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Craftprokits - Pen & Project Blanks

Shockwave Acrylic Pen Blanks With a choice of strong and vibrant colours, produce stunning pens with this range of acrylic pen blanks. This range of acrylic pen blanks has a larger section than most of our other types - this is in response to demand from customers requiring blanks for pens of a larger diameter. At approximately 150 x 20 x 20mm, most of the larger pen designs can be made using these blanks. We recommend finishing acrylics with Micro-Mesh abrasives used wet, followed by burnishing cream which should bring them to a highly polished surface. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Green with Yellow £3.40 £2.83 211318 Chocolate Whirl £3.40 £2.83 211319 Red with Yellow £3.40 £2.83 211321 Metallic Grey with Red £3.40 £2.83 212310 Navy with Yellow £3.40 £2.83 951156 Blue with Red/White £3.40 £2.83 952595 White with Black £3.40 £2.83 952596 Mottled Green £3.40 £2.83 952597 Toxic Green & Black £3.40 £2.83 101691 Toxic Orange & Black £3.40 £2.83 101692 Bengal Tiger £3.40 £2.83 101693

Decorative Polyester Round Pen Blanks Highly individual designs will emerge as you cut and polish your way to a beautiful barrel in which to mount your pen kit. With these spectacular 150 x 20mm pen blanks you’ll be able to turn your pen kits into unique writing instruments which everyone will want. This is the way to turn your hobby into beautiful gifts or exceptionally saleable items, which will ‘jump off the shelf’ particularly if you fit them into one of the purpose made gift boxes from Axminster. Use Micro-Mesh abrasives or fine wet and dry abrasive to achieve a high gloss finish. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Gold/Silver White £2.80 £2.33 701747 Malachite Green £2.75 £2.29 701745 Gold/Silver/Black £2.80 £2.33 701748 Ebony Polyester - 20mm £2.75 £2.29 211362 Ebony Polyester - 25mm £3.95 £3.29 211363 Lemon £2.75 £2.29 101685 Lime £2.75 £2.29 101686 Lilac £2.75 £2.29 101687 Disco £2.80 £2.33 101688 Cool Stripe £2.80 £2.33 101689 Red Stripe £2.80 £2.33 101690

Coffee Bean Acrylic Pen Blank

Enjoy the aroma of fresh ground coffee as you turn these beautiful pen blanks.

Fiji Pen Blanks These pen blanks are a stunning combination of real wood burrs, cast in coloured alumilite resin. The resulting blank is easy to turn as this special type of resin resists chipping and at the same time has a very low odour unlike acrylic blanks. No two Fiji blanks are alike. Available in a variety of colours. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Fiji Pen Blank - Burgundy £14.94 £12.45 103019 Fiji Pen Blank - Lavender £14.94 £12.45 103020 Fiji Pen Blank - Pacific Blue £14.94 £12.45 103021 Fiji Pen Blank - Sunset Jasper £14.94 £12.45 103022 Fiji Pen Blank - Ebony & Ivory £14.94 £12.45 103023 Fiji Pen Blank - Onyx £14.94 £12.45 103024 Fiji Pen Blank - Banana Split £14.94 £12.45 103025 Fiji Pen Blank - Strawberry Parfait £14.94 £12.45 103026 Fiji Pen Blank - Camo £14.94 £12.45 103027

Aquabright Rainbow Swirl Pen Blank These blanks will help you create an extraordinary radiant and eye-catching pen. These pen blanks turn well using sharp tools and light cuts. Careful sanding will soon bring out the beauty and polishing will create a fine lustre. The blank sizes can vary slightly but are typically 125mm x 19mm x 17mm/19mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Aquabright Rainbow Swirl Pen Blank £2.15 £1.79 103017


Made from real coffee beans encased in cream coloured acrylic, these blanks offer a unique choice for the discerning pen turner. At 125 x 19 x 19mm many different pen types can be produced from this blank. N.B. You may find that stabilising the blank with thin cyanoacrylate adhesive, as it is reduced in diameter, will help to achieve a good finish. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Coffee and Cream £6.20 £5.17 211400

’Run Wild’ Polyester Project Blanks Cut the blank lengthwise into four pieces and you’ll have four pen blanks at your disposal or turn larger projects such as bottle stoppers, light pulls, pendants and knobs. If you have made some pens using acrylic and polyester blanks, you will be interested to learn that we can now supply a range of polyester project kit blanks of larger dimensions than the pen blanks. The size of these blanks is 114 x 35mm which gives you more choice in the way you can use the material. We recommend the use of wet and dry abrasives for finishing this product followed by burnishing cream. Let your imagination run wild! Zebra Leopard Purple/Gold Glitter White/Gold Glitter Multicoloured Stripe Cool Stripes Alpolina Stripe Shocking Pink

Inc.vat £7.45 £7.45 £7.75 £7.75 £7.75 £7.75 £7.45 £8.24

Ex.vat £6.21 £6.21 £6.46 £6.46 £6.46 £6.46 £6.21 £6.87

Code 210861 210862 210864 210866 210867 951158 952421 952423

Carbon Fibre Pen Blank These pen blanks have the distinctive carbon fibre weave encapsulated in a UV resistant polyester resin coating. Carbon fibre commonly occurs in cars, sophisticated sports equipment, top-end bicycles and high-performance sailing and musical instruments. These blanks turn and finish in exactly the same way as other plastic pen blanks. As with all plastic blanks, use sharp tools and take your time; the results are worth it. You can polish these blanks to a high gloss finish or make them matt, whichever looks best on your particular project. Blanks are 19mm x 19mm x 125mm long with a 3/8” brass pen tube pre-installed. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Carbon Fibre Pen Blank £11.40 £9.50 104338

Playing Cards Pen Blank Perfect for the poker player, bridge player or gambler. The four card suits radiate from the centre so your turned blank will be in proportion regardless of pen diameter. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Playing Cards Pen Blank £7.75 £6.46 103028

Mother Of Pearl Pen Blank These mother of pearl blanks will make a stunning looking pen or pencil with a rich and elegant look. Creating these blanks involves laminating strips of iridescent, real mother of pearl onto a 3/8” brass pen tube and then coating the assembly in a crystal clear resin. They turn and finish very well, use sharp tools with a light touch. With the 3/8” pen tube already pre-inserted you don’t even have to worry about drilling the blank before you start. Blank is 117mm long and 19mm diameter. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Mother Of Pearl Pen Blank £15.50 £12.92 104340

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