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Craftprokits - Pen & Pencil Kits Artisan Fountain Pen Kits In response to the digital age, why not embrace the trend towards the traditional craft of handwriting?

Comfort Pen Kits If you enjoy writing, the comfortable cushion grip on these pens prevents writing fatigue. Pen kits featuring a comfortable ribbed soft rubber grip. Available in a choice of finish, either matt silver plate or polished chrome plated. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Chrome Plated Finish £2.20 £1.83 200355 Matt Satin Silver Plated £2.20 £1.83 200352 Bushing Set £7.00 £5.83 611007 Drill Bit - 7mm £13.20 £11.00 502103 Tennis Clip In Gold £1.30 £1.08 101681 Bass Clip In Chrome £1.60 £1.33 101679 Golf Clip £1.30 £1.08 101678 Refill for 10kt & 24kt Twist Pen £1.00 £0.83 310492

The 10kt Gold Fountain Pen Kit is supplied with a German made, gold plated writing point. The writing tip assembly can be used with either a standard ink cartridge (supplied with kit) or for those who prefer to use their own choice of ink, a refillable ink reservoir (optional extra). Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 10kt Fountain Pen (A Logo) £13.55 £11.29 310479 Bushing Set £5.70 £4.75 310387 Drill Bit - 10mm £16.50 £13.75 502172 Ink Reservoir £3.14 £2.62 310499 Cap Adjuster Tool £4.98 £4.15 210083 Cartridge Black Pkt 5 £1.34 £1.12 506376

Vertex Supreme Chrome Gold Accents Fountain Pen

Victorian Antique Brass Gold Fountain Pen Kit The extravagant and elaborate design of this pen captures the Victorian period perfectly This pen kit features superior workmanship with the fit, feel and class that speaks of quality. The overall design makes an excellent showcase for the wood or acrylic blank of your choice. The mechanicals and operation of this pen are almost exactly the same as those of the popular Majestic Junior fountain pen kits. You’ll find quality threaded components and easy, convenient posting on the pen body. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Victorian Fountain Antique Brass Gold Pen Kit £21.90 £18.25 101659 Bushing Set £4.64 £3.87 101677 Drill Bit - 10.5mm £7.30 £6.08 610203 Drill Bit -12.5mm £10.75 £8.96 610212

The two-barrel Vertex design gives you more room to showcase your turning creativity and create something truly unique.

Venetian Twist Pen Kits With superb weight and balance, the one piece design of these pen kits makes it fast and simple to make. A very attractive pen to complement our range, the Venetian pen kits offer excellent value using high quality components. This pen should prove really popular at craft fairs or would make a great gift. Choose between gold, chrome or platinum finishes and opt for one of our acrylic, polyester or timber pen blanks to produce a writing instrument of distinction. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Venetian Chrome £5.20 £4.33 502680 Venetian Platinum £6.90 £5.75 504660 Venetian Gold £4.90 £4.08 951812 Bushing Set £5.70 £4.75 953310 Drill Bit - 27/64” £20.50 £17.08 502108 Replacement Tips Pkt 5 £1.25 £1.04 506395

This great looking Vertex pen features bright chrome parts with 24kt gold highlighted accents. The pen has a magnetic cap that posts instantly and easily on the nib and pen end. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Vertex Supreme Chrome Gold Accents Fountain Pen £15.14 £12.62 103012 Drill Bit - 10.5mm £7.30 £6.08 610203 Bushing Set £4.70 £3.92 103038 Drill Bit -12.5mm £10.75 £8.96 610212

Celtic Antique Brass Fountain Pen Kit

Magnetic Vertex Gun Metal Rollerball Pen Kit With its sleek, faceted gun metal plated design and easyto-make single tube construction, this pen is a winner. This stylish roller ball pen will allow you to show off your turning skills. What makes this pen truly unique is the magnetic cap; it easily posts magnetically onto the nib and onto the top of the pen without the use of threads. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Magnetic Vertex Gun Metal Rollerball Pen Kit £10.55 £8.79 103009 Bushing Set £3.98 £3.32 103036 Drill Bit - 10.5mm £7.30 £6.08 610203

The authentic look of this antique brass will pair beautifully with any wood blank and particularly well with any green acrylic blank.

Classic Elite2 24kt Gold Fountain Pen Kit Incorporating 2-tone styling a with balanced design, this classic fountain pen produces a truly attractive writing instrument. The Classic Elite2 is a clean, unfussy, classy looking pen and is relatively easy to make and assemble. The sleek design and 24kt gold plated parts look particularly good with an exotic or burr wood body. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Classic Elite2 24kt Gold Fountain Pen Kit £15.60 £13.00 104336 Bushing Set £3.98 £3.32 104347 Drill Bit - 10mm £16.50 £13.75 502172

Ball Point Twist Pen with Holder A useful kit to make ball point twist pens complete with handy holder. Choose from either a fine gold effect ribbed point point twist pen with holder or a black and gold effect pen holder with 21mm glue or screw fit base. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Gold £4.30 £3.58 202159 Black & Gold £4.15 £3.46 202158 Refill for 10kt & 24kt Twist Pen £1.00 £0.83 310492


Featuring intricate Celtic Knot scroll work on the tip, clip and end as well as an emerald colour cabochon on the end, the chemically darkened, quality solid brass components of the pen simulate aged brass. The kit includes a medium Schmidt® gold and iridium nib plus a cartridge. The unique magnetic cap easily and securely fits over the nib and onto the back of these pens without needing a screw thread. The result is gorgeous and long lasting brown plating with golden undertones. Also available as a Twist Pen in Antique Brass (101641). Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Celtic Antique Brass Fountain Pen Kit £24.98 £20.82 101642 Bushing Set £4.40 £3.67 101664 Drill Bit -12.5mm £10.75 £8.96 610212 Celtic Twist Pen Kit In Antique Brass £14.54 £12.12 101641 Bushing Set £2.70 £2.25 101663 Drill Bit - 3/8” £16.50 £13.75 502107

The Scribe Rollerball Pen Kit Really nice pens featuring a pull off top that can be switched to the other end of the body when writing. These easy-to-make single tube kits produce a smart looking reliable rollerball pen which are a joy to write with too. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Chrome £5.70 £4.75 600748 Gold £6.20 £5.17 504635 Bushing Set £3.60 £3.00 701604 Drill Bit - 8mm £3.65 £3.04 610290 Rollerball Refill £1.25 £1.04 340240

Filigree Pen Kits A firm favourite with turners and lucky recipients of the finished article, these uniquely styled pen kits will gain you endless compliments. The beautiful roller pen kit will give you a very smooth writing experience. The threaded cap securely screws onto either end. Choose timber or acrylic from our extensive range to create a stunning pen made to your own unique design. Also available as a Filigree Fountain Pen Kit option (104354). Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Filigree Roller Pen Kit - Matt Gold/Chrome £13.90 £11.58 104355 Filigree Fountain Pen Kit - Matt Gold/Chrome £14.30 £11.92 104354 Bushing Set £1.70 £1.42 104366 Drill Bit - 10mm £16.50 £13.75 502172 Rollerball Refill £1.25 £1.04 340240 Cartridge Black Pkt 5 £1.34 £1.12 506376

Mini Pens Our range of mini pens are perfect to have on hand for jotting on business cards, signing cheques, or writing quick notes. Offering the same great quality as our standard sized pen but smaller in size, our range of mini pens also make great gifts. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Mini Gun Metal Bolt Action Pen Kit £9.65 £8.04 101640 Mini 24kt Gold Key Chain Pen Kit £3.50 £2.92 101645 Mini-Pen Refills - Black Ink (Pkt 5) £3.70 £3.08 101793

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Axminster Tools & Machinery Catalogue 2018/19  

Back by popular demand, the ALL NEW Axminster Tools & Machinery 2018/19 Catalogue is now available! Our new look catalogue concentrates sol...

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