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Thicknessers 1,800W motor removes material up to 2.5mm per pass

Don’t overlook your safety…

Adjustable depth up to 153mm, maximum width 318mm

Overload protection with reset circuit breaker

Safety Spectacles Stylish with excellent fit and coverage.


Code: 952156

New JSP Spring Fit Respirators

2 resharpenable HSS blades deliver 18,000 cuts/min

Feed speed of 7m/min

JSP Ear Defenders See page 177

More online! Fold down table extensions with end rollers


AC318BT Benchtop Thicknesser A compact and very capable benchtop thicknesser. The AC318BT has a powerful 1,800W motor and is capable of removing up to 2.5mm with each pass. The two resharpenable HSS blades give 18,000 cuts per minute; this coupled with the feed speed of 7m/min results in an excellent ripple free finish. The maximum timber thickness is 153mm with a maximum width of 318mm. Front and rear fold down table extensions with end rollers provide support for longer boards. A 50mm diameter dust hood allows connection to a vacuum extractor. The Craft thicknesser has overload protection with a reset circuit breaker, and the No Volt Release switch prevents accidental start-up.

Power 1.8 kW Voltage 230 V Feed Speed 7 m/min Cutterblock Speed 9,000 rpm Cuts per Minute 18,000 Cutterblock Diameter 48 mm Max Thicknesser Capacity 153 mm Max Planing Width 318 mm Max Depth of Cut Thicknesser 2.5 mm Knives HSS (Resharpenable) x 2 Min Extraction Airflow Required 390 m³/hr Dust Extraction Outlet 50 mm Overall L x W x H 600 x 360 x 480 mm Weight 30 kg

AC318BT Benchtop Thicknesser 230V

Inc.vat £299.94

Ex.vat Code £249.95 105108

The AC318BT benchtop thicknesser is highly portable and perfect for preparing both hard and soft woods for all kinds of projects in a craft or hobby workshop. Supplied with tools and a blade-setting jig.

Stand Stand for AC318BT




Knives HSS Resharpenable Knives (2)




N.B. All Axminster retail stores offer a planer knife sharpening service

Accessories Roller & Bracket Set 35mm x 250mm




Planer Blade Vernier Setting Jig A pair of adjustable jigs for accurately setting up your planer blades within their block. With a lockable vernier setting and magnetic feet, all the blades in the cutting block can be set accurately to the same height. This is most important to give a clean finish to your work. The feet are magnetic and swivel to accommodate different diameters of cutter blocks, whilst the knife itself is held in place by another magnet. The beauty of these jigs is that the blade is held by the magnets allowing you to set the height and secure the blade in one operation. Then you can repeat the process for each blade, keeping the same setting each time. If you are using these jigs on a surface planer or planer/thicknesser, you can set the blades to the outfeed table and keep the jig settings for accurate repeat settings each time the blades are sharpened or replaced. Keep the jigs safe in the supplied wooden box. Please note, these are made by the original design manufacturer and so are the best quality vernier setting jigs available. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Planer Blade Setting Jig £49.99 £41.66 700360


Straight Timber

Axminster Diamond Planer Blade Hone The easiest way to keep your planer knives in good condition without removing them from the machine. The diamond hone consists of two diamond slips, 325 and 600 mesh, held at an angle in a wooden handle for topping and backing the blade. Applying the diamond to the edge of the blade and moving it along the length with a uniform pressure should restore the blades to their former glory. Please note, these are for honing the blades, they will not restore chipped or very dull blades. Suitable for HSS or TCT edged blades. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Diamond Planer Blade Hone £29.99 £24.99 510258

Twisted Timber

Aluminium Winding Sticks Winding sticks are not new; woodworkers have been making them for years from scrap wood and using them to check the flatness of material. Placed at opposite ends of a board, they accentuate any twist (wind), making it easier to identify and correct. With the sticks in place, sight across their top edges; If their edges are parallel, the board is not twisted. Reposition and repeat to check the entire board. Unlike their wooden cousins, our extruded aluminium sticks will remain dimensionally stable and straight. The satin black anodised finish on one side reduces glare, and the machined section on the other side provides contrast when sighting. The machined grooves are spaced 3mm apart to help estimate the amount of twist and how much stock to remove. The two 457mm long sticks nest together and have hanging holes for easy storage. Made in Canada. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Winding Sticks £25.96 £21.63 202398

Medium Duty Roller Ball Stand The chrome-plated roller is some 50mm in diameter and 290mm long and can be set from 740mm to 1,200mm in height. The feet of the stand are independently adjustable to accommodate uneven workshop floors and the patented height locking device ensures that the height setting cannot be reduced no matter what the load is on the roller. For sheet materials the integral ball attachment can be slipped in place to provide support for any type of board material. Maximum weight limit is 60kg. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Medium Duty Roller Stand £54.95 £45.79 600434

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