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Ultimate Edge Sharpening Systems

Tormek Jigs for Gouges Many of the Tormek jigs work amazingly well on the 12mm bar of the Ultimate Edge and provide the user with extremely sharp and accurately ground tools. The Tormek fingernail grinding jig is shown using an aluminium oxide belt with a 65mm protrusion. See the Tormek pages for full details. Inc.vat SVD-186 Gouge Jig £66.96

Ex.vat £55.80

Code 102132

Belts and accessories for the Ultimate Edge machine

Universal Sharpening Table This table is an accessory for the Ultimate Edge Compound Jig. This is machined from anodised alloy and is supplied with a mitre setting guide. The table is locked by a handle locking securely onto the round bar. Anodised in black, there is a quadrant of angles laser marked into the surface for easy reference. Ideal for freehand lathe tool sharpening and general linishing. Size 130 x 75mm. Universal Sharpening Table

Inc.vat £24.96

Ex.vat £20.80

Code 105426

There are many different types of abrasive ideally suited to the purpose of metal sharpening or grinding. We have listed below the most popular ones and will add online a number of other types of abrasive belt. As well as abrasive belts we have added a high quality ultra flexible leather honing belt which can be used with the various polishing pastes. For general use we recommend aluminium oxide at about 180g working finer to 400g for final finishing before any secondary bevel is applied using an ultra fine diamond or waterstone. 3M’s Trizact abrasive is ideal for final grinding of all materials resulting in a fine edge ready to use straight off the machine. This is a different abrasive from normal convention but equates to 600G, 1200G and 3000G

Polishing and Honing “Twist n Fix” Arbor The unique “Twist n Fix” multipurpose arbor allows for the virtually instant change of different mops, felt wheels and profiling wheels. Supplied with mounting screws and one “Twist n Fix” arbor additional arbors can be purchased singularly or in a set of 3. This unique 12mm diameter quick change arbor system allows the power source to be run in either forward or reverse direction. Polishing mops, felt wheels etc should always be used in a specific order; the ability to change these almost instantly ensures that the process of starting coarse and ending up fine is always followed. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code “Twist n Fix” Arbor £24.96 £20.80 105419 Additional 12mm Arbor £14.95 £12.46 105420 Additional 12mm Arbor - Pack of 3 £29.95 £24.96 720623

Ultimate Edge Gauge Setting As with all accurate sharpening, it’s all about the angles and our 18 piece set gives all angles from 90° through to 5°. The set is perfect for setting up sharpening guides as well as checking ground angles. The UJK level box is an additional useful accessory for the Ultimate Edge, its ability to record and set angles is perfect for this application. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Angle Gauge Set In Wallet 5-90 Deg £15.95 £13.29 103730 Level Box £18.95 £15.79 103863

N.B. if dust extraction is to be used a fireproof hose should ALWAYS be used (103717). Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Alu Oxide Cloth Belt 785 x 50mm 120G £3.20 £2.67 105233 Alu Oxide Cloth Belt 785 x 50mm 180G £3.20 £2.67 105234 Alu Oxide Cloth Belt 785 x 50mm 240G £3.20 £2.67 105235 Alu Oxide Cloth Belt 785 x 50mm 320G £3.20 £2.67 105236 Zirconium Cloth Belt 785 x 50mm 60G £3.80 £3.17 105238 Alu Oxide Cloth Belt 785 x 50mm 400G £3.20 £2.67 105237 Zirconium Cloth Belt 785 x 50mm 120G £3.70 £3.08 105239 Trizact Abrasive Belt 50 x 785mm A30 600G £6.56 £5.47 105428 Trizact Abrasive Belt 50 x 785mm A16 1,200G £6.56 £5.47 105429 Trizact Abrasive Belt 50 x 785mm A6 3,000G £6.56 £5.47 105430 Red Medium Grade Paste £9.95 £8.29 103703 Blue Fine Grade Paste £9.95 £8.29 103715 White Super Fine Paste £9.95 £8.29 103716 Flame Retardant Extraction Hose 25 mm x 2 m £35.45 £29.54 103717

Ultimate Edge Fixed Speed Linishing System

Polishing and Honing Accessories A variety of 12mm bore accessories are available for use on the “Twist n Fix” 12mm arbor including a leather profiled wheel for carving tools, a rubberised wheel for polishing and traditional mops both stitched, loose leaf and sisal. N.B. Smaller sizes of abrasive soaps are available online. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 4” Sisal Polishing Mop £9.20 £7.67 105421 4” Standard Stitched Polishing Mop £7.60 £6.33 105422 4” Loose Fold Polishing Mop £9.40 £7.83 105423 Leather Profiled Honing Wheel 100 x 26 mm £36.95 £30.79 103729 Rubber Sharpening/Honing Wheel 100 x 13 x 12mm £22.96 £19.13 105202 Grey Large Bar (Coarse) £11.40 £9.50 503954 Pink Large Bar (Medium) £7.20 £6.00 503950 Blue Large Bar (Fine) £9.25 £7.71 503953

This is a very good general purpose sharpening/linishing machine. Designed for use primarily with metals, it carries a 785 x 50mm belt at 498m/min. With its single speed 375W motor it can handle most small jobs in the workshop, including sanding, linishing, grinding and sharpening lathe tools for both metal and wood lathes. This machine has been designed for very fast belt changes, tracks well with a simple adjustment and has enough power to grind and shape tools without overheating or bogging down. As it comes, it has a small table, adjustable for angles, the table surface having a grid of holes to allow the dust to fall through. The belt platter is adjustable to ensure that the belt runs true, and has an optional graphite plate to reduce friction on certain tasks. The belt tension is released by a shaped handle; a spring loaded drop pin automatically holds the tension off whilst changing the belt. There is a comprehensive range of accessories that will fit this machine, some of which may be better suited to the variable speed version (103474). These can be added at any time. Polishing is achieved with the addition of the “Twist n Fix” multi purpose quick change arbor that is used to mount all of the polishing mops and wheels. This machine should be regarded as a simple linisher/ grinder/sharpener, It is really well made and simple to use. Perfect for many metal based crafts and hobbies.

Voltage Belt Speed Belt Size Weight Fixed Speed Linishing System

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230 V 498 m/min 50 mm x 785 mm 17.5kg Inc.vat £329.95

Ex.vat Code £274.96 103473


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