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Axminster Engineering Lathe Accessories

Machine Reamer 1MT Produce smooth accurate holes every time.

HSS Tool Steel Grind the tools you need, when you need them. Make multiple tools on this HSS tool steel with 5% cobalt. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 1/4” Square x 4” 5% Cobalt Tool Steel £5.60 £4.67 900362 5/16” Square x 4” 5% Cobalt Tool Steel £6.40 £5.33 900369 3/8” Square x 4” 5% Cobalt Tool Steel £8.26 £6.88 900367 1/8” Square x 3” 5% Cobalt Tool Steel £2.99 £2.49 900363 3/16” Square x 3” 5% Cobalt Tool Steel £3.35 £2.79 900366

The flutes are slightly spiralled allowing for the swarf to be easily removed from the cutting surface. These 1MT machine reamers are mounted in the tailstock. Available in whole sizes from 3-9mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 3mm £15.35 £12.79 501978 4mm £15.35 £12.79 501979 6mm £15.35 £12.79 501981 7mm £15.35 £12.79 501982 9mm £15.35 £12.79 501984

Tungsten Carbide Lathe Tool Set 6mm All the tools you need to get you started. These offer a variety of tip configurations and are a very useful 6mm set for the small lathe owner. All stored in a sturdy case, these are well priced, good quality tools. Supplied with the following, 55° internal threading tool, 60° internal threading tool, 55° external threading tool, 60° external threading tool, a left hand facing tool and a boring tool. Inc.vat £25.00

Lathe Tool Set 6mm

Ex.vat £20.83

Code 700366

Axminster Tailstock Die Holder

Axminster HSS Metric External & Internal Threading Tools

Can be considerably quicker than cutting on the leadscrew.

Get the screw thread you want. These sets of metric threading tools are perfect for the mini lathe. Made from high speed steel, this allows them to be re-ground when worn. Each set comprises 1 x external and 1 x internal 60 degree threading tool. Available in 6mm and 8mm shanks. Inc.vat 6mm 60° Metric £12.65 8mm 60° Metric £16.96

Ex.vat £10.54 £14.13

Code 504801 504802

This handy device considerably improves the accuracy of thread cutting in the lathe tailstock by holding the die both square and concentric to the work. It consists of a 2MT or 3MT arbor with a parallel shaft, a sliding die carrier with recesses for mounting 13/16” and 1” dies and additional carriers for 1.5/16” and 1.1/2” diameter dies, which fit to the main carrier. The arbor is fitted into the tailstock barrel, the die is fitted to the appropriate holder and the sleeve is mounted onto the shaft where it is free to slide along as the thread is cut. Perfect results are guaranteed every time! Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 2MT £28.60 £23.83 200229 3MT £28.60 £23.83 501970

Tungsten Carbide Lathe Tool Set 8mm Two sets of good quality tungsten tipped turning tools in a variety of configurations that will cover the majority of applications. Available as an 8mm shank 11 piece set or a 12mm shank 8 piece set. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Turning Tool Set 8mm £28.96 £24.13 536001 Turning Tool Set 12mm £34.96 £29.13 536002

Axminster Knurling & Parting Kit All the tools you need for parting and knurling. A 10 piece kit of precision tools for the medium sized engineer’s lathe. Comprising a double ended knurling tool holder, an adjustable knurling holder and a parting tool holder. Also supplied are fine and medium straight knurling wheels, fine, medium and course LH and RH pairs of knurling wheels plus 3, 2 x 8 x 70mm HSS parting blades. All stored in a handy case. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Suitable for all lathes with 13mm capacity tool posts. Parting and Knurling Set £74.50 £62.08 953423

Quick Change Lathe Tooling Set 4 Piece This Dickson style tool post eliminates the need for packing.

High Speed Steel Tool Bit Set Easy to sharpen and to reshape. A set of 8 high speed steel (HSS) lathe tools manufactured from selected M2 steel for great performance. Offering a good selection of forms,this set would make a great starter set for the small metal turning lathe user. All in 8mm shank, this set offers LH and RH turning tools, straight finishing, corner, parting, boring, internal and external threading tools. Presented in a plastic box and ideal for the beginner model engineer. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Tool Bit Set £51.95 £43.29 700367

By simply drilling out the 8mm mounting bush you can make it fit a number of lathes. It provides a means of swapping tools over quickly without the need to re-set the tool height. The tools are clamped into the holders with 4 socket head screws, the height is then set with the aid of the adjusting screw and the holder firmly clamped to the block with a cam locking device. Once the tools have been set to their required height they can be swapped over in seconds in the knowledge that the critical tip height will be retained. The set consists of the mounting block, which replaces the normal tool post on the lathe, plus three holders, a clamping key, two hexagon keys and a parting tool. Two of the holders take up to 1/2” square shank tools, and the third takes a parting tool. The height of the block is 37mm and there is a 10mm clearance hole for the mounting stud. Additional tool holders and parting tools are available separately.

4 Piece Set Standard Tool Holder Tapered Parting Blade

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Inc.vat £113.95 £17.86 £6.40

Ex.vat £94.96 £14.88 £5.33

Code 100062 100185 100188


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