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Proxxon TSG 250/E Disc Sander Sand long edges, end sections, radii, mitres, and by turning your workpiece over - accurate flat surfaces at right angles.

TBH Bench Drill With practical height adjustment via toothed rack with an easy to operate crank, this bench drill is a fantastic addition to any workshop. The table and arm of the Proxxon TBH drilling machine are made of diecast aluminium; a refined, rust-proof and statically very solid material. Fittings and feeds are machined on CNC controlled machines (milled, line-bored, lathed, etc.). The table features a ribbed base and milled work area with T-slots. The column is bright nickel-plated. Powerful, long life 230V permanent magnet motor with 3 speeds: 1,080, 2,400 and 4,500rpm. The quill is driven via a belt and three step pulleys. This yields a torque multiplication of as much as 6x at the lowest speed. Geared quill feed for exact operations runs in ball bearings. Spindle with 1/2” thread accepts the industrial standard ROHM chuck which is supplied. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code TBH Drill 230V £349.96 £291.63 702069 Collet & Nut Set for TBH Drill £29.94 £24.95 702070

PRIMUS Multi-purpose Vices Designed for industry or demanding home users, these multi-purpose vices feature exact feed, ease of operation and accuracy. Fitted with interchangeable hardened jaws, slotted both vertically and horizontally, so either round or odd shaped objects may be clamped. Both jaws are slotted at the top, facilitating gripping of flat workpieces. The solid, cast iron base has CNC machined ways. The relatively high weight may allow use of the vice without fastening it down. The feed screw features a rolled thread which ensures ease of movement even with high axial loads. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code PRIMUS Vice 75mm £51.50 £42.92 475090 PRIMUS Vice 100mm £69.50 £57.92 474867

Designed for use on soft and hard woods, non-ferrous metals, steel, plastics (Plexiglass and fibreglass), cork and rubber, this accurate disc sander features variable electronic speed control from 250 to 750rpm. The main body is made from ribbed diecast aluminium while the table is made from an aluminium extrusion profile with an accurate T slot to precisely guide the mitre fence. It also tilts 15° inwards and 45° outwards (a scale facilitates accurate adjustment). The 250mm machined backing disc is driven by a twin ball bearing spindle. Standard, commercially available sanding discs fix firmly and can be replaced quickly. A dust collection adaptor for attaching a vacuum cleaner/dust extractor is included. 230V with drive via toothed belt (reduction ratio 7.3:1). Maximum sanding height 135mm, table 275mm x 105mm. Supplied with a mitre fence and 2 each of sanding discs 100 grit and 240 grit. A chart for recommended speeds on different materials is also included. Overall size without table 330mm x 280mm x 230mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code TSG 250/E Disc Sander 230V £247.96 £206.63 474235

250mm Sanding Discs (Pkt 5) Industrial quality self adhesive and waterproof sanding discs for sanding a wide range of materials. Self adhesive Corundum sanding discs with resin bonding agent are available in 80, 150 or 240 grit. These are ideal for sanding soft and hard woods, chipboard, fibre plates, non-ferrous metals, steel, plastics, cork, rubber and minerals. Also available are self-adhesive Waterproof sanding discs 320 grit (diameter 250 mm). Featuring aluminium oxide with resin bonding agent, these sanding discs are designed for Sanding Disc 250mm 80grit (Pkt 5) sanding non-ferrous metals, steel, glass, PC cards, plastics and Sanding Disc 250mm 150grit (Pkt 5) ceramics. May be used with the coolant system. Sanding Disc 250mm 240grit (Pkt 5) Sanding Disc 250mm 320grit (Pkt 5)

Ex.vat £9.87 £9.87 £9.87 £9.87

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Inc.vat £175.96

Ex.vat Code £146.63 210577

TG 125/E Disc Sander A precision device for fine sanding work and minor material correction. Featuring an electronic speed control giving the range 250 to 800m/min, it is suitable for all wood types, steel, nonferrous metals, precious metals and plastics (also Plexiglas and glass fibre). The sander is both powerful and vibrationfree running thanks to balanced DC 140W motor, housed in a glass fibre reinforced polyamide case. The 140mm x 98mm table is aluminium, adjustable to 50° incline downwards, 10° upwards. The 125mm diameter disc has a glued-on silicone film so that self-adhesive sanding discs can be removed without problems after use. 2 additional quadratic silicone films ensure that used discs can be stored and reused. A suction channel allows connection to a vacuum for dust-free working. Supplied with 2 sanding discs of each grit: 80, 150 and 240 grit. The machine can also be used vertically (clamped for safety) for sharpening tools etc.

TG125/E Disc Sander 230V

Self-adhesive Corundum Sanding Discs for TG 125/E For sanding soft and hard woods, laminates, non-ferrous metals, steel, plastics, cork, rubber and minerals. Industrial quality self-adhesive Corundum Sanding Discs for disc sander TG 125/E. Diameter 125 mm. One square silicone film for storage and re-use of used sanding discs is included. Supplied in packs of 5.

Inc.vat Corundum Discs 125mm 80 Grit (Pkt 5) £8.10 Corundum Discs 125mm 150 Grit (Pkt 5) £8.10 Corundum Discs 125mm 240 Grit (Pkt 5) £8.10

KT 150 Aluminium Diecast Compound Table With precision milled dovetail slides, this compound table is suitable for routing, milling, slotting of steel, non-ferrous metal and plastic, as well as woodwork and metalwork. Each slide provided with locking screws. Dovetail fittings/gib strips adjustable to eliminate play. Feed adjustments by means of 2 hand wheels with adjustable, graduated dials (one graduation = 0.05mm, 1 revolution = 2mm). Machined table, 3 T-slots for fastening machine vices and clamping kits. Fence supplied with pre-drilled positioning holes, including 45°, fastenings screws and clamp used for routing. Table 200 x 200mm. Maximum travel 150 x 150mm. Overall height 75mm. Weight 4.9 kg. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code KT150 Aluminium Table £175.96 £146.63 474334


Inc.vat £11.84 £11.84 £11.84 £11.84

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Axminster Tools & Machinery Catalogue 2018/19  

Back by popular demand, the ALL NEW Axminster Tools & Machinery 2018/19 Catalogue is now available! Our new look catalogue concentrates sol...

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