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Diamond Sharpening Stones

Axminster Diamond Sharpener This diamond sharpener can help restore an edge of a dull knife for smooth, easy cutting and when used regularly, will help maintain that fine edge for a long period.

Axminster Rider Double Sided Diamond Bench Stone These 200 x 65mm double sided premium quality diamond stones give two options, just by flipping them over.

Axminster Rider Sharpening Station Everything you need to keep your hand tools sharp. Measuring 250mm (10”) x 315mm (12”) the Rider Sharpening Board is CNC machined from 13mm (1/2”) thick synthetic resin laminate. This is the same material used to produce our kitchen worktop jigs. It is unaffected by oil or water and easy to keep clean. Four rubber feet give stability whilst sharpening and ensure the board will not creep across the bench in use.

We tested these extensively, medium 400G (36 micron) on one side and fine 1,000G (15 micron) on the other. Nickel plating permanently fixes the diamond particles onto the 8mm thick steel base. A chequered pattern carries away metal particles so maintaining the stone’s cutting efficiency. On first use the diamond surface may seem aggressive, this is the same with all diamond sharpening stones. Known as the ‘break-in period’ this will have no impact to long term performance. After a few sharpenings the stone will become smooth. The resulting surface is more than capable of sharpening modern hard steels, ceramic knives as well as traditional tool steels. A protective non-slip rubber surround keeps the stone in place when in use. Can be used dry but works far better with a splash of water. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Double Sided Diamond Bench Stone £37.96 £31.63 951777

The stone recess is 228mm (11”) x 89mm (3.1/2”), (This matches the Axminster Rider Double Sided Diamond Bench Stone). It is a simple matter to hold shorter stones in place using a homemade wedge or spacer to fill any gap. A stone needs to be just snug enough to prevent movement back and forth as you sharpen. The strop is 203mm (8”) x 65mm (2.1/2”) quality split grain leather. The strop removes any remaining minute wire edge and puts a final high polish finish on your edge tools. It is a matter of personal preference whether you use it with or without a polishing compound. Designed to work in conjunction with an Axminster Rider Honing Guide it is as effective with similar Eclipse type guides. The edges of the board feature recesses which act as set-up guides for bevel angles of 25°, 30° and 45° for plane irons plus 25° and 30° bevel angles for chisels. This forms a very effect sharpening station with guaranteed repeatability for sharpening or honing angles. Supplied with: Board, Strop, Paste and instructions. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Sharpening Station £54.95 £45.79 101171

Axminster Diamond Planer Blade Hone The easiest way to keep your planer knives in good condition without removing them from the machine. The diamond hone consists of two diamond slips, 325 and 600 mesh, held at an angle in a wooden handle for topping and backing the blade. Applying the diamond to the edge of the blade and moving it along the length with a uniform pressure should restore the blades to their former glory. Please note, these are for honing the blades, they will not restore chipped or very dull blades. Suitable for HSS or TCT edged blades. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Diamond Planer Blade Hone £29.99 £24.99 510258

Axminster Four Grit Diamond Hone Useful for sharpening or touching-up many tools such as knives or router cutters. This diamond hone is double-ended and double-sided meaning you have 4 different choices of diamond grit. Each end has a 52 x 20mm section of diamond coating and has the grit size stamped into the steel so there is no confusion. The grades are extra coarse (120 grit), coarse (180 grit), medium (280 grit) and fine (320 grit). Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Four Grit Diamond Hone £7.30 £6.08 103263

This 155mm long diamond coated sharpener tapers from 28mm at the handle to 4mm at the tip. The diamond grade is a fine 400 grit which produces a keen edge. One side is rounded, ideal for sharpening kitchen knives, penknives and similar blades. The rounded cross section offers you a larger surface giving you quicker results. The other side is flat, useful for scissors, shears or general sharpening. The flat side features a central groove for sharpening pointed tools. A wooden handle provides a secure grip and a hanging hole lets you store the sharpener in a convenient place. Overall length including the handle is 270mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Diamond Sharpener £7.60 £6.33 103264

Axminster Double-Sided Folding Diamond Sharpener This double-sided folding sharpener will prove invaluable around the home, in the workshop or toolbox, for garden tools, outdoor activities etc. The clever design offers excellent sharpening performance, portability, convenience and versatility. The ABS folding handles protect the diamond surfaces when the sharpener is in your toolbox or pocket. The sharpening surfaces comprise a 100mm x 20mm stainless steel plate with diamonds permanently embedded in nickel plating. On one side is a 400 grit diamond abrasive and on the other a 600 grit. The coarser side cuts fast, forming the edge; the finer side refines and hones.Use the sharpener wet or dry, simply wipe clean when you’re finished, designed to give long and effective service. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Folding Diamond Sharpener £5.75 £4.79 103262

Axminster Diamond Pocket Sharpener This diamond coated, pocket-sized sharpening steel is double-ended and suitable for use on a wide range of tools including knife blades (straight or serrated), secateurs, loppers, scissors, awls, darts, fish hooks and more. One end tapers to a point, designed for sharpening serrated blades while the other end is flat on one side and curved on the other with a groove for sharpening fine pointed objects such as awls or fishhooks. The anodised aluminium holder features a pocket clip at one end and a collet at the other. The collet firmly grips whichever end of the steel you decide to use. When not in use the steel slides neatly inside the holder for protection. Overall length is 130mm, with an 8mm diameter. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Diamond Pocket Sharpener £4.99 £4.16 103261

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