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Axminster Evolution Woodturning Jaws

Jaw Fixing Screws Everyone should have one of these sets ready in the drawer for when the screws go missing in the sawdust.

Faceplate Rings Turn bowls? Leave the chuck on your lathe and enjoy quick changeovers. Made to match the A,B, C and F dovetail jaws, these rings do away with the need for a separate faceplate on which to mount a bowl blank prior to turning the outside. Simply screw the ring to the chosen blank with woodscrews and expand the dovetail jaws into the recess in the centre of the ring. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Faceplate ring for A Jaws £14.95 £12.46 500166 Faceplate ring for B Jaws £14.95 £12.46 500167 Faceplate ring for C Jaws £14.95 £12.46 500168 Faceplate ring for F Jaws £10.45 £8.71 500170

A handy set of eight 12mm long, M5 socket head cap screws and a 4mm hex key for fixing any of the Axminster jaws onto the accessory mounting jaws. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Fixing Screws £2.75 £2.29 510313

Wood Jaw Plates Colossus 150mm Gripper Jaws Wish to turn very large hollow forms, big bowls and platters? Based on the well established design of our very popular G type gripper jaws but offering a greatly increased work holding capacity for very large projects, we’ve introduced the Colossus Gripper Jaws. The jaws will expand into a 150mm(6”) dovetailed recess or grip onto a spigot of approximately 125mm(5”) in diameter. Perfect for those large unseasoned logs you may want to turn into an objet d’art. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Gripper Jaws - 150mm £69.95 £58.29 210887

A set of pre-drilled steel quadrants onto which self-made wooden jaws of your own design can be mounted using wood screws.

Stacking Turn Studs Offered as an alternative to the rubber buttons as a primary gripping device, they give a really positive grip onto square or round section stock.

Large wooden jaws can be used for re-chucking a bowl when removing a dovetailed recess or spigot, or for producing a variety of ‘jam’ chuck-type holding devices. We recommend steps in 12mm increments when producing your own wooden jaws. The optional long chuck key is recommended for these jaws. Suitable for 100mm and 114mm chucks only. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Jaw Plates - 100mm £22.96 £19.13 910403 Jaw Plates - 150mm £39.95 £33.29 910405

Axminster Stacking Turn Studs are a great additional accessory for anyone who already owns either the 150mm, 250mm or 400mm Axminster button jaws. If you rough turn your bowls, then these would also offer an excellent choice for remounting them on the lathe for truing up the spigot prior to re-chucking. The set of eight studs are supplied with two lengths of hex socket screws suitable for using the studs singularly or doubled up for a deeper grip. A hex key is also supplied. Made in Axminster. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Pack of 8 Studs £11.95 £9.96 211309

Button Jaws Eight conical white rubber buttons grip work and pull it securely back against the aluminium jaw plates without damaging the edge. Both the 250mm and 400mm button jaw sets are designed as a primary holding device for all manner of round or square blanks. Providing a very secure holding method, these button jaws can be used singly or doubled up using the longer bolts supplied. The 400m Button Jaw set is well suited to grip large diameter bowls.

Axminster Faceplates This comprehensive range of faceplates are CNC-produced for maximum accuracy and perfect balance. The timber mounting holes are fully countersunk on the rear face and lightly countersunk on the front face to ensure the timber seats properly; circular grooves are provided to aid centring of the blank on the plate. The 100mm and 150mm plates are made with a separate threaded insert for thread sizes up to 25mm. This allows the faceplate to be interchangeable between lathes with different headstock threads. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 50mm (T01) 3/4” x 16tpi £11.45 £9.54 500090 150mm (T38) 33 x 3.5mm £29.95 £24.96 500143 75mm (T01) 3/4” x 16tpi £14.95 £12.46 500091 100mm (T38) M33 x 3.5mm £25.96 £21.63 500125 75mm (T38) 33 x 3.5mm £14.95 £12.46 500109 75mm (T04M) 1” x 8tpi £14.95 £12.46 500097

Although the rubber buttons are easy on the wood they are not really suitable for bowls with a very fine edge, these are better held in specially made wooden jaws mounted on the Axminster wood jaw plates. As well as the tapped holes there is a slot provided in each of the jaws which allows the position of the buttons to be finely adjusted to accommodate slightly irregular pieces (applicable on the 250mm version only). As an alternative to using the buttons, stacking turn studs are available as an optional extra (211309). Both sets of jaws are supplied with buttons, with spare buttons available individually. For better access, a longer chuck key may be required when using button jaws. Recommended maximum speed 1,000rpm. N.B. The 400mm button jaw sets are not suitable for mounting onto the SK80 Clubman chuck. Also, both sets are not suitable for the AWVSL1000 lathe. Jaws 250mm Jaws 400mm Button & Insert (each)

Inc.vat £74.95 £129.95 £4.85

Ex.vat Code £62.46 340956 £108.29 340957 £4.04 341109

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