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Axminster Engineering Lathes & Accessories New technology high torque brushless DC 500W motor

4-way tool post

Fully featured saddle and carriage assembly including powered lead screw

Precision V-bed with ground slideways

Supplied with 80mm 3-jaw chuck, 2MT centre, change wheel set and wrench set

Constructed almost entirely of cast iron giving great rigidity AVAILABLE TO VIEW


Change wheel set provides thread cutting between 0.4-2.0mm

An excellent choice for the enthusiastic model engineer with a high torque motor. It features a high torque brushless DC 500W motor which is very quiet and powerful in operation. Because the motor has ample torque at low speed there is no need for a gearbox, a super smooth belt drive transferring power to the spindle, the spindle speed being selected by a simple control knob. The electronic control system ensures controlled starting and stopping to reduce the strain on the drive train. Constructed almost entirely of cast iron with ground bedways, and having a fully featured saddle and carriage assembly, a tailstock with spindle taper turning capability and a variable speed spindle drive, giving a stepless speed range of 100-2,500 rpm. A powered leadscrew with a change wheel set gives metric thread range of 0.4-2.0mm pitch. This lathe is supplied with an oil tray, splash guard, 3-jaw self centring chuck, electrically interlocked chuck guard, change wheel set, 2MT centre and wrench set. Optional extras include an ER32 collets holder, a four jaw independent chuck and a plug-in spindle speed display. Maximum 8mm shank tooling. Axminster ‘S’ Series motors are high torque, brushless DC models with many advantages over the carbon brushed alternatives: High Efficiency

Silent Running

Brushless DC motors are up to 80% efficient, saving you money in the long run.

An AC/DC converter connection means near silent running at all times.

Endless Torque

Supreme Control

Even under substantial load there’s no drop in torque, regardless of your rpm.

Motor speed is regulated from a digital control panel, giving you ultimate control. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Model Engineer Series SC2 Mini Lathe £749.95 £624.96 505102

SC2 Quick Change Tool Post

Power 500 W Voltage 230 V Spindle Speed 100 - 2,500 rpm Spindle Bore 20 mm Taper Headstock 3 MT Taper Tailstock 2 MT Centre Height 90 mm Distance Between Centres 300 mm Max Diameter over Bed 180 mm Cross Slide Travel 62 mm Top Slide Travel 55 mm Thread Pitch Range 0.4 mm - 2.0 mm (10 Pitches) Overall L x W x H 720 mm x 300 mm x 290 mm Weight 43 kg

SC2/SX2 Spindle Speed Read-Out Take the guesswork out of your machining speeds.

Speed up your turning! Have your favourite lathe tools set up and ready to go. Simply set the height once and dropped them in when you need them Comes with three tool holders. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code SC2 Quick Change Tool Post £82.93 £69.11 600555

SC2 Vertical Slide Add another string to your lathe’s bow. This will allow simple milling tasks to be carried out on the lathe. Work can be held onto the slide using the clamp system provided. Milling cutters should be mounted in the headstock, chuck or collet holder. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code SC2 Vertical Slide £187.96 £156.63 600900

Glanze L & R Turning Tool Set We have some great tips when it comes to turning metal.

SC2, C3 Rocker Tool Post Don’t let setting tool height send you off your rocker. It can be frustrating setting your tool’s height. The rocker style tool post speeds the process up by eliminating the need for shimming. This is especially useful when a tool has been sharpened many times. The height of the cutting edge can be changed by simply adjusting the 2 clamping screws, to set the tool’s cutting edge on or just slightly below the centre line of the part being machined. This excellent value accessory reduces setup time and also extends the life and the usefulness of your older lathe tools. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Rocker Tool Post £18.96 £15.80 600823

Knowing the true spindle speed can be vitally important when cutting metal. Self powered, it plugs into the provided socket and has magnets on the rear to allow placement on the headstock where convenient. Suitable for the SC2 and SX2 machines only. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code SC2/SX2 Spindle Speed Read-Out £159.96 £133.30 211957

Using your indicator will help you pass the test of screwcutting.

Tungsten tipped tooling perform best when they are worked hard and produce a very clean finish. This set includes a left and a right turning tool with 4 replaceable tips.

A handy device to enable accurate threads to be cut. With a thread indicator you will always start your thread cutting in the same spot on each cut. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code C2/SC2 Metric Thread Dial Indicator £10.48 £8.73 600855

8mm 10mm 12mm CCMT06 Replacement Tip

SC2 Metric Thread Dial Indicator

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