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Crown Woodturning Tools

Crown Recess Tool Do you turn mills? Obtain the correct depth and size of recesses needed to enable the mechanism to work correctly.

Crown Cryo Colwin Way Signature Skew Chisels

Crown Cryo M42 Razor Edge Bowl Gouges Spend more time at the lathe and less time at the sharpening station. M42 is a premium, high-speed steel containing cobalt meaning the cutting edges stay sharp and hard in heavyduty and high-production applications. Combine this with the already well known and proven advantages of cryogenically treated steel you have a tool that will hold an edge far longer, even on tough and abrasive timbers. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code M42 Razor Edge Bowl Gouges - 1/4” £53.95 £44.96 103615 M42 Razor Edge Bowl Gouges - 3/8” £57.96 £48.30 103616 M42 Razor Edge Bowl Gouges - 1/2” £69.96 £58.30 103617

If you make your own salt or peppermills using CrushGrind® mechanisms, you will find this tool from Crown extremely useful. The step or shoulder of the tool gives an accurate position of the recess required for the base section of the mill. The small V notch on the right hand side allows the other groove to be produced in the top section when it is lined up with the outer face. Made to their usual high performance and quality standards, the tool is 380mm overall with a 164mm blade. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Recess tool £38.46 £32.05 952594

The first thing you notice about these skew chisel is the tapering blade, being wider at the cutting edge and narrowing towards the ferrule. Made from cryogenic high-speed steel with ash handles, the shape of the skew results in a number of benefits for the turner. The flared tip counterbalancing the handle makes the chisels easy to handle. It is intentionally shorter than normal which puts your hand closer to the cutting area, giving you greater control. The tapered profile means less steel, which results in less weight, giving a far more sensitive response from the bevel when making planing cuts. The rolled edge helps to glide along the tool rest smoothly and rolls over nicely for bead forming. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Cryo Skew Chisel 12mm £39.96 £33.30 104716 Cryo Skew Chisel 19mm £42.96 £35.80 104717 Cryo Skew Chisel 32mm £52.96 £44.13 104718

Crown Cryo Three Point Tool Use for planing cuts, end grain shoulders or finishing and rolling beads in all types of timber. Readers of Bill Jones’s “Notes from the Turning Shop” will recognise this extremely versatile tool. Bill would have been impressed by the excellent edge retention properties of cryogenic high speed steel. As Bill says “It’s a beautiful nondigger”. Round bar, 10” overall length. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Three Point Tool £35.95 £29.96 506469

Crown Cryo 1/2” Ring Tool Achieve a superb finish when hollowing into end grain.

Designed for the hand cutting of male and female threads in hardwoods.

With a dual bevelled cryogenic HSS ring, both flat or curved shapes can be equally well accommodated. Fitted with a 8” handle. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 1/2” Ring Tool £47.95 £39.96 506474

As with all Crown tools they are supplied with attractive hardwood handles. Sold as a matched pair, male and female, 18tpi. Handles are 5”(125mm) long. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 18tpi £69.96 £58.30 111074

Crown Mini Spiralling Tool This tool will produce spirals on your spindle work and the width of spiral can be changed by altering the angle of presentation to the work. Surface decoration on turned work can certainly enhance the piece and when used with colour and/or liming wax, some striking effects can be accomplished. To set this angle for consistent repeatable results, an indexing sleeve is attached to the main shaft of the tool with 2 hex head bolts. Two spiralling wheels are provided to further vary the effect, one wheel having 17 teeth and the other 27. Full instructions are supplied with the tool and a 17 tooth texturing wheel is available as Inc.vat Ex.vat Code an optional accessory (952439). Mini Spiralling Tool £54.46 £45.38 952463 Texturing Wheel for Mini Tool £23.95 £19.96 952439


Crown Thread Chasers

Crown Texturing and Spiralling Tool All the functions of the Crown texturing tool, but with the additional capability of being able to produce spirals on your turned work. This tool can be used to create some stunning effects that can alter the tactile and visual appearance of your turning. Bowls, boxes, goblets, candlesticks and many other projects could all be enhanced by the use of this tool. As well as the texturing wheel, an indexing sleeve and two types of spiralling cutter are included with this tool. For repeatable effects the angle of presentation can be locked in position by using the indexing sleeve. Full instructions included. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Texturing and Spiralling Tool £113.95 £94.96 952434

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