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Studying Medicine in the UK - a guide for students and their parents

Medicine as a Career What is medicine ? Why choose a particular University to study medicine ? How to apply to a UK medical school ?

What is Medicine ? 1. An Ancient Art

2. Modern Science

3. Medicine is a vocation

4. Medicine is NOT about making lots of money

5. Medicine is a privilege bestowed by society 6. Medicine is NOT about fashion! 7. Medicine is based on fact NOT fancy

What is a Doctor ? 1. Someone who can help an ill person Safely and Professionally

2. Someone who cares about patients

3. Someone who is patient with Patients 4. An Advisor and an Advocate 5. A Teacher as well as a Treater

What the public expects of doctors Doctors must be:  Intelligent and knowledgeable  Good communicators  Team players  Empathic  Self aware  Life-long learners

Study is Lifelong and unremitting

Postgraduate training takes many years

Doctors are frequently misrepresented

Sometimes people are not nice to Doctors either

Being a Medical Student  Is as difficult and demanding as being a Doctor  The attributes of a doctor must also be present in a medical student  Selection for medical school implies suitability for the medical profession  Despite all this !  Study for a career in medicine is rewarding

For those who can :  achieve the academic demands  satisfy the professional requirements

What a doctor can expect from a career in Medicine  Responsibility  Fulfillment  Engagement  Satisfaction

BUT With a strong sense of reality

Studying Medicine in the UK  Long tradition of excellence  Access to patient contact  Science and practice

University Medical Schools in UK Which one ?

Which Medical School ?  The location  The university  The Medical School

A Civic or a Campus University ?

City  large size  cosmopolitan ethos  culturaland ethnic diversity

Campus  small town  intimacy  homogeneity

Cultural Diversity

A city of culture

A city of sport

Characteristics of the University A world university ? A research lead university ? A student sensitive university ? A happy university ?

Is the Medical School good ?

The Medical School curriculum ?  Modern or traditional ?  Appropriate learning methods ?  Core content with personal learning opportunities ?

What are the graduates like ?  Scientist & Scholar  Professional Practitioner

Applying to Study Medicine in UK

Do you understand what a career in medicine involves ?  Speak to a variety of doctors about their careers  Practical experience (shadowing a Doctor) is not vital, it can be difficult to get access to a hospital  Have experience of regular voluntary work in a caring environment -everyone can do this!

UK Clinical Aptitude Test UKCAT

 A computer based assessment of cognitive ability  Used by 26 UK Medical Schools  Cognitive ability assessed  Verbal reasoning  Quantitative reasoning  Abstract reasoning  Decision analysis

Good Luck

Study medicine in the uk, an online education portal holds the list of medical schools helps the students in choosing the apt option

Study medicine in the uk, an online education portal holds the list of medical schools helps the students in choosing the apt option