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Automation/ Time Code

Studio.One key features

AZilPix Studio.One is a unique and balanced combination of camera and IT hardware and software, making capturing an event from multiple vantage points practical, using ultra-high resolution cameras equipped with wide angle lenses. Everything is captured - nothing is missed. Software based pan-tilt-zoom “virtual camera” cut-outs allow to reverse the order of framing a perfect shot and view angle selection, rendering video production less labor intensive. Studio.One allows events such as music festivals, sports events, conferences, church services, surgical operations etc, to be captured with as few as one single operator. It enables simultaneous conventional and VR video production. Whether it be for entertainment, information, documentation, education or training, if the audience is in the hundreds up to tens of thousands or more, AZilPix Studio.One allows to provide a professional video capture service as if you had a full OB Van at your disposal, but without the crew, truck of equipment or the costs.



Ultra-high-res cameras with wide-angle or 360° lenses JJ Pan-Tilt-Zoom views during or after capturing the event JJ Server processes the camera feeds to output video streams live and real-time JJ Usable for live- as well as post-productions JJ Lens distortions are corrected to perfect cut-outs JJ Several virtual feeds per physical camera possible JJ Multiple simultaneous synchronized outputs JJ Multiple-camera capture with just a single operator JJ IP-broadcast and VR compatible JJ Very easy and intuïtive interface JJ Control and monitoring possible with Axon Cerebrum JJ Real time image processing, e.g. noise reduction, detail enhancements and ASC CDL compatible shading JJ On-screen metering tools like a waveform and a vector scope JJ 4RU server to facilitate up to 6 cameras JJ Set camera lens correction, color calibration, exposure, white balance; manual or automatic JJ


AZilPix Server

Multiview GUI

Video production is a costly process. A sizable team of cameramen frame perfect shots from multiple vantage points, while a director at the end of the chain selects only a single view to dispatch at any time.


The next generation video capture system


Baseband Outputs Camera

Seemless integration with other equipment

Camera features

4096 x 2880 pixel resolution Progressive, global shutter, APS-C sensor size JJ 12 stop dynamic range JJ 10 bits per pixel, raw pixel data JJ Precise color calibration JJ “Smart hub” for camera peripherals, e.g. ptz and strobe JJ Customizable 3mm thick anodized aluminium body of 86 x 86 x 112mm JJ Video, camera control, sync and power over standard HD-SDI coax cable with BNC connector JJ 25 fps up to 130 meter and 50fps over 30 meter cable JJ HQ photography lens, e.g. Canon EF L-Series JJ Calibrated distortion and vignetting JJ Active lens adaptor, enabling remote control of the lens iris and focus over Ethernet via the camera JJ Replacable IR/VU cut filter JJ Adjustable back focal distance JJ Support for other lens mounts on request JJ JJ

Thanks to the AZilPix API, and the coöperation with Axon Digital Design, Studio.One can be fully monitored and controlled with Axon Cerebrum. Cerebrum is Axon’s control and monitoring system which allows you to control any kind of third party device via hardware control panels and customized graphical user interfaces, as long as device’s control protocol is supported. This allows you to control Studio.One and all kinds of other surrounding equipment, e.g. routers, lighting, domotica and mixers, from one single interface. For more information about Cerebrum, please visit

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