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Flexcut Carving Tools Designed by those with an intimate knowledge and love of carving, Flexcut tools address the varying needs of the modern carver. Each tool is razor sharp and ready to use meaning you can get carving straight away.

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Axminster recommend using personal protective equipment when using carving tools. See page 175

Beginner Palm and Knife Set Get creative in the world of whittling and woodcarving.

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SKB108 10 Piece Carving Starter Set Everything you’ll need to get started in the fascinating hobby of woodcarving.

3-Blade Craft Carver Set

A great way to get started in these rewarding crafts; the set includes the most popular palm tools and knives from the Flexcut range including a KN12 cutting knife, KN13 detail knife, FR307 vee tool and FR306 gouge. Each tool is supplied razor sharp and ready for use. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Palm and Knife Set £82.50 £68.75 952590

This comprehensive set includes 10 Flexcut items in a wooden box at a substantial cost saving. Purchase the carver adaptor (810480) to use these tools in a Bosch or Skil power carver.

Master a new skill and kickstart your woodcarving journey An excellent starter set of carving tools; comprises a quick connect palm handle, 2 gouges, a skew chisel and a 16 page manual and project guide. Also includes a wooden blank and an instructional DVD to create an attractive project for yourself or to give as a gift. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 3-Blade Carver Set £44.45 £37.04 952573

• Includes #3 x 6mm (1/4”) and 22mm (7/8”) gouges, #6 x 20mm (13/16”) gouge, #8 x 6mm (1/4”) gouge, and 9mm (3/8”) vee tool • Palm handle for detail work • Power handle for harder work • Carving knife, sharp and ready to carve • SlipStrop for easy sharpening • Gold compound for razor sharp tools • Step by step instructions for beginners Inc.vat Starter Set (10 Piece) £107.50 SK105 Power Carver Adaptor £20.99

Beginner 2-Blade Craft Carver Set Grow in confidence by tackling 2 woodcarving projects.

Ex.vat £89.58 £17.49

Code 200670 810480

This set is ideal for the first time woodcarver. Designed and developed by Peter Berry, this handy kit is an ideal introduction to the fascinating craft of woodcarving. Supplied with 2 interchangeable carving blades together with an ABS handle so that as you gain experience; additions can easily be made from the extensive range of Flexcut SK blades. A basswood blank for a leaf carving project and a second blank for practicing cuts are included along with a project DVD and a 24-page project manual. Also available is a Carver Set Package (717986) which includes the Beginner 2-Blade Craft Carver Set and Knife Strop. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Beginner 2-Blade Carver Set £34.45 £28.71 502721 Beginner 2-Blade Carver Set Package £51.50 £42.92 717986

Craft Carver Sets Practice your craft on the move, wherever you are.

Starter Carving Set The most complete beginner’s carving set all in one box. This set includes everything you need, whether it be for mallet, palm or knife carving. It contains the SK100 ABS quick connect handle, KN12 cutting knife, SK103 quick connect power handle, Flexcut SlipStrop and compound, 16 carving tools, wooden storage box and DVD version of Relief Carving in A Different Light. The added SlipStrop, gold compound and owner’s manual are the key to keeping them all sharp. There is even a place to store an optional adaptor (810480) for using these tools with a Bosch or Skil power carver. The 16 gouge profiles featured in this kit are not included in any other SK carving set. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Starter Set (20 Piece) £206.95 £172.46 702084 SK105 Power Carver Adaptor £20.99 £17.49 810480


If you want to practice your craft whilst on holiday, travelling or just at odd moments throughout the day, these sets are what you need. The sets consist of a palm handle and either 4 or 10 interchangeable blades, a pre-printed wooden blank and full instructions, all packed in a good quality tool roll. As an added bonus, purchase the adaptor (810480) to use the chisels with Bosch and Skil Power Carvers. The SK106 4-blade set includes: #3 x 9mm (3/8”), #6 x 8mm (5/16”), #9 x 1.5mm (1/16”) gouges and a 70°x 6mm (1/4”) vee tool. The SK107 10-blade set includes: #3 x 9mm (3/8”), #3 x 16mm (5/8”), #5 x 14mm (9/16”), #6 x 8mm (5/16”), #9 x 1.5mm (1/16”), #11 x 3mm (1/8”), #11 x 6mm (1/4”) gouges, 45° x 1mm micro parting tool, 70° x 6mm (1/4”) vee tool and a 1 x 6mm (1/4”) chisel. Also available: 5 piece Travel Package (717983) and 11 piece Travel Package (717984). Inc.vat Ex.vat Code SK106 Carver Set (4 blades) £62.50 £52.08 810481 SK107 Carver Set (10 blades) £120.50 £100.42 810482 Palm Tool SK Travel Package (5 Piece) £96.50 £80.42 717983 Palm Tool SK Travel Package (11Piece) £149.95 £124.96 717984 SK105 Power Carver Adaptor £20.99 £17.49 810480

SlipStrop Maintain the edges of your gouges and vee tools and quickly achieve a mirror finish. Produced for honing and maintaining the edges on both the inside and outside of your gouges and vee tools, the Flexcut SlipStrop is a woodcarving essential. It consists of a complex moulding with two areas of leather and a bar of a specially developed honing compound. In use, the particular part of the moulding most suited to the chosen tool is rubbed crayon-like with compound and the tool stropped. A mirror finish is achieved quickly and the resulting razor edge can be maintained by repeating the process many times before resharpening is required. If you want to use it on an existing strop, the compound (510075) is available separately. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code SlipStrop c/w Compound £19.60 £16.33 717455 PW11 Polishing Compound (Gold) £11.30 £9.42 510075

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