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Axminster Evolution Drill Chucks, Arbors & Accessories Woodturning Handles Featuring a steel shaft with a comfortable foam covering, Axminster Evolution Series woodturning handles give a positive non-slip grip while you turn.

13mm Keyed Chuck & Arbors A good general purpose drill chuck, equally suitable for use in pillar drills and lathes. With a B16 taper in the back, the jaws close right down to almost nothing for use with very small drills. Available with a choice of Morse 1, 2 or 3 arbors. Maximum capacity 13mm, chuck key included. Also available as a drill chuck with no arbor (700406). Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 13mm Keyed Chuck & B16-1MT Arbor £16.99 £14.16 718254 13mm Keyed Chuck & B16-2MT Arbor £17.70 £14.75 718255 13mm Keyed Chuck & B16-3MT Arbor £19.15 £15.96 718256 13mm Keyed Chuck £12.95 £10.79 700406

Morse Taper Arbors A range of Morse taper arbors to suit keyed and keyless chucks as used on many pillar drills and lathes. Available in various Morse taper sizes with a variety of tapers to accept the chuck. Choose from B16 taper, JT3 taper or JT6 taper. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code B16-1MT Arbor £5.10 £4.25 700407 B16-2MT Arbor £5.70 £4.75 700408 B16-3MT Arbor £7.20 £6.00 700409 2MT to JT3 Arbor £5.70 £4.75 340171 2MT to JT6 Arbor £5.70 £4.75 340174

Morse Taper Ground Sleeves 4 sizes of tapered sleeves suitable for reducing the Morse taper on the tailstock or headstock of your lathe. These adaptors are intended primarily for large diameter drill bits or lathe centres. In certain instances male fittings may need to have a tang formed on the non-tapered part of the fitment (at the very end) so that they fit neatly into the adaptor. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 2-1 MT £7.00 £5.83 900007 3-1 MT £8.50 £7.08 900008 3-2 MT £8.50 £7.08 900010

Morse Taper Carriers A great addition to lathe tooling; quickly change from drive centre to chuck. This carrier fits into the C type chuck jaws and enable drive centres or arbors to be mounted without the need to remove the chuck from the lathe. You could, of course, purchase a carrier with a different taper from that of your lathe, thereby extending the range of usable centres. N.B. Not suitable for use with longer Evolution type accessory mounting jaws. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 2MT For C Jaws £14.95 £12.46 400020

This Axminster Evolution Series woodturning handle is available in a short version with an overall length of 345mm (13.1/2”). The standard version is product code 102428. With multiple benefits, the steel shaft adds mass, making the turning process much smoother. The business end has a 12-13mm ER20 collet, which firmly grips onto a 12.7mm(1/2”) diameter round bar. Originally intended for use with 12.7mm double-ended turning gouges, you can in fact grip any turning tool whose bar diameter is between 12mm and 13mm. Unlike conventional collets, ER20 collets do not lock up. They are interchangeable; if you need to grip a different diameter bar, then you only need purchase a suitable size ER20 collet. These are available in sizes 2-13mm in 1mm increments. The collet nut has a fine thread, producing a secure grip even when tightened by hand alone. The Axminster Evolution Series woodturning handle includes a C-spanner and tommy bar to release the nut if required. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Woodturning Handle Short £44.95 £37.46 104151 Woodtuning Handle Standard £49.96 £41.63 102428

Evolution Series Probe Well suited to hollowing boxes, small hollow forms and goblets and useful when turning small bowls or platters. Designed to fit into the Axminster Evolution Series woodturning handle, the Axminster Evolution Series probes have 12.7mm (½”) diameter shanks.The straight probe has a 300mm long shank with the last 75mm tapering to the cutting tip. The tapered end allows you greater access. The tip is a fine grade, solid tungsten carbide, cup shaped, circular cutter, 8mm in diameter. The tungsten carbide cutter is sharp and ready to use, and will retain its sharp edge far longer than any HSS tool. The great advantage comes when the cutter eventually begins to lose its edge. Then you simply slacken the retaining screw and rotate the cutter slightly to give you a new sharp edge. With a full 360° available, these cutters have a greatly extended working life. Replacements are readily available. The cutters can take a clean shaving and leave a very smooth surface straight from the edge. Each probe includes a torx wrench for the fixing screw. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Probe with Carbide Cutter £36.96 £30.80 103651 Offset Probe with Carbide Cutter £39.96 £33.30 103652 Carbide Cutter for Evolution Series Probe £11.95 £9.96 103653 Carbide Cutter for Evolution Series Probe with Screw & Key £13.96 £11.63 103654 Crown Revolution Blade 1/2” £84.96 £70.80 102296 1/2” Double Ended Gouge £58.96 £49.13 102302 3/8” Double Ended Gouge £52.96 £44.13 102301 Compression Pen Mandrel

Adjustable Pen Mandrel

Evolution Series Compression Pen Mandrel If you make a lot of pens the time saved by using this mandrel will be considerable. Operating in a different way to other mandrels, the Evolution Series Compression Pen Mandrel is a big step forward in mandrel design. The prepared pen blanks are located on the shaft with any bushings that may be required and then the included hollow revolving centre is simply moved into position over the shaft. When the tailstock quill is tightened it is the blank and bushings that are held in compression and not the Inc.vat Ex.vat Code shaft as with conventional mandrels. The result is improved Compression Pen Mandrel 1MT £44.95 £37.46 506444 concentricity and results in less vibration during turning. Compression Pen Mandrel 2MT £44.95 £37.46 506445 Because the silver steel mandrel shaft is accommodated Adjustable Pen Mandrel 1MT £39.95 £33.29 211322 within the revolving tailstock centre, length adjustment is Adjustable Pen Mandrel 2MT £39.95 £33.29 211323 unnecessary.

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