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Sharpening Stones

Bester Imanishi Waterstone 1,000g These stones feature a moderately strong bond that allows abrasive particles to release quickly, maintaining a fast cutting rate, yet resist wear better.

Traditional Shaped Water Slip Stones Specially shaped stones for sharpening gouges, carving tools, garden shears, secateurs and other tools with curved cutting edges. Available in 3 grits, choose the 1,000 grit version for normal sharpening. The 4,000 grit will produce acceptable results if you are a beginner or are in doubt, while the 8,000 grit is ideal if you have reasonable experience with sharpening. For all practical purposes, if you do a significant amount of sharpening, you will need at least 3 stones. One to grind, one to sharpen and one to hone. Stones are 100mm(4”) long by 50mm(2”) wide with 1 edge 6mm(1/4”) radius and 1 edge 3mm(1/8”) radius. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 1,000 Grit £10.90 £9.08 900263 4,000 Grit £13.75 £11.46 900264 8,000 Grit £23.56 £19.63 900265

Bester waterstones, manufactured by Imanishi in Kyoto, Japan have almost become the standard with Japanese professional woodworkers. The stones behave similarly to a natural stone, the feedback tells you how fast it is cutting. Tests have shown they abrade O1, A2 and M2 steels at a rapid rate and remain flat just as long as slower cutting stones with stronger bonds. Overall dimensions are 205mm x 75mm x 25mm. Choose from 1,000 grit, 4,000 grit or 8,000 grit. A Combination Waterstone (1,000/6,000g) is also available.

Waterstone 1,000 Grit Waterstone 4,000 Grit Waterstone 8,000 Grit Waterstone 1,000/6,000 Grit

Inc.vat £45.55 £48.16 £70.00 £60.00

Ex.vat £37.96 £40.13 £58.33 £50.00

Code 502267 502269 502270 502271

Axminster Non-Skid Holder India Combination Bench Stones Designed specially for use by carpenters and mechanics. Combination stones are made with one face coarse and one face of fine cut. The coarse face is used for sharpening dull tools, the fine for giving a keen lasting edge. These stones may be used dry or with oil. Choose from types IB6 (6”) or IB8 (8”). Inc.vat Ex.vat Code India IB6 Bench Stone £36.46 £30.38 134851 India IB8 Bench Stone £41.10 £34.25 134852

Grips on the underside prevent your waterstone walking away whilst you are trying to sharpen a blade. Made to hold waterstones up to 210mm(8.1/4”) in length. Rubber holders at either end, one fixed and one sliding, which can be tightened by means of two knurled screws to hold the waterstone firmly but gently. A central rubber block provides extra support. Also suitable for oil stones and diamond stones. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Non-Skid Holder £17.94 £14.95 417123

Japanese Nagura Stone Use for cleaning a glazed surface or creating a slurry prior to honing on finer stones, thereby speeding up the process. These artificial Nagura stones are the equivalent of the 8,000 gold stone. As such, there’s no problem with particle contamination when used on other grit stones. Size: 70 x 20 x 23mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Nagura Stone £2.65 £2.21 510470

Multiform Water Slip Stone Sharpen a wide variety of tools from flat and wide to small narrow gouges and all vee tools. On one edge the radius changes from 13mm(1/2”) to 3mm(1/8”) over its length. The opposite edge is tapered at an angle of about 40° making it ideal for sharpening the inside of parting tools. Size: 106(4.1/4) long x 50(2) wide x 9.5mm(3/8”) thick. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 1,000 Grit £13.66 £11.38 900259 4,000 Grit £16.00 £13.33 900261


Veritas Waterstone Pond A compact and comprehensive system for both the use and storage of waterstones up to 12” in length. Twin clamping arms hold both coarse and fine stones at the same time with the aid of fully adjustable quick acting clamps. When not in use a cover keeps the stones clean, dust free and prevents evaporation. The large base unit has room enough for 3 or more stones. Manufactured from tough, rigid ABS with all metal parts in non-corrosive stainless steel and anodised aluminium. The base features non-slip pads to hold it firm when in use. The cover consists of a tempered glass plate backed with laminate which can be used in conjunction with 90 grit silicon carbide (supplied) to lap the stones to a flatness of plus or minus 0.001” per inch of stone length. When not in use, the coarse stones can be stored directly in the water and the finer, wooden based ones left attached to the bar and just flipped over to be stored upside down. The whole unit can then be covered and stored ready for the next time the stones are Inc.vat Ex.vat Code required. Stone Pond £53.95 £44.96 600318

Axminster Spray Bottle A very useful accessory if you sharpen your tools with waterstones or diamond stones. If you need a reliable 750ml spray bottle for the workshop, garden or garage, look no further. The spray head can be adjusted from a powerful jet to a gentle mist spray pattern. The bottle is graduated in millilitres and fluid ounces plus a dilution scale is included. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Spray Bottle 750ml £2.50 £2.08 718492

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