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Specialist Chucks & Accessories

Junior Chuck The Axminster Junior chuck is the first true collet chuck to be produced with woodturners specifically in mind.

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Eccentric Spiralling Chuck This is a combination of the Axminster Eccentric Chuck and the Spiralling Attachment. The chuck fits onto the type C dovetail jaws and allows a variety of eccentric and spiralled stems to be produced. Full instructions from the designer, Tony Witham, are included. You can expand your woodturning techniques massively with this set. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Spiral Chuck £44.95 £37.46 900093

In this chuck we use our successful engineering collets which are precision machined to grip evenly along their whole length without marking the work. The chuck is supplied with 3 collets: 7 to 6mm, 11 to 10mm and 13 to 12mm and there is a range of additional ones available which together give a gripping range from 2mm to 13mm diameter. The collet is tightened by means of a nut which has both a knurled section and spanner flats to give two tightening options and also features an ejection ring for easy release. The Junior chuck has been designed with the miniaturist in mind and its ability to handle long lengths of dowel (in conjunction with a hollow headstock) make it particularly useful for repeat production of small items. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code T01 3/4” x 16tpi £44.95 £37.46 701004 T04M 1” x 8tpi £44.95 £37.46 701005 T38 M33 x 3.5mm £44.95 £37.46 610973

Collets for Junior Chuck ER engineering collets covering a range of sizes from 2-13mm. The Junior chuck is supplied with 7-6mm, 11-10mm and 13-12mm collets; additional collets are available. Please note, these collets will also fit the Axminster deluxe pen mandrel and the Axminster router collet extension. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 3.0mm - 2.0mm £7.30 £6.08 910205 4.0mm - 3.0mm Collet £7.30 £6.08 910206 5.0mm - 4.0mm £7.30 £6.08 910207 6.1mm - 5.0mm £7.30 £6.08 951823 7.0mm - 6.0mm Collet £7.30 £6.08 910209 8.0mm - 7.0mm Collet £7.30 £6.08 910210 9.0mm - 8.0mm £7.30 £6.08 910211 10.0mm - 9.0mm £7.30 £6.08 910212 11.0mm - 10.0mm £7.30 £6.08 910213 12.0mm - 11.0mm £7.30 £6.08 910214 13.0mm -12.0mm Collet £7.30 £6.08 910215

Screw Chuck Faceplate/Drive for C Jaws This is an enhanced version of the popular screw chuck for 100mm and 114mm C type jaws enabling extra flexibility. A very versatile attachment, it can also be used as a faceplate and drive centre. Comes with both a large and small stainless steel central woodscrew, 3 drive dogs and standard woodscrews for using as a faceplate. A great addition to your Axminster Chucking System. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Screw Chuck £32.95 £27.46 701456

Indexing Ring Made to our usual high standards, this accessory is designed to fit to the back of the Axminster Woodturner’s and Clubman 100mm chucks. Using the machined shoulder to correctly locate it and the slideway cut-outs for alignment, the ring can be secured in place with three grub screws. The indexing ring will work best in conjunction with the indexing arm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Indexing Ring £24.95 £20.79 510256

Four Prong Parallel Drive Centre Designed to be used in the central bore of the C jaws fitted to the Evolution, and 100mm Clubman chucks. This four prong parallel drive centre has principally been produced for those lathes that do not have a hollow headstock. It can also be used for those combined jobs where spindle turning is necessary before mounting the workpiece in the chuck. Mounting diameter is 27mm. Drive Centre

Inc.vat £12.95

Ex.vat £10.79

Code 410052

Screw Chucks Particularly useful for the initial mounting of bowl blanks whilst the outer form and the dovetail base are being shaped. Two replaceable stainless steel parallel screw chucks which fit into either the 62mm recess of the A dovetail jaws, or the internal recess of the 100mm or 114mm C dovetail jaws. Once the outer form and the dovetail base has been shaped, the woodscrew chuck can be removed and the bowl quickly mounted directly into the C jaws. Supplied with large screw (910466). Three sizes of threaded insert are available for all Axminster screw chucks requiring 4, 6.35 and 8mm drill sizes. Replacement Axminster screws for Woodscrew Chucks are also available. The screws will fit both of the 38mm or 75mm diameter Axminster woodscrew chucks as well as the screw chuck inserts that fit into the C type jaws. Turned from solid stainless steel, with a special thread form developed for maximum grip in all types of timber, three thread diameters are available requiring 4, 6.35 and 8mm drill sizes. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code To Fit A Dovetails £21.95 £18.29 810383 To Fit C Dovetails £21.95 £18.29 810385 Replacement Small Screw £5.45 £4.54 910458 Replacement Large Screw £4.99 £4.16 910466 Replacement Medium Screw £4.85 £4.04 210886

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Chuck Keys When larger diameter work is to be turned, a longer chuck key overcomes the problem of the limited access encountered when using the standard key. Two long keys are available for the Super Precision chuck 600120 to fit the Super Precision chuck with 9mm square drive and 600121 fit the Super Precision chuck with 8mm square drive. We would suggest measuring your standard chuck key to check which you require. For a long key to fit the keyed versions of the Clubman chuck as well as the previous model Woodturner’s chuck, use 340017. A standard chuck key for the Axminster Clubman Chuck is also available 310426. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Long Key - Clubman £19.75 £16.46 340017 Std Key - Clubman £16.90 £14.08 310426 Long Chuck Key (9mm²) £18.65 £15.54 600120 Long Chuck Key (8mm²) £12.80 £10.67 600121


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