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Craftprokits - Pen & Pencil Kits All pen, pencil and project kits do not include materials for turning. If a kit requires a bushing set for turning on a mandrel, the product code will be listed under the pen requiring it. Bulk Twist Pen Kits Do you produce pens in quantity for craft fairs, gift shops or for sale on the internet perhaps? There’s now no need to remove the packaging from individual pens.

Stylish Ball Twist Pen Kit

Offering packs of 100 pen kits with the components packed in a way which will be much more convenient for the bulk user, both the 10kt Artisan and the 24kt alternative when purchased in bulk are offered at a very special price. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 10kt Twist Pen x 100 £394.96 £329.13 340076 24kt Twist Pen x 100 £277.50 £231.25 310491 Brass Tubes - 8mm x 50mm (20) £5.30 £4.42 800394 Brass Tubes - 10mm x 55mm (20) £7.55 £6.29 800395 Brass Tubes - 8mm x 53mm (20) £5.30 £4.42 800398 Brass Tubes - 7mm x 51.5mm (20) £5.15 £4.29 800399

Well balanced, these twist pens are a joy to write with. Classic in design, simply twist the top to reveal the ball point tip. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Stylish Twist Chrome £4.30 £3.58 600749 Stylish Twist Gold £4.80 £4.00 504634 Bushing Set £3.80 £3.17 701605 Drill Bit - 8.5mm £4.45 £3.71 610293

Satin Finish Twist Pen Kits Artisan Twist Pen Kits Our most popular pen kits; they are excellent quality, reliable and, when completed, make wonderful presents. The 10kt Twist Pen requires only half a turn to advance the mechanism, at the same time locking the mechanism in place so that the refill will not retract during use. A heavy, solid brass break resistant clip, plated with 10kt gold plate makes the pen more attractive. Each pen kit includes a tungsten carbide tipped refill to provide smooth, trouble-free writing. The 24kt Twist Pen is gold plated with a black clip and epoxy coated to give some additional protection to the plating. These pens can be turned using the bushes supplied as standard bushes with the Axminster pen mandrels. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 10kt Gold (A Logo) £4.99 £4.16 340075 Chrome (A Logo) £4.50 £3.75 504638 24kt Gold (Black Clip) £3.80 £3.17 310490 Chrome (Black Clip) £3.70 £3.08 504640 Drill Bit - 3/8” £2.59 £2.16 502130 Refill for 10kt & 24kt Twist Pen £1.00 £0.83 310492

Bold design with prominent pen cap and clip, expressing confidence and optimism.

Tank OD Green Twist Pen Kit

Choose from two very popular classic writing instruments, one in satin gold and the other in a nickel satin finish, both use a standard twist mechanism. If a mandrel is used to make these pens no bushings are necessary and a 7mm drill will be required. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Satin Gold Twist Pen £5.65 £4.71 500416 Nickel Satin Twist Pen £4.75 £3.96 610323 Drill Bit - 7mm £13.20 £11.00 502103 Refill for 10kt & 24kt Twist Pen £1.00 £0.83 310492

A nicely proportioned twist pen with a subtle art deco centre band. Well priced and simple to make using mandrel spacers, these pens are likely to prove popular when paired with a well chosen blank in timber or acrylic. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Deco Twist £2.50 £2.08 503500 3 x Deco Twist Pen Kits & Velvet Drawstring Cases £4.25 £3.54 717446

Music Antique Pewter Twist Pen Kit

An attractive style of pen at a competitive price. Inc.vat Ex.vat Silver Plated Finish £1.99 £1.66 Satin Gold Finish £1.99 £1.66 Project Kit Brass Tubes - 7mm x 51.5mm (20) £5.15 £4.29

Code 951811 200353 800399

Americana Classic Twist Pen Kits Due to its compact size and well balanced design these pens are a firm favourite with many woodturners.

Slimline Twist Pen Kits A four ring central band of larger diameter than the end fittings gives a pleasing shape and feel to the finished pen. An attractive easy to make pen that should prove very popular at craft fairs or would make a beautiful gift. Available in either gold plated or silver finish. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Gold Slimline £1.98 £1.65 951814 Silver Slimline £1.98 £1.65 951815 Bushing Set £5.70 £4.75 953311 Drill Bit - 7mm £13.20 £11.00 502103

The cast brass pen cap features 2 classic 5-point white military stars; its shape echoes the unique rounded form of an M26 tank turret. The clip depicts the tank’s tracks; the pen will sit happily on these tracks on any flat surface. The machined metal pen tip is reminiscent of a tank gun muzzle, with the turned blank representing the tank’s gun barrel. Requires 3/8” drill. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Tank OD Green Twist Pen Kit £17.15 £14.29 104327 Bushing Set £3.98 £3.32 104341 Drill Bit 3/8” £16.50 £13.75 502107

Sovereign Twist Pen Kits Available in satin gold or a silver plated finish, these pens are very simple to make.

Art Deco Style Twist Pen Kit

This tank-inspired twist pen includes a number of wellmodelled details taken from various American military tanks making it ideal for all military lovers.

Very simple to make, the Americana Classic twist pen requires the bushing set (310383) if using a mandrel to turn the blanks. The drill size required is 11/32” and we recommend the FISCH pen drill (502105). Also available is the 10ct Americana Twist Pen. Accented with black chrome on the writing tip and cap, this twist pen features the Artisan style centre band and a premium double-twist mechanism. When using a mandrel to make this pen, use bushing set (310382) and an 8mm drill. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 24kt Gold £7.00 £5.83 310432 24kt Americana Pen (Pkt 2) £13.25 £11.04 718529 10kt Americana Pen £7.70 £6.42 800382

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Dance with joy; the detail features a drum, guitar and keyboard while the tip of the pen features musical notes and symbols. Easy to make with two 8mm tubes, it includes a smooth writing Parker® style refill. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Music Antique Pewter Twist Pen Kit £15.74 £13.12 103008 Bushing Set £4.64 £3.87 103035 Drill Bit - 8mm £3.65 £3.04 610290

Gearshift Antique Pewter Pen Kit he perfect gift for car enthusiasts, motor-sport fanatics, automotive engineers or general petrol-heads. The mechanism takes its inspiration from a 5-speed H pattern gear shift. It even shifts just like the real thing, although putting in reverse will not erase what you have just written. The cap features a car tyre with tread and hubcap. The tip features the same tyre tread as the cap while the industrialised crowbar clip is attached to the body with two small screws. Easy to make with a single tube. Uses a popular Parker style refill. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Gearshift Antique Pewter Pen Kit £17.50 £14.58 101803 Bushing Set £3.35 £2.79 101665 Drill Bit - 3/8” £16.50 £13.75 502107


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