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IBDP Visual Art Project

Self Evaluation

Project No: 1 Title: Lilium Casa Blanca Date Completed: December 1st 2011 Media: Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions: 60.96 cm x 91.44 cm What were the artistic and/or cultural influences for this project? The focus/theme that I chose was “Color and Flowers in Different Cultures”, which was still very broad to start with. So, for this project, I decided to focus on my own cultural backgrounds, which are Japanese and Taiwanese. The Taiwanese culture influenced my color scheme and the Japanese culture influenced the patterns I used. In my composition, I used the colors that have a good meaning and are favored in Taiwan (China). Who/what influenced either the composition and/or the style. The interview I had with my mother, who is a Japanese flower arrangement (ikebana) teacher, influenced my composition greatly. My mother told me about an experience she had before she got married to my father who is Taiwanese but was born and raised in Japan. She was arranging lilies at my fatherʼs house when my grandfather passed by and got very angry with her for arranging flowers that are used in funerals. This is why I decided to use the outline of a lily as my subject matter. Out of all lilies, I decided to use a Casablanca after researching all the types and flower words of lilies. One of the flower meanings of Casablanca is ʻMagnificent Beautyʼ and this caught my attention. Although lilies are used at funerals, they are used in weddings and ceremonies in Japan. I found how lilies are used and seen in a complete opposite way in Japanese and Taiwanese Culture. Since many of the flower meanings of lilies included the word ʻBeautyʼ, I decided to research what ʻBeautyʼ actually is. Throughout my research, I found out that light was as the most beautiful revelation of God. From there, I came to the idea of stained glasses and how they are used in gothic architecture such as churches. This gave me the idea of breaking the outline of the Casablanca in to parts. Claude Monetʼs effect influenced my composition as well. The Fog-like effect influenced my background. I wanted to include the dry-brush effect that we learned before starting this composition, in the background. What materials/media/processes did you use and or experiment with, and how? The media used in this composition was acrylic on canvas. Most of the time, I

used different types of brushes and masking tape to paint my subject matter. The difficulty I had here was working with straight lines and edges. For my first and second coat of paint, I didn't use masking tape since I knew that I would not be able to perfectly paint the spaces. Although from the third coat onwards, I used masking tape to start cleaning up the straight lines and edges and by using the masking tape, it really changed the look of my composition. For drawing the outline of the lily and the Japanese patterns by using the projector, white chalk and soft pencil. By using the projector, I was able to get the exact shape that I wanted but for the Japanese patterns, to be honest, I think I was just disorganized. I really should have had the patterns traced beforehand so that I would just have to trace it on during class. For the background, as I mentioned earlier, I wanted the dry-brush effect. Although instead of actually using it I created that effect by using dry sponges. This was at first, hard to get used to since I did not know how much paint I should put on the sponge at once. Although as I went on, I got used to it and I was able to adjust. How do you think you have responded to advice and criticism during the semester, both from fellow students and the teacher? Did you seek any? If so, was it useful? I asked for some advice from my teacher and a lot from my classmates. I think I should have asked for a lot more advice from my teacher before starting the composition. I ended up deciding many things while I was working on the composition and there are many things that I could have done better just by asking for advice. Since everyone has a different mind, asking for advice to my classmates was very useful. Sometimes they thought of things that I didn't even think about before, which influenced my composition very much. What could you take through to the next project and develop further? This could be anything, ranging from a technique to an idea, not just the Theme itself. The largest thing I would take in to my next project is what I learned from this first project. Time management and organization was appalling during this first project that led to an unfinished and unsatisfied composition to be for assessment. If I had taken care of these matters, I am very sure that I would have been able to create a much better composition. Idea wise, I would like to create a graphic version of this composition since things did not turn out the way I imagined it to be, and I think I will be able to a lot more by using graphics. After creating the graphics, I am thinking to create the lily by sing cellophane and use light and photography.

IBDP Visual Art Project Self Evaluation - Lilium Casa Blanca  
IBDP Visual Art Project Self Evaluation - Lilium Casa Blanca  

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