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Super-Hard Curved Cabinet Scrapers Harder than most standard scrapers. These Veritas scrapers are hardened to HRC 48-52 for increased durability. Their edges are carefully milled to a sharp 90° and are suitable for immediate fine work whilst heavier work only requires a slight hook to be burnished onto their edges. Available in two sets of three curved scrapers, either 0.4mm or 0.6mm thick. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 0.4mm(0.015”) £11.99 £9.99 510434 0.6mm(0.024”) £11.99 £9.99 510433

Spokeshaves Chatter free cutting in virtually around all curves. The ductile cast iron body is fitted with hardwood handles, shaped for comfort and control. The toe serves as a thumb rest allowing the user to attain exceptional control. The 3.2mm thick PMV11 steel blade, fits perfectly onto the machined blade bed, virtually eliminating chatter. Twin adjustment wheels quickly and accurately control cut depth and skew and shims let you adjust the mouth opening as needed. The round spokeshave has a 44.5mm radius. Each spokeshave weighs about 450g, 267mm long overall.

Variable Burnisher

Round Spokeshave Flat Spokeshave

Inc.vat £89.95 £89.95

Ex.vat £74.96 £74.96

Code 105210 105211

Concave Spokeshave Perfect planing on round spindles. The concave spokeshave is popular with chair and paddle makers. With a 45° bed angle and a sole radius of 33.3mm, it is the first choice for a wide range of jobs from small spindles to large oars. Each spokeshave weighs about 450g; 267mm long overall with a PM-V11 blade. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Concave Spokeshave £92.50 £77.08 105212

Makes an easy job of raising a burr on a scraper. The burnisher has carbide rods fixed at an angle in a brass hub. The dial on the face allows the angle to be set anywhere between 0° and 15°. The angle is constantly maintained during use. This Veritas tool makes it possible for anyone to burnish a cabinet scraper to the desired angle perfectly every time. Each set includes a cabinet scraper (150 x 60mm) and full instructions. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Burnisher £28.45 £23.71 510438

Large Spokeshave Shape large curved projects, buckets, barrels, coopered doors.

Low Angle Spokeshave Designed for concave and convex work This spokeshave returns to a traditional design of many years ago with the blade set at 20° and with a 25° micro bevel which produces a very clean cut. Cutting depth is adjusted by altering the position of the toe piece rather than the blade,. The shape of the body allows it to be used in the conventional position for flat or convex work, whilst turned over it can be used for concave work. The body is cast aluminium and the blade is a high quality PM-V11 tool steel which holds its edge over a long period of time. Low Angle Spokeshave

Inc.vat £63.95

Ex.vat £53.29

Code 105213

The PM-V11 thick blade, carefully machined lever cap and blade bed all combine to produce chatter free cutting in virtually all conditions. The 3.2mm thick blade is seated at 45° to the sole. The ductile cast iron body has hardwood handles, shaped for comfort and control, when either pulling or pushing. The toe provides a convenient thumb rest that allows the user to choke up on the body for fine work. The twin adjustment thumb wheels quickly and accurately control the depth of cut and skew. Overall length 470mm, blade width 65mm, weight 600g. Large Spokeshave

Inc.vat £105.50

Ex.vat £87.92

Code 105215

Hand Beading Tool Put fine detail in furniture quickly and accurately.

Cabinet Scraper Holder Takes away the heat and stress, prevents sore thumbs when scraping. This scraper holder made of glass reinforced nylon with brass fittings will take traditional cabinet scrapers 140mm to 150mm long. The blade can be given an appropriate bow using the central screw adjuster. Work traditionally without the pain! Includes a Veritas milled edge scraper. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Scraper Holder £28.25 £23.54 510436

The fence has two mounting locations to provide up to a 25mm blade offset. It can be positioned to expose one of three bearing surfaces: flat for straight and convex applications, curved for slightly concave and waved edges, and bullnose for more complex profiles. Both the fence and clamping bar are reversible for left or right-hand use. The body, clamp bar and fence are precision-machined investment cast steel. Supplied with a 2.4mm radius singlepoint cutter and 5 blank cutters. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Beading Tool £73.99 £61.66 210935 3 Beading Cutters £7.99 £6.66 610393 3 Fluting Cutters £8.15 £6.79 610394 2 Reeding Cutters £6.10 £5.08 610395 Single Point Cutter £3.50 £2.92 610392 Blank Cutter £1.63 £1.36 610396

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