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PZ2 Impact Bits 25mm Magnetised bits capable of withstanding the punishment from an impact driver.

Torsion Screwdriver Bits

The way an impact driver works makes standard screwdriver bits almost useless. The force involved requires a specifically designed bit to withstand the large amount of torque. These 25mm PZ2 impact bits absorb the shock of the impact action without snapping while a correctly formed tip for a close fit in the screw head minimises the possibility of camout and damage to the surrounding area. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code PZ2 Impact Bits 25mm (Pkt 10) £5.40 £4.50 102480 PZ2 Impact Bits 25mm (Pkt 25) £9.76 £8.13 102482

Centrotec Compatible Depth Adjustable Bit Holder

Do you use an impact driver? Minimise the risk of damage to the screwhead. The design of these torsion screwdriver bits prevent breakage by ensuring energy is absorbed when used in an impact driver. This means screw driving is smooth and helps to reduce the damage to your screwdriver bits and the screwhead itself. Length: 50mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code PZ2 Pozi Torsion 50mm (Pkt 10) £8.50 £7.08 506615 T20 Torx Torsion 50mm (Pkt 10) £8.40 £7.00 506616

Convert any drill driver into a fully adjustable, depth sensitive screwdriver. Capable of driving a screw to a pre-set depth regardless of material hardness, this bit holder features a magnetic ring which secures the screw onto the bit. For convenience, the universal shank is compatible with all makes of tools. 75mm long. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 75mm Depth Adjustable Bit Holder £6.97 £5.81 506283

Long Screwdriver Bits Enjoy better access and firm contact with the screw head. A range of long screwdriver bits either 82mm or 150mm long. Each is colour coded according to type for easy identification. The Universal shank makes them compatible with all makes of hex tool holders and suitable for use in a standard 3 chuck. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code PZ1 Pozi 82mm(Pkt 3) £5.59 £4.66 506606 PZ2 Pozi 82mm(Pkt 3) £5.59 £4.66 506607 PH2 Phillips 82mm (Pkt 3) £5.59 £4.66 506609 PZ2 Pozi 150mm (Pkt 3) £6.94 £5.78 506613 T20 Torx 150mm (Pkt 3) £6.94 £5.78 506614

Centrotec Compatible Quick Release Bit Holder Changing bits takes a matter of seconds! A spring-loaded sleeve locks the bit securely in the holder, simply pull the sleeve back to release for quick change of screwdriver bits. The universal shank is compatible with all makes of tool. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 75mm Q/R Magnetic holder £6.19 £5.16 506287 150mm Q/R Magnetic holder £7.80 £6.50 506288

Screwdriver Strips Optimal torque transmission and high endurance. The TiN coating on these bits greatly increases the wear resistance. Furthermore, the colour coding by type makes it easy to find the right bit first time (red for Pozi, blue for Phillips etc). Each plastic strip carries 10 bits. Take your pick and choose from: Pozi drive - 3 x PZ1 TiN, 5 x PZ2 TiN, 2 x PZ3 TiN Torx drive - 2 x T15 TiN, 3 x T20 TiN, 3 x T25 TiN, 2 x T30 TiN Phillips drive - 3 x PH1 TiN, 5 x PH2 TiN, 2 x PH3 TiN Inc.vat Ex.vat Pozi Strip With 10 Screwdriver Bits Mixed £ 7.50 £6.25 Phillips Strip With 10 Screwdriver Bits Mixed £7.90 £6.58 Torx Strip With 10 Screwdriver Bits Mixed £7.90 £6.58

Code 506624 506625 506626

Centrotec Compatible Universal Shank Bit Holder Use for improved access and fast bit changes.

Self Centring Hinge Bit Hex Shank

Leaving the magnetic holder in your drill chuck means it only takes a second to swap bits from one size to another and helps holds the screw on the tip. Compatible with all 1/4” hex tool holders and standard drill chucks thanks to the universal shank.

Ever tried drilling a pilot hole for a screw by eye in a hinge countersunk hole? 95% are sure to be off-centre with the screws ending up crooked, but with the self centring hinge bit you’ll achieve perfectly aligned hinge screw pilot holes every time. The conical nose of the bit sits in the hinge’s countersunk hole making it virtually impossible to drill anywhere other than in the exact centre. When pushed, the spring-loaded nose retracts allowing the actual drill bit to bore the pilot hole. Featuring 3 slots, there’s sufficient clearance to prevent clogging in use while the high speed steel guarantees quality results and longevity. Compatible with all quick change drill/drive systems. Spare drill bits are available in packs of 5.

Hinge Centring Drill 2mm Hex Shank Hinge Centring Drill 2.5mm Hex Shank Hinge Centring Drill 3.5mm Hex Shank Hinge Centring Drill 4.5mm Hex Shank Hinge Centering Spare Drill 2mm (5) Hinge Centering Spare Drill 2.5mm (5) Hinge Centering Spare Drill 3.5mm (5) Hinge Centering Spare Drill 4.5mm (5)

Inc.vat £10.70 £11.20 £10.90 £11.50 £5.30 £5.70 £6.20 £7.85

Ex.vat £8.92 £9.33 £9.08 £9.58 £4.42 £4.75 £5.17 £6.54

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A Magnetic Bit Holder Set is also available (717941) and comprises a standard 75mm long holder, together with an extra long 200mm holder. The strong magnet is particularly useful when you are trying to put a screw in place with the 200mm holder. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 75mm Magnetic Bit Holder £4.26 £3.55 506284 150mm Magnetic Bit Holder £5.50 £4.58 506285 200mm Magnetic Bit Holder £6.60 £5.50 506286 75mm & 200mm Magnetic Bit Holder Set £10.30 £8.58 717941


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