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Planer/Thicknessers Cast iron tables and tilting alloy fence offer exceptional accuracy and stability

Supplied with 1mm self-setting HSS knives

Both tables are adjustable and electrically interlocked for safety

Pivoting dust extraction hood operates in thicknessing and surfacing modes

Extended support roller on thicknessing table

3 knife cutter block gives a very clean finish to the work

Spiral cutter block version also available, using unique “shear cut” knives

Trade rated planer thicknesser substantially constructed from cast iron and welded steel

AT260PT & AT260SPT Planer Thicknessers Well designed planer/thicknessers especially suited to the trade workshop. The cast iron and heavy gauge welded steel construction is robust enough to withstand heavy usage on a daily basis. The cast iron surfacing tables have heavy ribbing underneath to maintain flatness; both tables are completely adjustable to the blades to avoid sniping. The tables hinge independently and have up-stop latches to hold them securely when thicknessing. The thicknessing table is easy to adjust with a smooth mechanism and it has a position lock, which prevents any movement. There is a power feed when thicknessing; 5m/min feed speed ensures a smooth, even finish. When surface planing, the long rigid alloy fence supports the work and is easily adjustable with stops for 90° and 45°. Brackets mounted on the rear of the machine store the fence when not in use. Chip extraction is via a hinging flip-over hood, electrically interlocked for safety. Two versions of this machine are available. The AT260PT comes with a 3 knife cutter block featuring quick-change, disposable HSS knives. The knives are selfsetting, razor sharp and give a superb finish. These doubleedged 1mm thick knives locate into blade holders, pre-set for accuracy minimising changeover time. The second version, AT260SPT has a spiral cutter block, with forty-four 15mm square x 2.5mm 4 sided tungsten cutters, over four rows. These unique cutters and the spiral arrangement give a shear cut producing a wonderful smooth finish. Each edge lasts at least ten times longer than a HSS knife and there are four edges per cutter. Spiral cutter blocks are up to 50% quieter and require as much as 30% less power. Extraction is more efficient due to the even shape of the chips. The spiral block version comes with digital height indication of the thicknessing table.


IN ALL STORES Power 2.2 kW Voltage 230 V Feed Speed 5 m/min Cutterblock Speed 4,800 rpm Cutterblock Diameter 70 mm Max Thicknesser Capacity 190 mm Max Planing Width 260 mm Max Depth of Cut Planer 4.0 mm Max Depth of Cut Thicknesser 2.0 mm Length of Table 1,100 mm Min Extraction Airflow Required 1,000 m³/hr Dust Extraction Outlet 100 mm Sound Power Level 89 dB(A) [1.5 dB] Overall L x W x H 1,100 mm x 660 mm x 940 mm Weight 182 kg Inc.vat Ex.vat Code AT260PT Planer Thicknesser HSS Knives 230V £1,199.95 £999.96 508498 AT260SPT Planer Thicknesser Spiral Cutters 230V £1,599.96 £1,333.30 101156

If your work involves machining difficult, abrasive timbers, or large batch production with sanding as a finishing procedure, the spiral system is invaluable.

Cutters and Knives 260mm HSS Disposable Knives (3) TCT 260mm Planer Knives (3) TCT Spiral Cutters (10)

£49.98 £87.00 £76.50

£41.65 £72.50 £63.75

N.B. Both versions require 16A supply; type C breaker recommended.

Accessories Planer Thicknesser Mobile Base


£108.30 101700


101566 101570 101606

Axminster Crank Adjust Roller Stand This is a roller stand with a difference. You can adjust its height using a crank handle. This operates via a rack and pinion system to allow easy and precise height setting. Perfect for use when thicknessing boards as you can quickly tweak the height to account for adjusting the thicknesser’s table. Another use would be with a drum sander where secure work support prevents sniping at the ends of your work. Twin locking levers prevent slippage. The roller is 55mm in diameter and 400mm long, with twin ball bearings for smooth running. The four legged cast iron base has screw-in rubber feet, allowing some adjustment for an uneven floor. Roller height variable between 660-1,060mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Crank Adjust Roller Stand £99.96 £83.30 101699

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Axminster Tools & Machinery Catalogue 2018/19  

Back by popular demand, the ALL NEW Axminster Tools & Machinery 2018/19 Catalogue is now available! Our new look catalogue concentrates sol...

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