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Axminster Evolution Tailstock Centres Tailstock Centres The tail centre provides support for spindle work, mainly in the tailstock. As with our other centres, the live revolving centres are produced in our own CNC engineering workshop here in Axminster, giving us complete control over both quality and design. It is our aim to manufacture from the best materials and use top grade bearings enabling us to offer centres of unrivalled value for money.

Evolution Series Live Revolving Centre Our bigger, high quality, heavy duty live tailstock centres have been designed specifically for woodturners; a double row angular contact bearing takes substantial radial and axial loads. In the past, centres have been produced for metalworkers rather than for woodturners. Taking this into consideration and with numerous large capacity lathes now available, Axminster have designed and developed tailstock centres bigger and better than ever before. The Evolution centre features a removable aircraft grade aluminium nose cone with a replaceable stainless steel 60° tip. The cone is attached to the stainless steel body of the centre using a standard 3/4” x 16tpi (T01) thread. This common thread size allows the fitting of small faceplates and many other woodturning accessories and, with the cone removed, a useful ring centre is revealed within. This bearing is used at the business end of the centre with a quality single race bearing at the rear to ensure maximum concentricity. In use, the tip rotates while the body remains stationary, making it safer to use and it can also be used more confidently for delicate work. With the tip removed, a threaded mandrel of 3/4”x16 (T01) allows a wide range of accessories to be used on the tailstock. Supplied with a spanner and tommy bar for removal and replacement of the aluminium cone. Available in 1, 2 and 3 Morse taper options.

Evolution Revolving Centre Tip Accessories

Dale Nish Tip Use for better penetration into the wood and minimise the risk of splitting. Ring Point Tip Use ring point tips to apply pressure over a relatively wide area. The minimal impact into the project reduces the chances of splitting. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Revolving Centre Conical Tip £11.95 £9.96 506919 Revolving Centre Dale Nish Tip £10.96 £9.13 506920 Revolving Centre Ring Point Tip £11.95 £9.96 506921

Multi-Head Live Revolving Centres With 2 sealed bearings in the body and the working end featuring a taper for mounting the various interchangeable tips, this universal centre guarantees that they run perfectly concentric. We think that this is the best universal centre available today. There is an ejector ring behind the tip which is operated by 2 tommy bars. The centre is supplied with 3 tips, a standard 60° cone for general work, a 9.5mm(3/8”) diameter by 16mm(5/8”) long point for small or close work and a cup or ring centre for open grain or split turning. To further increase the scope of the centre, purchase 3 additional tips, available separately. Also available as a complete package deal with 3 additional tips. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 1MT With 3 Tips £39.95 £33.29 340185 2MT With 3 Tips £39.95 £33.29 340186 1MT With 6 Tips £62.95 £52.46 718221 2MT With 6 Tips £62.95 £52.46 718222

The drive centre works by friction so the amount of compression on the work can be adjusted to suit your needs. Another very useful feature is they allow you to swap your work end for an end which allows better access to your work in a variety of situations. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 1MT £39.40 £32.83 718165 2MT £39.40 £32.83 718166

Inc.vat £69.95 £69.95 £69.95

Ex.vat £58.29 £58.29 £58.29

Code 504663 504664 504665

Increase the scope of the Multi-Head Live Revolving Centre with a choice of tips. Choose from an internal conical centre for quick centring on small work or as a support when turning spherical forms (340168), or a 30mm diameter faceplate with a central screw, very useful when turning long stemmed goblets (340169). Alternatively, opt for a 90° pipe centre for use when locating in a pre-bored hole (340170). Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Conical Centre £9.95 £8.29 340168 Mini Faceplate £9.95 £8.29 340169 Pipe Centre £9.95 £8.29 340170

Evolution Series Quick Change Pen Centre An excellent aid for pen turners, the Evolution quick change pen centre is intended for use with any of the Axminster pen mandrels.

Matched Pair of Ring Centres These matched ring centres are very safe to use if you are a newcomer to woodturning; if you experience a dig in, the workpiece will stop rotating but the drive centre can continue to rotate.


Additional Tips for the Multi-Head

Conical Tip Ideal for turning small spindles, conical centres work exceptionally well as a support on a curved surface. Selfcentring, use this tip where the mark left by a centre is unacceptable.

Shown fitted with optional 50mm faceplate

Standard 60 Degree Live Revolving Centre The most familiar of the live revolving centres and the one that most of us use. This 60° live revolving centre is made from top quality materials, incorporates 2 ‘sealed for life’ dust proofed bearings and will cover 90% of all turning applications. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 1MT £20.95 £17.46 340202 2MT £20.95 £17.46 340203 3MT £21.95 £18.29 340204

On most pen mandrels the blanks are mounted on the shaft and held in place with a nut at the tailstock end. A live centre is then brought up against the end of the mandrel shaft to support it during turning. The Evolution centre eliminates the need for a nut and there is no compression of the mandrel shaft. The result is that just the blank and any bushings used are now compressed resulting in smoother turning. This also means that spacers are not required as any exposed section of shaft is accommodated within the body of the centre. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Pen Centre 1MT £27.95 £23.29 506391 Pen Centre 2MT £27.95 £23.29 506392 Pen Centre 3MT £27.95 £23.29 506393

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