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Kirschen Chisels and Carving Tools

Chip Carving Knives Use for specialist chip carving work or begin your journey into whittling and woodcarving.

Skewed Chisels (Pair) Fine tune tenons and many other types of joint. Kirschen’s skewed chisels feature finely ground and polished bevel edge blades, with the edge at 45° to produce a clean shearing action when used across the grain. Sold as a pair (left and right), these chisels feature high quality hornbeam handles. 270mm overall length. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 12mm (Pair) £34.25 £28.54 202373 20mm (Pair) £39.46 £32.88 202374

Woodcarver’s Mallet Enjoy greater control with the reduced force of a wooden carving mallet. This mallet allows you to chisel from a wide variety of angles as you work your way around the piece. Weighing in at 540g, the mallet is well suited for roughing out profiles and delicate details thanks to its excellent hardness and strength. The 100mm diameter head is made from best quality hornbeam, dense and long favoured for its durability. Fitted to a well shaped ash handle securely wedged into the head. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Mallet 540g £24.90 £20.75 386001

These German made chip carving tools are manufactured from the finest high carbon steel and come sharpened and polished ready for use. Individual chip carving knives are available, however the Chip Carving Knife Set contains one each of the following: long skew, long skew edge, short skew, double sided curved edge, round neck straight edge and straight blade skew edge. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Long Skew £9.20 £7.67 500196 Short Skew £8.95 £7.46 500195 Double Sided Curved Edge £13.00 £10.83 500197 Round Neck Straight Edge £10.55 £8.79 500200 Set of 6 Knives £55.99 £46.66 500201

Kirschen Joiner’s Mortice Chisels Chisel away waste wood and cut mortice joints Used for chopping out joints by chiselling away the waste wood. Heavy duty mortice chisels are particularly useful for cutting mortice joints as they are strong enough to withstand heavy blows with a mallet. The handle is reinforced with a steel ferrule and top ring which prevents the handle from splitting at the bottom when it is hit repeatedly. A leather washer is fitted between the stout rectangular section blade and the handle. Available in a variety of sizes. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 6mm £36.70 £30.58 202429 8mm £36.70 £30.58 202430 10mm £36.70 £30.58 202431 12mm £38.86 £32.38 202432 16mm £41.65 £34.71 202434

Micro Chisels Small yet mighty tools designed with the true miniaturist in mind.

Palm Carving Chisel Tool Set Ideal for comfortable and accurate general carving or block making. Designed for wood cutting and carving, palm carving chisels feature pear shaped handles for comfortable and accurate carving. Kirschen describe the handles ‘as nature would have intended’ although the slight deviation with the flat on the side of the handle can be excused in the interests of stopping the tools rolling around the bench. The 6 piece set consists of 3 straight tools, one Vee and 2 curved gouges, all made to their usual high standards of design and manufacture. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Chisel Set (6) £95.95 £79.96 600069

Carving Tool Set Like a place for everything and everything in its place? This handy set of carving tools will appeal to the well organised carver The very elegant wooden box is fitted out with stowage slots for six of Kirschen’s familiar octagonal handled tools: a straight chisel, a skew chisel, three curved gouges and a vee tool. With this set you also receive four chip carving knives and a double-sided sharpening stone. Ideal for beginner carvers, this set would also make a very acceptable present for anyone thinking of getting into carving. Carving Set (11)

Inc.vat £172.50

Ex.vat Code £143.75 510485

Carver’s Starter Set Thinking of getting into woodcarving? These starter sets satisfy beginner carvers as well as those wanting to develop their skills The Carver Starter Set comprises No.1 chisel (16mm), No.3 gouge (10mm), No.5 gouge (16mm), No.9 gouge (6mm), No.11 gouge (2mm) and No.39 vee tool (6mm). The Additional Carver’s Set comprises skew chisel (10mm), No.4 gouge (6mm), No.4 gouge (20mm), No.5 gouge (10mm), No.9 gouge (12mm) and No.15 curved gouge (12mm). Both sets are supplied in tool roll. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Starter Set (6) £154.96 £129.13 711198 Additional Carver’s Set (6) £149.95 £124.96 711199

Manufactured to the same exacting standards as the fullsize tools, Kirschen micro chisels have been designed for miniaturists dedicated to their craft. The traditional Sheffield list, on which most manufacturers base their production, lists 1/16” or 2mm as the narrowest tools available, however Kirschen have solved this problem. With a range of tools covering 8 designs in sizes from 0.5 to 2mm, all are fitted with 100mm(4”) long octagonal hornbeam handles, with a recessed circular grip near the ferrule. The blades are fully polished, lacquered and of the same high quality steel as used on their full sized tools. For convenience, they require only a light hone before use. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 1.5mm No.1 Straight Chisel £26.75 £22.29 600056 1.5mm No.1 Curved Chisel £28.90 £24.08 600055 1.5mm No.2 Skew Chisel £26.75 £22.29 600057 1mm No.3 Straight Gouge £28.90 £24.08 600058 1mm No.6 Straight Gouge £28.90 £24.08 600059 0.5mm No.11 Straight Gouge £31.00 £25.83 600060 1mm No.11 Straight Gouge £28.90 £24.08 600061 1.5mm No.11 Straight Gouge £26.75 £22.29 600062 2mm No.11 Straight Gouge £24.55 £20.46 600063 1.5mm No.39 Straight Vee £26.75 £22.29 600067 1.5mm No.39 Curved Vee £28.90 £24.08 600068

S-Form Paring Chisel Due to the increased manoeuvrability, it’s now easier to remove light shavings of wood with little effort. The S-form paring chisel is a slightly different take on the cranked paring chisel. Kirschen have used one of their famous bevel edge chisels and forged the blade into a gentle double curve which raises the handle by about 40mm above the work. The nature of the tool is to remove light shavings of wood, usually with a finished surface as the intended result, sides of dovetails, tenon shoulders, etc. Featuring hornbeam handles and a fully polished blade. 275mm overall length. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 10mm £20.80 £17.33 202370 16mm £20.80 £17.33 202371 20mm £22.36 £18.63 202372

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