And take this simple advice from Odile Lecoin, skincare guru and founder of the OR line of products: “Establish a cleansing and moisturizing routine, such as washing your face in the morning and at night. The evening cleanser is the most important, as it removes [pore] clogging debris and allows skin to rejuvenate overnight.” When it comes to products, the choices seem endless, and you might wonder if there is a great difference between mass-market lines and the more expensive ones available only through dermatologists and spas. “Massmarket lines use less expensive active ingredients in small amounts so they’ll appeal to the broadest segment of people with a mild formula — and avoid creating any bad reactions,” explains Daniel Yarosh, president of AGI Dermatics, a biopharmaceutical company that produces both prescription and over-the-counter skincare products. “Most professional lines use more potent active ingredients that address particular problems, and as a consequence are more expensive,” he notes. Florian adds that, whereas mass-market products leave you on your own to figure out a plan, professional spa lines require a custom-designed program for your individual needs. According to Caroline Rushworth, educational director for Sothys, a French company that produces professional

beauty products, misdiagnosing the skin’s needs is the most common mistake women make. “Self-diagnosing the skin leads to further problems,” she says. “You must visit a licensed esthetician, just as when you have a special concern and go to a dentist, chiropractor, or dermatologist to be given the correct course of treatment.” Another mistake women make regarding their skin — the biggest, according to Dr. Dennis Gross, a leading dermatologist, author of Your Future Face, and founder of MD Skincare products — is waiting to get started on prevention and slowing down the aging process. “When we are young, skin is vibrant in its production of collagen,” he says. “Keeping cells revved up and stimulated is preferable to letting the machinery run down and then trying to revive it later. Many women don’t understand the role of prevention; there is more to preventing wrinkles than merely applying sunscreen on a regular basis.” In addition, the guidelines differ based on age, because as a woman gets older, the chemistry of her skin changes. To find out what’s best for you, read on.

inside. This leads to bacteria buildup and, yes, breakouts.” Gross, always the proponent of prevention, stresses its key role at this age. “You must begin to topically apply products that contain antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients,” he notes. PRODUCT MUST-HAVE: A good eye cream.


The texture of the skin begins to change in your 30s, and exfoliation is essential, as it can help reduce fine lines and skin discolorations that begin to show. “The first lines become visible, signs of sun damage begin to appear, and hormonal fluctuations — either natural or related to pregnancy — are more apparent now,” explains Elizabeth Thomas, an educator for the Italian

Many women don’t understand the role of prevention; there is more to preventing wrinkles than merely applying sunscreen on a regular basis.


“It’s never too early to start a skincare regimen,” enthuses Margaret Edelman, consultant to Swiss skincare company La Prairie. “You should have one established in your twenties to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful for years to come.” She advises a routine of cleansing, balancing, and moisturizing with products that contain antioxidants and vitamins. This is the decade when cleansing is of utmost importance. “Never go to sleep with your makeup on,” says Gross. “Doing so can block pores, leaving oil trapped

skincare brand Comfort Zone. The important issues for this decade are skin smoothness, moisture, tone, and color. “You need to focus on a more consistent use of nourishing anti-aging products and controlling skin sensitivity,” says Thomas. “When it comes to women in their thirties, I don’t advocate products with just one active ingredient anymore,” adds Gross. “If we know ten ingredients that can help treat lines, I want all ten in one bottle. For this age group, I suggest antioxidants like vitamin C and collagen boosters, such as peptides and genestein, a soy-derived ingredient.” Gross also notes that light peels (administered by a doctor) can help firm the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. PRODUCT MUST-HAVE: An exfoliating cream or scrub designed for daily use.

S /O 2 0 0 6 SPA



“Forty-year-olds need to nourish and strengthen their skin’s natural defenses,” advises Lecoin. It is time to invest in products that promote firmness, elasticity, and collagen production. Ingredients to look for: retinol, retinyl palmitate, soy, wheat protein, and marine algaes. Katz advises adding a growth-factor product, which he says helps to slow down the aging of skin cells. During this decade, Florian recommends learning how to give yourself a rejuvenating facial massage. A simple, time-honored ritual, self massage not only feels wonderful

Gross notes that this age group is also prone to redness and irritation, so products that include green tea extract — which soothes the skin — can be helpful. “And studies show it can help prevent skin cancer,” he says. Skin-brightening extracts, such as licorice, apple, white tea, cucumber, and scutellaria root, also work to restore a more youthful glow. PRODUCT MUST-HAVE: An antioxidant-rich moisturizer that contains effective hydrators, such as hyaluronic acid. EVEN IF YOU ARE GUILTY of ignoring the aforementioned prescriptions for healthy skin in years past, there’s still good news: The science of skincare has advanced a great deal, and no matter what age you begin a skincare regimen, you’ll reap significant results. What are some of these advances?

but also works to naturally firm the skin and tone the underlying muscles and tissues. Your esthetician can suggest a technique and give you tips on incorporating facial massage into your daily routine. PRODUCT MUST-HAVE: A serious anti-aging serum with firming ingredients.

“Many people believe that what’s done is done, and nothing can reverse the damage,” says Yarosh. Not true! New products combine DNA repair technology (methods of treating concerns specific to an individual’s genetic makeup) and antioxidant vitamins (like C and E) to create a powerful anti-aging potion that sends help exactly where you need it. Such products can remove damage from the past and prevent the formation of new wrinkles.


124 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

Researchers for the DDF skincare line, for instance, have started incorporating a powerful antioxidant and antiinflammatory ingredient called nordihydroguaiaretic acid into their products. The company claims the antioxidant to be up to 100 times more powerful than vitamins E and C and grapeseed polyphenols. And MD Skincare’s Gross finds that chelating agents — organic complexes that sequester heavy metals on the surface of the skin — are the wave of the future. “Our tap water contains microscopic impurities, such as iron, lead, zinc, copper, and magnesium, that are actually free radicals that lead to wrinkles and aging,” he says. Gross blends chelating agents into the company’s Hydra-Pure line. Dr. Lars Lindmark, vice president of scientific affairs for Ferrosan A/S, a Danish company that makes Imedeen supplements (designed to improve the skin from within) believes the future of skincare lies in genomics, or individual DNA analyses. Overall, the experts agree: Maintaining great skin comes down to one thing — taking care of it. And, says Lecoin, “Do it with love and happiness. It will respond in gratitude, and you will reap the benefits.”


The science of skincare has advanced a great deal, and no matter what age you begin a skincare regimen, you’ll reap significant results.

spa treatments

INTENSIVE DE-AGING FACIAL This signature La Prairie facial uses retinol, soy, wheat protein, marine algaes, apple

extract, and glycolic acid to help significantly reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles as well as promote firmness, elasticity, and collagen production. ($170, 60 minutes, THE ULTIMATE A 15-point firming and toning Acu-Lift facial massage is included in this luxurious Kerstin Florian

treatment. Among the age-defying ingredients are sevruga caviar, coenzyme A, and green tea extract. A masque made of chitosan fibers intensely hydrates the skin and gives it an instant glow. ($259, 90 minutes, ADVANCED LIFTING & FIRMING FACIAL Including green tea and spirulina, this treatment blends manual massage

techniques with special connective tissue work and acupressure. ($200, 80 minutes,


SAMPAR LAVISH DREAM CREAM This anti-aging cream contains chestnut extract and jojoba oil to help thicken the corneal layer of the skin and increase water retention, along with plant sugar, acerola, and walnut extracts to boost the skin’s natural defenses. ($90) NATURA BISSE INHIBIT-TENSOLIFT A brand-new product with a hefty price tag, Inhibit-TensoLift promises three specific functions: relax, fill, and lift. The star component is a patented octapeptide called Octamioxyl that claims to reduce facial expression lines and minimize the formation of new ones. Hyaluronic acid, kombucha extract, and a combination of lipids, including amaretto oil and mango butter complete the firming formula. ($675) TRUE YOUTH REVEALING COMPLEX Packed with Idebenone (a super antioxidant

acclaimed for its skin-smoothing and brightening capabilities), linoleic acid, vitamin E, and millet extract, this gentle cream treats photo-damaged skin and also helps prevent further harm by protecting the complexion from environmental pollutants. ($90) FOR DETAILS, SEE THE SOURCE, PAGE 151.


Great Spas of the

Southwest & Rockies

OPEN SPACES AND RUGGED BEAUTY ILLUSTRATE THE ESSENCE of the Southwestern and Rocky Mountain regions. Spas here appeal to a natural balance of self and connect our bodies to the environment through their spa treatments and beautiful settings. Whether you seek a meditative desert or adventurous mountains, you are sure to be soothed, pampered and rejuvenated by the offerings in store, with the aid of Spa’s guide to “The Great Spas of the Southwest and Rockies.”

SOUTHWEST Lake Austin Spa Resort—Texas ............................................127 Cooper Wellness Program—Texas ..........................................128 Spa Mira Vista—Texas ..........................................................129 Trellis, The Spa at The Houstonian—Texas ............................130 The Spa at The Crescent at Hotel Crescent Court—Texas ........132 Windflower, The Hill Country Spa—Texas ................................132 Bellagio—Nevada ................................................................133 Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace—Nevada ........................134 Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa—Nevada ..............................135 Green Reed Spa—New Mexico ..............................................136 Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa—New Mexico ................136 Avanyu Spa at La Posada de Santa Fe—New Mexico ..............137 Spa Avania at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale—Arizona ............139 Aji Spa at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass—Arizona ..................139 Sedona’s New Day Spa—Arizona ..........................................139

ROCKIES Red Mountain Spa—Utah ......................................................140 The Lodge & Spa at Cordillera, A RockResort—Colorado ........141 Fitness Ridge Resort & Spa—Utah ........................................141 Sonnenalp Resort of Vail—Colorado ......................................142 Aspenfalls Spa—Colorado ....................................................142



Lake Austin Spa Resort AUSTIN, TEXAS SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Fruits of the Shore • Gifts of Our Garden • Olive Our Love • Texas Starry Night • Culinary ExperienceTM at Lake Austin Spa Resort ACTIVITIES Yoga • Pilates • Tai Chi • NIA • Spinning® • BODYPUMP® • Hydro-Biking™ • Sculling • Hiking • Boat Cruises FACILITIES 40 Casually Elegant Rooms • 25,000-Square-Foot LakeHouse Spa • Covered Pool Barn • Training Room • Organic Gardens • Lake Kitchen for Cooking Demonstrations • Garden Library • Boutiques PACKAGES Spa Refresher • Ultimate Spa Pampering • Family Refresher Packages


ASUAL. ELEGANT. RELAXED. Serene. Welcome to Lake Austin Spa Resort, a haven of tranquility in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Hidden along the shores of lovely Lake Austin, Lake Austin Spa Resort is an exquisite escape into natural beauty and personal discovery. At every turn, you’ll delight in panoramic views of verdant hillsides, towering trees, organic gardens, and restful waters. Whether you choose to participate in our daily fitness classes and discovery programs, spend the day enjoying our unique selection of spa treatments, or simply unwind in one of our lakeside hammocks, you’ll find an abundance of opportunities to enjoy the Lake Austin experience. Lake Austin Spa Resort offers a world-class destination spa experience that welcomes you with the casual elegance and warmth of a best friend’s lake house. Our intimate size—just 40 guest rooms in all— allows us to fulfill our ongoing commitment to our guests: to provide a respite from stress and a healthful rejuvenation for the mind, body, and spirit. During your stay at Lake Austin Spa Resort, you’ll be treated to gracious accommodations, deliciously healthy spa cuisine, and unlimited fitness classes, activities, and discovery programs, all enhanced by the refined simplicity of


our natural setting. Rich with amenities, the 25,000-squarefoot LakeHouse Spa is a luxurious highlight of the Lake Austin experience. Separate men’s and women’s locker rooms feature fabulous wet areas with whirlpool, sauna, and steam rooms. Well-appointed indoor treatment rooms feature private showers and a state-of-the-art, five-channel sound system. Outdoor treatment spaces include the Bamboo Room—our couples suite with an in-ground whirlpool and private outdoor shower—where you can share the experience of treatments with a friend or significant other. A magnificent indoor, open-air Pool Barn houses a Junior Olympic-length lap pool, and the outdoor Palm Pool is surrounded by billowing cabanas. Our completely refreshed menu of spa services includes more than 100 different healthgiving spa treatments developed by our spa director to reduce stress, increase resilience and revitalize the mind and body. We invite you to visit us and see why Lake Austin Spa Resort has been named a Top 5 Spa in the 2004 and 2005 Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Poll, a Top 5 U.S. Spa for three consecutive years by the Zagat Survey, a Top 10 Spa in the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards, and a Top Ten Spa, by Celebrated Living Magazine in 2006.

RATES Starting at $350 per night PRODUCT LINES • Naturopathica • Aromatherapy Associates • B Kamins CONTACT INFORMATION Address 1705 S. Quinlan Park Road, Austin, TX 78732 Reservations 800-847-5637 E-mail Website



Cooper Wellness Program at The Cooper Aerobics Center DALLAS, TEXAS SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Program • Personal Training • Behavior Modification Lectures • Dining Out • Stress Management • Medical Information Workshop ACTIVITIES Yoga • Stability Balls • Kickboxing • Pilates • Cycling • Tai Chi • Fitness Walking • Optional Spa Treatments • Optional Comprehensive Physical Examination at Cooper Clinic FACILITIES 62 Rooms • 2 Pools • Tennis • 40,000-Square-Foot Fitness Facility • Special Walking Track • Day Spa • Private Dining Room for participants • 2 Restaurants • Preventive Medicine Clinic • Research Institute PACKAGES 4-Day Program • 6-Day Program • 13-Day Program RATES Starting at $145 per night, Standard Room. $2,295, 4-Day Lifestyle Program


HEN YOU’RE SERIOUS ABOUT getting back on track, Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s life-enhancing, behavior modification program in Dallas, Texas, is just what the doctor ordered. After spending 4, 6, or 13 days in this supportive and motivating environment, you can count on returning home not only inspired but well prepared to live a healthier life. Wellness experts make sure each person goes home with a highly effective personal action plan for improving fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and stress management. They’ll provide informative, motivational and easy-tounderstand interactive workshops dealing with the “how-to’s” of physical activity, proper nutrition, in and out-of-home weight loss and stress management. Your wellness agenda will be personalized and practical. Work with personal trainers at the state-of-the-art fitness facility, attend cooking classes and power-packed workshops and coaching sessions, and enjoy being outdoors at a gracious Southern estate. Your heart-healthy meals will be proof that healthy food can also be delicious—even gourmet. Between activities, reward yourself with body-pleasing treatments at the spa.



Workshops combine the latest scientific information with down-to-earth practical advice and discussion. Topics include “How Busy is Too Busy”, “Shape Your Body, Shape Your Life”, “Never Settle for Normal”, “Maximize Your Immune System”, plus many more. You may choose to begin your retreat with a comprehensive preventive medicine physical at Cooper Clinic. Results are learned within hours during a thorough consultation with the doctor. You will receive by mail a detailed written report, including medical assessments and doctors’ recommendations. Most participants stay at the comfortable Cooper Guest Lodge. The Colonial-style inn, wellness program, clinic, and spa are located on 30 acres of beautifully manicured grounds with large trees, duck ponds, tennis courts, and a cushioned mile-long walking trail. For organizations, Cooper customized corporate retreats are an ideal way to combine strategic planning with a wellness component. Let our staff organize a one- to three-day program to meet the needs of your group—from special dining to golf outings. Cooper Wellness Program, the comprehensive medical examination, and Cooper Guest Lodge accommodations are priced separately.

PRODUCT LINES Essentiel Elements • Thymes • Jack Black CONTACT INFORMATION Address 12230 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75230 Reservations 800-444-5192 or 972-386-4777 E-mail cbostick@ cooper Website


Spa Mira Vista FORT WORTH, TEXAS SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Cleopatra Soft Pack Wrap & Float • Toe-Tally Pedicure • The Star Treatment Facial • Pregnancy Pamper Massage • Thai Floor Massage ACTIVITIES ROM 4 minute workout system • PowerPlate FACILITIES Nine Treatment Rooms • 6 Nail Stations • Three Hair Stations • Two Makeup Stations • Men’s Lounge • Women’s Lounge • Lounge attendants give hand and scalp massages between treatments • Coffee House with imported teas and specialty coffees, elixirs, breakfast and lunch PACKAGES Mira Vista Lady • From Head to Toe • Side by Side


XPERIENCE A WORLD OF indulgence at Spa Mira Vista, a luxurious day spa offering an extensive array of treatments, from advanced clinical services to traditional old-world rituals. You will be taken away from your daily world and worries the minute you walk through our doors. Revel in revitalizing hydrotherapy baths, body wraps and exfoliations that stimulate all your senses. Relax your mind and body with an assortment of massage techniques designed to soothe tired muscles and chase stress away. Rejuvenate your skin from head to toe with advanced skincare treatments combined with a full skin analysis. Renew your outer beauty with a fresh hairstyle and expert make-up application. Custom spa packages have been created to make your entire day extraordinary or for giving the perfect gift to someone special. The staff has tailored specialty services just for men, concentrating on their specific needs and providing a private men’s lounge. Spa Mira Vista’s signature treatment, The Soft Pack Wrap and Float, is one of only two facilities offering this unique specialty in the state of Texas. The A DV E RTO R I A L

weightless, heated environment of this marvelous table increases the body’s absorption rate, relaxes your entire body, and brings a sense of calm to your mind. The spa also offers a multi-sensory hydrotherapy unit that calls upon the natural healing powers of water, steam, heat and massage combined with colour and aromatherapy. Spa Mira Vista’s vein and anti-aging centre is committed to helping you feel and look better from the inside as well as the outside. The professional medical staff combines clinically proven skin and body care treatments with a luxurious spa environment. Spa Mira Vista offers select cosmetic dermatology procedures such as fillers, Botox and laser treatments. You will be immersed in a soothing atmosphere and pampered by experienced, caring professionals. Spa Mira Vista’s goal is to help you look and feel your best with a variety of health and beauty cosmetic options. The staff at Spa Mira Vista will help create a renewed confidence in yourself, your body and your skin’s health. Whatever your pleasure, the staff at Spa Mira Vista will customize its treatments to meet your unique needs — leaving you relaxed, refreshed and renewed.

PRODUCT LINES Elemis • Sonya Dakar • Naturopathica CONTACT INFORMATION Address 6600 Bryant Irvin Road, Fort Worth, TX 76132 Reservations 817-292-5252 E-mail Website



Trellis, The Spa at The Houstonian HOUSTON, TEXAS


HREE PARTS WATER… ONE part bliss. That is the recipe for relaxation at the brand-new Trellis, The Spa at The Houstonian. Trellis is themed around the healing properties of one of nature’s most indispensable elements, and includes a variety of today’s finest hydrotherapy options among its more than 100 overall treatments. Cascading waterfalls complement an exquisite Mediterranean design that includes a signature indoor float pool that spans the entire width of the first floor. A visitor to Trellis quickly discovers that water is far more than a theme. The Trellis experience begins with a specially



designed bathing ritual in the Trellis Bath area. Starting with a rainfall shower and including an aroma steam bath, aromatherapy whirlpool, and warm water float pool, the ritual is the perfect bridge between the outside world and the world of Trellis. With some of the world’s finest and most exclusive spa products, Trellis features an endless array of offerings for the mind, body, and soul. The most requested Hydrotherapy Treatment is the Sea Satin Exfoliation. After muscle-relaxing, self-heating mud packs are applied to the spine and feet, a creamy exfoliant is applied. The moisturizing scrub is infused with an endorphin-releasing serum to revitalize the skin and senses.

The extensive menu of services truly features something for every spa-goer, including treatments custom-designed for men, teens, mothers, and mothers-to-be. Trellis guests can unwind with pure pampering within the privacy of VIP and Couple’s Suites. Trellis is just the latest layer of the trademark first-class comfort for which The Houstonian is known. The property, a member of Preferred Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, is tucked into 18 serene, wooded acres in the heart of the city and features comfortably elegant guest rooms, fine dining, outstanding personalized service, and more. A DV E RTO R I A L

SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Massage • Body Wraps • Hydrotherapy • Facials & Skin Care • Full-Service Hair & Nail Salon • Microdermabrasion • Custom Menus for Men, Teens, Mothers & Mothers-to-Be ACTIVITIES Yoga • Pilates • Tennis • Personal Training • Aquatics • Group Exercise • Golf FACILITIES 17,000-Square-Foot Spa • 280 Deluxe Rooms & 8 Suites • 125,000-Square-Foot State-of-the-Art Fitness Facility • 3 Outdoor Pools • Fine Dining • Walking & Jogging Trails • 18-Hole Championship Golf Course PACKAGES Hotel, Spa & Golf Packages available RATES $295-$315 per night, Standard Room PRODUCT LINES Decléor Paris • Phytomer • Carita Maison de Beauté CONTACT INFORMATION Address 111 North Post Oak Lane, Houston, TX 77024 Reservations 800-231-2759 (Hotel), 800-378-4010 or 713-685-6790 (Spa) Website or




The Spa at The Crescent at Hotel Crescent Court DALLAS, TEXAS


HE FRENCH HAVE A phrase that refers to being happy where you are in life, bien dans sa eau. Literally, “to be happy in your own skin.” After a visit to The Spa at The Crescent, you will be. Located on the lower level of Hotel Crescent Court, A Rosewood Hotel, the spa offers more than 77 unique health and beauty treatments to refresh your mind, rejuvenate your body, and enrich your spirit. Within the quietly opulent and inviting décor, The Spa brings the best to Dallas, including knowledgeable service, luxurious product lines and the most current group aerobic classes led by specially trained professionals. Voted the “Fourth Best Urban Spa in the United States” and the “Best Overall Spa Experience in Dallas,” The Spa at The Crescent

SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS 77+ Treatments • Lady Primrose’s Specialty • Bridal Packages • Crescent Fitness Facial • Javanese Lulur Royal Treatment • Vichy Shower • Shiatsu Massage • Manicure & Pedicures FACILITIES 21 Rooms • Group Fitness Classes • Spinning • Pilates • Yoga • Fitness Equipment • Sauna/Steam & Whirpool • Outdoor Swimming Pool RATES Starting at $395 PRODUCT LINES Yonka • Phytomer • Actifirm

offers discreet and professional service with Texas charm. Whichever of the 77 ways you choose to unwind, one thing is certain— when you leave The Spa at The Crescent, you leave renewed, refreshed and happy in your own skin again.

CONTACT INFORMATION Address 400 Crescent Court Dallas, TX 75201 Reservations 214-871-3232 E-mail Website

Windflower—The Hill Country Spa SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS

S To live happily is an inward power of the soul. Aristotle

ET AMID FIELDS OF colorful wildflowers and quiet green meadows, Windflower—The Hill Country Spa, is a well-appointed, worldclass, luxurious spa, with a full range of treatments and services that showcase our own unique and warm Texas Hill Country style. Revitalize with our signature treatments that utilize native Texas botanicals. Indulge in our aromatic Peach-Pecan Body Scrub, soothing Texas Tea Bath, or the moisturizing Yellow Rose of Texas facial. Experience the power of Windflower—The Hill Country Spa, located on the grounds of the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort. CONTACT INFORMATION Address 9800 Hyatt Resort

Drive, San Antonio, TX 78251 Reservations 210-647-1234; Spa: 866-HILL-SPA



E-mail Website


Bellagio LAS VEGAS, NEVADA SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Indian Head Massage • Bellagio in Bali Jamu Massage • Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy • Watsu Massage • Thai Yoga Massage ACTIVITIES Pilates • Yoga • Spinning • Boxing • Personal Training Sessions • Sport Therapy Stretch • Mat Pilates FACILITIES 56 treatment rooms; 3,933 guest rooms and suites in Bellagio • Cirque du Soleil’s stunning “O” • Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art • Light Nightclub • Via Bellagio • Conservatory and Botanical Gardens • Five pools • Wedding Chapel


NSPIRED BY THE IDYLLIC villages and towns of Europe, the AAA Five Diamond Bellagio overlooks a Mediterranean-blue eight-acre lake featuring a magnificent ballet of dancing fountains. Choreographed to music and lights, the fountains are a prelude to the remarkable sights awaiting guests. With completion of the Spa Tower in December 2004, Bellagio incorporated luxurious new features and technology to enhance guests’ stays. In addition to 928 contemporary rooms and suites, the Spa Tower features 60,000 square feet of new meeting and convention space including an exhibition kitchen, added retail, a casually elegant restaurant, a French pastry shop unlike anything else in the world and an expansion to the elegant Spa & Salon Bellagio. Soothing water, glowing candles and elements of the earth balanced with contemporary architecture create the stage for a pampering and rejuvenating experience not soon forgotten at the redesigned Spa & Salon Bellagio. Spa Bellagio’s menu incorporates a fusion of treatments from around the world and perfected at the resort. Some of the more distinct services include: Cooling Eye Gem Therapy; Thai Yoga Massage; Indian Head Massage; Ashiatsu Massage, Shiatsu massage performed with the feet; and Balinese Massage, which combines Hindu, Chinese and European techniques.


Ideal for pregnant women or those with tight muscles, the Watsu treatment is a stretching massage performed in a special pool with water warmed to body temperature. Also known as Water Shiatsu, the treatment is derived from a Japanese healing technique. Based on an Egyptian ritual, the Egyptian Gold treatment leaves the body exfoliated, moisturized and luminescent. Real gold is dusted on the face and body leaving the guest ready for a dazzling night on the town. Recognizing the growing interest of men in spas, Bellagio created amenities and a treatment menu specifically for men, one of the fastest growing segments of spa goers. The men’s spa area features an added bonus—its own outdoor relaxation balcony overlooking the pool. Within Salon Bellagio, a private Barber Room provides Straight Razor Shaves using steamed towels and Art of Shaving products. Additionally, Bellagio offers two wedding chapels, a romantic outdoor wedding venue called the Terrace of Dreams, Cirque du Soleil’s stunning production “O”, the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, designer retail shopping, a gallery of fine art and 200,000 square feet of convention space. Plus, Bellagio is the only hotel with two AAA Five Diamond restaurants and has 19 restaurants offering everything from fresh seafood and delectable steaks to Northern Italian and Asian fare.

PACKAGES Pamper Party Experience • Couples Reflection • Bellagio’s Champagne and Caviar Salon Experience RATES Starting at $169 PRODUCT LINES Pevonia • Jurlique • Kérastase CONTACT INFORMATION Address 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Reservations 702-693-7111 Website



Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace LAS VEGAS, NEVADA SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Men’s Only Zone: hair styling, traditional hot lather, straight-razor shaves, manicure & pedicure options for men • Couple’s Studios: romantic massages & body treatment • Tea Lounge: tasteful tea pairings with treatments created by in-house Tea Sommelier • Crystal Body Art ACTIVITIES Roman Baths • Fitness Lounge • Tea Lounge • Hydrotherapy • Massage & Facial Therapies FACILITIES Laconium • Cedar Wood Sauna • Vichy Shower • The latest and finest Technogym equipment • 51 treatment studios • Deluxe Couple’s Suites • Two Personalized Hydrotherapy tubs • Master Barber • Three Vichy Showers • Seven Facial Studios • 35 Massage Studios • Arctic Ice Room RATES Starting at $95


NTRODUCING QUA BATHS & SPA at Caesars Palace. Bathed by natural light and dressed up in smooth stone flooring and dark woods, Qua offers an encouraging atmosphere for relaxed Social Spa-ing reminiscent of the glorious baths of ancient Rome. Qua Baths & Spa is an innovative spa experience that will welcome guests into an alluring and artful oasis guided by the healing and calming powers of water, dynamic service standards, and the opportunity for “Social Spa-ing”, a new concept in the industry. This will be created by offering guests vibrant gathering spaces in private men’s and women’s areas. Staffed by artisans offering unparalleled expertise in their therapeutic specialties and arrayed in a lavish setting on par with the worlds most extravagant retreats, the stylish spa will offer an immersive atmosphere including Roman Baths, an Arctic Ice Room, an exceptional array of skin treatments including Crystal Body Art and therapeutic massages, and an expansive Fitness Center. Qua is scheduled to open its doors to the public in October 2006. The very name “Qua” sets the tone for a unique and rejuvenating spa experience.



Latin for “here”, Qua denotes the myriad of inspirational benefits of living in the moment — a concept well appreciated by contemporary spa-going clientele. Qua also evokes “aqua”, or water, which is the focus of Qua’s Roman Bathing experience, and its healing services. Qua’s Roman Baths will create vibrant gathering spaces highlighting the healing powers of water. A circuit of baths in both the private men’s and women’s areas will feature three distinct temperatures and experiences, including a tepid mineral pool with orchestrated jets. Qua introduces a signature spa line including pampering body products, a stylish clothing line and merchandise. The elegantly packaged, Roman-inspired line will prolong therapeutic benefits to departing guests while helping guests relive the spa experience at home. Rather than simply creating another spa destination, Caesars Palace has re-imagined the spa concept, creating an artful experience befitting the celebrated Caesars brand. Qua’s beautiful setting will be something to remember, and its extraordinary array of services something guests will never forget.

PRODUCT LINES Signature Qua line including pampering body products, a stylish clothing line & merchandise CONTACT INFORMATION Address Caesars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas Blvd., South Las Vegas, NV 89109 Reservations 1 866-QUA-0655 E-mail Website


Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa LAS VEGAS, NEVADA SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Mega Body Shebang • Ashiatsu • Thai Massage • On The Rocks (Hot Stone) • Personal Training • Nutrition Management ACTIVITIES Sunrise Yoga • Kickboxing • Pilates • Meditation • Belly Dancing • Hiking • Mountain Biking • Cooking Classes • Rock Climbing (Indoor & Outdoor) • Horseback Riding FACILITIES 20 Treatment Rooms • Salon with Five Stations • Two Make-up Stations • Barber Station • Eight Manicure/Pedicure Stations • Lap Pool • Cabanas • Fitness & Movement Studio • Spa Suites • Cold Plunge


HE SPA AT RED ROCK LAS Vegas offers a sleek, ultra-modern retreat that promotes health, relaxation and rejuvenation. Drenched in rich shades of red with accents of cream and chocolate brown earth tones, the space envelops guests in a luxurious atmosphere and provides them with a calming sense of privacy. Open to guests of the resort as well as day visitors, The Spa at Red Rock provides a unique experience for visitors to Las Vegas, a growing spa destination. Unlike most casino spas, The Spa at Red Rock is located on the second floor of the hotel tower, separate from the casino and features direct access for those only visiting the spa. In April, the spa opened with 25,000 square feet and an additional 10,000 square feet will open in 2007. The spa features multiple treatments in 20 rooms, including two indoor/outdoor couple’s suites; an additional couple suite with a round bath for two; a comprehensive fitness center and movement studio; and a full-service salon including a men's area with a barber for straight-razor shaves. Private men's and women's spa lounges each include a wet room with cold and hot plunge pools featuring a rain waterfall that creates a curtain of water around the individual pools. A DV E RTO R I A L

The Spa at Red Rock also spills outside where guests can enjoy lounging or lunching in a private cabana, swimming in the spa lap pool or enjoying the sights and sounds in the yoga garden. Opening the experience to the great outdoors and taking advantage of the majestic beauty of nearby Red Rock Canyon, the Spa also offers an Adventure Spa menu, including rock climbing expeditions, hiking, cycling excursions and horseback riding through the heart of Red Rock National Conservation area. Massages range from the traditional, such as holistic and aromatherapy, to the exotic, such as Ashiatsu, an ancient form of bodywork performed by therapists who expertly manipulate muscles using their feet while supporting themselves with bars suspended from the ceiling. For those looking to incorporate the majestic views of the Red Rock mountains into their spa experience, massages are available in the seclusion of the poolside cabanas. From massages and facials, to healthy eating and cooking classes, to personal training and fitness classes, the Spa at Red Rock provides guests with experiences that continue to nourish them long after they have left the spa.

PACKAGES Red Rock Spa Package (Hotel & Spa Weekend) • Ultimate Indulgence • Romantic Rendezvous RATES Beginning in the high $100s PRODUCT LINES Kerstin Florian • Phytoceane • Aromatherapy Associates CONTACT INFORMATION Address 11011 West Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89135 Reservations 702-797-7878 or 866-363-2872 Website





UEBLO OF SANDIA - A perfect place to relax and rejuvenate can be found nearby at the base of the Sandia Mountains. With the opening of the new Sandia Resort & Casino comes the new, full-service Green Reed Spa. It’s a sure escape from everyday life complete with soothing music, calming aromatherapy scents and gentle waterfalls. Experience signature reatments incorporating New Mexico’s desert and plant life in the menu of services. The Green Reed Clay Body Wrap features clay from the local New Mexican desert. The Green Reed Polish draws from green reeds found in the nearby Bosque (woods), hence the spa’s name. The stalks of the reeds help exfoliate and infuse the skin with a rich

SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Hot Stone • Deep Tissue • Manicures & Pedicures • Hot and Cold Plunge Pools • Sauna • Steam Rooms • Cosmetologist FACILITIES Heated Swimming Pool • Whirlpool • 18-hole Golf Course • Three Private Cabanas • Full Equipped Fitness Centre RATES Starting at $129 PRODUCT LINES Juan Juan • Jan Marini • Desert Blends

combination of cardamom and spearmint to refresh the skin. “It was essential to incorporate New Mexico’s healing, indigenous plant life into our treatments,” said Jinlen Silva, spa manager. “We have created a variety of effective and unique treatments that will add peace, serenity and balance to anyone’s day.

CONTACT INFORMATION Address 30 Rainbow Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113 Reservations 505-798-3700 Website

Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO


ESTLED IN THE spiritual warmth of the Sangre de Cristos of Northern New Mexico, the Bishop's Lodge Ranch Resort and SháNah Spa and Wellness Center is a pristine high mountain desert sanctuary where traditional Native American customs and healing blend with revitalizing modern spa treatments. The SháNah Spa, meaning "vitality and energy" in Navajo, provides a sheltered haven with six indoor treatment rooms, two outdoor private treatment gardens, an authentic Native American Teepee, Watsu pool, and other rejuvenating services including massage, body and Ayurvedic treatments, yoga, Pilates, aerobics, facials, waxing, shaping, nail and hair care services. Only five minutes away from the historic downtown Santa Fe plaza, full service 136


SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Desert Fusion Massage • Native Stone Massage • Reflexology • Authentic Teepee Massage • Watsu • Tesuque Clay Wrap • Yoga & Pilates FACILITIES 111 rooms & suites • Las Fuentes Restaurant & Bar • Horseback Riding • Tennis • Pool & Hot Tub • Team Building RATES Starting at $299 PRODUCT LINES Bishop’s Lodge Ranch Resort & Spa Private Line • Eminence • Kerstian Florian

resort amenities include horseback riding, tennis, skeet and trap, heated outdoor pool, hot tub, workout facility, fine dining and poolside grill, team building, kids day camp and hiking in over 450 acres of surrounding National Forest.

CONTACT INFORMATION Address 1297 Bishop’s Lodge Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501 Reservations Resort: 800-732-2240, Spa: 800-974-2624 E-mail Resort: Spa: Website


Avanyu Spa at La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO


VANYU SPA AT LA Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa is an oasis for the senses in the heart of one of America’s favorite cities. Avanyu, the Tewa Native American name for a mythical water serpent, represents the restorative and lifegiving power of water to the Native Southwestern people. Similarly, the name Avanyu Spa reflects the healing and cleansing power of the spa itself. The spa’s numerous indigenous treatments include the signature Avanyu Legend treatment, derived from native grains and local herbs, as well as a variety of specialty massages, facials, skincare therapies and salon services. The 4,500-sqaure-foot Avanyu Spa also features a fitness center

SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Adobe Mud Wraps• Honey-Mesquite Wrap • Chocolate-Chili Wrap • Desert Rain • Pueblo Salt Glow • Gifts from the Sea • Yoga FACILITIES 8 Treatment Rooms • Fitness Center • Steam Rooms • Year-Round Heated Pool & Hot Tub • Avanyu Poolside Bar & Grill RATES Starting at $199 per night, Standard Room PRODUCT LINES Phytomer • Naturopathica • Astara • Pevonia

with free weights and a variety of Cybex and cardio equipment. The spa’s welltrained and experienced therapists are committed to being the best in their craft and ensuring that guests receive the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius


CONTACT INFORMATION Address 330 East Palace Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501 Reservations 866-331-ROCK or 505-986-0000 Website

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. Joseph Chilton Pearce



Agave, The Arizona Spa SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Agave Plant Enhanced Body & Facial Treatments • Arizona Native Ingredient Enhanced Treatments • Pevonia & Epicuren Customized Facials • FullService Beauty Salon • Wellness Therapy • Acupuncture • Tui’Na ACTIVITIES Body Composition & Fitness Evaluation • Movement Classes • Personal Training • Daily Yoga Classes • Full-Service Fitness Studio • Dedicated Spa Pool featuring Lap Lanes, Cabanas & Hot Tub • Golf FORE-MAX Training Systems FACILITIES 732 Rooms • Full-Service Spa • 8 Restaurants • Waterpark • 27-Hole Golf Course • Golf Academy • Kids Club • Tennis • Nearby Upscale Shopping & Nightlife


TEP INTO A WORLD UNLIKE ANY other at The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, where your expectations for a resort experience will be redefined. Invigorate the body with a tropical waterpark and succulent dining venues. Retune the mind on 27 holes of championship golf. Then indulge the soul with Agave, The Arizona Spa – a place that honors not only its namesake, but also the history and healing traditions of the people who formed Arizona. Representing life, rebirth and longevity, the vital Agave plant graces the spa in decor, treatment offerings and personal touches. Signature treatments include the Agave Enchantment, an all-body exfoliation with an Ayate cloth, and a hydrating body mask, applied to stimulate and rejuvenate the body. The Blue Agave Paraffin Wrap begins with an Agave nectar scrub as the skin is prepared for a full-body Jojoba oil-pour and massage to soften dry skin. The oils are absorbed while warm paraffin locks in moisture and soothes the body. The spa has also expanded its services to include wellness treatments. Acupuncture, the insertion of very fine needles on the body's surface, in order to influence physiological functioning of the body (i.e. enhance the body's innate ability to restore itself to full health), restores the body’s sense of “wellbeing”. This is a very relaxing and healing experience that can only be obtained through this amaz-



ing ancient healing system. This treatment includes and herbal consult if desired. Rollerssage, an exclusive technique that combines the elements of massage, heat and energy through semiprecious stones to create a balanced feeling of body, mind and spirit. Tui’ Na is a 5,000-year-old Chinese tradition that seeks to establish a more harmonious flow of Qi and blood, allowing the body to naturally heal itself. It uses a variety of hand techniques to stimulate acupoints, activate the flow of Qi and manipulate the soft tissues and articular relationships of the body. Wellness Massage, a treatment of the “whole person”, simultaneously provides healing and the reconnection of the body, mind and spirit. Agave also offers body composition and fitness evaluation, personal training, weight loss/fitness consultation, movement classes and a fullservice fitness studio. The exclusive FOREMAX Training Systems specializes in golf fitness programs, which combines strength and cardiovascular training, as well as functional golf techniques, to improve your golf game and overall fitness. The 15,000-square-foot spa includes 20 treatment rooms, a full-service beauty salon, movement studio, weight training/cardio studio, men’s and ladies’ locker rooms (each with whirlpool, sauna and steam room). Cabanas surround the pool garden, providing guests with a private area for relaxing, meditation and outdoor spa treatments.

PACKAGES Agave Spa Package • Shopping & Spa Package • Workout Package • Romance Package RATES Starting at $329 per night, seasonal PRODUCT LINES Epicuren • EminenceHungary • Pevonia • True CONTACT INFORMATION Address The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, 6902 East Greenway Parkway, Scottsdale, AZ 85254 Reservations 800-354-5892 480-624-1500 (Spa) Website


Spa Avania at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA


ROMOTING HARMONY and tranquility, the new Spa Avania at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch is one of the world’s first resort spas to create a one-of-kind, holistic, total immersion experience that is synchronized with the body’s changing rhythms and requirements throughout the day: morning (awakening and revitalizing), midday, (balancing and restorative), and evening (relaxing and repair). In a tranquil, stunning setting, Spa Avania combines the seven essential spa elements: treatments, mineral water therapy, music styling, YogaAway, diet, fine tea and natural light into allsenses customized offerings. From music, teas and cuisine to the therapist’s techniques and treatments, everything has been

SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Mineral Massage • Crushed Pearl Facial • Desert Essence Body Wrap • Nourishing Vichy • YogaAway FACILITIES 490 Rooms • 2.5 Acre “Water Playground” including 10 Pools, Three Story Waterslide & White Sand Beach • 27 Holes Championship Golf • World Class Tennis • The Native American Learning Center • Four Distinctive Restaurants RATES Starting at $365/night exclusive of taxes & resort fees PRODUCT LINES Comfort Zone • Payot • Carita • Deborah Lippmann Collection • Mitea

choreographed to the time of day. Highlights include a French Celtic mineral pool, 18 treatment rooms, five garden suites, including three couples treatment rooms, gentlemen’s suite, fitness center, yoga studio and in-door/out-door relaxation areas.

CONTACT INFORMATION Address Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch, 7500 East Doubletree Ranch Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 Reservations 480-483-5558 Website

Aji Spa at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass CHANDLER, ARIZONA Resort & Spa

Sedona’s New Day Spa



JI, MEANING “SANCTUary” is Arizona’s only Native American-owned spa and features indigenous treatments based on ancient legends of the Pima and Maricopa Indians. The 17,500square-foot spa, featuring 17 treatment rooms, salon, fitness center, and relaxing watsu pool, offers one-of-a-kind treatments developed from ancient rituals, including ingredients such as white clay and river rocks from the Gila River and a traditional Native American roundhouse used for meditation. Aji Spa will inspire you with clarity and a renewed perspective as you seek sanctuary from your world of daily stress and cares and we proudly feature Pevonia Botanica as our Premier Skin Care line. CONTACT INFORMATION Address Aji Spa at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa, 5594 West Wild Horse Pass Boulevard, Chandler, AZ 85226


Reservations 602-225-0100 E-mail Website www.wildhorsepassresor

SEDONA, ARIZONA N SEDONA, KNOWN AS A sanctuary to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit, Sedona's New Day Spa is the place to cleanse the tiredness, relax and receive the healing beauty of Sedona. Located in one of Sedona's original buildings, its unassuming exterior door opens into a warm, elegant spa atmosphere where many say they feel peaceful even before their treatment. Set to expand in the coming year with sauna, cold splash and lounge overlooking spectacular Thunder Mountain, it features everything from massage to body treatments, facials to energy-refreshing treatments for inner well-being. CONTACT INFORMATION Address 1449 Highway 89A, Suite 1, Sedona, AZ 86336 Reservations 928-282-7502 or 928-282-7512 (Fax)

E-mail Website



Red Mountain Spa ST GEORGE, UTAH SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Aromasoul Collection Body Treatments • Four Directions Signature Body Treatment • Arnica Friction Bolus Massage • Javanese Lulur Royal Spa Ritual • Resurrection Facial • Desert Gem Hydrating Body Facial • Gentleman’s & Teens Spa & Salon Services ACTIVITIES Daily Guided Morning Hikes • National Park & Back Country Hike & Cycling Trips • Moonlight Walks & Star Parties • Rock Climbing • Outdoor Skills Classes • Kayaking • Bike Tours • Cooking School • Yoga • Unlimited Fitness Classes • Pilates FACILITIES 106 Rooms, 174 Guests • Indoor and Seasonal Outdoor Pool • Whirlpools • Walking Trails • Tennis Court • Cybex Equipped Fitness Center • Nearby Golf • Labyrinth PACKAGES Do Not Disturb Romance Package • The School for Adventure Cuisine 5-Night Package • Girlfriends Getaway Package in Luxury Villa Suite • Detoxification Week Package RATES Starting at $239 per night, per person, double occupancy PRODUCT LINES Comfort Zone • Phytomer • Aromapothecary • Franche • Creative Nail • Mountain Body • Davines


IND YOURSELF BETWEEN A rock and a soft place at Red Mountain. It’s not your mother’s spa... it’s a place where you can be as active as you’d like, anytime you’d like. Amid Utah’s red rock canyons, discover a world of adventure for body; mind and spirit. Red Mountain Spa is surrounded by thousands of acres in the hub of recreational diversity and the majestic beauty of the American Southwest. Framed by towering cliffs and red rock formations at the entrance of Snow Canyon State Park, Red Mountain Spa offers an amazing selection of quality activities for fitness and outdoor recreation enthusiast, with all the pampering, luxury and relaxation you would expect from a full-service spa. Here, stunning red rock cliffs, black lava bed gardens and lush green desert invite exploration. Where 140


daily guided hikes, rock-climbing outings, canyon-hugging bike rides and group exercise classes meet any fitness level – from thrill seeker to chill seekers. Downtime goes upscale at Red Mountain Spa. Experience our luxuriously appointed and richly decorated guestrooms and new spa & salon Sagestone, created to ensure sweet dreams and endless pampering. Whether you come seeking sports or solitude, spiritual sanctuary or spa offerings, Red Mountain offers a whole landscape of limitless possibilities. And best of all… you choose your own adventure! Contact Room Reservations 800-4073002 or Spa Reservations 800-690-9215 to book your next Red Mountain Spa getaway… where desert Zen meets outdoor adventure.

CONTACT INFORMATION Address P.O. Box 2149, St George, UT, 84771-2149 Reservations 800-407-3002 E-mail Website


The Lodge & Spa at Cordillera, A RockResort VAIL VALLEY, COLORADO


AKE RELAXATION and rejuvenation to new heights. Experience inner serenity and balance at The Lodge & Spa at Cordillera, A RockResort, an intimate and elegant lodge set atop a private mountain with stunning views of the Vail Valley. The lodge features luxurious accommodations, unique chateau-style architecture, legendary golf, exceptional amenities, and a world class Avanyu® Spa. Experience this unique mountain hideaway and find the relaxation, adventure, luxury and tranquility you’ve been dreaming of. The resort's 20,000-square-foot, award winning Avanyu® Spa offers Wellness Retreats emphasizing healthy eating, exercise and the mind/body connection.

SPECIALTY TREATMENTS & PROGRAMS Gentle Rain • Wrapped in Stillness • Sweet Earth • Mountain Man • Avanyu Hair & Scalp Therapy • CozyChai Body Mask • Fitness Evaluation • Personal Training FACILITIES 56 Rooms • 25-meter Heated Indoor Lap Pool • Heated Outdoor Pool • Indoor & Outdoor Jacuzzi • Fitness Center • Men’s & Women’s Saunas, Steam Rooms & Private Locker Rooms RATES Starting at $199 per night PRODUCT LINES Phytomer • Epicuren • Colorescience • Aromaflora

These retreats focus on activities such as yoga, meditation, journaling, spa treatments, outdoor activities, nutritional guidance and lifestyle workshops. The first Wellness Retreat of 2007 will be offered January 12-16.

CONTACT INFORMATION Address 2205 Cordillera Way, Edwards, CO 81632 Reservations 866-650-ROCK E-mail Website

Fitness Ridge Resort & Spa ST. GEORGE, UTAH


HE BODY SHOP SPA has a new name, Fitness Ridge Resort & Spa. For health, fitness and weight loss, Fitness Ridge offers an affordable, results-oriented program that is geared toward real people. Some might describe the spa’s philosophy as a “compassionate bootcamp” for people of all fitness levels. On a daily basis, spa guests exercise to build cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and strength. They enjoy three healthy meals and hike among southern Utah’s majestic red rock country. The motivational program also provides fitness and nutritional advice for ongoing health. Massages and facials are offered on site, with more extensive treatments available. CONTACT INFORMATION Address 1450 South Hilton Drive, St. George, UT 84770 Reservations 888-870-BODY


There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

E-mail reservations@ Website



Sonnenalp Resort of Vail

Aspenfalls Spa





HE SONNENALP Resort Vail, located near the base of Vail Mountain, is Vail’s only Leading Small Hotel and Leading Spa of the World. This magnificent mountain resort features spacious accommodations and a staff dedicated to providing guests with a treasured vacation experience. The 10,000 square foot European spa offers ten treatment rooms for massage, facials, body treatments, manicures and pedicures. Indoor/outdoor pool and whirlpools, yoga, personal trainers and a complete fitness center enhance the spa experience. The Sonnenalp Spa proudly features Pevonia Botanica as its premier skin care line. CONTACT INFORMATION Address 20 Vail Road, Vail, Colorado 81657

Reservations 800-654-8312 970-476-5656 Website


CONTACT INFORMATION Address 880 Happy Canyon Rd, #130, Castle Rock, CO 80108 Reservations 303-660-1511

E-mail Website



ESPLENDENT WITH A stone fireplace, marble floors, waterfall wall, and individual changing rooms, this privatelyowned medical day spa—only 20 minutes south of Denver—is inimitable. Aspenfalls Spa offers a unique blend of anti-aging and beauty treatments, combined with traditional and alternative therapies to help regain and maintain optimum well-being. Relax and renew in a resort-like setting including wonderful amenities. Select luxurious, signature treatments like Sacred Mountain Raindrop, Rocky Mountain High, Hot-Stone Massage, Sage Purification Wrap, Sky-Hydrating Facial, or customize any therapy. Begin letting stress melt away in this five-star spa.


New York

The Spa at PRO Sports Club—Our medical and aesthetic treatments are designed to rejuvenate your skin, correct imperfections, and reverse the tides of time, giving you ageless beauty. Resident dermatologist, Dr. DeEtta Gray is also available for cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery. 4455 148th Avenue NE, Bellevue WA 98007 Tel. (425)8039000, Fax (425)803-5589. Web: www.prom The Spa at the Woodmark An Aveda Concept Spa offering an expansive menu of signature treatments and services. Our mission: to provide you with an oasis to “practice doing nothing.” 1200 Carillon Point, Kirkland, WA 98033. 425-803-9000 or 425-803-5589 fax.,



per room, per night

Include: • Complimentary Greens Fees** • Reserved Beach Chairs For Two • Unlimited Tennis • Valet Parking • Access to Spa and Fitness Center • Beach Klub 4 Kids Morning Program

All Amenities Onsite! Close to popular shopping and dining in Olde Naples

Reservations 1-888-227-2197

Owned and operated by the Watkins family for 60 years.



*Sunday - Thursday, standard room, subject to availability, some restrictions apply. Tax not included. Valid thru 9/24/06. From $159 Friday - Saturday. **Complimentary greens fees require a $25 per person cart fee. Fall Value Rates from $229, 9/25 - 12/21/06.



Aji Spa at Wild Horse Pass

Elbow Beach Bermuda


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LA QUINTA RESORT & CLUB – Spa La Quinta A hideaway since 1926, La Quinta Resort & Club offers Spanish-style casitas, championship golf, Spa La Quinta, tennis, 41 pools, fine dining, shopping, and more. For information on our “Spa Selections” package which includes accommodation, 50-minute spa treatment, and Garden Tub Bath or Celestial Shower call 800-598-3828;

OPI PRODUCTS, INC – Pedicure by OPI Ask your salon professional for a sole-soothing Pedicure by OPI retreat. Pedicure by OPI offers a luxurious range of products developed to transform ordinary salon pedicures into extraordinary spa services. Formulated with nature’s most soothing and effective botanicals, Pedicure by OPI restores, refreshes and re-energizes. It is, in a word, paradise for your feet! 800-341-9999;

LA COSTA RESORT AND SPA – Spa Retreat Package Revel in the relaxation of the Spa at La Costa. This fall’s Spa Retreat package features accommodations and your choice of two 50-minute spa treatments with rates from $550 per room per night (plus $20 daily resort charge). Mention Spa Magazine and also receive a complimentary guestroom upgrade. 800-854-5000;

PEVONIA BOTANICA – Youth-Renew Caviar Hand & Foot Cream Pevonia’s Youth-Renew Caviar Hand & Foot Cream is a luxurious triphase, homogenized cream, abundant in result-oriented actives, that offers UV protection, while providing an effective defense against environmental photo damage. Silky textured and easily absorbed, it delivers immediate results. 800-PEVONIA;

PRINCESS CRUISES® – Lotus Spa® Only Princess® offers the relaxing Lotus Spa®, with a complete menu of massage, facials, detoxification therapy, fitness amenities and a full-service salon. You will embark on a journey to the sublime as our exquisite treatments enrapture your mind, satisfy your every whim and entice your senses. Book your complete escape today. 800-PRINCESS;

AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES – Balance Shampoo and Conditioner Keep hair healthy, strong and beautifully shiny with the power of pure essential oils. Designed for all hair types, the Balance Shampoo adds particular nourishment and body to dull and lifeless hair. After rinsing, apply the Balance Conditioner to add lustre and shine and leave the hair smooth and detangled.






Courtesy Osmosis







SONOMA COUNTY TOURISM BUREAU – Sonoma Country Spas Sonoma Country boasts over 40 spas that restore mind, body and spirit, including the only Japanese-style cedar enzyme bath in the United States. Sonoma Country’s natural thermal springs and beautiful settings are home to some of the most sought after spas in the country, many incorporating wine country products into treatments. 800-576-6662;

SUSAN POSNICK COSMETICS, INC. – ColorFlo, ColorMe & ColorCorrect Susan Posnick Cosmetics...makes beauty simple. This multipurpose line consists of versatile travel-friendly products—COLORFLO, the finest mineral foundation in a luxurious, self-dispensing refillable brush; COLORME, for cheeks, eyes, and lips; and COLORCORRECT, a creamy brightening/correcting pencil. Launching holiday 2006 - spring 2007, three more multipurpose products for eyes and lips to…complete the face. 877-280-6360;

RED ROCK CASINO RESORT SPA – Red Rock Spa Experience the best of Las Vegas with the Red Rock "Spa Package" starting at only $500 midweek and $600 weekends. Package includes two nights in a Strip View room with 42" plasma screen TV, marble bathroom, and Egyptian cotton sheets, plus two spa treatments in our opulent spa, including your choice of facial or holistic massage. 866-767-7773;

Y-SPA FOR MEN DISTRIBUTED BY DRAGONFLY – Introducing Y-SPA for Men MEN—experience products and treatments designed specifically for the unique needs of your skin! Y-SPA for MEN introduces facials; hand/foot, and back treatments; traditional hot-shaves and a complete home-care line. At the Peninsula Beverly Hills, Broadmoor Resort, Reunion Club, Canyon Ranch, QM2, Kingsmill Resort and other fine spas nationwide. 866-403-4179;

THE SPA AT SEA ISLAND – Discover Sea Island A Resource for Health, Fitness and Wellness, the 65,000-square-foot Spa at Sea Island creates an environment with abundant possibilities where the body is restored and spiritual well being and wholeness rejuvenated. We’ve been here for 78 years, isn’t it time you discovered Sea Island for yourself! 800-SEA-ISLAND;

MOORSPA DISTRIBUTED BY DRAGONFLY – Eye Zone Balm MoorSpa’s new Eye Zone Balm contains mushroom extracts – the hottest new anti-inflammatory, age-defying ingredient. Enriched with moor mud, hemp oil, ginseng, HA, silk proteins and cucumber extract, it hydrates deeply, reduces puffiness and prevents free-radical damage. This and other all-natural MoorSpa products are available at Premier Salons and other exceptional spas nationwide. 866-403-4179;



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(continued from page 102) cinnamon, by the villa pool; meander through what I named the “Frida Garden,” after painter Frida Kahlo, because of its expanse of waving redand-yellow Mexican hat dance, purple primrose, and orange sunflowers; and attend an all-morning yoga class. Afternoons, I take in a nutrition or health lecture on such topics as protein or fats in the diet. Then, prior to spa treatments, I relax in the Mexican-tiled steam room fragrant with fresh eucalyptus and rosemary; dip into the rooftop ice-cold plunge pool; and sunbathe in the nude (one of Edmond’s methods for maintaining health), carefully dousing my body with the sunscreen stationed by the cushy chaises. Every night after dinner, I bypass the communal movie to retreat, solo, to the live oaks for a meditative walk on the labyrinth, beautifully etched and modeled after the more than 800-year-old elevencircuit pattern laid on the floor of the Chartres Cathedral in France. One morning I do rise early enough to join a 6 a.m. breakfast hike. Twenty or so of us gather in the dawn light and meander through meadows and along a dusty lane past adobe houses and braying donkeys to Rancho Tres Estrellas, site of the ranch’s original organic garden. Inside the giant farmhouse kitchen, draped in chili peppers, director of operations Anita Boen — an herbalist, aromatherapist, and organic farmer for 30 years — serves us vegetable frittatas, home-baked breads, and fresh fruit before sending us off through the cabbage, beet, and lettuce gardens with Salvador Tinajero, her right-hand man, who along the way slices off tastings for us. He calls it “mouth salsa.” RANCHO TRES ESTRELLAS, OWNED BY

Deborah’s daughter, Sarah Livia Szekely Brightwood, provides 80 to 90 percent of the ranch’s produce in

the summer and up to 50 percent in winter. Some guests offer to work the gardens for an hour or two, digging and planting alongside Tinajero while learning his organic gardening secrets; others opt to spend time with Boen, gathering herbs from the gardens and distilling them into lavender, rose geranium, lemon verbena, and rosemary essential oils. For all its organic and holistic focus, Rancho La Puerta is also authentically Mexican. One of my hopes in coming to this just-acrossthe-border spa was that it would actually feel Mexican. And with its allMexican spa staff; fantasia of sculpture (by Victor Hugo, Carlos Castaneda, and Francisco Zuniga); collection of Frida Kahlo figurines from Oaxaca; and flavorful cuisine, Rancho La Puerta doesn’t disappoint. By the second evening, my pre-arrival plan to sneak into town for a meal was abandoned when Gonzalez served up cheese enchiladas with mole sauce followed by flan. (Tortilla soup, chile rellenos, and chips and guacamole also appeared throughout the week.) Even the gardens, despite a few Afghan pines and Mediterranean olive trees, speak and breathe Mexico with their vibrant purples, blues, reds, golds, bold textures, and fusion into the natural cacti and sage chaparral. “When I was growing up, the grounds weren’t beautiful,” recalls Sarah Livia, now a professional landscape designer who splits her time between England and the ranch. “We had eucalyptus and pine trees for shade; a few shrubs; some ice plants; and these perfectly straight lines of color made by petunias and geraniums in front of the buildings,” she says. “In designing the gardens, I drew upon my father’s vision that man must live in harmony with nature. I want guests to fall in love with the earth and to remember an intimate connection with it. I want to romance their soul — with >

S /O 2 0 0 6 SPA



(continued from page 147) fragrance, color, texture, and beauty. And I want to continuously link them with the larger landscape so that their eyes always flow from the gardens to find a place to rest on the mountain.” ACT III – El Futuro (The Future) While building the first destination spa was “absolutely magical,” according to Deborah, the Szekely family has not been spared pain. Edmond has passed, as has the couple’s beloved son, Alex, who died in 2002 at age 44, leaving behind a wife and two young children. But the healthyliving legacy and entrepreneurial spirit of the Szekely family endures. In 2007, a 4,500 square-foot cooking school, La Cocina Que Canta (The Kitchen That Sings), will open at Rancho Tres Estrellas, focusing on both advanced healthy Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine, as well as simple food preparation. “There’s a whole generation of people out there in their 40s whose mothers worked, and who grew up on TV dinners and never learned to cook,” says Deborah. “I want them to feel comfortable, like the captain in their kitchen.” Also in the works: a Rancho La Puerta skincare line — which will turn over 100 percent of its profits to Fundación La Puerta, the ranch’s sister nonprofit foundation. Rancho La Puerta and the Szekely family already give millions to the foundation — monies that have been used to open an educational center for local children; secure a bi-national conservation easement (between the United States and Mexico) protecting Mount Kuchumaa from development; open a community park (Professor’s Park); and begin clean-up on the Tecate River, which no longer flows through the city. “But there’s so much more work to do,” says Sarah Livia, who heads the foundation. “When my parents first came to Tecate, there were 400

148 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

Yoga, a popular activity at Rancho La Puerta, might have made its Western debut there.

residents. Today, Tecate is an industrialized city of 100,000 facing the degradation of their natural, cultural, and social environment. If making people healthier is what we’re about, then our philosophy can’t stop at our gates. It’s our responsibility to give back — and to enhance the health and well-being of the people of Tecate.” “My husband had a motto,” Deborah says reflectively. “If someone asked how he was, he’d say, ‘Always better.’ I’ve adapted that over the years to mean ‘always changing, never static.’ We didn’t start this ranch to make loads of money or to serve as a model for destination spas. We started this ranch because health and healing were what we knew. We started small, and, like love, the ranch grew — organically and unconditionally.” Like a script that wrote itself. ADDRESS BOOK: MEXICO Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, (800) 443-7565,


(continued from page 118) Chinese mushroom and chicken hot pot. Both were sensational, as was the tropical fruit sorbet topped with sour plum puree. Cameron’s culinary secret lies in the fertile hills that surround Gaia. Sitting on the longhouse deck, he looks over the pastureland and says, “I can point to all the farms and orchards where my food comes from.” Often his produce is picked and delivered the morning he prepares it. Gaia staff also grow herbs and veggies in an organic garden. “The proximity of our ingredients gives the food we prepare an edge. It’s full of flavor, bursting with life,” he says. And though Cameron doesn’t worry about calories, his meals are healthy because the local ingredients are über-fresh and therefore packed with life-supporting nutrients. My fellow diners were in awe. One said, “You could call this culinary therapy.” also tasted the flavor of life at the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa in northern Queensland when a tart riberry exploded in my mouth while lunching on the Rainforest Salad. Set on 30 acres of pristine rainforest surrounded by the steamy, jungle wilderness of Daintree National Park, the family-owned Daintree Ecolodge & Spa resort is a collection of 15 tree houses shrouded in a lush canopy that is home to 135 species of tropical birds. Their exotic, entrancing calls echo through the canyon. Across the road lies the Daintree River, a wide, muddy swath of still water that is home to dozens of crocodiles. Follow the river to the sea, and you’ll be in a turquoise bay protected by the Great Barrier Reef. Daintree’s isolation inspires unwinding, and its multi-awardwinning spa is exemplary in that department. I signed up for the signature Walbul Walbul treatment that began with a traditional aboriginal >


S /O 2 0 0 6 SPA



(continued from page 149) ritual during which the smoke of burning paperbark was wafted over me for purification. Afterward, my skin was scrubbed to smoothness with salt and oil, then caked with a native, ochre-colored clay. Finally, I was washed from head to toe on a handcrafted Vichy table, carved like an oval ylang-ylang leaf complete with

specialty farms. Instead, he relies on ancient aboriginal knowledge to remain faithful to the rainforest setting. While many indigenous nations in Australia have been destroyed, the Kuku Yalanji people in Daintree endure. Their language is spoken, and their songs are still sung. “Singing is how we pass knowledge on to our children,� says Keely, a

There is an undeniable alchemy that all great meals share. Each bite reveals sublime, fresh flavors that melt into an even more delicious whole. veins and ridges, before a full-body massage. Suffice it to say, I understand what all the awards are for. The magic conjured by Daintree chef Chris O’Reilly is remarkable given that the location is not blessed with an abundance of organic,

local aboriginal woman who leads forest walks on Daintree’s grounds. During the walk, she describes how her people lived off this forest for generations by harvesting fruits and nuts and catching fish. Keely also works with O’Reilly to develop

Nestled among the Dunes of Montauk, at the very tip of Long Island, is a Spa unlike any other

7+( 6($:$7(5 63$ $7

Gur ney ’s Inn

recipes that blend ancient tradition with modern fine dining. Local riberries, rosella flowers, muthari berries, quandong (a local peach), and macadamia nuts are tossed with mesclun, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and red gum vinaigrette to create the Rainforest Salad. Each mouthful is a symphony of flavor. O’Reilly uses these native fruits in sauces for barramundi fish, caught locally, and tender cuts of beef. Curry made with a pungent wild ginger and other endemic spices will soon be on the menu. There is an undeniable alchemy that all great meals share. Each bite reveals sublime, fresh flavors that melt into an even more delicious whole, like pure notes that merge into harmony. The same can be said for Australia, a country so geographically diverse with every region singularly gorgeous, yet each accentuates the other. There’s a life lesson to be learned here. When you access the beauty of the details — a spring, a beach, a forest, a town, or even fireroasted fennel and garlic, you can’t help but revel in the glory of the big picture. Just like when you let go and savor each sweet stroke of a massage, you will inevitably rise from the table rejuvenated and peaceful. The key is surrendering to that moment. Isn’t that why we go to spas — and why we all harbor an inner gourmand? To enjoy the sweet, momentary bliss that unfurls within, saturating us with wellness. ADDRESS BOOK: AUSTRALIA Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa, Daintree, Queensland, (831) 335-5238, Gaia Retreat & Spa, Amala Day Spa, Brooklet, New South Wales, +(61) 2-6687-1216,

Awesome Fall Spa Retreat Packages!

0 2 1 7$ 8 .  1< Ă&#x192; * 8 5 1 ( < 6 , 1 1  & 2 0 Ă&#x192;             Photos: Tom W. RatcliďŹ&#x20AC;e III, Ingrid Lemme and Christine Newman

150 SPA

S /O 2 0 0 6

Lake House, Salus Spa, Daylesford, Victoria, +(61) 3-5348-3329,


ON THE COVER 8: La Bella Donna, (800) 7423552, 11: Franché, (877) 3724243, 13: Aveda, (800) 644-4831, 14: Paula Dorf, (888) 472-8523,

Alice + Olivia top and shorts, (212) 840-1155, DYG Mineral Makeup, (858) 459-6868, Skin: Cameo Glow Mineral Sheer Tint and Cream Mineral Pressed Powder. Cheeks: Whisper Bliss Sheer Satin Blush. Eyes: Sheer Taupe and Sheer Ivory Sheer Matte Eye Shadows. Lashes: Lush Black Lush Mascara. Lips: Tearose Slimline Lip Pencil and Tender Heart High Impact Lipstick. Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico, (800) 443-7565, PAGE 68 Epilar, (877) 888-2211, Le Creme Spa, San Francisco, (415) 359-9530, Ojon, (877) 929-9959, Also available at Sephora. PAGE 70 The Arcona Studio, Valley Village, CA, (818) 506-5192, Enessa Wellness Spa, Los Angeles, (323) 655-5950, Great Jones Spa, NYC, (212) 505-3185, Products also available at

SPA TRENDS PAGE 60 Le Merigot Beach Hotel and Spa,

Santa Monica, CA, (310) 395-9700, lemerigot Park Hyatt Los Angeles, Kara Spa, (888) 591-1234, The Peninsula Beverly Hills, CA, (800) 462-7899, The Ritz-Carlton, Huntington Hotel & Spa, Pasadena, CA, (800) 241-3333, PAGE 62 Bacara Resort & Spa, Santa Barbara, CA, (877) 422-4245, Elizabeth Arden, (877) 899-0064, elizabeth The Greenbrier Spa, White Sulphur Springs, WV, (800) 453-4858, Lago Mar Resort and Club, Fort Lauderdale, FL, (800) 524-6627, PerfectSense Paraffin, (888) 827-4683, Pevonia Botanica, (800) 738-6642, StriVectin, (800) 919-9715, Also available at Macy’s. PAGE 64 Inn and Spa at Loretto, Spa Terre, Santa Fe, NM, (800) 7271 5531, 15 Snowmass Club, 2 Snowmass Village, 14 CO, (970) 923-5600, 3 12 13




Iredale, (800) 762-1132, 2, 6, 9, 12, 15: Fresh, (800) 373-7420, ¯ Minerals, 3: Glo BEATRIZ DA COSTA

(888) 496-8007,



PAGE 72 Bare Escentuals, (800) 227-3990, Also available at New Beginnings Salon & Spa, Marion, IA. Innersense, (925) 946-0476, Also available at Salon Montage, Carmichael, CA. The Republic of Tea, (800) 298-4832, republicof Also available at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, Ojo Caliente, NM. Tara Spa Therapy, (800) 552-0779, Also available at Exhale, NYC. The Village Company, (800) 699-6852,

FOREVER BEAUTIFUL PAGE 125 The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess,

Willow Stream Spa, Scottsdale, AZ, (800) 257-7544, Mandarin Oriental, Miami, (866) 888-6780, Natura Bissé, (800) 762-8872, Also available at Euphora Apothecary, Los Angeles, and Stonewater Green Door, St. Louis, MO. The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park, (800) 241-3333, Sampar, (800) 539-0019, Also available at Sante Day Spa, Boulder, CO. True, (800) 419-8783, Also available at The Westin Maui Resort & Spa, Lahaina, HI, and Rancho Las Palmas Marriott Resort & Spa, Rancho Mirage, CA.

GEM THERAPY PAGE 152 Debbra Gill GemDesigns, (212) 9831085 or (310) 374-4471, St. Marks Rocks, NYC, (212) 677-3888.

YOGA FOR THE HOME PAGE 74 Vastu Creations, (206) 328-0122,





PAGE 66 1, 4, 5, 7, 10: Jane


PAGE 96, 97, 148 Adidas top, Splendid pants, (213) 747-7002, PAGE 99, 102 Lisa Curran bikini, (201) 659-1312, PAGE 101 Alice + Olivia top and shorts, (212) 840-1155,


PAGE 92 Constance Hart, Conscious Colors, (805) 305-0046, Hart utilizes tuning forks as part of her healing work and teaches Chakra Restorative Yoga at Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort, San Luis Obispo, CA, (800) 234-5831,

A MEXICAN LOVE STORY PAGE 95 Stewart+Brown top,

SPA (ISSN #1087-710X) is published seven times a year by World Publications, LLC, P.O. Box 8500, Winter Park, FL 33790; (407) 628-4802. Vol. 11, No. 5, September/October 2006. Copyright © 2006 by World Publications. All rights reserved. No part of this periodical may be reproduced without the written consent of SPA. Periodicals postage paid at Winter Park, FL, and at additional offices. One year subscription rate $19 for U.S.A. and possessions, $28 for Canada (includes GST), and $31 for all other foreign. (GST #128492592) POSTMASTER: Send address changes to SPA, P.O. Box 420235, Palm Coast, FL 32164-0235. Include mailing address.

Spa Cuisine For details on the Grilled Salmon with Three Salsas (from The Golden Door Cooks Light & Easy), shown here, other recipes mentioned in this issue, and more, visit

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gem therapy


Return to balance with this refreshingly earthy gemstone. BY DEBBRA GILL

Whether on the eyelids of pharaohs or the canvases of Renaissance masters, malachite — with its penetrating, intensely verdant pigment — has been a treasure for thousands of years. The undulating striations of this semiprecious stone allude to its gift for helping decipher patterns of disorder in the body, mind, and spirit. Malachite is a gem of partnership, especially as it relates to self-responsibility, fidelity, and friendship with oneself, others, and — most notably — the earth. When used as a companion to meditation, this deep green stone assists you in resonating with the inherent wholeness of the planet and every being on it. Therapeutically, it is enlisted for addressing fatty tissue, tumors, and arthritis; aiding in the repair of torn muscles and broken bones; and regulating the immune system. Wear malachite over the heart as an amulet or near the pulse points on the wrists as a bracelet or cuff links. Place a sphere in the center of your home, meditation space, or office as a reminder that as living beings on this earth, we are all one.

152 SPA

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