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Combination Machine Accessories FeatherPRO Featherboard Keep stock tight against a saw or router fence for safer and cleaner ripping and routing. Featherboards are simple and from a safety point of view, indispensable. FeatherPRO is an innovative design that addresses shortcomings found in the vast majority of featherboards.

UJK Technology Bandsaw Buddy Everyone needs a buddy in their workshop Truing a bandsaw fence to the blade is a tricky operation. This unique tool is the simplest and most accurate way to set that alignment. The Buddy has two rare earth magnets that hold it securely to the blade. At 250mm long it is easy to spot any discrepancy. If you’re cutting veneers or thin boards, there is a scale at the tip to aid the setup for this. Along its length, there are a series of holes at 12.5mm intervals. This allows the Buddy to be used to draw arcs or circles in 25mm steps from 75mm to 400mm. A great asset when marking curves or cutting bowl blanks. Accurately machined from anodised aluminium, you can even use it as a straight edge. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Bandsaw Buddy Blade Alignment Tool £20.00 £16.67 101807

Instead of rigid feathers these use closed cell Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam. This material is very tough, highly flexible, resilient and incredibly durable. The secret of the feather’s effectiveness lies in their shape. It ensures constant even pressure for smooth feeding, at the same time virtually eliminating kickback. FeatherPRO offers other advantages; the foam will not mark or scratch, nor will it damage cutting edges. The high-density foam absorbs vibration to minimize chatter for a cleaner cut. FeatherPRO feathers are thicker and have greater surface contact area, which disperses the pressure over a wider area. The feathers are a replaceable insert and are reversible by simply flipping the insert over. The main body is a high grade polymer moulding and includes a pair of standard 19mm (3/4”) aluminium clamp rails that fit in the mitre slots of table saws or router tables, and two large locking knobs. Overall size: 19mm x 220mm x 200mm, with 145mm of travel. An optional Ultra light Feather offers greater control and feedback when feeding more delicate workpieces.

FeatherPRO Featherboard

Inc.vat £24.00

Ex.vat £20.00

Code 105271

GuidePRO Bandsaw Feed Guide Makes re-sawing safer, easier and a whole lot more accurate.

FeatherDUO Stackable Featherboard Kit All the benefits and options in one complete package. FeatherDUO comprises two FeatherPRO featherboards, two Ultralight feathers, two standard replacement feathers, a pair of risers plus hardware for use as individual or stacked formats. The FeatherDUO is a stackable version of the innovative FeatherPRO featherboard. The FeatherDUO is ideal for taller material feeds, but can also be broken down for use as two individual FeatherPRO featherboards. Stacked, it is approximately 95mm tall making it ideal when feeding taller material on table saws, bandsaws and router tables. The standard feathers are strong and incredibly durable, whilst the Ultralight feathers give the option of greater control and feedback when feeding more delicate workpieces. The hinge design of the feathers provides unmatched protection against kickback. Being made from foam the feathers will not harm carbide cutting tips in the event of an accident. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code FestherDUO Stackable Featherboard Kit £48.85 £40.71 105272

The GuidePRO is a unique bandsaw accessory, it applies even and constant pressure over the full height of a tall workpiece. Comprising three parts; a large moulded handle, a 150mm tall silicone rubber feather and a detachable metal base, GuidePRO is simplicity itself to set up. The base has a handy scale and its square ends provide a quick reference for making sure the fence is square to the saw table. GuidePRO fits into standard 9.5 x 19mm (3/8 x ¾) mitre slots between 50 to 200mm from the blade. The device attaches to your bandsaw’s mitre slot with a cam style lock on the base. With the cam inserted in the mitre slot, a twist secures the jig. Slide the handle and feather over against a workpiece, pressing the thumb lever locks GuidePRO into place and sets the amount of pressure. The flexible feather dampens vibration and provides consistent even pressure over the full height. Installed and locked about 6mm in front of the blade, GuidePRO provides all the necessary force against the fence, leaving both hands to feed the wood into the blade. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code GuidePRO Bandsaw Feed Guide £64.99 £54.16 105276

FeatherPRO Replacement Ultralight Feathers GuidePRO Bandsaw Feed Guide Extension

FeatherPRO Replacement Standard Feathers

An extra 100mm of pressure. The standard GuidePRO has a capacity of up to 150mm in height. For taller workpieces the GuidePRO Extension adds an extra 100mm giving 250mm of constant even pressure when re-sawing or cutting thin veneers on a bandsaw. The extension includes a 100mm tall moulding that attaches to the GuidePRO handle and a full length 250mm silicone rubber feather. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code GuidePRO Bandsaw Feed Guide Extension £16.60 £13.83 105277


For small or delicate cuts.

Accidents do happen. Luckily, if the FeatherPRO feathers suffer damage, they are easy to replace, without having to replace the entire featherboard. Simply swap the damaged feathers for these replacements.

The Ultralight feathers offer a different touch to the FeatherPRO. These offer a lighter pressure without any loss in safety. These are better for use with smaller workpieces or taking delicate cuts where a better feel for the work is desirable. Ultralight feathers give better feedback when taking highly sensitive cuts. This is the best option for a double stack FeatherPRO setup.

This package includes 2 replacement feather units. It does not include the FeatherPro featherboard. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Replacement Standard Feathers £12.30 £10.25 105275

This package includes 2 Ultralight feathers. It does not include the FeatherPRO featherboard. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Replacement Ultralight Feathers £12.30 £10.25 105274

Spare or replacement feathers.

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