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MARINE ENGINEERING – YOUR DREAM CAREER “As modeling is to women, marine engineering is to men”. All of us have dream careers. Some of us know we have to be in the glamour world to enjoy the bling, while others always knew they had to serve the humanity by being a doctor. Amongst many dream careers, there is marine engineering – an absolute dream career for men. An exciting life, surfing the unending oceans, touching various spots on the world map and earning good money are few facets of this prestigious profession. „Marine engineering’ as the name suggests is engaging electrical and mechanical branches of engineering in development, functioning, management and maintenance of water vessels and related equipment. From surface ships to submarines, marine engineers are responsible for designing ship models, building and maintaining these structures in terms of propulsion system, support system for crew, passenger and cargo. Marine engineering is a vast platform not just limited to moving vessels, but extends to offshore engineering referring to technical designs of floating and fixed maritime structures like oil platforms and wind farms. Considering the vast spread of the oceans, covering 3/4 th of our planet, one needs to be weary of the consequences that may happen. Marine engineering is thus, a complex and challenging profession demanding precision and alertness for water of the seas shall spare no faults. Oceanographic engineering or marine electronics engineering is another branch that caters to navigation and electronic devices utilized in marine environment like remote sensing systems. When first Indian owned vessel “Loyalty” sailed out of Bombay Harbour back in 1919 for London, the master and all officers were British. It was then, eight years later, Sir P. S. Sivaswamy Iyer, KCSI, CIE moved a resolution to train Indians in marine engineering. Back in 1927, R.I.M.S Dufferin was acquired and declared to be the training ship by Deaprtment of Commerce. In the glorious year of independence in 1947, The Merchant Navy Officers Training Committee was constituted by Government of India, which changed to Directorate of Marine Engineering Training (DMET) in 1949, under whose aegis students are given training and education in marine science till date. India has a number of institutes facilitating and promoting maritime education, producing great mariners sailing pan globe. Surveys have shown that most vessels in the seas have at least one DMETian holding India proud. Axsys Technologies is has been contributing in the world of mariners since the year 2000. Along with creating a niche for itself in the market and catering to all professional needs of the marine atmosphere with latest ship 3d modelling, Axsys is a complete professionally led and managed company. Providing marine engineering & design services and Marine IT services, it is a

consolidation of exceptional levels of competence and ability spanning the entire globe effectively. SHIP DESIGN – A PERFECT BLEND OF TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN Marine engineering made a formal entry into India in the year 1947 – the year India stepped into freedom and liberation. In the wake of independence, a need was felt to develop the marine industry, so as to cater to trade and protection of the coastal areas. Branching out of marine engineering is the art of ship designing and ship building. Ship designs, as known, are the most complex task to undertake for they need to be precise and perfect, all at the same time. Ship design, also known as Naval Architecture, includes vessels, offshore ships, fishing vessels, and ship vessels to name a few. Ship designs are depicted in form of ship models generally made of paper, carved out of wood, molded from plastic or constructed out of metal. Ship designs are also in miniature forms scaled to 1/6000 to ship models that are operational to huge one that are capable of holding humans. To cover the vast expanse of water spread over 3/4th of the planet, it is incumbent to develop a strong naval base enriched in marine technology and efficient mariners. We, as a nation, have come a long way, where we have produced efficient vessels and mariners who are proudly sailing across globe. Most vessels sailing pan globe have at least one Indian mariner contributing effectively. Ship designers or marine architects are generally a group of technically skilled people producing ship designs to cater to different purposes. This form of architecture is extremely complex, which makes the analytical tools available for ship designing less evolved as compared to other machine architecture like spacecraft designing or automobile engineering. Naval architecture includes in its ambit designing, constructing, and repairs of all onshore and offshore vessels inclusive of commercial and military vessels. Ship design has been important since ancient times, for ships have been sailing since water transport was developed. Over the years ship designs and ship models have evolved to improve on durability, efficiency and effectiveness. Ship designs have also been the prime source of assessing sociological and technological understanding of various eras of various countries. Archaeologists have studied ships designs since ages, as inherent part of society development.

Marine Engineering and Ship modelling – A lucrative hub Since the dawn of human life on earth, man has been intrigued with the oceans and its various mysteries. There is an inherent drive in all of us to explore the oceans, seas and other water bodies which cover 3/4th of the planet. Marine engineering makes this possible. It is an adventurous and challenging field, which gives one the opportunity to explore and discover hitherto unknown areas. By definition, marine engineering is the discipline that is concerned with the engineering of ships, boats and other watercraft vessels by employing other applied sciences, mostly electrical and mechanical engineering. This field encompasses the developmental, operational aspects and the upkeep of marine machinery and equipment. Its advent in India took place during the time of Independence, as the need for protecting the coasts and expanding trade activities was sensed. Indian maritime industry has developed magnificently and boasts of a large fleet of moving, fixed and floating water vessels both off and on shore. We have made wonderful advancements in marine technology and produced world class mariners and vessels. Ship 3d modelling is an integral facet of ship designing and Marine engineering by an extension. Scale models ranging from 1/6000 wargaming miniatures to full scale manned models are used. These ship models employ the principles of dynamic similitude to measure and analyse data and apply it to the full scale prototypes. Archaeological information regarding structures, which have formed the basis of current designs and war manoeuvres employed during naval battles can be obtained by studying ancient ship models. The materials generally used for building these models are wood, plastic, paper and metal. The type of material being used depends on the purpose and operation being done on the models. Ship model engineering is focussed on the experiments done on the models in real life environment which mimic the results of the full scale models without incurring the associated losses. Ships are an outstanding mode of water transport, hence its construction and maintenance are capital and labour intensive. Multitudinous resources are harnessed and meticulously applied for the construction of a fully functional vessel. Merchant carriers, cruise ships, naval and war ships, etc are some of the myriad varieties of water vessels that Axsys technologies cater.

Design Ship Models with AXSYS Technoloies Pvt Ltd Designing ships have always been a creative task since the Ancient times of Egyptians. They were the first to make detailed ship models, which were part of funeral practices. Ships continue to be a part of Marine System. They are used in museums, companies to document historical ships as well as for decoration. Other purposes include war gaming, utilizing radio control equipments, research training, engineering and not to forget the training purpose. These models are marked for their elegance, prestige, and beauty. On the other hand, they add a luster to the interior of one's home, yacht, or office. These are either made of wooden or can be sailing models. Nowadays, several companies are catering with the designing and construction services of ship models. One of them is Axsys Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is a Marine Engineering & Design Services and Marine IT Services Company, which consolidates exceptional levels of competencies and covering the entire marine domain. The company has employed world's best ship builders who come up with the best quality and designs. Established in 2000, the company has grown from a plant to a big tree in just a few years. It has more than 300 ships, 50 offshore structures and 80 vessels. Moreover, the company is far famed for its specialization in 3D modeling in hull structures, output structures, pool drawing, electrical equipments and many more. The company achieves its objectives through the enhanced creativity methods and techniques. With no doubts, it is one of the best designers in Marine System to be trusted both in terms of effectiveness and in terms of efficiency.

Axsys Technologies pvt ltd. is a company, which started on a small scale, and now it is famous for the best fascination ship designers. Not just being designers, they focus on the environment of their company equally. The company holds a credible stand in the market and known for its friendly behavior with customers, and its affable relations with its clients. They focus on empowering customers with the best solutions, technology and enhanced productivity. It can be well said that for the company “Work is Worship”. The company is now widely circulated over the USA, Europe, and even Asia. Therefore, going for Axsys Technologies is a heady decision that can endow you with certain benefits. The company is always willing to go high to meet its customers/ clients‟ requirements.

The Fantasy World Of Ship Modelling And Marine Engineering Marine engineering has been a lucrative career option for many since a couple of decades. With the opportunity to roam the world, while on duty has been an apt combination of elements for people seeking exciting career options. A rigorous routine of being on sail for continuous months, water locked balanced with the excitement of spanning the length and breadth of the globe, crossing longitudes and latitudes, shifting zones, marine engineering is an adventurous and a challenging call. Beginning from designing to operations to maintenance, marine engineering includes in its ambit the overall management of sailing, floating and fixed vessels and structures. Marine engineering took birth in India back in the year of independence when a need was realised to have trained and accomplished mariners. Realizing the geographical location of India, being sea-locked from three sides, requirement of strong marine base found a spot in the constitution of India in the Seventh Schedule. With Directorate of Marine Engineering Training coming into existence, Indian sailors have made strong hold on all offshore vessels as well as onshore activities. Another inherent part of marine engineering is ship models. A rough sketch or a rough model is always a desirable pre-requisite of building a real time model. This condition is prevalent through all structure building may that be a house, a building, bridges or in the present case, the ships. Ship models have been extremely important in travelling the course of marine development. Ancient ship model provided archaeological information regarding the structures, the technology and the economic importance of seafaring. Over the years, archaeologists have studied ship models to understand the kind of sailing that happened years after years. Every subsequent model, as is obvious, provided a technologically advanced example of development and successive technology. Ship models can be built in varied sizes from 1/6000 wargaming miniatures to huge vessel models capable of holding pictures. Ship models are made from all materials – paper, wood, plastic and metal. Different types of ship models are used differently for varied experiments. All marine institutes engaged in marine environment perform their testing, checking and verification on ship models. Axsys Technologies is a glaring example of such an organization. A reputed company as Axsys, it engages in ace ship building and structuring, basis of which are ship models. Ship building is both capital intensive and labour intensive. Huge resources are engaged on achieving the precision required for a successful vessel. At Axysys, the marine engineers are

provided with worldâ€&#x;s most efficient technological support to carry out their functions properly. With opting marine engineering or any of its branches as a career option, you must utilize the brilliant platform provided at Axsys ensuring your growth and development in this field.

Ship Building: The rising sun Ship building can be traced back to the times of unrecorded history. Ever since man has started evolving, the quest for travelling and the modes of travel have changed. Building ships initially started as a mode of over seas business and is still the largest business to transport and exchange heavy goods between the continents. Ships then went on being used in the wars as capturing a countyâ€&#x;s sea line meant instant victory and then came a time when ships were used as a mode of travel for passengers and now building ships (miniature) have now emerged as a hobby in the elite class.

There are highly skilled professionals that acquire the skill of crafting a ship and then lowering it onto the waters. This is not just a commercial activity but also a very important activity and a skill set required in the military department. The navy forces of India need well-crafted and well-engineered ships that are able to withstand the after effects of war and bare the wear and tear so as to keep the trespassers of the country away.Building ships on the large scale first need a draft and a working model that defines the functionality of the ship. Ship building is a very detailed job that requires drafting the design on paper and then realizing it on the computer using design software in two dimensional and three dimensional space, and then a three dimensional working physical model is created which is finally realized by the craftsmen at the shipyard. In the recent times, the growth of this sector went up from 4.5 percent to 9 percent in a period of five years, which is almost double. In addition, due to the availability of cheap labor force in India, Indiaâ€&#x;s share in the global shipbuilding market has multiplied more than ten times going from a 0.1 percent in 2002 to a 1.6 percent in 2013 hence showing a whooping growth in the industry. The growth percentage of the industry might be low compared to other existing industries; however, the growth rate is much more. Maximum growth has been seen in the design

department with the rise in the need of designers with professional skills to work on certified software, which replicates the thought of the designer to the precision, and helps a great deal while creating and realizing the ship physically. With the advancement of technology, and the rising need of people adapted and updated to the new technology has led to opening of various job opportunities for the entire country. Ships have been the symbol for power and strength from the dawn of time. Expanding the ship building industry of any country would automatically mean expanding trade as the off late, the offshore explorations and the offshore platforms have become more important as the inland energy and resources are depleting and in turn increasing globalization and increasing the countryâ€&#x;s revenue. As history says it, Vietnam bloomed like a flower since the discovery of the silk route and hence the main focus of any country should be to expand its shipbuilding industry.

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