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Flexcut Detail Carving Drawknife with Sheath - 125mm Flex around contours and remove large amounts of stock. Designed to flex around contours where large amounts of stock need to be removed,

Hook Knives

the Drawknife has 125mm(5”) of workable edge. It can be curved to accommodate concave or convex curves, allowing it to conform more closely to the required contour. Just the job for chair legs, chair bottoms or roughing out decoys. Razor sharp from new. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Drawknife £43.45 £36.21 600080

Work in hollows with ease and quickly remove stock. A hook knife blade is curved, similar to a gouge for working in hollows with ease and fast stock removal. The handedness (left or right) is designated by pulling the tool towards you. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code L/H Hook Knife £24.25 £20.21 475880 /H Hook Knife £24.55 £20.46 475879

Mini Drawknife Drawknife with Sheath - 75mm

Produce contoured cuts where space is limited.

Chamfer edges and skin bark with ease.

Designed for hard-to-reach areas, where a pulling action is more conducive to efficient stock removal. The flexible shank on the mini drawknife allows the cutting angle to be changed easily for contoured cuts. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code KN17 Mini DrawKnife £22.50 £18.75 701305

3 Blade Starter Knife Set

Developed for fan carving but works great for skinning bark and chamfering edges, the 75mm drawknife with sheath is a handy little draw knife. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Drawknife - 75mm £41.75 £34.79 475219

Profile Scraper Set Remove any uneven surface or finish from your work without the use of sandpaper.

Looking for carving tools that’ll help you in your woodworking projects? Flexcut’s Starter Knife Set provides the perfect introduction to carving. Includes a cutting knife (KN12), detail knife (KN13), roughing knife (KN14) and a block of polishing compound to maintain a razor edge. A Starter Knife Set Package (717985) is also available which includes a Starter Knife Set and Knife Strop. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Starter Knife Set £61.00 £50.83 951172 Starter Knife Set Package £73.96 £61.63 717985 Knife Set (4 Pce) £98.00 £81.67 600073

Supplied with a quick connect handle, any part of the blades in the set can be used as a scraping edge. In just a few strokes you can remove roughness on hand or power carving, ripple marks from moulding operations, excess glue in hard-to-reach areas and unwanted paint or other finishes. With no need for sandpaper, you not only save money but also reduce airborne dust. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Scraper Set £56.50 £47.08 951174

3 Piece Chip Carving Set

Whittler’s Kit Whether you whittle professionally or just for fun, achieve better results and enjoy ultimate whittling control.

Create intricate geometric and freestyle patterns that are the hallmark of the craft of chip carving.

This 2 piece set is ideal if you are a whittling enthusiast. The handy set contains a cutting knife, mini detail knife and a block of sharpening compound to help maintain a razor edge; everything you need to while away the hours. Carve pieces with finesse and create all manner of different designs; only your imagination will limit what you can achieve. Inc.vat Whittler’s Kit £56.99

Ex.vat £47.49

Code 211379

This set includes a chip carving knife, mini-chip knife and a skew knife. As specialised knives, these are great tools if you need to carve incised letters or make precise cuts in precarious areas, such as the serifs or thin strokes of a letter. The decorating of small boxes or other trinkets can also be easily accomplished using this set. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Chip Carving Set £67.00 £55.83 952592

Deluxe Knife Set If you have a passion for carving with knives this is the perfect package. For complete flexibility, the set offers a wide range of capabilities in one economical package. The set includes 18 razor-sharp carving knives designed for a variety of processes from roughing out to very detailed carving projects. Includes: KN11 skew knife, KN12 cutting knife, KN13 detail knife, KN14 roughing knife, KN15 chip carving knife, KN18 pelican knife, KN19 mini pelican knife, KN20 mini chip knife, KN26 right handed hook knife, KN27 mini detail knife, KN28 upsweep knife, KN31 mini detail skew knife, KN32 detail skew knife, KN33 hooked push knife, KN34 skewed detail knife, KN35 fine detail knife, KN36 radius knife, KN37 hooked skew knife. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code KN250 Deluxe Knife Set £442.50 £368.75 506353

Knife Strop Quickly restore the edges of tools.

Pocket Knife Roll Protect knives from damage. This tool roll will accept up to 4 Flexcut knives to protect the edges. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code KN004 Pocket Knife Roll £15.30 £12.75 477058


If a blade has already been honed, it will benefit from stropping to polish the steel further and give an extra degree of sharpness. Regular stropping of a blade means less honing which saves time and effort. It can also be used for other edge tools just as effectively. The knife strop is supplied with a block of polishing compound for a razor edge. Size approximately 200 x 50mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Knife Strop £16.55 £13.79 504666

Hip Knife This portable fine cutting tool will let you get creative wherever you are. Well built and durable, this hip knife is capable of a wide range of woodcarving and whittling projects. Its highcarbon steel blade is precision machined and honed to a smooth, flat, consistent surface, ready for use. For safe portability, the knife is supplied in a handy leather sheath that easily attaches to your belt or even on a pocket thanks to the universal belt clip. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Hip Knife £35.80 £29.83 952593

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Axminster Tools & Machinery Catalogue 2018/19  

Back by popular demand, the ALL NEW Axminster Tools & Machinery 2018/19 Catalogue is now available! Our new look catalogue concentrates sol...

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