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See more Fuji Spray systems online! Based in Canada, Fuji Spray opened its doors in 1986 and through innovative technology has remained at the forefront of High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) spraying systems ever since. A range of systems are available to match the needs of any customer, for home or workshop use. Whatever your application, a Fuji Spray system will give you ultimate control when working to achieve a consistent and flawless finish. In their own words... ‘a spray gun is simply a paint brush without bristles.’

Get a picture perfect finish with professional Fuji spray system.

T70 & T75 Spray Guns The Fuji T-Series Spray Gun features an exclusive sidemounted pattern control knob to adjust the size of the fan. This knob allows you to switch from a small to large pattern, or anywhere in between. The fan pattern is adjustable from 25mm to 380mm from a distance of 200mm. Both spray guns come with a 1.3mm needle and nozzle set-up. The gun body is CNC machined to aircraft tolerances. The light weight of the T-Series and easy-pull trigger mean less fatigue for the operator. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code T70 Series Suction Spray Gun £289.94 £241.62 505155 T75 Series Gravity Spray Gun £289.94 £241.62 505156

G-Xpc Gravity Spray Gun What is HVLP? High volume, low pressure. Nice and simple. It pretty much is exactly as it says on the tin. Where the conventional systems work between 45-60psi (high pressure) at 8 cfm (low volume), HVLP systems generally produce over 100 cfm (high volume) and all of this has to be under 10psi (low pressure). Portable With the largest of turbines weighing in at just under 15kg, they can be carried around wherever they are needed. This makes them great for the tradesman, who may have a number of spraying jobs in a day. Why are they so good? The main reason as to why you should always consider a Fuji is the reduced overspray. At these lower pressures it allows you to lay the paint on instead of blasting it. Although the high pressure is very effective at atomising the spray, leaving a very good finish, it’s not very efficient. In fact, they’re only around 30% efficient, meaning that only 30% of the spray ends up where it needs to be. The other 70% ends up in the atmosphere which is not good on your pocket or the environment. With the lower velocity of HVLP, this produces a softer, easier to control spray. This means that much more of the finish ends up on the desired surface.


The Fuji G-Xpc Gravity Spray Gun features a spray fan control knob to adjust the size of the fan from 3mm up to 300mm and any size in-between. The pattern control knob allows you to adjust to the exact size of the object you are spraying. A 400cc pressurised gravity cup is installed; with the Fuji tilt feature it allows the user to spray in any direction including upwards. 100% stainless fluid components, stainless springs, metal knobs and collar, and an ergonomic handle that is always cool to the touch. No ‘O’ rings are used in its construction. This is the ideal size gun for projects such as inside cabinets, furniture, bath restoration and spray body tanning etc. 1.4mm Aircap Set is installed - perfect size for most fine finishing with lacquers, polyurethanes, latex, water based coatings and others. Can be used with all Fuji HVLP turbines. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Xpc Gravity Spray Gun £279.95 £233.29 211962

Semi-Pro2 HVLP Spray System Get the benefits of flawless spraying at home. Fuji introduced the Semi-Pro2 HVLP spray system to meet the growing demands of the home, hobby and craft markets. Key features found on no other entry level system are standard, such as a powerful 1,400W 2-stage motor turbine and the Fuji M-Model spray gun. This is a non-bleed design of gun with a fan control knob to adjust the spray pattern from small circular to a wide fan (and all increments in-between). Light in weight with a cool handle, this is supplied as a suction gun with a 1,000cc cup, but a smaller 400cc gravity cup kit can be purchased as an option. The nozzle and needle are stainless steel; other air caps are available as optional extras. The turbine unit is in a sturdy steel cabinet complete with a grab handle and handy gun storage. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Semi-Pro2 Spray System 230V £412.94 £344.12 501285 External air filters are easy to wash or change. Includes a full 400cc Gravity Feed Conversion Kit £45.16 £37.63 501294 7.6m hose with Quick Connect Coupler and an Air Control Half Mask Size Medium (No Filters) £11.50 £9.58 103065 Valve. Supplied with comprehensive user manual, viscosity £11.86 £9.88 103069 cup, cleaning brush and wrench. Everything except the paint! ABEK1 Filters (Set of 2) 2.0mm (.079”) Emulsions, Exterior Finishes £46.66 £38.88 501291

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Axminster Tools & Machinery Catalogue 2018/19  

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