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Small Shoulder Planes A shoulder plane designed for precise one-handed use. The sole is 155mm long by 12.7mm wide and the plane weighs 500g. Its size makes it very useful for a multitude of tasks. Jobs such as trimming shoulders for a perfect fit to cleaning the bottom of dados are easily accomplished. The ductile cast iron body is accurately machined and finely ground. The sole and sides are flat and square, allowing the plane to be used on its side for accurately shooting tenon shoulders. The rounded lever cap and crowned back fit comfortably in the hand. The plane’s micro-adjustable toe allows very fine setting of the width of the mouth for fine shavings and minimum tear-out. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Small Shoulder Plane O1 £147.50 £122.92 717522 Small Shoulder Plane PM-V11 £172.00 £143.33 717524 PM-V11 Blade £41.90 £34.92 506340

Side Rebate Plane Nothing else comes close for trimming the sides of grooves. It has a practical dual-blade configuration, coupled with an ingenious pivoting, sculpted to fit handle that permits right or left-hand use to accommodate grain direction. The thin sole functions much like a skate, allowing use in slots as narrow as 4.8mm and to a depth of 12.7mm The toe is removable for use in stopped dados and has a fixing screw that is trapped to prevent loss. The depth stop helps orient and stabilise the plane during use and is both height adjustable and reversible. The accurately machined, 115mm long ductile cast iron plane body has 2 x O1 tool steel blades (HRC 58-60). Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Side Rebate Plane £108.95 £90.79 211005

Large Shoulder Planes Medium Shoulder Planes A multi-purpose tool, proportioned for versatility.

Perfect for adjusting shoulders or paring down tenon cheeks.

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The Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane can be used on end grain (for example, trimming tenon shoulders) or for paring cross grain as is often required on tenon cheeks. It can also be used for rebate work, planing with the grain. This plane measures 178mm long by 17.5mm wide and weighs 906g. If you have ever held a traditional shoulder plane, you will appreciate how this plane comes readily to hand. The unique lever cap with a pivoting knob adjusts to fit your hand, allowing a secure grip without the need of vice-like pressure. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Medium Shoulder Plane O1 £168.95 £140.79 717525 Medium Shoulder Plane PM-V11 £182.00 £151.67 717527 PM-V11 Blade £43.00 £35.83 506342 O1 Blade £29.65 £24.71 701938

At 210mm long and 32mm wide, and weighing 1,700g, it brings both authority and precision to larger work. Typical shoulder planes are awkward to handle and control; Veritas have overcome this by shaping a new lever cap that fits properly in the palm, incorporating a hardwood lever cap knob that pivots 180° and adding a multi-positional front knob that can be mounted on the top or on either side. For those who want the performance of a superior shoulder plane, this tool is the solution. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Large Shoulder Plane O1 £197.95 £164.96 717528 Large Shoulder Plane PM-V11 £209.99 £174.99 717530 O1 Blade £31.99 £26.66 506344 PM-V11 Blade £44.20 £36.83 506345

Detail Rebate Planes

Cabinetmaker’s Trimming Plane

Fits into tight spaces, especially for small trimming tasks.

Excels at making paring cuts or flush trimming.

The plane’s body is ductile cast iron, 75mm long, accurately machined and ground, and the sides are flat and square. The low 15° bed angle combined with the 30° blade bevel provides a 45° cutting angle exceptional for end grain cutting performance. The plane has a fixed mouth and features a shavings deflector to help prevent the mouth clogging up. A solid brass, one piece lever cap/palm rest holds the full-width blade in place. The lapped blade is made of O1 tool steel. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Detail Rebate Plane 6mm £48.85 £40.71 950902 Detail Rebate Plane 8mm £48.85 £40.71 950904 Detail Rebate Plane 10mm £48.85 £40.71 950906

This 165mm long by 44mm wide plane has an exposed full width blade that lets you work up to adjacent surfaces. Cast from tough ductile iron, the sole and sides are accurately machined and surface ground, with recesses cast into the side for grip. The large rear knob sits comfortably in the palm. It has a large thumb wheel for depth adjustment and 4 set-screws accurately register the blade in the body. It comes with a lapped O1 steel blade hardened to RC 58-60. The effective cutting angle of 35° severs end-grain fibres cleanly, minimising tearing. Weighs 544g. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Trimming Plane £138.50 £115.42 506303

Small Scraping Plane Edge Trimming Plane Guarantees smooth edges at exactly 90° to the face. Edge trimming planes are used for final trimming cuts on jointed boards and for working end grain. The planes are durable ductile iron, with a 12° bed angle and 30° blade skew. The 3.2mm thick blades are 32mm wide to let you plane material up to 25.4mm wide. The fence is drilled to allow blocks to be added or to affix a wooden wedge for cutting controlled bevels, such as in boatbuilding. Each weighs 770g. Supplied with A2 steel blades. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code R/H A2 £92.99 £77.49 701952 L/H A2 £92.99 £77.49 701953

For final smoothing of highly figured timber or areas of difficult grain. The scraping plane comes into action after the surface has been prepared using a smoothing plane. The scraping plane can replace the need for sanding before applying a finish. The scraping plane cuts the wood fibres rather than tears them, further bringing out the beauty of the wood grain. This plane is supplied with a 50mm by 1mm thick high carbon steel blade with its cutting edge ground at 45°. The full width blade and adjustable palm rest allows the plane to be used right up to a vertical face. Depth of cut is regulated by applying camber to the blade. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Scraper Shave £56.99 £47.49 701976

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Axminster Tools & Machinery Catalogue 2018/19  

Back by popular demand, the ALL NEW Axminster Tools & Machinery 2018/19 Catalogue is now available! Our new look catalogue concentrates sol...

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