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Flexcut Jacks A - Hook Knife

B - Gouge Scorp

C - Straight Gouge

E - V-Scorp

F - Detail Knife

D - Chisel



Carvin’ Jack

A complete carving kit in your pocket. The Carvin’ Jack is a multi-bladed pocket carving tool perfect for carving any time or anywhere. Includes 6 separate blades: detail knife, straight gouge, chisel, vee scorp, gouge scorp and hook knife. Available in left-handed and right-handed options. NB: The use of the knife (left and right) should be chosen by how you carve, not necessarily by if you are left or right handed. Choose a right-handed knife if you are right handed and carve Inc.vat Ex.vat Code with the blade towards you. If you carve away from yourself, Right-Handed £177.00 £147.50 352091 choose a left-handed knife. Left-handers should choose the Left-Handed £177.00 £147.50 474371 inverse.

Whittlin’ Jack A great pocket companion for whittling whilst on the move. A pared down version of the Flexcut multi-bladed pocket carving tool, the Whittlin’ Jack is still a great tool to carry around for when the opportunity arises for some whittling or woodcarving. Perfect for carving any time or anywhere, the ‘Jack’ has 2 razor sharp knife blades honed and ready for use. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Whittlin’ Jack £61.00 £50.83 952591

Tri Jack Pro 3 super sharp blades ready for use. As its name suggests, the Tri-Jack has 3 blades that lock in place: a roughing knife, detail knife and mini-cutting knife. The well designed handle minimises hand fatigue and is made of aerospace-grade aluminium with a quarter-cut cherry inlay. A classy looking knife that just feels right in the hand, it should give you many hours of pleasure. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Tri-Jack Pro £101.99 £84.99 502719

Detail Jack Perfect for detailing delicate areas on a variety of carving projects. The Detail Jack features a single detail knife which quickly removes wood from convex surfaces, while its fine point is perfect for detailing delicate areas. The knife handle is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminium and is ergonomically designed to allow a strong comfortable grip for long periods of carving with minimal hand fatigue. Supplied nice and sharp and ready for use, it doubles as a pretty useful pocket knife tool. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Detail Jack £45.55 £37.96 502718

Pocket Jack An excellent companion for carving on the move. An excellent companion for carving on the move, the Pocket Jack includes 4 of the most frequently used blades from its bigger brother, the Carvin’ Jack. Light in weight and very compact, it includes a detail knife, straight gouge, scorp and V- scorp. A great gift too. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Pocket Jack £98.50 £82.08 951173

Flexcut Individual Chisels Polishing Compound (Gold)

Pocket Tool Roll

Quickly maintain a sharp edge.

Organise your craft kit tool collection.

A specially formulated abrasive compound which is applied to the strop like a crayon and imparts a fine polish to the edge of the tool. Its blend of aluminum and titanium oxide provides a balance between aggressive removal of hardened tool steels. A very effective way of sharpening all Inc.vat Ex.vat Code carving tools, not just Flexcut. PW11 (Gold) Polishing Compound £11.30 £9.42 510075

Keep your range of Flexcut tools safe, to hand, clean and in order with the 19 piece pocket tool roll. The convenient high quality tool roll fits 18 unhandled gouges and one handle.

Powerstrop Kit

Carving Scorps

Refine a full range of sharp edge tools.

Greater accessibility where normal length tools will not fit.

The Deluxe Powerstrop Kit contains a block of honing compound, 2 x 90mm hard leather honing wheels, one flat faced 20mm wide, the other with a narrow 60° vee edge. Both wheels are arbor mounted suitable for fitting to a drill, pillar drill etc. Although designed with carvers in mind the benefits of hard leather honing wheels can be used to refine a full range of sharp edge tools. Unlike polishing mops and other softer surfaces, which can round over the edge being honed, hard leather wheels are better at holding a straight line and maintaining a precise edge. lso available is the Standard Powerstrop Kit which includes a 90 x 20mm flat hard leather wheel complete with mounting Inc.vat Ex.vat Code arbor and polishing compound. Deluxe Kit £60.95 £50.79 307020 Standard Kit




Tools not included

SK200 19 Piece Pocket Tool Roll

Inc.vat £21.85

Ex.vat £18.21

Code 476213

Individual carving scorps are designed to get into tight fitting areas where a normal full length tool will not fit. These cleverly designed tools are, in essence, gouges set at right angles on the end of the tool. Typical applications would be animal figures, the human form, decoys etc. where undercut detail is often called for. Also available in right- or lefthanded 4 piece carving scorp sets. A profiled honing block, for use with the Flexcut gold compound is included in the sets.

KN22 R/H Scorp - 5mm KNL22 L/H Scorp - 5mm KN23 R/H Scorp - 8mm KN150 R/H Scorp Set (4 Piece) KNL150 L/H Scorp Set (4 Piece) PW11 Polishing Compound (Gold)

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