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Crown Woodturning Tools Crown Cryo ‘Ellsworth’ Signature Gouges Designed from tip to butt by David Ellsworth who has used his long professional experience to come up with a great performing tool that is almost all that is required to start and finish a bowl. The Ellsworth influence can be found in the cross section and length of the flute, tip grind and the nicely shaped handle which gives control and balance. Hints and tips by David Ellsworth are supplied with each gouge. Choose from 1/2” or 3/8” cryogenic HSS. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 3/8” £53.95 £44.96 506408 1/2” £89.95 £74.96 506516

Mini & Midi Revolution Hollowing Tools Excellent for the hollowing of small to medium hollow forms, goblets and boxes. These very easy-to-use tools require little practice to master the techniques involved and can leave a great finish requiring minimal sanding. The supplied “Super Ring” cutter features an adjustable brass limiter, which acts as a chipbreaker, limiting the depth of cut. In practice adjusting the angle at which the tool is presented to the work can also vary the depth of cut. A shaped scraper cutter is also supplied should the surface require further refinement. Both the cutters are produced from cryogenically treated steel for excellent edge retention.

Crown Cryo Hollowing Tools Great for small and medium sized hollowing, the cryogenically treated blades help improve wear resistance. Suitable for small to medium sized hollow forms and vessels with undercut rims, these fine tools should prove a worthy addition to any discerning woodturner’s kit. These tools include a holder for the smaller tips plus 2 additional shaped tips for stock removal and shear scraping. A hex wrench for tip changes is supplied. The smaller tool measures 440mm overall with a 255mm x 36mm handle and the larger sized tool 595mm overall with a 355 x 44mm handle.

Overall length of the Mini hollowing tool: 430mm, handle 250mm.

Small Hollowing Tool Medium Hollowing Tool Replacement Tips (Small)

Inc.vat £48.96 £59.95 £18.96

Ex.vat £40.80 £49.96 £15.80

Code 211385 506398 212322

Overall length of the Midi hollowing tool: 575mm, handle 355mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Mini Hollowing Tool £59.95 £49.96 506382 Replacement Scraper Tip £12.96 £10.80 506383 Super Ring Cutter £19.96 £16.63 506384 Midi Hollowing Tool £78.96 £65.80 506515

Crown Cryo Turning Scrapers Remove the marks left by a gouge and refine the inside surface of small bowls. This 3/4” round ended scraper is a very useful profile from the range of Crown Cryogenic HSS scrapers, all made to their usual high performance and quality standards. Durable and strong, this scraper is suitable for working a long way forward over the tool rest. Also useful for chuck work, i.e. hollowing out goblets and egg cups. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 3/4” Round Nose £39.96 £33.30 506511 3/4” Square End £34.96 £29.13 506512 Side Cut 3/4” Diamond £46.96 £39.13 506513

Crown Cryo Heavy Duty Scraper

Crown Cryo Bead Forming Tools

A massive 1” wide by 3/8” thick radius-ended scraper for vibration-free finishing work on the insides of bowls and similar work.

Great tools for the fast production of a series of beads of exactly the same dimensions.

Heat treated for maximum usage in bowl turning, this heavy duty scraper features a 10° shear angle on the curved section of the cryogenic HSS blade. Handle is 14” long. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Scraper £69.96 £58.30 506473

Offered in 1/4” and 3/8” with cryogenic HSS blades and 8.1/2” rosewood handles. Dimensions given are for the diameter of the bead, the tool is somewhat wider. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 1/4” £35.95 £29.96 506475 3/8” £36.96 £30.80 506476

Crown Cryo Captive Ring Tools

Crown Cryo Multi-Tip Scraper

Use these ingenious tools to produce rings that are captured in the workpiece. The captive ring tool is a small scraper allowing you to turn numerous rings on a baby’s rattle, for example. Unlike regular tools where there’s limited manouverability, the captive ring tool allows you to push the tool down while you push up a little. This allows you to scrape the wood and create multiple rings. Conventionally such tools have been produced in right and left hand patterns to produce the two sides of the ring; but Crown, in their innovative manner, have produced a left and right handed combination tool which does both jobs. All you need to do is decide on the size and get turning. One of the benefits from cryogenic treatment is a longer life. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 1/4” 3/8”

£36.46 £39.96

£30.38 £33.30

506466 506467

Take advantage of a full range of scraper shapes all on one handle, with round, square and pear shaped cutters. This is a useful, general purpose tool which combines 3 cryogenic HSS scraper shapes onto one handle. The round, square and pear-shaped tips are secured by a central screw and can be rotated to take up the best position for the job in hand making it a very versatile tool. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Scraper £91.96 £76.63 506471

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